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Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008

Тема: Ринго Старр - All-Starr банды

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Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Воробьёв Александр   Дата: 11.07.08 13:04:49   
Цитата | Ссылка
2 Грибушин Сергей Иванович: не могу не отметить вашей классной статьи в журнале From me to you по All-Starr Band (1989-2006). Они опубликованы в №2-3 за 2006 год. Несколько раз перечитывал. Спасибо
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Ptichka Webbird   Дата: 13.07.08 14:57:45   
Цитата | Ссылка
Сетлист выступления в Бостоне, 25 июня 2008
The Band:
Ringo Starr
Colin Hay
Billy Squier
Hamish Stuart
Edgar Winter
Gary Wright
Gregg Bissonette

CD 1

01. It Dont Come Easy - Ringo
02. What Goes On - Ringo
03. Memphis In Your Mind - Ringo
04. Lonely Is The Night - Billy Squier
05. Free Ride - Edgar Wnter
06. Down Under - Colin Hay
07. Dream Weaver -Gary Wright
08. Boys - Ringo
09. Pickin Up The Pieces -Hamish Stuart
10. Liverpool 8 -Ringo
11. Act Naturally - Ringo
12. Yellow Submarine- Ringo
13. Your Eyes -Gary Wright
14. In The Dark - Billy Squier
15. Frankenstien - Edgar Winter
16. Never Without You - Ringo
17. Choose Love - Ringo
18. The Stroke - Billy Squier
19. Work To Do - Hamish Stuart
20. I Wanna Be Your Man -Ringo
21. Love Is Alive - Gary Wright
22. Who Can It Be Now - Colin Hay
23. Photograph - Ringo
24. Oh My My -Ringo
25. With A Little Help From My Friends - Ringo
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 20.07.08 19:14:39   
Цитата | Ссылка
The Beatle's assemblage of two-hit wonders brought a lot of fun but some so-so rock moments to Mystic Lake.The Beatle's assemblage of two-hit wonders brought a lot of fun but some so-so rock moments to Mystic Lake.

By JON BREAM, Star Tribune
Last update: July 15, 2008 - 5:19 PM

Ringo Starr should find a new Fave Five, create a new Facebook page or raid someone else's Rolodex.

His 10th incarnation of Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, which performed Monday at the sold-out Mystic Lake Casino Showroom, is full of B- and C-list two-hit wonders who have toured with him before. What they delivered was an emotionally fun but musically underwhelming 130-minute show. The seven-man band, which performed like a classic-rock jukebox, managed to sound underrehearsed and tired at the same time.

That didn't happen on earlier All Starr tours when Ringo enlisted such A-listers as Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Dr. John, Billy Preston, Sheila E and Cream's Jack Bruce. This time, Gary Wright, the lone newcomer to the All Starr lineup, sounded ragged vocally on "Dream Weaver," Edgar Winter sounded freakishly off-pitch on "Free Ride" and Hamish Stuart of Average White Band sounded like a wanna-be barroom singer.

To borrow a throwaway joke from Stuart, this band should have been called the Average White Trash Men at Work.

Colin Hay made Men at Work's "Who Can It Be Now" work, and singer-guitarist Billy Squier rocked the house like a heavy-metal dude at a pop festival with "Lonely Is the Night" and "The Stroke," to the delight of the air guitar players in the front row.

What made the night, of course, was Ringo, who started this All-Starr concept in 1989. At 68, he remains an irrepressible charmer, with a quick if silly wit, a friendly smile and a disarmingly cheery peace symbol (by my unofficial count, he flashed the flying V fingers 42 times). He playfully picked on people in the audience as well as lovingly acknowledged individuals including a man waving a 1973 "Ringo" LP, which made the man's wife swoon.

