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Полный список произведений Битлз, написанных до 10 апреля 1970 года

Дата: 10.12.2023
Автор: Музей Битлз Коли Васина
Разместил: Alexey MJQ
Просмотры: 3145

12-Bar Original0,250,250,250,25
20,000 Hz Tone, The, 19671   
Across The Universe1   
Ain't That Cute?  1 
All I've Got To Do1   
All My Loving 1  
All Things Must Pass  1 
All Together Now 1  
All Together On The Wireless Machine, 1967 1  
All You Need Is Love1   
Almost Shankara  1 
Always And Only, 1964 1  
And I Love Her0,350,65  
And Remember To Be ... Cosmically Conscious, 1968 1  
And Your Bird Can Sing1   
Annie, 19671   
Another Day, 1969 1  
Another Girl 1  
Any Time At All1   
Anything  1 
Anything (Drum Track), 1967 0,1 0,9
Art Of Dying, The, 1966  1 
As Clear As A Bell (Says La Scala, Milan), 1969 1  
Ask Me Why0,70,3  
Baby, You're A Rich Man0,50,5  
Baby's Heartbeat1   
Baby's In Black0,50,5  
Back In The U.S.S.R. 1  
Back Seat Of My Car, The, 1969 1  
Bad To Me1   
Badge  1 
Ballad Of John And Yoko, The1   
Because I Know You Love Me So0,50,5  
Bed Peace1   
Behind That Locked Door, 1969  1 
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!1   
Beware Of Darkness  1 
Blue Jay Way  1 
Blue Moon (Studio Jam)    
Brian Epstein Blues, 19681   
Bye, Bye, Bye    
Cambridge, 19691   
Can You Dig It?    
Can You Take Me Back? 1  
Can't Buy Me Love0,10,9  
Carl Perkins Jam, 19640,250,250,250,25
Carnival Of Light, 1967 1  
Carry That Weight 1  
Case Of The Blues, A, 19681   
Castle, The / Palace Of The King Of The Birds (Instrumental)/ Yoko Jam / The Palace Of The King Of The Birds0,50,5  
Catswalk / Cat Call 1  
Cayenne 1  
Chi Chi Cha    
Child Of Nature, A1   
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)0,250,250,250,25
Circles, 1968  1 
Cold Turkey1   
Come And Get It 1  
Come On, People, 1960 0,50,5 
Come Together1   
Commonwealth Song / Back To Commonwealth / Commonwealth Song / Commonwealth Song, The 1  
Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill, The1   
Cowboy Music  1 
Cry Baby Cry1   
Cry For A Shadow0,5 0,5 
Crying  1 
Cupcake Baby1   
Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy, 1967   1
Day In The Life, A0,60,4  
Day Tripper0,80,2  
Dear Prudence1   
Dehra Dun, 1968  1 
Dig A Pony1   
Dig It0,250,250,250,25
Dirty Mac Jam, 19681   
Do You Want To Know A Secret?1   
Doctor Robert0,750,25  
Don't Bother Me  1 
Don't Let Me Down1   
Don't Pass Me By   1
Down In Eastern Australia1   
Down In Havana0,250,5 0,25
Dream Scene  1 
Drilling A Home  1 
Drive My Car0,30,7  
Eight Days A Week0,30,7  
Eleanor Rigby0,20,8  
End, The 1  
Enoch Powell / Aw, Enoch Powell0,50,5  
Etcetera, 1968 1  
Every Little Thing0,10,9  
Every Night 1  
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My1   
Everybody's Got Soul / Everybody Got Song0,50,5  
Everyone Had A Hard Year1   
Fancy My Chances With You0,50,5  
Fantasy Sequence  1 
Feedback Guitar / Feedback Improvisation, 19690,5 0,5 
Fixing A Hole 1  
Fool On The Hill, The 1  
For No One 1  
For You Blue  1 
Freakout Jam0,50,5  
Free As A Bird0,60,20,10,1
From A Window 1  
From Me To You0,50,5  
From Us To You0,50,5  
Fuck A Duckie0,50,5  
Gat Kirwani  1 
Get Back 1  
Getting Better0,350,65  
Gimme Some Truth / Give Me Some Truth1   
Give Me Back My Dynamite  1 
Give Peace A Chance1   
Glass Box  1 
Glass Onion1   
Glasses 1  
Gnik Nus1   
Golden Slumbers 1  
Gone Tomorrow, Here Today    
Gonna Get My Baby Back  0,50,5
Good Day Sunshine 1  
Good Morning Good Morning1   
Good Night1   
Good-Bye Jingle - ?    
