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Тема: Nirvana (US)

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Re: Nirvana
Автор: Slavik1979   Дата: 20.02.05 13:04:16   
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Kurt is alive! Happy birthday!
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Rogersa Lennon   Дата: 25.02.05 12:37:12   
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Nirvana The Best Of All! Kurt we remember and love you!Nirvana The Best Of All! Kurt we remember and love you!
Re: Nirvana
Автор: infty   Дата: 25.02.05 15:06:24   
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Nirvana is true!
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 23.03.05 09:06:41   
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Review: DVD Explores Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Review: DVD Explores Nirvana's 'Nevermind'
Tue Mar 22
By RON HARRIS, Associated Press Writer

There are lots of things synonymous with Seattle. Coffee. The Space Needle. The Fremont Troll. But those are mere travel magazine tips. For a generation, Seattle means Nirvana.

"Nirvana: Nevermind — Classic Album DVD" (Eagle Rock Entertainment) explores the band, the Seattle music scene that would be dubbed "grunge" and the making of the band's classic album "Nevermind." Lead singer Kurt Cobain took his own life, leaving us with drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic and an assortment of others to talk candidly about the band and how it gained traction.

There are effective sit-down interviews with biographer Charles R. Cross and Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke describing Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, about a 110 miles from Seattle. It was an important influence on Cobain, Fricke explains, not because it had a burgeoning rock scene, but precisely because it had none. Youth there were indeed disaffected and looking for a way out. Cobain's way out was through music and Seattle.

This is by no means a performance documentary, although there are clips and snippets from some early shows. The band's music is mixed nicely in the background during the interviews, and there are great black and white photos of a young Cobain tossing his hair about on stage as an adoring audience gets to know the band up close at some small shows.

Those who followed the band talk about how Nirvana borrowed drummers from The Melvins and Mudhoney before settling on Grohl, who was in San Francisco with a punk band called Scream when Seattle came knocking.

It didn't take long for things to gel, Novoselic says, and by the time DGC Records had wooed the band away from Sub Pop to record "Nevermind" on a $60,000 budget in Van Nuys, Nirvana was "a tight machine" chomping at the bit to get the job done.

The interviews are candid, introspective and not the least bit boisterous of the lofty status that has been heaped on Nirvana's legacy.

There's decent bonus footage with interviews about hiring Grohl and even a short bit with Spencer Elden, perhaps the most famous naked baby on the planet when he posed for the cover shot. He's all hip with his baseball cap cocked sideways now as he reflects on the famous photo.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 07.04.05 19:45:49   
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Cobain’s Hometown Pays Tribute To NirvanaCobain’s Hometown Pays Tribute To Nirvana

A memorial committee set up in remembrance of Kurt Cobain has petitioned to get a new tribute to the late Nirvana star constructed in his native town of Aberdeen, in Washington.

The memorial committee, formed in May 2004 with the goal of finding ways to honour Kurt Cobain in his hometown, have been petitioning to build a memorial park and youth centre constructed in the small town of Aberdeen.

Their efforts finally came to fruition last Monday (April 4) when a new sign was added to the 'Welcome to Aberdeen' sign on the town’s limits. The new sign [pictured] tells people to 'Come As You Are' in reference to the track on Nirvana’s classic album ‘Nevermind’.

“I think it's a good idea and it's about time,” Cobain’s grandfather Leland Cobain stated in an interview with the Aberdeen Daily World newspaper, “I drive by there every day and look for it. I have been waiting for it to go up.”

“After getting feedback from Kurt's fans across the world, we settled on 'Come As You Are' because it had dual meanings,” said committee co-chairman Jeff Burlingame, “Nirvana fans will understand the significance, yet it's vague and appropriate enough that the meaning is applicable to everyone.”

More information can be found at

In other Nirvana news, ‘Nevermind’ is to be added to the US Library Of Congress’ National Recording Registry. This means it will join astronaut Neil Armstrong's first words from the moon, speeches by President Wilson and songs by Al Jolson, Muddy Waters, The Beach Boys, Public Enemy and James Brown as representing historically significant recordings.

