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Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8

Тема: Live 8 (2005)

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Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: SergeK   Дата: 19.06.05 15:45:26   
2Primal Scream:2Primal Scream:
>И "вечный" вопрос. Where's Eric?
Он вроде мелькал в списках предпологаемых участников...
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 19.06.05 15:53:18   
Как-то очень неуверенно мелькал. Его-то для полного кайфа как раз не хватает.
Вымученная улыбка  
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: SergeK   Дата: 19.06.05 15:59:53   
2Primal Scream:
Значит есть причины...
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 19.06.05 18:42:42   

Punk icons THE SEX PISTOLS are reforming up for LIVE 8's London gig - and their reunion is set to be the highlight of the entire event.

The turbulent ANARCHY IN THE UK stars split in 1979 after bassist SID VICIOUS took a fatal drug overdose, but GLEN MATLOCK, the original bass player who was replaced by Vicious in 1977, is back on board for the performance.

And despite initial reluctance, frontman JOHNNY ROTTEN, real name JOHN LYDON, has agreed to join his bandmates for the charity rock extravaganza.

An insider says, "The others said 'Yes' straight away but Johnny took his time.

"He knew the rest of the band had given the reunion the green light so in the end he agreed.

"No one ever thought they would see the day that Sex Pistols would reform. But because Live 8 is such a special event it has made it possible."

Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 21.06.05 12:33:29   
PINK FLOYD - Live 8 Set To Consist Of Four Songs 05.06.20

As previously reported, four members of seminal British rock band PINK FLOYD will play together for the first time in 24 years at London's Live 8 charity concert for Africa on July 2nd.

Guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and keyboard player Richard Wright will be on stage with bassist Roger Waters for their first public performance since they played at London's Earls Court in 1981.

The rock legends will join a star-studded line-up including VELVET REVOLVER, ELTON JOHN and PAUL MCCARTNEY at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, organised by activist rocker Bob Geldof to pressure rich nations to ease African poverty.

DJ Andy Frost of Toronto Classic Rock station Q107 has revealed that Pink Floyd will play four songs during their Live 8 performance. Three of the tracks performed will be lifted from the band’s classic album Dark Side Of The Moon (1973).
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 21.06.05 21:02:22   
MÖTLEY CRÜE And DEEP PURPLE to Take Part In Canada's LIVE 8 Concert - June 21, 2005

MÖTLEY CRÜE and DEEP PURPLE will be taking part in Canada's Live 8 concert, which will be held July 2 near Barrie, Ontario, according to The Globe and Mail.

The anti-poverty concert will coincide with other gigs around the world.

The event is being staged to bring attention to the problem of world poverty and pressure leaders of industrialized countries to take action.

The Barrie site can hold 35,000 people. Concert goers will be limited to two tickets each. Tickets are free and will be available starting at 10 a.m. EDT from Ticketmaster. Those seeking tickets, however, will have to answer a quiz.

The show will run 11 a.m. EDT to 8 p.m. CTV will broadcast the performance.


Dan Ackroyd and Tom Green will host.

The Live 8 series is timed to coincide with a summit of the world's biggest industrialized countries in Scotland. Concert organizer Bob Geldof said Canada is in a unique position to lead the fight against world poverty, noting that it is the only G7 nation boasting a surplus.
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Rosco   Дата: 21.06.05 21:06:33   
2Primal Scream:
>Как-то очень неуверенно мелькал. Его-то для полного
>кайфа как раз не хватает.

Ну ещё как минимум Дэвида Боуи и Шадэ...

На мой взгляд, список Live Aid 1985 встократ лучше был!..

В этом лишь Пинк Флойд и...
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: john lee hooker   Дата: 21.06.05 21:22:25   
Касаемо "Стоунз" и САБЖа:
Live 8 In Barrie, Ontario
Friday, June 17, 2005

The Canadian Live 8 concert will be taking place in Barrie, Ontario - not Toronto as earlier reports suggested. Rumoured headliners The Rolling Stones have confirmed that they will not be taking part in the show on July 2nd. The line-up for the show will be announced at a press conference in Toronto on Tuesday.

Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 21.06.05 21:29:42   
2john lee hooker:

Ссылку на канадскую презентацию я привел выше
Про "Роллингов" там ни слова. Их вроде бы все ждут на лондонском концерте.
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Gene   Дата: 22.06.05 20:43:56   
Роллингов в канадском концерте точно не будет, хотя они в данный момент находятся в Торонто и репетируют перед новым турне. Их ждут в Лондоне, вот в чем причина. Список, приведенный выше, похоже, окончательный. Говорили о AC/DC, но они отпали. Селин Дион будет петь из Лас-Вегаса через спутник, хотя на фиг она вообще нужна... Билеты бесплатно распространяются через Тикетмастер (не больше 2 в одни руки :-))) Вообще Торотно облажался, для такого мероприятия не нашлось подходящей площадки, и придется тащиться аж за 60 км на север в Бэрри :-(
Я тащусь!  
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 22.06.05 21:41:28   
Мотли Хрю будут раскачивать Канаду!Мотли Хрю будут раскачивать Канаду!
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Petrovich   Дата: 22.06.05 23:36:48   
Братья и сестры! К Вам обращаюсь я, друзья мои!

Концерт Live 8 обещают стать мегаграндиозным событием. Их будет смотреть 1,4 миллиарда человек во всем мире. Но вот 140 миллионам россиян не повезло. Им (т.е. нам) шоу не покажут. Не видать нам в прямом эфире Пола Маккартни, U2, REM, Coldplay, Элтона Джона и воскресших Pink Floyd. А ведь ждут еще и The Who! А в Канаде обещают Deep Purple, которые вроде бы приедут специально, чтобы выступить. Весь мир будет глядеть на рок-героев и рукоплескать им. А мы...

У нас на родилась идея потребовать от наших телемагнатов трансляции шоу на Российскую Федерацию. Для чего надо завалить письмами телеканалы, может, чего и получится. Но нас очень мало. Присоединяйтесь! Вы ведь тоже хотите это увидеть!

Писать на ОРТ и НТВ. Даже если надежды почти нет, но так мы хотя бы заявим о том, что мы есть, и что мы хотим видеть ЭТО! А совсем не то дерьмо, что нам крутят с утра до вечера.

НТВ: - это форум офф. сайта НТВ. - туда можно писать письма. Чем больше, тем лучше :)

ОРТ: - форум для предложений - почта дирекции муз. вещания. - здесь можно высказывать идеи и соображения. :) Welcome.

Together We Stand! Divided We Fall!
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Rosco   Дата: 23.06.05 00:57:35   
Отправил письма со всех своих почтовых ящиков.

Капля в море мною внесена!

Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 23.06.05 07:44:57   
MTV, VHI to Show Much of Live 8 Concert By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer
Wed Jun 22

NEW YORK - MTV and VH1 will telecast eight hours of the Live 8 concerts on July 2, the networks said Wednesday. The performances, featuring artists U2, Coldplay, Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z and Destiny's Child among many others, are being held in eight cities to raise awareness of poverty in Africa.

The telecast is a repeat performance for MTV, which showed the Live Aid concerts two decades ago. Like Live Aid, the Live 8 performances are being organized by Bob Geldof.

America Online, which owns the U.S. rights to the concerts and will beam them on the Internet, is also negotiating with ABC for a prime-time telecast on July 2 following the cable TV coverage.

MTV, VH1 and MTV's college network mtvU will be on the air with the same feed from noon to 8 p.m. EDT that day, switching back and forth from different sites and also presenting packaged reports, like a look back at Live Aid.

Related networks CMT and VH1 Classic will air concert highlights the next day featuring artists geared to their audiences.

It will be the longest period MTV has gone live to cover an event since Woodstock '99, the network said.

XM Satellite Radio will carry the concerts live from Philadelphia, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome, America Online also announced on Wednesday. The Premiere Radio Networks will also carry concert coverage and performances tailored to three different radio formats — urban, rock and pop.