Mostly standing front and center, Ringo sang a dozen songs, some from his ''previous band,'' as he explained, and some from his solo career. The Beatles tunes were predictably spirited crowd-pleasers, especially the sing-along "Yellow Submarine," "With a Little Help from My Friends" and "Boys," on which he played drums. (Also on drums was session veteran Greg Bissonette, who has played with everyone from Clay Aiken to Ozzy Osbourne.) Ringo was especially heartfelt on "Liverpool 8," the title song of his new CD, and "Never Without You," which he dedicated to the late George Harrison.

Here's a suggestion for the next All Starr tour: Ringo should pick a Fave Five from that other B list -- Dhani Harrison, Julian and Sean Lennon, Zak Starkey and Paul Whatshisname.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 20.07.08 19:22:53   
Цитата | Ссылка
Ringo, the lovable Beatle, rocks onRingo, the "lovable" Beatle, rocks on

At 68, former Beatle Ringo Starr, the world's most famous drummer, is hitting 31 cities in the United States and Canada, including Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville on Saturday.

By Kevin O'Hare
Newhouse News Service

As he embarks on his 10th and latest tour with his "All Starr" band, former Beatle Ringo Starr is well rehearsed and ready to rock.

At 68, the world's most famous drummer is hitting 31 cities in the United States and Canada, including Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville on Saturday. As he typically does on tour, he is filling the shows with hits, many of them songs that he originally sang with the Beatles, as well as his solo smashes, while sharing the spotlight with other members of the All Starrs including Edgar Winter, Billy Squier, Colin Hay and others.

During a candid interview, he talked about the tour, his music, his computer artwork and the never-ending issues pertaining to delays in the audio restoration of the Beatles' back catalog.

Starr is charming, amiable and forever "the lovable one" from the Fab Four, but he did get into some hot water earlier this year with remarks pertaining to his native city of Liverpool, England. It was especially ironic because he named his new album "Liverpool 8," and sang about his love for the city of his birth on the title song.

But in January, on a televised British interview show on the BBC with Jonathan Ross, Starr was asked if he missed Liverpool. He answered, "No" (although his full answer was much more detailed), infuriating a small but vocal group of the city's inhabitants.

"There's family there that I love, you miss that. But I've been away a long time, so it's not like I want to go back and live in the neighborhood. So that's what I was sort of saying. That was my 'no' answer to his question."

In further saluting Liverpool, Starr plans to do the song "Liverpool 8" on the new tour along with more familiar hits such as "Yellow Submarine," "With a Little Help From My Friends," "Photograph" and his tribute to the late Beatles' guitarist George Harrison, "Never Without You."

Besides the tour and the new album, Starr is also releasing a DVD, "Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band," which, according to Starr's representatives, was filmed in 2006 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Starr has dabbled in art. Since the late 1990s, he's worked on some distinctive computer-art projects. He's just released a limited edition of his book "Painting Is My Madness," a play off his old song "Drumming Is My Madness." The book features 40 reproductions of his artwork as well as personal photos courtesy of his wife, actress Barbara Bach.

Despite all his activities, Starr's biggest project remains running one of the entertainment industry's biggest companies, the Beatles. They may have broken up in 1970, but the band still rakes in millions of dollars each year and is constantly engaged in new endeavors like the highly successful collaboration with Cirque du Soleil on the Las Vegas production of "Love," and the reissue of the Fab Four's 1965 film "Help!" (which airs at 10 tonight on the Sundance Channel).

Still, some of the band's most devoted followers have found fault with the way the group's revered back catalog has been handled. With only a few exceptions (such as the stunning "Love" soundtrack), the Beatles' classic catalog of albums has not been upgraded in terms of audio quality, packaging, bonus tracks or liner notes since they were issued on CDs in the late 1980s.

"We're talking to people and we're hoping that it will all soon be downloadable, but business is business," Starr said. "The only thing stopping us now from downloading the Beatles' catalog is the deal."