Apparently according to Library of Congress’ it was “Characterized by raw vocals, driving rhythms and surprising shifts in dynamics, the record resonated with America’s youth.” Which was nice. Rumours that The Others debut album is next to be inducted are unconfirmed as yet.

The full list (if you’re interested) in date order is:

‘Gypsy Love Song’ Eugene Cowles (1898)
‘Some Of These Days’ Sophie Tucker (1911)
‘The Castles in Europe One-Step (Castle House Rag)’ Europe’s Society Orchestra. (1914)
‘Swanee’ Al Jolson (1920)
Armistice Day broadcast by Woodrow Wilson (1923)
‘See See Rider Blues’ Gertrude "Ma" Rainey (1923)
‘Charleston’ Golden Gate Orchestra (1925)
‘Fascinating Rhythm’ from ‘Lady, Be Good!’ George Gershwin (1926)
NBC radio broadcast of Charles A. Lindbergh’s arrival in Washington, D.C. (1927)
‘Stardust’ Hoagy Carmichael (1927)
‘Blue Yodel (T for Texas)’ Jimmie Rodgers (1927)
‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ Thomas "Fats" Waller (1929)
‘Gregorio Cortez’ Trovadores Regionales (1929)
Sergei Rachmaninoff. Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor (1929)
‘The Suncook Town Tragedy’ Mabel Wilson Tatro (July 1930)
Rosina Cohen oral narrative from the Lorenzo D. Turner Collection (1932)
‘Stormy Weather’ Ethel Waters (1933)
‘Body and Soul’ Coleman Hawkins (1939)
Sergey Prokofiev. Peter and the Wolf (1939)
‘In The Mood’ Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (1939)
Edward R. Murrow broadcast from London (1940)
We Hold These Truths. Radio broadcast (1941)
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky. Piano Concerto No. 1, op. 23, Bb minor (1943)
‘Down by the Riverside’ Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1944)
U. S. Highball (A Musical Account of a Transcontinental Hobo Trip). Harry Partch (1946)
Four Saints in Three Acts. Virgil Thomson (1947)
‘Manteca’ Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (1947)
Jack Benny radio program, March 28 (1948)
‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs (1949)
‘Lovesick Blues’ Hank Williams (1949)
'Guys and Dolls' Original cast recording (1950)
‘Old Soldiers Never Die’ General Douglas MacArthur (1951)
Songs by Tom Lehrer (1953)
‘I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man’ Muddy Waters (1954)
‘Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)’ The Penguins (1954)
Tuskegee Institute Choir Sings Spirituals (1955)
Messiah. Eugene Ormandy (1958)
‘Giant Steps’ John Coltrane (1959)
‘Drums of Passion’ Michael Babatunde Olatunji (1960)
‘Peace Be Still’ James Cleveland (1962)
‘The Girl From Ipanema’ Astrud Gilberto (1963)
‘Live At The Apollo’ James Brown (1965)
‘Pet Sounds’ The Beach Boys (1966)
King James version of the Bible. Alexander Scourby (1966)
Remarks by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong broadcast from the moon. (1969)
‘The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East’ (1971)
‘Star Wars (Soundtrack)’ John Williams (1977)
Recordings of Asian elephants by Katharine Payne (1984)
‘Fear of a Black Planet’ Public Enemy (1989)
‘Nevermind’ Nirvana (1991)
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 10.05.05 15:21:02   
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Kurt Cobain ‘Biopic’ Screening This WeekKurt Cobain ‘Biopic’ Screening This Week

While the makers may claim otherwise, the plot of ‘Last Days’ bears a striking resemblance to the life of late Nirvana legend, Kurt Cobain. While not strictly a biopic, the film by Gus Van Sant is to be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival next week.

The film, written and directed by Van Sant, details the final hours in the life of a Kurt-a-like grunge star named Blake, played by Michael Pitt. Set in the 1990s, the film is not specifically about Cobain but is rather a view of what someone in the same situation might have gone through leading up to his death.

