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   21 февраля 2001 года

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Харрисон пообещал приехать в Россию

Источник: Corvin
Харрисон пообещал приехать в Россию

На чате, который состоялся на Yahoo на прошлой неделе, Джордж Харрисон в шутливой форме пообещал мне приехать в Россию. Ниже вы можете прочитать полный протокол этого чата (Саша Ефименков - большое спасибо!). Полностью этот вопрос звучал: "Hello from Russia, George. Russian fans invite you to play in Moscow. Can you tell will the Traveling Wilburys reform? Are there any plans to record something with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne?". К сожалению Джордж ответил только на первую часть моего вопроса: "Thank you, Russian fans. I'll be there after Argentina". Серьезно я думаю воспринимать это высказывание не стоит, но кто знает...

Yahoo: We're here with George Harrison. Please welcome EMI recording artist George Harrison. Hi.
GH: Hello. It's nice to be here. It's my first time on a computer. I'm pretty illiterate.

Yahoo: What made you decide to reissue All Things Must Pass Now?
GH: It's the 30th anniversary and I'm in the process of remastering my entire catalog, which I want to get back into the stores. So we started with that one. And hopefully during the year we'll be able to come with the next batch and so on, so that everything I have ever done will be available.

Q: Are you planning a new studio album?
GH: Yeah. After I'm through with all that stuff I hope to put out a new studio album. Possibly November. And I have at the moment many songs in various states of completion. Possibly 35 songs that I have been working on over the years.

Q: Do you surf the internet much? What types of things do you do online?
GH: No. I never surf. I don't know the password.

Q: (from "willowy blond") Hi, my boyfriend wants to know what's your fave electric guitar and do you still have Rocky, your 161 Fender strat?
GH: Hello, willowy blond. I still have Rocky. And he can be seen at Cyril's rare guitar shop on www.allthingsmustpass.com.

Q: Will you be releasing Living in The Material World in a remastered extra tracks version?
GH: Well, as I said before, that would be the next one to be remastered. I have to get into my tape library to find out if there are any alternate versions of anything.

Q: Hi, George. Glad to hear from you again. Are you planning to do any live performances? If so, where would you like to play? Please include Argentina. With love from Argentina (followed by a bunch of names).
GH: Hello, Argentina. J At the moment I have no plans for live performances. If I do later, I will certaintly come to Argentina.

Q: What did you think of Bob Dylan getting nominated for an Oscar?
A: I think he should win it. I think he should win all the Oscars, all the Tonys, all the GRAMMYS.

Q: (from pcpalmiere) How has the Rutles influenced your career?
GH: I got all my ideas from the Rutles. Particularly the 12 string Rickenbackers and slide guitar styles, I got from Stig O'Hara. I met him once and he is a super chap.

Q: Hello from Russia, George. Russian fans invite you to play in Moscow. Can you tell will the Traveling Wilburys reform? Are there any plans to record something with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne?
GH: Thank you, Russian fans. I'll be there after Argentina.

Q: Hi, George. I'm Natalie, an 18 y.o. girl from Australia and I'm a huge fan. Any hints for a budding guitarist?
GH: Yes. Buy a ukelele.

Q: George, do you ever see a reunion tour with you and Paul and Ringo?
GH: Not really. But stranger things have happened.

Q: George, which version of My Sweet Lord to you like best, the original or the new version?
GH: I like the new version better. Because it's new. And I like Sam Brown singing it.

Yahoo: Why did you revisit it?
GH: At the time the song was so popular and also so controversial that the most important thing about it for me was that it, in its small way, conjured up a touch of spirituality, something we are very short of.

Q: Hi George. Christopher here. Thank you for being such an inspiration. What was it like working with Phil Spector? Although I can hear his influence, your influence and leadership in the production is clear. God Bless You, George.
GH: Phil Spector was probably the greatest producer from the 60's and it was good to work with him because I needed some assistance in the control box. Phil was very funny, lovable, and sometimes annoying. But we love him.

Q: I have several teenage friends who have just discovered "All Things Must Pass". They were wondering about radio airplay. I explained that this was a remastered, etc. album, a re-release essentially. They, however, as I do, feel the music is just as cool as it was when you first released the work. Wouldn't it be great if a single was selected and the whole cycle could start again?
GH: It's nice to know that teenagers find "All Things Must Pass" "cool". As far as a single goes, I suppose that's really up to Capitol Records. I have no objection.