Deal or no deal, Starr remains the real deal, and his summer tour offers a relatively rare chance to hear one of the two surviving members of the Beatles, on stage, performing the songs that defined a generation. As McCartney and Starr grow older, those opportunities are growing rarer, and this is a fun family show not to be missed.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 21.07.08 07:41:37   
Цитата | Ссылка
Ringo's 'All Starrs' tour provided Beatles sound and more

Ringo Starr & His All Starrs, performed Saturday night, July 19, at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Woodinville. The group featured guitarist Colin Hay of Men at Work, singer-guitarist Billy Squier, bassist Hamish Stuart of the Average White Band, keyboardist-saxophonist Edgar Winter, keyboardist Gary Wright and top session drummer Gregg Bissonetteall veteran musicians who contributed their own hits as well as songs from the heydey of The Beatles.

By Patrick MacDonald
Seattle Times music critic

Concert Review

The legacy of the Beatles filled the lush grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville Saturday night, under clear, cool skies. Only one of the Fab Four was there — the ever-lovable Ringo Starr — and less than half the songs in the show were from his former band. But those were the songs the mixed crowd of young and old came to hear, and they loved them.

Starr, who turned 68 on July 7, has been doing his annual "All Starrs" tour for 10 years now, longer than he was in the Beatles. Every year the great drummer gathers veteran musicians to go out with him, each of them stars with their own hits to contribute to the show.

This year they included guitarist Colin Hay of Men at Work, singer-guitarist Billy Squier, bassist Hamish Stuart of the Average White Band, keyboardist-saxophonist Edgar Winter, keyboardist Gary Wright and top session drummer Gregg Bissonette. All were thorough pros who ably took the spotlight several times in the set.

"What's my name?" Starr asked the throng repeatedly during the show, and they roared back "RINGO" ever louder each time.

Standing onstage, he opened with "It Don't Come Easy," followed by "What Goes On," which he said was written by "Lennon, McCartney and Starkey" (Ringo was born Richard Starkey). He sang the rockabilly — and R&B-influenced "Memphis In Your Mind." Then, he got behind his drum kit to back Squier singing "Lonely Is the Night," Winter doing "Free Ride," Hay singing "Land Down Under" and Wright crooning "Dream Weaver," which he said was inspired by a book of poems given him by George Harrison.

Other non-Beatles highlights included AWB's jazzy "Pick Up the Pieces," Winter's pounding "Frankenstein," Squier's "The Stroke" and Hay's "Who Can It Be Now?"

"I always followed my heart and never missed a beat," Starr sang in the autobiographical "Liverpool 8," the title tune from his latest album. "It was cool with those boys from Liverpool." Those glory days were revived via "Act Naturally," "Yellow Submarine," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Photograph" and the song that summed up the night, "With a Little Help From My Friends."

Patrick MacDonald: 206-464-2312,
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 30.07.08 18:39:15   
Цитата | Ссылка
The latest Ringo video update has Levon Helm visiting at Radio City Music Hall in New York and Hamish playing a bit of "I Feel Fine" on acoustic.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Andrey   Дата: 31.07.08 02:11:35   
Цитата | Ссылка

Ringo Starr and The All Starr Band
Star of The Desert Arena at Buffalo Bill's Casino
Primm, NV

Disc 1
01 With a Little Help From My Friends(brief intro) / It Dont Come Easy [Ringo]
02 What Goes On [Ringo]
03 Memphis In Your Mind [Ringo]
04 Lonely Is The Night [Billy Squier]
05 Free Ride [Edgar Winter]
06 Down Under [Colin Hay]
07 Dream Weaver [Gary Wright]
08 Boys [Ringo]
09 Pick Up The Pieces [Hamish Stuart]
10 Liverpool 8 [Ringo]
11 Act Naturally [Ringo]
12 Yellow Submarine [Ringo]
13 Frankenstein [Edgar Winter]