The director gave assurances that the movie neither draws conclusions about nor attempts to represent Cobain’s actual death.

"He's like Hamlet, reflecting on his personal ghosts and demons,” Van Sant previously told MTV. "While I don't know what [Cobain's] were, I'm imagining what they might have been. It's pretty much his thing. He's alone."

The film co-stars Asia Argento, Lukas Haas, Harmony Korine and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth.

‘Last Days’ will be screened at Cannes on May 13 and opens in the UK in September.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 13.05.05 22:20:06   
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New Van Sant Movie Reflects on Kurt Cobain By ANGELA DOLAND, Associated Press Writer New Van Sant Movie Reflects on Kurt Cobain By ANGELA DOLAND, Associated Press Writer

CANNES, France - Gus Van Sant's new movie is a fictional reflection on how Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain might have spent the days before his 1994 suicide: Watching television, wandering through his mansion, hiding from everyone who tries to help.

The impressionistic "Last Days" is competing for the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival two years after Van Sant won the honor with "Elephant," loosely based on the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.

In blending fact and fiction again, Van Sant offers up a character in "Last Days" who's a famous but lonely musician named Blake, played by Michael Pitt ("The Dreamers"). Pitt has Cobain's shaggy blond hair, stubble and slouch.

Like Cobain, Blake is fond of macaroni and cheese, scribbles his thoughts in a notebook and sings in a desperate wail. And like Cobain, he escapes from a detox center before his final spiral into despair.

Beyond that, most events of the movie come from Van Sant's imagination. Nobody knows how Cobain spent the days before he wrote a suicide note, injected himself with heroin and fired a 20-gauge shotgun into his mouth.

"Those particular days are kind of lost days," Van Sant said. So the movie "was all a poetic exercise."

The film has an understated feel. There are no scenes of Blake taking drugs, and the death scene is off-camera. The focus is on small moments: Blake watches a Boyz II Men video, makes pasta, has a surreal dialogue with a door-to-door salesman.

Blake spends much of the movie muttering to himself and has little interaction with others. When hangers-on party at Blake's run-down mansion, dancing to the Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs," they all but ignore him. The only times they approach him are to ask for money or favors.

Sonic Youth singer-bassist Kim Gordon plays a record company representative who tries to persuade Blake to check into rehab. She has a car waiting, but he ignores her.

"You really can only do so much to help someone," Gordon said. Winning success and fame, "Kurt was kind of removed or alienated by what he thought he wanted, and was kind of entrapped by it."

Van Sant said he has been thinking about the project for nearly a decade. At one stage, he wanted to do a Cobain biopic.

"I sort of entertained that for just a brief moment before I thought it would just turn into a kind of regular biopic that wasn't anything special," he said. "It would have been too much information."

Van Sant isn't sure how Cobain's fans and family will react to the film. He has talked to Courtney Love, Cobain's widow, several times over the years about his project, but he did not share details on their conversations.

The volatile Love wasn't with Cobain during his final days, and Van Sant did not cast an equivalent of her.

"There is a voice on the phone that you can think of as Blake's wife if you pushed it in that direction," he said. "But yeah, we were afraid that she was going to sue us."

photo: American director Gus Van Sant, left, poses for photographers with American actor Michael Pitt during a photo call for his film 'Last Days' shown in competition, at the 58th international Cannes film festival, southern France, Friday, May 13, 2005.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 30.07.05 11:33:53   
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Courtney Love “Dave Grohl Is A Jerk”Courtney Love “Dave Grohl Is A Jerk”

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll feud that’s been a constant since Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide in 1994, but according to Courtney Love Dave Grohl isn’t the nice guy he seems and has been “taking money away from [daughter of Cobain and Love] Frances Bean for years.”

Always the pillar of responsibility, Courtney Love has been shooting her mouth off again about Kurt’s former bandmate Dave Grohl. Speaking to US magazine Spin she vents,

"Dave gets to walk away unscathed and be the happy guy in rock, when he's one of the biggest jerks," she complained. "He's been taking money from my child [Frances Bean] for years."