Q: Hi, Mr. Harrison. How do you feel about the Beatles 1 album being top of the charts?
GH: It's very nice. It helps pay the bills. It's also nice that young children seem to be hearing it for the first time. And I think that as an alternative form of music for today it has its place alongside all this other stuff.

Q: Out of curiosity, why the garden gnomes on "All Things Must Pass"?
GH: Originally when we took the photo I had these old Bavarian gnomes which I thought I would put there, like kinda John, Paul, George and Ringo. Gnomes are very popular in Europe, and these gnomes were made in about 1860. So while building the website, the gnomes just seemed to get into it and we just couldn't stop them.

Q: Is Indian music still a big influence on your music?
GH: Yes!

Yahoo: Anything particular?
GH: Check out U. Srinivas, a South Indian electric mandolin player. Eat your heart out, Van Halen!

Q: Following the incident at your house in December 1999, has your outlook on life changed at all?
GH: Yes and no. Adi Shankara, an Indian historical spiritual groovy type person once said "Life is fragile, like a raindrop on a lotus leaf". And you better believe it.

Q: I'm curious about your website and the way the cover photo is altered by adding roads and urban development to the picture. Does that symbolize anything?
GH: Yes. It symbolizes that our world is being concreted over. Haven't you noticed?

Q: George, you have quite a reputation as a gardener. What are some of your pride and joy plants? Love, Dianne
GH: Well, for the cooler climates, as in England, the current trend is definitely toward Miscanthus. You'll find many lovely varieties. Try the Zebrensis. And also the Malepartis. However, if you're gardening in the tropics I think you'll find a lovely little ginger called Kahili. :p

Q: Mr. Harrison, what is the opening chord you use for "A Hard Day's Night"?
GH: It is F with a G on top, on the 12 string. But you'll have to ask Paul about the bass note to get the proper story.

Q: What do you think of Eminem's Grammy nomination?
GH: What's Eminem? Aren't they chocolates or something?

Q: You started the "band aid" movement. Who would you help today? Love you, George.
GH: Bob Geldof.

Q: What did you record with Bill Wyman last month?
GH: J An old Ketty Lester song called "Love Letters".

Q: Why was "I Live For You" left out of the original mix? I think it's lovely. Thanks for putting it out at last.
GH: I didn't think that we had got a good enough take on it. Except for Pete Drake, the pedal steel guitar player. At that time I had so many other tracks as well, so we just left it off. It did need patching up in the drum department.

Q: How close are you to releasing that box set of unreleased songs and demos you talked about in Billboard some time back?
GH: Well, hopefully touring (sic) this year I should at least get out a new album and all the other boxes of unreleased demos could possibly follow in 80 months. I'm trying to get everything that has ever been done out there. It'll just take a little time. Sorry. Eighteen months, not 80. ;p And sorry about the touring bit. My typist is having a spasm. J

Q: George, what do you miss most about John Lennon?
GH: John Lennon.

Q: George, in the Anthology book you talk about the unwound G string. What is that? I play guitar and I'm not sure what you're talking about.
GH: It's one of those little things that goes up your butt so people can't see your panty lines. No, it's actually a 3rd string that doesn't have a winding around it.

Q: Does Paul still piss you off? (Tell us the truth.)
GH: Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass. You know his faults, then let his foibles pass. Old Victorian proverb. I'm sure there's enough about me that pisses him off, but I think we have now grown old enough to realize that we're both pretty damn cute.

Q: Mr. Harrison, I was wondering if you might tell us a bit about your ideas on love, romantic love that is. I recall you having written some of the Beatles most beautiful love songs. It will be interesting to hear how your religious attitudes have impacted your beliefs concerning romanticism.
GH: Well, the lover that we miss is actually God. The beauty that you see within each other is actually God. So Krishna was the greatest romanticist. He had girlfriends on every corner. I can't separate the two. A beautiful girl is the Divine Mother. A beautiful man is the manifestation of potential.

Q: You're joking in a most Pythonistic manner tonight, George. It's great to hear you online.
GH: PISS OFF! You nosy bastard.

Q: Is is true that you recorded "Homeward Bound" with P. Simon?
GH: I recorded that with Paul Simon on "Saturday Night Live" back in 1853.

Q: Given the drug experimentation of the 60's how do you feel about the legalization of pot?
GH: Well, I saw someone on TV last night pulling out huge loads of pot out of various fields in California. My feeling is as long as you can go into a store and buy whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin and all the rest of it, then a little grass is nothing. The authorities are just causing the price to be high. Е-scuse the pun.