Goodbye 1  
Goodbye Amsterdam, Goodbye1   
Got To Get You Into My Life 1  
Greasy Legs  1 
Guru Vandana  1 
Half A Pound Of Grease Paint0,50,5  
Happiness Is A Warm Gun1   
Happy Rishikesh Song / Happy Rish Kesh Song, The / Happy Rishikesh Song, The / Rishikesh No.9 / Happy Rishikesh Song, 19681   
Hard Day's Night, A1   
He Said He Said1   
Hear Me Lord, 1969  1 
Heather, 1968 1  
Hello Goodbye 1  
Hello Little Girl1   
Helter Skelter 1  
Her Majesty 1  
Here Comes The Sun  1 
Here, There And Everywhere 1  
Hey Bulldog0,950,05  
Hey Darling / Well Darling / Well Darlin' / Say Darling 0,50,5 
Hey Hey Georgie, 1969  1 
Hey Jude 1  
Hold Me Tight0,20,8  
Honey Pie 1  
Hot As Sun 1  
How Do You Tell Someone?  1 
Hush A Bye Hush A Bye    
I Am The Walrus1   
I Bought A Picasso, 1969 0,5 0,5
I Call Your Name1   
I Dig A Pygmy (Spoken) / (Charles Hawtrey And The Deaf-Aids (Spoken), 19691   
I Don't Know, 19600,50,5  
I Don't Need No Cigarette, Boy, 19600,50,5  
I Don't Want To See You Again 1  
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party1   
I Feel Fine1   
I Lost My Little Girl, 1956 1  
I Me Mine  1 
I Need You  1 
I Saw Her Standing There0,20,8  
I Should Have Known Better1   
I Wanna Be Your Man0,30,7  
I Want To Hold Your Hand0,50,5  
I Want To Tell You  1 
I Want You (She's So Heavy)1   
I Will 1  
I'd Have You Anytime, 1968  1 
I'll Always Be In Love With You / I Will Always Be In Love With You1   
I'll Be Back1   
I'll Be On My Way 1  
I'll Cry Instead1   
I'll Follow The Sun 1  
I'll Get You0,50,5  
I'll Keep You Satisfied 1  
I'll Wait Till Tomorrow / Tomorrow Never Comes / If Tomorrow Ever Comes    
I'm A Loser1   
I'm Down 1  
I'm Gonna Pay For His Ride    
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You1   
I'm In Love1   
I'm Looking Through You 1  
I'm Only Sleeping1   
I'm So Tired1   
I'm Your Spiritual Breadman, 1970  1 
I've Got A Feeling0,50,5  
I've Got My Blue Fingers, 19691   
I've Just Fallen For Somebody, 19601   
I've Just Seen A Face 1  
I've Told You Before (early version of "I Found Out"), 19691   
If I Fell1   
If I Needed Someone  1 
If You've Got Trouble0,50,5  
Important Number, An 1  
In My Life0,650,35  
In Spite Of All The Danger 1  
In The Park  1 
Inner Light, The  1 
Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)1   
Isn't It A Pity, 1969  1 
It Won't Be Long1   
It's All Too Much  1 
It's For You 1  
It's Only Love1   
Jam / Jam "My Name Is Ted"0,350,35 0,3
Jazz Piano Song 0,5 0,5
Jessie's Dream / Aunt Jessie’s Nightmare0,250,250,250,25
John And Yoko1   
John's Piano Piece1   
Johnny, Johnny 1  
Junk 1  
Just Fun0,50,5  
Keep Looking That Way0,50,5  
Kreen-Akrore 1  
La Penina / Penina, 1968 1  
Lady Madonna 1  
Las Vegas Tune / Las Vegas Jude, 1968 1  
Let It Be 1  
Let It Down, 1969  1 
Like Dreamers Do 1  
Little Child0,50,5  
Little Dickie Birds1   
Little Woman Love, 1969 1  
Long And Winding Road, The 1  
Long, Long, Long  1 
Look At Me1   
Looking Glass 1  
Los Paranoias 1  
Love In The Open Air 1  
Love Me Do0,30,7  
Love Of The Loved 1  
Love Scene  1 
Love You To  1 
Lovely Linda, The 1  
Lovely Rita 1  
Lowdown Blues Machine 0,50,5 
Lucy From Littletown (spoken)1   
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds0,80,2  
Mad Man Coming / Mad Man / Madman / Madman A Comin'1   
