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Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 05.05.04 07:29:45
Кто-нибудь здесь помнит, нет, не Веру Линн, а Продиджи? Нет? Но они скоро напомнят о себе!Кто-нибудь здесь помнит, нет, не Веру Линн, а Продиджи? Нет? Но они скоро напомнят о себе!

Prodigy - new album finally due

Prodigy have confirmed that their much-awaited new album will finally be released this August.

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned will be the follow-up to 1997's The Fat of the Land.

Tracks on the album will include Girlz, Get Up Get Off, Wake Up, Ice, and Hotride, reports

Liam Howlett has been speaking about the new record and confirms the band will be playing live.

He told fansite "The new Prodigy album is finished! We got 11 possibly 12 fist in the air tracks.

"It sounds sinister, electronic, trashy, sexy and fresh to my ears. This album is about reminding people what the Prodigy was always about - the beats and the music.

"The vocals on this record are mostly used as an extension of the sound rather than the main focal point."

Howlett also stated that while bandmates Keith Flint and Maxim don't appear on the record, they would all be playing live to promote it in 2004.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: sweet   Дата: 05.05.04 16:34:37   
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Я их иногда слушаю,когда на роликах катаюсь.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Kalina   Дата: 05.05.04 16:58:48   
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Альбом 1997 года The Fat of the Land просто супер. Жаль, что ни до, ни после ничего подобного у них не получалось. В их ренессанс как-то не очень верится, хотя хотелось бы.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 09.06.04 14:07:43   
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Noel and Liam Gallagher Guest On New Prodigy Album

The first album of new material from The Prodigy in seven years will feature a guest appearance from Noel and Liam Gallagher from Oasis.

The album titled 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' will be released on August 16.

The album will be a star-studded affair with Princess Superstar, Kool Keith, Twista and Juliette Lewis also making appearances.

The last album from The Prodigy was 'Fat of the Land' in 1997. It featured the controversial 'Smack My Bitch Up' as well as the song 'Firestarter', recently covered by Gene Simmons of Kiss on his solo album.
A nice present 4 my birthday!
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 16.06.04 23:32:49   
Цитата | Сообщить модераторам | Ссылка

PRODIGY frontman LIAM HOWLETT has spoken about the band's forthcoming album 'ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED'.

As previously reported, the album, which will be released on August 23, features collaborations with Liam and Noel Gallagher, who appear on 'Shootdown', actress Juliette Lewis, who provides vocals on 'Hotride', Kool Keith, Princess Superstar, and Twista.

"Juliette had so much vocal power, she tore the roof off," Howlett explained. "It was shocking. I was standing at the desk, nodding at her through the glass, going, 'Fuck, where did that voice come from?'".

"The (album's) title says it all about the music and band," Howlett told MTV. "I wanted to make a record that was more old school, like our second album, (1994's 'Music for the Jilted Generation') I wanted to make it sexier and go back to the beats."

The first single from the album will be 'Girls', which Howlett describes as "dirty electro-punk with female vocals".

Tracklisting for the album runs:

'Memphis Bells'
'Get Up Get Off'
'Wake Up Call'
'Action Radar'
'Medusa's Path'
'You'll Be Under My Wheels'
'The Way It Is'
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 28.06.04 20:35:00   
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PRODIGY are to release a song from ’ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED’ online this evening (June 28).

The track 'Memphis Bells' will be exclusively available online as a digital download via today (June 28) at 6pm GMT.

Available in a limited edition of 5,000, each of the 5,000 downloads will be a unique variation of the track, accompanied with a unique variation of the artwork.

As previously reported, the album, which will be released on August 23, features collaborations with Liam and Noel Gallagher, who appear on 'Shootdown', actress Juliette Lewis, who provides vocals on 'Hotride', Kool Keith, Princess Superstar and Twista.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 29.06.04 21:09:15   
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Flint shocks Milan's fashion elite Flint shocks Milan's fashion elite

Prodigy's Keith Flint shocked Milan's fashion elite by simulating oral sex with a male spectator and licking a woman's face during a Versace fashion show.

Flint livened up his performance in Milan by jumping off the catwalk and moving his pelvis close to a man's face before "terrorising" other spectators with sexual innuendoes.

The Italian newspaper reckons it was a choreographed publicity stunt ahead of the release of the group's latest album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, in August.

Flint had reportedly nearly broken his leg while practising the stunt.

Host Donatella Versace had tried to avoid a different kind of scandal by forbidding Flint from wearing a T-shirt with references to Satan on the catwalk.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 15.07.04 15:00:31   
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PRODIGY’s long-awaited new album ’ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED’ has leaked online.

The record, which is due out on August 23, is being hosted a fan website.

A UK spokesperson for the band is currently unavailable to comment on the leak.

Following the release of the album Prodigy plan to tour the UK later this year.

Singer Keith Flint said: "We start in October then we've got a UK tour in December which is starting to get pencilled in."

He added: "We've got two shows at (London's) Brixton and we're gonna cover Liverpool, Manchester and a few other shows, and Newcastle in between. We're still tight and we're still rocking on and looking forward to doing shows again."

'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' features collaborations with Liam and Noel Gallagher, who appear on 'Shootdown', actress Juliette Lewis, who provides vocals on 'Hotride', Kool Keith<, Princess Superstar, and Twista.