Q: Have you any tips to budding songwriters? Do you as John apparently advised you, stick at it until you have finished it?
GH: Try and write some melodies and some words that mean something. It is true that if you are on a roll then it's best to finish it in one go. That's what Johnny said.

Q: (KD TASH) Any chance that the Dark Horse material, especially Shankar Family and Friends, will be released on CD?
GH: Well, along with my own catalog of records, the other Dark Horse records, hopefully, will be finding a new home and coming out on CDs remastered sometime in the future.

Q: Hey George, will you ever be back on Yahoo?
GH: Possibly. It's pretty painless for me.

Q: Happy Birthday a little early. During your recent Internet video promoting "All Things Must Pass", you pointed to an engraving on the back of your guitar. What did the engraving say?
GH: It's a McLaren strat and it had a metal chassis number plate on the back. Thank you all. May God bless you all. Don't forget to say all your prayers tonight. Be good little souls. Lots of love. George.

Yahoo: Thank you sooo much for joining us. Please come back soon.
GH: Check out www.allthingsmustpass.com for further entertainment.

Yahoo: Bye everyone.

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К празднику святого Валентина было выпущено подарочное издание "Beatles 1"

Источник: Beatles News "Эхо Москвы"

Спустя два месяца после выпуска альбом "Beatles 1" установил еще один рекорд, поднявшись на высшие строчки хит-парадов тридцати четырех стран мира. Это случилось после того, как пластинка заняла первое место в Польше, побив таким образом предыдущее достижение группы U2.

Тем временем в Штатах специально к празднику святого Валентина было выпущено подарочное издание альбома, которое отличается от обычного своим оформлением. Спереди обложку украшает изображение красного сердца и надпись All You Need Is Love, а сзади располагается краткий текст, гласящий буквально следующее: "With Love... From Me... To You..." Разумеется, столь свежее и оригинальное дизайнерское решение не могло не найти отклик в душе американского покупателя, и на прошлой неделе Beatles 1 снова поднялся в чартах Billboard-а с четвертого на второе место.

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Битловский фестиваль Mathew Street будет транслироваться через Интернет

Источник: Beatles News "Эхо Москвы"

Традиционный битловский фестиваль Mathew Street, который состоится в Ливерпуле летом этого года, будет напрямую транслироваться в сети Интернет. На протяжении трех дней, с 25 по 27 августа, запланированы трансляции с шести открытых концертных площадок и из клуба Cavern. Кроме того, на протяжении всего этого времени для тех же целей будут задействованы три мобильные съемочные бригады.

Организаторы фестиваля, которые за девять лет сумели превратить его в крупнейший городской музыкальный праздник в Европе, рассчитывают на онлайновую аудиторию числом около двух миллионов человек. Стив МакГрискин, являющийся директором Mathew Street Festival, сказал по этому поводу: "Трансляция в Интернете - это следующий шаг по пути к тому признанию, какое имеют карнавал в Рио и Mardi Gras в Новом Орлеане. Этот праздник посвящен не только Битлз, но и всем формам популярной музыки".

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Стелла Маккартни не будет летать самолетами компании British Airways

Источник: YTPO.ru

Стелла Маккартни больше не будет летать самолетами авиакомпании British Airways. Почему? Все просто: сиденья мест первого класса кожаные! Стелла, ярая защитница животных, требует, чтобы авиакомпания заменила сиденья на более гуманные (к коровам, не к пассажирам).

В своем письме президенту компании Стелла пишет: "Мне кажется, что сидеть на коже бедной коровы - не роскошь, а лишь возврат к прежним грубым и жестоким временам". Дальше Маккартни пускается в душераздирающее описание того, как плохо живется бедным коровам: "У моих друзей из PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) есть видеокассеты, на которых записано, каким образом обращаются с коровами, свиньями и другими животными, которые заканчивают свое существование в качестве обивки для кресел. Как их бьют, клеймят без анестезии, и даже сдирают шкуру и расчленяют!"

В ответ на натуралистичное описание, шеф British Airways заявил: "Такие кресла - то, чего хотели наши клиенты. Надо сказать, что они отреагировали весьма благожелательно. Нам жаль, что мисс Маккартни осталась недовольна, мы продолжаем поддерживать с ней контакт". Непохоже, что British Airways много потеряет от потери одного клиента.

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