Madman, 19691   
Magical Mystery Tour0,10,9  
Maisie Jones / (John Wilson)    
Mama's Little Girl, 1969 1  
Man, We Was Lonely 1  
Martha My Dear 1  
Maureen, 1969  1 
Maxwell's Silver Hammer 1  
Maybe I'm Amazed 1  
Mean Mr. Mustard1   
Mellotron Music No. 1 Mellotron Music No. 51   
Microbes  1 
Momma Miss America 1  
Mother Nature's Son 1  
Moving Along The River Rhine / Movin' Along The River Rhine / Moving Along By The River Rhine / River Rhine, The    
My Dark Hour 1  
My Imagination (Jam)0,250,250,250,25
My Sweet Lord, 1969  1 
My Words Are In My Heart, 19691   
Negro In Reserve / Hole In My Heart0,50,5  
Night Before, The 1  
No Bed For Beatle John1   
No Reply1   
No Time Or Space  1 
Nobody I Know 1  
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)0,80,2  
Not A Second Time1   
Not Guilty  1 
Now And Then0,80,10,1 
Nowhere Man1   
Nowhere To Go, 1968  1 
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da0,050,95  
Octopus's Garden   1
Oh My Love, 19681   
Oh No, Not Me 1  
Oh Yoko, 19691   
Oh, I Need You, 19691   
Oh! Darling 1  
Old Brown Shoe  1 
Old Hillbilly Way    
On The Bed  1 
One After 9091   
One And One Is Two 1  
One And Only, The 1  
Only A Northern Song  1 
Oo You 1  
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, 1961 - ?    
P. S. I Love You0,20,8  
Pantomine: Everywhere It's Christmas / Everywhere It's Christmas0,50,5  
Paperback Writer0,20,8  
Party Seacombe  1 
Paul's Piano Piece 1  
Peace Song, 19691   
Penny Lane0,20,8  
Piano Peace (Bonding) Bought A Piano The Other Day / I Bought A Piano Today    
Piggies0,1 0,9 
Pinwheel Twist 1  
Please Don't Bring Your Banjo Back 1  
Please Please Me1   
Plug Me In  1 
Polythene Pam1   
Radio Play1   
Ramblin' Woman, 1969  1 
Real Case Has Just Begun, The / Vacation Has Just Begun1   
Real Love1   
Red Lady Too  1 
Revolution #91   
Rocker / Instrumental No. 42 / Link / Rock & Roll / Instrumental 42 (Rocker) / Link Track / Rocker (Link Track)0,250,250,250,25
Rockin' And Rollin'    
Rockshow, 1969 1  
Rocky Raccoon 1  
Run For Your Life1   
Run Of The Mill  1 
Sailor Come Back To Me, 1967   1
Savoy Truffle  1 
Sergeant Pepper Inner Groove (spoken)0,250,250,250,25
Sexy Sadie1   
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1  
Shakin' In The Sixties, 19691   
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1  
She Can Talk To Me1   
She Loves You0,50,5  
She Said She Said1   
She's A Woman0,10,9  
She's Leaving Home0,350,65  
She's Walking Past My Door Home Tape    
Shirly's Wild Accordion 1  
Singalong Junk 1  
Singing Om  1 
Ski-ing  1 
Some Days / Singalong Junk / Singing Om 1  
Someone Nice Like You / What Do You Want To Make This Eyes On Me / What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?0,50,5  
Something  1 
Song Of Love, 1969 1  
Sour Milk Sea, 1968  1 
Spiritual Regeneration / Thank You, Guru Dev / Indian Rope Trick 1  
Step Inside Love 1  
Stranger In My Arms1   
Strawberry Fields Forever1   
Suicide 1  
Sun King1   
Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond), 1969  1 
Suzy Parker / Suzie Parker / Suzy's Parlour0,250,250,250,25
Tabla And Pakavaj  1 
Taking A Trip To Carolina0,2  0,8
Taxman0,1 0,9 
Teacher Was A-Lookin', A / Teacher Was A-Lookin', A Teacher / Dialogue / Teacher Was Lookin, The    
Teddy Boy 1  
