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Главная / Новости / 17 мая 2006 года / Дейли Миррор: Пол Маккартни разводится со второй женой

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Дейли Миррор: Пол Маккартни разводится со второй женой

Дата: 17 мая 2006 года
Разместил: Corvin
Тема: Пол Маккартни - Heather Mills (Хэзер Миллз)
Просмотры: 5025

Дейли Миррор: Пол Маккартни разводится со второй женойСолист легендарной группы "Битлз" сэр Пол Маккартни разводится со второй женой. Брак с Хизер Миллс, который считался одним из самых крепких в мире шоу-бизнеса, не выдержал испытания временем, о чем сегодня музыкант намерен объявить семье и друзьям. С этим сенсационным известием выступила газета "Дейли миррор".

"Мы в самом деле больше так не можем. С нас довольно", - приводит сегодняшнее издание слова Маккартни, сказанные в беседе с одним из его приятелей.

Ранее британская пресса муссировала слухи о том, что 63-летний экс- битл и его 38-летняя вторая жена "расстались". Раскол в четырехлетнем браке, по сведениям печати, якобы назревал давно и произошел после тяжелой операции, которую провели Хизер. Семь лет назад ей ампутировали левую ногу ниже колена после автокатастрофы. Недавно у женщины возникли осложнения, потребовавшие хирургического вмешательства.


SIR Paul McCartney has asked his wife Heather Mills for a formal trial separation, the Mirror can reveal. Macca, 63, will tell his family and close friends of his bombshell decision today.

The couple's four-year marriage has collapsed amid bitter rows. Sir Paul told one friend: "We really can't go on like this. Enough is enough."

Heather, 38, remained at their home in East Sussex with daughter Beatrice, two, when Macca took a break in France to mull over their future. If the split becomes permanent she could get £200million of his £800million fortune.


PAUL McCartney is seeking a formal trial split from wife Heather because he believes they can no longer endure their private hell. In recent months the couple's always stormy four-year marriage has been punctuated by ever more explosive rows.

They were due to have crisis talks at the weekend. But Macca, 63, decided he could not face another emotionally draining bust-up. He told one friend: "We really can't go on like this. It's not fair on either of us. Enough is enough." A source disclosed: "Paul hasn't come to this decision lightly, but felt things couldn't carry on as they were.

"He and Heather were getting on so badly it became impossible for them to sleep under the same roof. Paul is desperately hoping some time apart will give them the space to work out whether they want the relationship to continue. It's terribly sad for them. We're very concerned it's all over. But nobody has entirely lost hope."

Sir Paul, who insists the couple can rekindle their love, is expected to tell close family and friends of his bombshell decision today. Last night Heather, 38, was being comforted by her sister Fiona. For three weeks the former model has been staying at the couple's home in Hove, East Sussex, recovering from a leg operation. Macca has remained on the family farm in Peasmarsh, 55 miles away. As marital tensions mounted daughter Beatrice, two, was shuttled between the two homes by a chauffeur so the couple did not meet.

Then last week, Paul took a solo trip to the village of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, near Monaco, cutting a lonely figure. An insider revealed: "They are obviously having big problems and their behaviour over the last few days raises some worrying questions.

"Why wouldn't Paul come to see Heather and Beatrice in Hove? It's deeply out of character for him to be staying away from his wife as she recovers from surgery. Paul is always quick to leap to Heather's defence. But there's a deafening silence from his camp. Heather has also said the main reason for staying in Hove is she's worried about being photographed. But security is much bigger at Peasmarsh. Why isn't she there?"

Paul fell for Heather at the Mirror's Pride of Britain Awards in 1999 a year after Linda, his first wife of 29 years, died from cancer.

The couple began dating soon afterwards. Despite concerns from Paul's children, particularly daughter Stella, they married in 2002. Strains soon emerged. Independent minded Heather, who lost her leg when she was hit by a motorcycle in 1993, was said to resent living in Macca's shadow.

While she wanted to step up her charity work, Paul wanted her to cut back on commitments. Insiders believe the writing was on the wall when Paul refused to quash reports their marriage was in crisis. His spokesman said last night: "We have absolutely no comment."

By Fiona Cummins, Showbiz Reporter

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Тема: Пол Маккартни - Heather Mills (Хэзер Миллз)


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