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Главная / Новости / 9 июня 2011 года / Пол Маккартни, Йоко Оно, Шон Леннон , Оливия и Дани Харрисон посетили празднование 5-летия циркового представления “Love”.

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Пол Маккартни, Йоко Оно, Шон Леннон , Оливия и Дани Харрисон посетили празднование 5-летия циркового представления “Love”.

Дата: 9 июня 2011 года
Автор: Sweet Little Queen XIII
Тема: Битлз - Love (2006)
Просмотры: 6721

 8 июня в Лас-Вегасе состоялось юбилейное шоу представление Cirque du Soleil “Love” .  На праздновании пятилетия этого циркового представления присутствовали Пол Маккартни с о своей невестой Ненси Шевелл, Йоко Оно, Шон Леннон, Оливия и Дани Харрисон.

Пол и Нэнси . 08.06. 2011

Шон и Йоко

Оливия и Дани. 08.06.2011

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Автор: Sweet Little Queen XIIIДата: 09.06.11 12:11:11
Hello, Goodbye: Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono in red carpet snub at Beatles LOVE show
By Debbie Emery

They have been bonded together for the past forty years as part of the music world's biggest feud.
But despite having put many of their differences aside Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono still don't appear to be the closest of friends.

Both were at the Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas tonight but there didn't appear to be any love lost between John Lennon's ex-band mate and his widow.

McCartney and Ono were at the five anniversary event to honour another late Beatle, George Harrison, who inspired the LOVE show after seeing a Cirque performance on the Las Vegas strip

Despite the emotional event, McCartney and Yono skipped the opportunity to pose together on the red carpet hinting that an underlying frostiness still remains.

Instead, the Beatles singer as accompanied by his new fiancée Nancy Shevell, and Ono walked the carpet with her and Lennon's youngest son, Sean.
After years of silence, McCartney, 68, opened up about his feud with Ono to interviews with U.S. shock jock Howard Stern and Reader's Digest magazine, ABC News reported.
McCartney claimed that Japanese artist Ono first targeted him, not future husband, John Lennon, as a love interest.
Later, when McCartney asked Ono if she'd be willing to switch the song writing credit on 'Yesterday' from 'Lennon/McCartney' to 'McCartney/Lennon,' she refused, even though McCartney wrote and performed the song.

'It wouldn't have cost her any money. This is all legal stuff,' said McCartney.
Last year, Ono, now 78, actually credited McCartney for saving her marriage to Lennon, telling the Times: 'I want the world to know that it was a very touching thing that he did for John.'

Her heartfelt sentiment referred to Lennon's 'lost weekend' in 1974 when Lennon disappeared with his assistant, May Pang.
Ono says that Paul McCartney stepped in and brought the couple back together

Read more:
Автор: FallДата: 09.06.11 13:00:47
как то Ринго немного забыли)
Автор: vasiasiaДата: 09.06.11 13:40:25
и Синтию с Джулианом тоже могли бы позвать


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Тема: Битлз - Love (2006)


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