Disc 2
01 Never Without You [Ringo]
02 Choose Love [Ringo]
03 The Stroke [Billy Squier]
04 Work To Do [Hamish Stuart]
05 I Wanna Be Your Man [Ringo]
06 Love Is Alive [Gary Wright]
07 Who Can It Be Now [Colin Hay]
08 Photograph [Ringo]
09 Oh My My [Ringo]
10 With A Little Help From My Friends [Ringo]
11 Give Peace A Chance

Equipment/Lineage: Audience/SP-BMC-12 mic’s (Croakies)>SP-SPSB-1(Battery Boost Box w/ Bass Roll-Off at 95Hz)>Sony MZ-RH10 HI-MD (PCM)(tracking done on the fly)>Hi-MD[M]>Sonic Stage 3.0>wav>TLH flac level 8.
Disc 2 Track 3: Sony MZ-RH10 HI-MD>CDWave (spliced digi-gap)>TLH flac level 8.

Comments: This was the first time we attended a Ringo concert and we had a great time. Ringo and his All-Starrs were excellent performers all around. It was like a variety show of past rock/pop hits along with Ringo's tunes mixed throughout. The recording came out well, and the crowd around us was extremely well behaved and polite this saturday evening. The arena had the amphitheater set-up so it was a nice "full" house, the audience was very responsive this evening. A really nice document of Ringo et al this evening.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 04.08.08 14:04:15   
Цитата | Ссылка
Статья о концерте Ринго в Финиксе, штат Аризона 31 июля 2008 года.


Ringo Starr thrills fans with Beatles, solo hits

Ringo Starr had fun backstage Thursday at the Dodge Theatre with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who gave the drummer-singer a key to the city and a proclamation for "Peace and Love Day" before the ex-Beatle took the stage to bring smiles to an adoring audience spanning all ages.

Starr joked and hugged Gordon, who read a proclamation covering the star's life, from sailor to drummer for Rory Storm's Hurricanes to the Fab Four to now. The star jokingly called the mayor "Mr. Big Shot" and thanked him.

In his 10th tour with his All-Starr Band, which this time out included Billy Squier, Edgar Winter and Colin Hay of Men at Work, Starr's winning formula for a good time remained the same: Serve up a mix of Beatles and solo hits and let the boys in the band step into the spotlight now and then.

As always, the boomer-heavy audience - which also included some younger listeners interested in hearing a rock legend - ate it up. Hearing Yellow Submarine, With a Little Help From My Friends, Act Naturally and I Wanna Be Your Man will do that for fans who grew up with the Beatles.

Starr, who just turned 68, still looks and sounds nearly the same as he did a decade ago. He took the stage for his first full song, the solo hit It Don't Come Easy, in a white T-shirt with sparkling decorations, a dark coat and his ever-present tinted glasses.

Greeting Phoenix, Starr said, "I finally felt warm (in the Valley). It's bloody freezing in here, but I love the heat."

He then launched into two hours of songs that still stand up decades after they were written.

Backed by a solid band that also included keyboardist Gary Wright, bassist Hamish Stuart of the Average White Band and drummer Greg Bissonette, Starr took center stage on other Beatles tunes, including What Goes On (which he pointed out is the only song credited to John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr) and Boys, and such solo hits as Memphis In Your Mind, Choose Love, Oh My My and Photograph.

Starr split his time between center stage as a singer, with the grinning Bissonette doing a fine job on drums, and behind his Ludwig drum kit as part of a two-drummer assault.

Few musicians of any age are showered with as much love as Starr, and he handled it with good humor.

When a male fan yelled early in the show, "We love you Ringo!" Starr smiled and replied, "I always get excited when a low voice tells me that."

He was quick to acknowledge the many signs that alluded to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career: "I see your sign, lady. Did you make that yourself?" he yelled to a woman who held up a "Liverpool 8" banner, referring to his latest album.

It's tough to pick a favorite from the back-up crew because they all delivered their hits with a level of enthusiasm close to decades ago.