ЗЫ. И это сущая правда, потому что я сижу и слушаю новехонький, еще не вышедший альбом Prodigy, "честно" спионеренный нашими пиратами.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 16.07.04 11:05:01   
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The Prodigy album 'Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned' has found its way in full onto a RUSSIAN website.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 16.07.04 11:09:05   
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Re: Prodigy
Автор: Kalina   Дата: 07.08.04 15:50:40   
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Альбом ’ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED’ - одно сплошное разочарование. Как говориться в таких случаях "высосано из пальца". Записи десятилетней давности даже сейчас слушать куда как интересней, чем новый диск.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Андрей Щапов   Дата: 07.08.04 16:51:38   
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отличный альбом судя по двум трекам которые я слышал
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 07.08.04 21:29:10   
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Местами. Но переплюнуть The fat of the Land - непосильная задача.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 14.08.04 10:06:27   
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PRODIGY’s LIAM HOWLETT has dismissed one of his old singles as "a fucking load of shit".

The group released ’Baby’s Got A Temper’ in 2002, as a stop-gap single while Howlett worked on new LP 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned'.

The song, which charted at Number Five in the UK, is not included on the album. In an exclusive interview published in this week’s NME, Howlett explained why.

He said: "It was a fucking load of shit. I didn’t think it was shit at the time and I wanted to put something out to show people we were still around. I pulled on Keith (Flint) too much on that. Keith’s lyrics are very introverted and that’s not we’re about. The Prodigy are about fist-in-the-air shit, real simple. But it was important because it showed me exactly where I shouldn’t go."

As exclusively revealed on NME.COM, Howlett and his cohorts will play a rare UK and Irish tour in December.

The shows will take place in large 'clubs', such as the London Carling Brixton Academy and Manchester Apollo.

The gigs will be in support of the long-awaited new album 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, which is released on August 23.

'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' features collaborations with Liam and Noel Gallagher, who appear on 'Shootdown', actress Juliette Lewis, who provides vocals on 'Hotride', Kool Keith, Princess Superstar, and Twista.

The tour dates are:

Birmingham Academy (December 2)
London Carling Brixton Academy (3-4)
Manchester Carling Apollo (6)
Glasgow Academy (8)
Belfast Ulster Hall (10)
Dublin Olympia Theatre (11)

The group’s last UK shows were in 2002 at the Reading and Leeds festivals, but they haven’t properly toured the UK since 1997.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Андрей Beatleman   Дата: 20.09.04 12:25:00   
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Отличная статейка Бебенина. Может, кому-то будет полезно в познавательных целях ;)
Re: Prodigy
Автор: vasil ibn rashit   Дата: 20.09.04 13:39:33   
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несколько дней назад записали мне их последнее творение.
отрываюсь по черному. запомнил пока только первые 4 трека.
потому как мне много нынче музыки подкинули и вдобавок я перешел на новую работу, так что времени не хватает обслушаться. но мне очень понравилось.
первый трек здорово напоминает последние работы кинг кримсон.
черезвычайно мощная группа, я всего в жизни раз пять был на дискотеках,
последний раз ходил года три назад на английских электронщиков (колбасился часов 8), но под продижи наверное в раза полтора больше протянул и ... помер бы.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: alfir   Дата: 02.10.04 10:02:26   
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не знаю, как можно слушать такую музыку, я ее на дух не переношу...
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Саша   Дата: 02.10.04 16:41:10   
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Хочу сказать что продиджи достаточно приятная музыка.. По сравнению с остальными группами этого направления. Иногда слушаю. Под настроение. Последний альбом.. неплох в общем то..
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 27.02.05 18:01:55   
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2 апреля - Санкт-Петербург
3 апреля - Москва
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 04.04.05 11:04:38   
Цитата | Сообщить модераторам | Ссылка
Prodigy отменила концерты в России

Британская группа Prodigy отменила гастроли в России и Литве. Как сообщается на официальном сайте группы, причиной стала болезнь одного из музыкантов, которому врачи категорически запретили летать на самолете. Организатор концертов - агентство TCI - сообщает о несчастном случае, произошедшем с участником группы Кейтом Флинтом в пятницу.
Музыканты Prodigy планировали выступить 2 апреля в Ледовом дворце в Санкт-Петербурге и 3 апреля в Лужниках в Москве. TCI сообщает, что гастроли переносятся на более поздний срок. Новая дата концертов будет определена в понедельник.

Организаторы турне Prodigy заверили, что билеты, купленные на концерты в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге, остаются действительными. Желающие смогут сдать билеты в порядке, который будет объявлен в понедельник.
Re: Prodigy
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 24.07.05 16:49:37   
Цитата | Сообщить модераторам | Ссылка

PRODIGY will follow their forthcoming Greatest Hits album with a new studio record in 2006.

‘Their Law: The Singles’ is out on September 26. Despite the huge gap between 1997’s ‘The Fat Of The Land’ and last year’s ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, Liam Howlett said a new studio album will be out by the end of next year.

He said: “Now we’re back together as three people, being on the road is a good place to write music. I write on my laptop, so we’ve been playing new shit.”

He added: “We were going to put loads of new tracks on the best of but we thought that some of the tracks deserve to be part of the new album. They’ll take a few more months to get right, but we’re thinking end of next year.”
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