The Bohemians (Queen 50th Anniversary) Leonid And Friends (Chicago Tribute) Soul Sacrifice (Santana Tribute) Dr. Diamond (King Crimson Tribute) Father McKenzie (The Beatles Let It Be 50th Anniversary) IFBand (Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute) The Stone Shades (Rolling Stones Tribute) The Absolute Beginners Band (David Bowie Tribute) The Singles (The Beatles Tribute) Tweed Retreat Dr.Nick
The Bohemians (Queen 50th Anniversary) Leonid And Friends (Chicago Tribute) Soul Sacrifice (Santana Tribute) Dr. Diamond (King Crimson Tribute) Father McKenzie (The Beatles Let It Be 50th Anniversary)
The Bohemians (Queen 50th Anniversary) Leonid And Friends (Chicago Tribute) Dr. Diamond (King Crimson Tribute) !
The Bohemians (Queen 50th Anniversary)
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ANGEL Angel 1975 USA
ANGEL On earth as it is in heaven 197 JAPAN
AEROSMITH Aerosmith 1976 Japan
AEROSMITH Night in ruts 1979 Japan
AEROSMITH Greatest hits 1980 Japan
AEROSMITH Done with Mirrors 1985 Japan
BLACK SABBATH Technical ecstasy 1976 ENGLAND
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath bloody sabbath 1980 ENGLAND
BLACK SABBATH Mob rules France
BON JOVI Bon Jovi 1984 Japan
BON JOVI Slippery when wet 1986 Japan
BILLY SQUIER Don't say no 1981 Japan
BLACK 'N' BLUE With out love 1985 Japan
DAVID LEE ROTH Eat "em and smile 1986 Japan
DAVID LEE ROTH Crazy from the heart 1985 Japan EP 33
DOKKEN Tooth and nail 1984 USA
DOKKEN Under Lock and key 1985 Japan
DOKKEN Back for the Attack 1987 USA
EUROPE Europe 1983 Japan
GARY MOORE Corridors of power 1982 Japan
GARY MOORE Victims of the future 1983 Japan
GARY MOORE Run for cover 1985 Japan
HANOI ROCK Self destruction blues 1983 England
JEAN MICHEL JARRE Oxygene 1976 Germany
JUDAS PRIEST Stained class 1978 Japan
JUDAS PRIEST Live in japan 1979 Japan
KROKUS Heatstrokes 1980 Japan 45RPM
KING KOBRA Ready to strike 1985 Japanzz
LED ZEPPELIN Presence 1976 Germany
LED ZEPPELIN In Through the Out Door 1979 Germany
MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls 1987 GERMANY
NIGHT RANGER Dawn patrol 1982 England
NIGHT RANGER Midnight madness 1983 Japan
NIGHT RANGER 7 Wishes 1985 USA
NIGHT RANGER Big life 1987 USA
POISON Open up and say Ahh 1988 USA
PROUD Fire breaks the dawn 1984 Sweden
QUIET RIOT Condition critical 1984 USA
QUEENSRYCHE Queensryche 1983 Japan
SAXON Wheels of steel 1980 Japan
SAMMY HAGAR Standing hampton 1981 England
STRYPER The yellow and black attack 1984 USA
STRYPER In god we trust 1988 Japan
TIGERS OF PAN TANG Tigers of Pan Tang 1982 Japan
TIGERS OF PAN TANG The wreck -age 1985 France
VAN DEN BERG Heading for a storm 1983 Japan
VAN DEN BERG Van den berg 1982 Japan
ZZ TOP Eliminator 1983 Germany


ABBA The Visitors 1981 Polydor, Germany EX+/+
ABBA Voulez-Vous 1979 Polydor, Germany EX+/+
Aerosmith 1985 Done with mirrors Geefen records, Japan NM+/NM+ insert
