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Главная / Новости / 17 апреля 2005 года / Альбом Сергея Кашина получил высокую оценку ведущего британского блюзового журнала Blues Matters

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Альбом Сергея Кашина получил высокую оценку ведущего британского блюзового журнала Blues Matters

Дата: 17 апреля 2005 года
Автор: Corvin
Тема: Клуб Битлз.ру
Просмотры: 5582

Blues Matters # 25

Спешим поздравить Сергея Кашина, известного в Клубе под псевдонимом SergeK. Это первый случай, когда российский музыкант появился на страницах ведущего британского блюзового журнала Blues Matters. Ниже можно ознакомиться с обзором диска "Just One Of Those Days", подготовленным Билли Хатчинсоном.

RUSSIA – SERGEY KASHIN “Just One Of Those Days” no number own label KSE Records,, 16 tracks, 55:52 mins

JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYSThis is an exotic piece of work due to the country of origin, also if I was to sing in Russian I’m sure it would sound very quirky to a Russian. There is also a mini play segmented throughout the disc involving very short audible scenes between tracks. Sergey plays guitar very well with great tone and restrain, what seems strange is that between the blues numbers are 60’s styled M.O.R. tunes. Apart from Sergey’s blues he also has jazz leanings to; there is a slight difference with my promo copy’s order of tunes fro CD to liner notes. Sergey wrote five tunes, and collaborated with fellow musician Nickolay Dobkin on another; of which only two are not instrumentals. The only other musician mentioned on the disc is Valeriy Agabekov, and seeing as Sergey is the guitarist singer I guess the other two musicians play everything else. Sergey was very kind in sending me a CD Rom full of concert & TV footage where the band is a four-piece, and Sergey plays a Strat. This album may sound rather square to western ears, but the music is very good and it has a bohemian quality to it. Where else are you going to hear “My Cherie Amour”, “Kindhearted Woman”, "When Did You Leave Heaven” and “Long Tall Mama” on the same CD? Thanks for Sergey in an oh so formulaic world…. Billy Hutchinson

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Тема: Клуб Битлз.ру


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