The white-haired Winter may have been the band's Most Valuable Player, handling saxophone and keyboards and even playing some drums during his mega-hit, 1973's Frankenstein. Winter also had the crowd on its feet for another huge radio tune, Free Ride.

Wright, who talked about meeting Starr at the sessions for ex-Beatle George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album, mesmerized the crowd with his spacey, synthesizer-fueled hits, Dream Weaver and Love Is Alive.

Squier rocked out on The Stroke and Lonely Is the Night and provided soaring lead guitar for many of Starr's songs.

Hay had the audience up with Down Under and Who Can It Be Now?, while Stuart laid down the funk with Pick Up the Pieces and a cover of the Isley Brothers' Work To Do.

A few high vocal notes were skipped here and there, but this collection of 50- and 60-something musicians largely nailed every song in the diverse show.

Starr showed hints of his serious side only briefly, such as when he said, " I loved the man," after singing Never Without You, written for the late Harrison, and when he sang about "George and Paul and my friend John" in Liverpool 8.

Starr said in a recent interview that he often thinks about his two departed bandmates, but he also focuses on "living life and having a great time."

The latter was the order of "Peace and Love Day" in Phoenix, and that was just fine with everyone attending this upbeat show.

Reach Rodgers at or 602-444-8043.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 04.08.08 14:08:39   
Цитата | Ссылка
Статья о концерте Ринго в LA 2 августа 2008 года. Это был последний концерт тура. Статья о концерте Ринго в LA 2 августа 2008 года. Это был последний концерт тура.


Ringo Starr @ The Greek, 8/2/08

Ringo Starr and his 10th All-Starr Band wrapped up a 31 date tour with a nostalgia-drenched set Saturday night at the Greek. The concept for the evening is simple: In between Beatles and Ringo solo tracks, most of the All-Starr band members - Billy Squier, Edgar Winter, Colin Hay, Stuart Hamish, and Gary Wright - get to take turns performing their own solo material. Gregg Bissonette, thankfully, seems content to just play drums.

The evening is designed for frivolity, and certainly, there is a loose, playful vibe to the proceedings that carries over to the mostly baby boomer audience. Many of whom sing along and dance carefree in the aisles, while screaming “I love you, Ringo!”, “Play ‘Octopus’s Garden!”, and, oddly, “Sex!” in between every song.

Ringo, wearing glitzy black satin duds, takes the stage to an instrumental “With A Little Help From My Friends”. The band launches into “It Don’t Come Easy” before Starr introduces “the only song written by Starkey, Lennon and McCartney”, “What Goes On”. After “Memphis In Your Mind” from 2003’s “Ringorama”, Ringo moves behind the drum kit, and turns center stage over to his bandmates.

And that’s where the problems begin.

Like a jukebox in some nightmare bar, the bulk of the next hour and a half is devoted to an almost random smattering of tunes. Billy Squier, in surprisingly good form, gives us “The Stroke” and “Lonely is the Night” (featuring Gary Wright on keytar!). Edgar Winter, jumping from keyboard to saxophone to percussion, breaks out “Free Ride” and what feels like a 25 minute version of “Frankenstein”. Colin Hay sings Men at Work hits. Gary Wright turns a story about playing on George Harrison’s excellent “All Things Must Pass” into an introduction for the guitarless, soporific “Dream Weaver”. Former Paul McCartney bassist and Average White Band member breaks out the show-stopping (in a good way) “Pick Up The Pieces”, and the show-stopping (in a bad way) “Work To Do”.

While there is something perversely gratifying about watching Ringo man the skins for Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”, (or for that matter watching Billy Squier soloing on Men At Work’s “Down Under”) it’s not enough to carry your attention for a whole evening. There are several moments, despite constant reminders from everyone involved that they are all living the dream, that even most of the band seemed bored.

