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Главная / Новости / 12 февраля 2011 года / Сингл Йоко Оно "Move On Fast (The Remixes)" взлетел на 3-ю строчку "Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart"

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Сингл Йоко Оно "Move On Fast (The Remixes)" взлетел на 3-ю строчку "Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart"

Дата: 12 февраля 2011 года
Разместил: Corvin
Тема: Yoko Ono (Йоко Оно)
Просмотры: 3578

Альбом Йоко Оно 'Move On Fast (The Remixes)' взлетел на 3-ю строчку 'Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart'

Yoko Ono: Move On Fast (The Remixes) is #3 with a bullet on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart

YOKO ONO continues her dancefloor domination with the release of her latest remix single, MOVE ON FAST (THE REMIXES). Culled from her landmark double album APPROXIMATELY INFINITE UNIVERSE, MOVE ON FAST finds the influential pop culture icon rocking hard with an all-or-nothing fearlessness.

The song echoes the sprawling set’s pop/rock sound laced with bop, big band and swing, and razor-sharp feminist rock overtones. If NOW OR NEVER was a wistful wakeup call to a tuned-out, slacked-off America, MOVE ON FAST grabbed them by the scruff to shake them out of their collective stupor and shout “burn it at both ends” and “live for today”… a strident, rebellious and political statement from the avant-garde matriarch, which would foreshadow the rise of the punk movement!

ONO teams up with a bevy of dance music heroes to reinvent this searing “call to arms” into a captivating 21st Century club juggernaut featuring vibrant re-rubs from Dave Aude, Richard Morel, Digital Dog, Ralphi Rosario, Wawa, DJ Yiannis, Emjae, Twisted Sound+Vision, Chris The Greek, Timmy Loop and newcomers Nacho & Ivan.

Currently #3* (with a bullet) on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart (Issue date: 2/26/2011), the blistering workout has been burning up the dance chart since its debut 6 weeks ago.

It’s the latest installment from ONO’s ambitious and ongoing remix series campaign, which has seen the boundless art-rock visionary open up her pandora’s box of original material for an eager generation of superlative cutting-edge artists to reinvent, including Flaming Lips, Pet Shop Boys, Antony And The Johnsons, Sparks, Basement Jaxx, Junior Boys, Danny Tenaglia, Porcupine Tree, Stonebridge, CSS, Bimbo Jones, The Sleepy Jackson, Peaches, Linus Loves, Cat Power and Oscar winning composer Craig Armstrong.

To date, the groundbreaking series has spawned 2 critically-acclaimed remix albums – YES, I’M A WITCH (which peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Top Electronic Albums Chart) and OPEN YOUR BOX – and 7 #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart-topping hits including WOULDNIT’ (I’M A STAR), GIVE ME SOMETHING, I’M NOT GETTING ENOUGH, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, NO NO NO, EVERYMAN/EVERYWOMAN and the definitive anthem WALKING ON THIN ICE.

MOVE ON FAST (THE REMIXES) will be released as three separate digital green releases (no materials used or abused) on Mind Train/Twisted Records

Available February 1st, 8th and 22nd, respectively, on iTunes

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Автор: gumbyДата: 13.02.11 15:50:49
Намасте!А миссис Леннон то в струе.И вкус и чутье у нее наличествует.Рад за ее успех,творческих озарений ей на долгие годы!
Автор: rinnДата: 14.02.11 03:08:02
Это вот сидеть и слушать два часа одну и ту же песню в чуть разных вариантах... Застрелиться можно!)))

Теперь Йоко станет звездой дискотек)
Автор: papanДата: 14.02.11 11:21:48

>Теперь Йоко станет звездой дискотек)

Давно уже стала.
С 2003 года у неё 6 первых мест в Биллборде.


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Тема: Yoko Ono (Йоко Оно)


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