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Главная / Новости / 19 сентября 2019 года / Пол, Мэри и Стелла Маккартни представили книгу Linda McCartney. The Polaroid Diaries

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Пол, Мэри и Стелла Маккартни представили книгу Linda McCartney. The Polaroid Diaries

Дата: 19 сентября 2019 года
Автор: thorkhild
Тема: Пол Маккартни - Linda McCartney (Линда Маккартни)
Просмотры: 1450


Пол, Мэри и Стелла Маккартни представили в Музее Виктории и Альберта книгу Linda McCartney. The Polaroid Diaries, сообщает Macca News.

Презентацию посетили Ринго Старр, Барбара Бах, Оливия Харрисон, Твигги и другие известные гости.

К книгу вошли сотни полароидных снимков, сделанных с начала 1970-х до середины 1990-х годов. Они позволяют поближе узнать жизнь семьи Маккартни.


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Автор: stereobellДата: 20.09.19 15:57:51
Вот бы выложили в сеть как нибудь, легально, конечно...
Автор: adhДата: 20.09.19 21:46:19
More from the new book of polaroids by Linda McCartney:More from the new book of polaroids by Linda McCartney:
Paul: “There’s a lot of stuff taken in Scotland,” says Paul. “Linda and I spent quite a bit of time there when the kids were young. The Beatles had just broken up, over business problems, and that had been pretty upsetting. I was at a bit of a loose end. We lived in a farmer’s croft on the Mull of Kintyre that I had bought before I met Linda, but it was quite run down and I had never visited it much. We were retreating from the world; it was really comforting to be there. We just headed north and escaped. It was glorious. In the evenings, you could walk outside and there would be this endless sky. In some ways, it was at the end of the world. It wasn’t that easy to get to us, which we liked, as we had been so accessible before that. I fell in love with Scotland again and wrote a song based on my love of the area, with the local pipe band. The song was so successful it got on some people’s nerves. But I loved it.”
“We made our own entertainment,” says Paul, of the image of him dancing with a young Mary on his shoulders. “We had a record player, and some James Taylor vinyls, and our own records — Beatles and Wings albums. There was a great day when some guy did manage to find us — a tourist from Oklahoma. We said ‘Come in, have a cup of tea, you’ve come all this way.’ He brought a vinyl of Roy Buchanan, called Buch and the Snake Stretchers. We would listen and dance to that a lot.” Wearing tartan was a prerequisite for those holidays. “I have an in-joke with my dad about tartan,” says Stella. “We’d go down to the local town and buy kilts. I was very aware, very young that I wanted to be a fashion designer; the memories I have of kilts were how heavy they were, how magnificent they were. Even in this tiny town in Scotland, there was this massive variety in the local kilt shop.”
Автор: adhДата: 20.09.19 21:48:36


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Тема: Пол Маккартни - Linda McCartney (Линда Маккартни)


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