Internationally, the MTV, VH1 and Music Factory networks will show hourly bulletins about the show.;_ylt=AhLID9s.dozQdO6zeQ2Wjy8IHL8C...
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: john lee hooker   Дата: 23.06.05 11:06:10   
2Primal Scream:

>2john lee hooker:

>Про "Роллингов" там ни слова. Их вроде бы все
>ждут на лондонском концерте.

Вот и я о том же (см. ссылу)...Сумлеваюсь я , шо они будут под Торонто или в Лондоне выступать... Мистер Рифф плотно засел в Эл-Эйе...лихорадочно сводит новый эльбум...некогда. В Торонтах бэнд репетирует без него. Для такого "знакового" события, как собственный мировой тур эгоцентричным роллингам "большая восьмёрка" никчему. Обошлися же без реал-вудстокоф, бангла дешеф и пыр...Культовых групп и так хватает...а тур -- эт тур, эльбум -- эт эльбум :)))
Чёта припомнилось из древнего интервью Стоунзеф "Штерну" 1981:
"Вас не беспокоят параллельный тур-концерты реуниона "Саймона Энд Гарфанкеля" в тех же городах и в то же время? Прогнозируете ли вы снижение посещаемости своих
выступлений?"... В ответ только медленно образующие кривые "длинные" ухмылки плотоядных рож :)))
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 23.06.05 11:14:01   
2john lee hooker:

Им, конечно, решать, что и когда делать. Но уж больно хоцца их лишний разок увидеть.
Я все же думаю, что хитрюга Гелдоф держит "под рукавами" пару-другую сюрпризных выступлений.
Все равно  
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 23.06.05 19:59:39   

British royal PRINCE CHARLES has refused to attend London's LIVE 8 concert - despite having been present at the legendary LIVE AID show 20 years ago (85).

The prince claims he has a "prior engagement", but as he was expected to attend his PRINCE'S TRUST PARTY IN THE PARK in Hyde Park, which has now been cancelled to make way for the charity gig, insiders are convinced the fears being seen to support the controversial G8 protest.

A source says, "Debt relief is a worthy cause but encouraging people to march on G8 is a different matter.

"It wouldn't be wise for the prince to appear to endorse it."

But the news will come as a bitter blow to organiser SIR BOB GELDOF - as he donated $3 million (GBP1.6 million) from Live 8's ticket text lottery to the Prince's Trust as a thank you for scrapping their annual pop concert.


А нужен ли нам принц?
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8
Автор: Гарринча   Дата: 24.06.05 19:23:21   
7-ой концерт состоится в Токио. Таким образом, только Россия - единственная из стран "восьмёрки" без Live8.
В Токио выступят Bjork, Def Tech, Dreams Come True, Good Charlotte, McFly, Rize
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8 a)
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 26.06.05 19:12:32   
Geldof’s Hearts Club band to open Live8

SIR Paul McCartney and U2, dressed in Sgt Pepper costumes, are due to open next weekend’s Live 8 concerts singing “It was 20 years ago today” — a reference to the Live Aid concert of 1985.

The lyrics were the opening line of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band concept album.

McCartney will return to the stage in London’s Hyde Park seven hours later to end the show by leading an ensemble rendition of The Long and Winding Road, a rallying call for people to travel to Edinburgh to put pressure on the G8 summit starting four days later.

Bob Geldof, who has organised a series of eight concerts on four continents ahead of the summit at Gleneagles, revealed details of the running order over dinner in Rome last week.

“It will be a surprise for everyone,” said Geldof, not realising his words would be reported by a journalist from La Repubblica, the Italian newspaper, seated at the same table.

“Paul McCartney will end it. He’ll sing The Long and Winding Road, and for us it’s the symbol of this road, the road which will lead us to the G8.”

Yesterday a spokesman for the organisers of Live 8 confirmed the Sgt Pepper-led start to the worldwide show as Geldof appeared on stage at Glastonbury to appeal for support.

It will be the largest global broadcast in television history with 5.5 billion people — 85% of the world’s population — able to tune in through a variety of media, including television, the internet and mobile phones.