Tell Me If You Can, 1961 1  
Tell Me What You See 1  
Tell Me Why1   
Thank You Girl0,50,5  
Thank You Guru Dai / Happy Birthday Michael Love0,50,5  
That Means A Lot 1  
That Would Be Something 1  
That's My Woman, 19570,50,5  
That's Not A Banjo, It's A Blues Guitar0,50,5  
That's Teneriff, The Wonderful Place, 1963 1  
That's The End    
Theme From The Family Way 1  
There Once Was A Beautiful Girl    
There You Go Eddie, 1968 1  
There's A Place1   
Things We Said Today 1  
Thingumybob 1  
Think For Yourself  1 
Thinking Of Linking 1  
This Boy1   
This Is To Wish You All A Merry Merry Christmas    
Ticket To Ride1   
Tiny Tim For President, 19681   
Tip Of My Tongue 1  
Tomorrow Never Knows1   
Too Bad About Sorrows, 19570,50,5  
Two Minutes Of Silence1   
Two Of Us 1  
Two Virgins1   
Under The Mersey Wall  1 
Valentine Day 1  
Wah Wah, 1969  1 
Wake Up In The Morning0,50,5  
Watching Rainbows, 19691   
Water! Water0,50,5  
Way You Look Tonight, The 1  
We Can Work It Out0,30,7  
Well, Well, Well1   
What Goes On0,60,2 0,2
What Is Life, 1969  1 
What You're Doing?0,10,9  
What's The New Mary Jane?1   
When I Come To Town    
When I Get Home1   
When I Was A Robber0,50,5  
When I'm Sixty-Four0,150,85  
While My Guitar Gently Weeps  1 
White Power (Get Off!) / White Power, Get Off!    
Why Don't We Do It In The Road? 1  
Wild Honey Pie 1  
Window Window  1 
Winston's Walk1   
With A Little Help From My Friends0,250,75  
Within You Without You  1 
Woman 1  
Won't You Please Come On Home  1 
Won't You Please Say Goodbye1   
Wonderwall To Be Here  1 
Word, The0,60,4  
World Without Love, A 1  
Years Roll Along, The0,50,5  
Yellow Submarine0,20,8  
Yer Blues1   
Yes It Is1   
Yesterday 1  
You Can't Do That1   
You Gave Me The Answer, 1969 1  
You Give Me Joy Joy  0,50,5
You Got Me Going    
You Just Don't Understand 1  
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)1   
You Know What To Do  1 
You Like Me Too Much  1 
You Must Lie Every Day 1  
You Never Give Me Your Money 1  
You Wear Your Women Out0,250,250,250,25
You Won't See Me 1  
You'll Be Mine0,40,6  
You're Going To Lose That Girl1   
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away1   
Your Mother Should Know 1  
Yvonne's The One, 1969 1  
Zero Is Just Another Number, 1967  1 

Комментарии (всего 15, показаны первые 3) - читать все комментарии в теме форума "Полный список произведений Битлз, написанных до 10 апреля 1970 года"

Автор: YuraMinskДата: 10.12.23 09:11:48
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Джону дали 0.05 ?? Афигеть как мало, ведь это именно он и придумал это знаменитое вступление на рояле в начале! Минимум 0.2 должен был получить ящитаю.
Тоже самое и с While My Guitar Gently Weeps - вступление на рояле, в начале, придумал Пол! Не Джордж. Сфигали дали 1 балл и только Джорджу? Обе песни с гениальным вступлением благодаря которым они узнаваемы с первых же секунд. Вот из-за таких ляпов очень мало доверия к этой табличке.
Автор: YuraMinskДата: 10.12.23 09:14:28
* и кстати, почему тут нет Джорджа Мартина? Он бы баллов под 40 точно собрал.
Автор: Сергей ХолодиловДата: 10.12.23 18:22:38
Ain't That Cute?
All Together On The Wireless Machine, 1967
Almost Shankara
Always And Only, 1964
Annie, 1967
Это что за ... ???


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