The tedium is broken up with a mini-set from Ringo that includes “Act Naturally”, a rockin’ “Yellow Submarine”, and recent single “Liverpool 8”. Ringo introduces the latter as autobiographical, but its self-referential lyrics feel contrived and ham-fisted. The same argument can probably be made against his George Harrison tribute “Never Without You”, but in this case, the words feel more sincere.

Ringo scatters in a few more tracks – “Photograph”, “Choose Love”, “Oh My My” and “I Wanna Be Your Man”, before not leaving the stage and announcing that we’ve reached the encore.

The night ends, as you’d expect, with the band playing “With A Little Help from My Friends”. An extended coda of John Lennon's “Give Peace a Chance” is a nice touch.

Overall, Ringo looks great, and is as charming as ever. His songs, good or bad, are fun. The quality of his shows these days, I imagine, come down to the quality of the company he keeps. In this instance, one leaves the show wishing that Ringo had gotten by with a little less help from his friends.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Corvin   Дата: 05.08.08 08:18:34   
Цитата | Ссылка
Еще одна статья о концерте Ринго в LA 2 августа 2008 года.


Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band 2008
(Greek Theater; 6,187 seats; $100 top)

Presented by KLOS. Band: Ringo Starr, Colin Hay, Billy Squier, Hamish Stuart, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, Gregg Bissonette. Reviewed Aug. 2, 2008.

Back in 1989, Ringo Starr came up with a great idea: He would be the Ringmaster for a collection of still-agile rock stars performing their old hits and backing those of their colleagues. The band played the Greek Theater that year, and those who saw it savored the moment, wondering if they would ever see the then-elusive ex-Beatle perform again. They needn’t have worried. Sixty-eight years young, slim, trim and fit, Ringo is still on the road — and 19 years and 10 editions later, the All-Starr Band remains a surprisingly sturdy, entertaining vehicle.

While recent All-Starr Bands have been weaker and less starry than the early ones, the 10th edition put on a solidly rocking show at the Greek on Saturday night — and it wasn’t hard to pinpoint where the act had been fine-tuned.

The pacing was better; the dreary ballad hits that once sapped the momentum between the rockers were gone, and the two-hour-plus set flew by as a result. The stinging fuzz-tone lead guitar of Billy Squier, a holdover from 2006, had an energizing effect upon everyone’s hits.

Colin Hay, returning from the 2003 band, was in stronger form this time in "Down Under" and "Who Can It Be Now." Edgar Winter, another 2006 alum, produced a driving "Free Ride" and blew Texas R&B alto and tenor saxes to his colleagues’ great benefit. All-Starr newcomer Gary Wright, a youthful 65, scored well with "Dream Weaver" and "Love Is Alive" — and Hamish Stuart (from Average White Band) led a straight, tight "Pick Up the Pieces."

Ringo himself has been slowly expanding his repertoire, still relying on the core of Beatles classics (punched out with unjaded enthusiasm) yet keeping the best of his recent songs — the touching George Harrison tribute "Never Without You," "Memphis in Your Mind," "Choose Love" — and adding the new autobiographical "Liverpool 8" and one hitherto-overlooked solo hit, "Oh My My," to the show. And it was a treat to watch the master work his drum kit, for all this touring has made him an even more active, subtle, grooving musician.

This tour ends at a time when Ringo Starr CDs have been pouring out like mad — five new releases in the last 16 months, three for Koch and two on Capitol. Although only one, "Liverpool 8," has new studio material, that’s a rate unequaled for the Ringed One since the height of Beatlemania.

Variety is striving to present the most thorough review database. To report inaccuracies in review credits, please click here. We do not currently list below-the-line credits, although we hope to include them in the future. Please note we may not respond to every suggestion. Your assistance is appreciated.
Re: Ringo's All-Starr Band 2008
Автор: Мими   Дата: 11.10.09 06:42:27   
Цитата | Ссылка
But will anyone tell me, WHEN and WHY RINGO started wear these shades?
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