“It was 20 years ago that the media said Live Aid was the greatest show on earth. They were right then but wrong now,” said Geldof’s spokesman. “Over 140 television networks will broadcast Live 8.”

Geldof turned down the chance of inviting Michael Jackson to top the bill of the American version of Live 8 less than three weeks after his acquittal on child sex charges. Bono, U2’s singer and Geldof’s ally in the campaign to cancel the debts of Third World countries, was keen on the idea.

But Geldof said: “Musically he (Jackson) is a genius; humanely, I believe he is innocent. But he has been through a terrible time. He’s strained and tired. He needs tranquillity, not to return under the spotlights in an event like this.”

He also revealed that Pink Floyd, reunited with founder member Roger Waters for the first time in more than 20 years, will play three songs: Breathe, Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here.

Yesterday Geldof held hands with Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis and persuaded the audience to link arms and chant “Make poverty history”.

Both U2 and Coldplay, Live 8’s other headline act, have other concerts the same evening — U2 in Vienna and Coldplay in Glasgow — which is adding to the logistical problem of staging 25 acts in seven hours at Hyde Park.

Madonna had been rehearsing a duet with Sting, Geldof said, but the planned performance has since been dropped. Instead Sting is believed to be using Spitting Image-style puppets of Tony Blair, George Bush and other world leaders for a rendition of the Police song Every Breath You Take — with the words changed to “We’ll be watching you”.
Re: Официально объявлены 5 концертов Live 8 b)
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 26.06.05 19:13:30   
All, however, is not sweetness and light among the G8 fraternity. Geldof has been branded an “arrogant prima donna” by the organiser of the Edinburgh Live8 concert.

Tensions between Pete Irvine, better known for organising Edinburgh’s official annual Hogmanay celebration, and Geldof emerged after the former Boomtown Rats singer decided he wanted to appear on the star-studded line-up at Murrayfield stadium on July 6.

Irvine confirmed that Geldof would be playing, but admitted that his appearance, and the length of his set, had been the subject of intense debate.

“We have no problems with prima donnas, except Bob Geldof,” he said. “His call to bring a million people to Edinburgh is a bit of arrogance. It is an arrogance to many people’s minds. He continues to be that kind of a guy.”

While Irvine paid tribute to Geldof’s efforts to raise the profile of poverty in Africa, he said: “I would like to withhold my comments about Bob.”

Geldof has ruffled feathers within the music industry by saying that some acts are not popular enough to play at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park. Big-name acts left off the bill include Status Quo, Ozzy Osbourne and Meat Loaf.

Geldof recently ruled out performing at Hyde Park himself, saying: “Frankly as a singer I don’t think I deserve it.”

After the Live Aid concert he fell out spectacularly with his fellow Live 8 frontman Midge Ure. In his autobiography, Ure said he had felt “stabbed in the back” after his band Ultravox were made to swap slots with the Boomtown Rats.

Ure later learned that his performance had been pushed back so that Geldof’s band could perform while the Prince and Princess of Wales were still in the stadium.

Geldof’s decision to perform at the Murrayfield concert has come as a surprise to many as his name was not on the list announced by Ure at the formal launch of the event earlier this month. Dido, Travis, Texas, Wet Wet Wet, Snow Patrol, Annie Lennox and the Zutons are among the bands confirmed for the show, which will coincide with the arrival of world leaders at the G8 summit at Gleneagles.

Earlier this month, Damon Albarn, the singer with Blur, criticised Live 8 as too “Anglo-Saxon” and called for performers to prove they were not trying to cash in on the free publicity by asking their record companies to give any increase in profits to a worthy cause.

Geldof responded by saying that Albarn’s present group, Gorillaz, does not sell as many albums as other artists.

Since its release in May, the band’s album, Demon Days, has sold around 2m copies worldwide, and has been No 1 in five countries. Geldof’s last solo album, Sex, Age & Death, charted at 134 and he had his last No 1 record 26 years ago.,,2091-1669554_1,00.html
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