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Главная / Новости / 12 апреля 2010 года / 10 лучших песен Пола Маккартни по версии AOL Radio Blog

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10 лучших песен Пола Маккартни по версии AOL Radio Blog

Дата: 12 апреля 2010 года
Разместил: Corvin
Тема: Чарты и опросы
Просмотры: 21373

While Paul McCartney had many iconic songs as a member of the Beatles, his solo catalog also boasts many hits, as well as his studio efforts with the Wings, which included his late wife Linda. Below we chronicle the top 10 Paul McCartney songs (excluding the Beatles discography) as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.

Paul McCartney Let Em In10) 'Let 'Em In'

'Let 'Em In" was the second single from the Wings' 1976 album 'Wings at the Speed of Sound.' The song (with drummer boy-sounding percussion) includes references to McCartney's real-life friends and is notable for fading to a lower volume (towards the end of the song) and then suddenly ending on two louder chords.

Paul McCartney ninteen hundred and eighty five9) 'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five'

'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five' (also known as '1985') was the climactic track of the 1973 album 'Band on the Run.'

The piano-driven song has a monumental ending which includes a full orchestra performing with the Wings.

Paul McCartney Junior's Farm8) 'Junior's Farm'

This top Paul McCartney song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1974, while the band was staying at the farm of Curly Putman Jr., hence the song's title. This was the last Wings -- or McCartney -- song released on Apple Records.

Paul McCartney Jet7) 'Jet'

Like 'Junior's Farm,' this top Paul McCartney song was also inspired from his daily life. Although not confirmed, critics have mentioned the song is about McCartney's Labrador Retriever named "Jet." But we do know this: The Aussie rock band Jet named their band after this song.

Paul McCartney My Love6) 'My Love'

'My Love' is one of the many love ballads McCartney wrote for his wife Linda, who was also in Wings with her husband. The track appears on the 1973 album 'Red Rose Speedway' by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Paul McCartney Ram5) 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey'

Off the album 'Ram,' this Paul McCartney song won him the 1971 Grammy for Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists. The experimental track is put together on the album with all the other songs as one, very long song, similar to the second half of the Beatles' 'Abbey Road.' The song uses extensive sound effects like rain, thunder and a telephone dialing.

Paul McCartney Live and Let Die4) 'Live and Let Die'

'Live and Let Die' is the main theme song for the 1973 James Bond film 'Live and Let Die.' It was later released as a heavy metal cover by Guns N' Roses off their 1991 album 'Use Your Illusion I' and even recorded by Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls as a b-side track off her No. 1 single 1999's 'Lift Me Up.'

Paul mccartney silly love songs3) 'Silly Love Songs'

Released as a single in 1976, 'Silly Love Songs' was featured off the Wings' fifth studio effort 'Wings at the Speed of Sound.' Apparently this top Paul McCartney song was written as a response to the teasing from music critics (and a comment from John Lennon) that McCartney only wrote lightweight songs. Intentionally cheesy, but an absolute classic.

Paul McCartney Paul McCartney2) 'Maybe I'm Amazed'

The song 'Maybe I'm Amazed' was written in 1969, just prior to The Beatles' breakup. The song is written for McCartney's wife Linda, who he said helped him through the difficult time. It was first released on his album 'McCartney' in 1970. Although the song was never released as a single, it is one of the artists' most notable songs, especially for it's piano melody. The track even made it on AOL Radio's 10 Best Piano Songs.

Paul McCartney Band on the Run1) 'Band on the Run'

This top Paul McCartney song is the title track from his critically acclaimed effort, 1974's 'Band on the Run.' Comprised of three parts, the song revolves around the story of a band confined to prison who later escape and hit the road. The recorded version is over five minutes long, but the radio version (clocking in at 3:50) excludes the second part -- a section that features the line "If we ever get out of here," inspired by George Harrison's famous words spoken at numerous Beatles' board meetings with their Apple venture.

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Автор: saysayДата: 12.04.10 18:16:07
Интересно?! - а по какому принципу они определяют, какая песня лучшая??? Я бы не сказал, что Silly Love Songs, My Love и Junior's Farm, прям такие шедевры...
Автор: Minin&PojarskyiДата: 12.04.10 18:25:06
Не русская какая-то десятка...
Автор: glosterДата: 12.04.10 18:26:44
>Интересно?! - а по какому принципу они определяют,
>какая песня лучшая??? Я бы не сказал, что Silly
>Love Songs, My Love и Junior's Farm, прям такие
Я так понял, список создан на основании опроса слушателей и касается только послебитловского периода творчества. И по "Maybe I'm Amazed" и "Silly Love Songs",абсолютно не согласен.


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