There has been no statement from Grohl at present and indeed, his manager, John Silva, told The Associated Press that the Foo Fighters frontman wouldn’t be commenting on Love’s claims.

The relationship between Grohl and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, and Love has been strained since work began on the release of the ‘With The Lights Out’ box-set.

While the legal wranglings were sorted out in 2002, Love still seems mildly peeved that at Grohl and has a habit of criticising the Foo Fighters frontman at any opportunity.

As for being the “nicest guy in rock,” the drummer has recently addresses his nickname in an interview with Spin magazine,

“I don’t know. Because I don’t do coke?” Grohl asked “I supposed it’s not taking anything for granted and feeling lucky to be here.

“There’s thousands of nice guys in the world! Maybe it’s because I have a goofy smile and people are like, ‘Awww, he’s like a little kid!’ I’m 36!”
А вы знаете, что...  
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Expert   Дата: 30.07.05 22:30:55   
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Lennon's "In my Life" was played at the funeral of Kurt Cobain.

Интересно, чья это идея - близких Кобэйна?
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 21.09.05 07:52:33   
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Unreleased Nirvana Due
"Sliver" compilation to feature three more tracks from the archives

Three previously unreleased Nirvana songs will surface November 1st when Geffen/Universal issue Sliver, a compilation of Nirvana rarities and demos. The twenty-two-track CD will be rounded out with material from With the Lights Out, the Nirvana box set released last November.

Sliver marks the first time Frances Bean Cobain, the thirteen-year-old daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and rocker Courtney Love, has taken an active role in her father's legacy. "We're pulling Frances into the family business," Love told Rolling Stone.

In addition to helping select the title, Frances Bean also played a role in choosing the cover image. "Courtney and I involve Frances in Nirvana/Kurt decisions whenever we can," says Peter Asher, who manages Love and
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Primal Scream   Дата: 01.10.05 01:08:46   
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Sliver: The Best of the Box Sliver: The Best of the Box
Re: Nirvana
Автор: sunset   Дата: 13.10.05 03:35:11   
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скан предсмертного письма Курта. Прочесть трудновато, но последние строки видны - посвящение жене Кортни и дочери Френсис.скан предсмертного письма Курта. Прочесть трудновато, но последние строки видны - посвящение жене Кортни и дочери Френсис.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Стормбрингер   Дата: 18.10.05 19:43:21   
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Последние слова с надрывом написаны... И почерк характерный..
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Sambora   Дата: 18.10.05 19:53:38   
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2Стормбрингер: есть версия что последние строчки писал вовсе не Курт.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: sunset   Дата: 18.10.05 20:18:14   
Сообщить модераторам | Ссылка
Есть такая версия, основана она на некоторых графологических выводах.
Но она, по всей вероятности, относится к спекуляциям из разряда "Пол мертв" и "Элвис жив". Там тоже есть какие-то свидетельства...
Я полагаю, что это написано Куртом Кобейном в непростые минуты, перед тем как нажать на курок.
Ироничная ухмылка  
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Kurt Donald Cobain   Дата: 18.10.05 21:13:11   
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Ага, а отсутствие отпечатков на ружье тоже видимо подтверждает версию о самоубийстве? Снес себе полбашки, стер отпечатки и преспокойненько умер...
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Shaman   Дата: 18.10.05 22:06:25   
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А ещё в его крови была обнаружена такая концентрация наркотика, при которой нормальный человек просто не смог бы спустить курок.
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Kurt Donald Cobain   Дата: 18.10.05 22:52:33   
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Короче читайте все Тома Гранта...
Ты мне нравишься!  
Re: Nirvana
Автор: BlueBerd   Дата: 18.10.05 23:03:11   
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2Kurt Donald Cobain
>Короче читайте все Тома Гранта...

а в электронном виде можно достать? :)
Re: Nirvana
Автор: Kurt Donald Cobain   Дата: 19.10.05 09:34:09   
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To Blueberd:
Для начала почитай вот это:

А вообше:
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