A-HA 1986 Scoundrel days Warner Bros, Germany NM-/EX+
A-HA 1988 Stay on these roads Warner Bros,EMI. Germany EX+/NM- insert
A-HA 1985 hanting high and low WEA. Italy EX+/+ insert
A-HA 2015 Cast in still Universal, EU NM+/NM+ insert
Arabesque 1981 Greatest hits, Victor, Japan NM-/NM- 2 -
lan Parsons Projekt 1984 Stereotomy Arista, Germany M/M-
manda Leer Never thrust to pretty face 1979 Ariola Germany NM+/EX+ (+)
Amanda Lear Diamonds for breakfast 1978 Ariola, Germany NM+/NM-
Amii Stewart 1981 Images RCA Vicor, Italy NM/NM
Andriano Celentano 10 Succes originaux 1973 France EX+/EX+
Andriano Celentano 1981 Deus Clan, Italy EX++/EX++ insert
Andriano Celentano 1985 Joan Lui Clan, Italy EX++/EX++ insert, plakat
Bananarama Greats Hits 1981-1989 , England, NM-/NM-
rclay James Harverst 1978 XII, Polydor, Germany EX+/+
rclay James Harverst 1979 Eyes of Univers,Polydor, Germany EX+/+
Bee Gees 20 Greatshits 1967-1976 Polydor, Germany EX+/EX+
Billy Idol 1983 Rebel yell, Chrysalis, W/Germany EX+/EX+
Billy Joel 1982 The nylon curtain,CBS-Sony, Japan EX/EX 2 insert OB
Billy Squer 1982 Don*t say no Geffen records, Japan NM/NM insert
Bob Marley 1976 Rastaman vibration, Total sounds, Barbados NM-|NM-
Bon Jovi 1986 Slippery when wet, Vertigo, England. EX+/EX+ (insert)
Bony M 1978 Night flay to the Venus Hansa, Germany EX+/EX+ -
Bony M 1984 Ten thousand light years Hansa, Germany NM/EX+
Boston 1978 Don t look back Epic, England NM/NM- (insert)
Bryan Ferry 1985Boys and girls Virgin, W.Germany NM-/NM- (insert)
Cerron Cerron IV France, remastering 2002- M/M
Cerron 1979 Cerron V Atlantic, Germany M/M 1900
Cerron 1979 Cerron paradis Maligator, Spain NM-/NM-
Chris Rea 1983 Water sing Magnet, Germany NM/NM- (insert)
Chris Rea 1985 Shamrock diaries Magnet, Germany NM/NM- (insert)
David Lee Roth 1986 Eat*em and smile, WB records, Japan M/M OB insert
Diana Krall 2012 Glad rag doll, Verve, EU 2LP NM+/NM+
Diana Krall 2016 Stepping aut, Justin time records, EU 2LP NM+/NM+
Dire Straits1985 Brothers in army Vertigo, England. EX+/EX+
Disco Circus 1980 Plastic world, Lollypop Records, Italy EX/EX
Donna Summer 1980The wandererGeffen Records, USA NM/NM
Donna Summer 1982Donna Summer WB Records, Japan NM/NM OB
Dschingis Khan Wir sitsitzen alle un selber boot Jupiter-records NM+/NM plakat
Eagles 1976 The greatest hits Electra, Japan EX/EX insert
Eagles 1975 One of these nights Asylum Records,Portugal EX+/EX+
ELO 1979 Discovery JET, England NM-/NM-
ELOY 1979 Silent cries and mighty echoes Harvest, Germany NM-/NM-
ELOY 1980 Colorus Harvest, Germany NM-/NM- insert
ELOY 1977 Ocean Harvest, Germany EX/NM-
ELOY 1982 Time to turn Harvest, Germany EX+/NM- insert
ELOY 1975 Power and the passion Harvest, Germany EX/NM-
ELOY 1974 Floating Harvest, Germany EX/NM-
Eurythmics 1987 AVAGA RCA, Germany NM/NM ()
Eurythmics 1983 Sweet dreams are made of this RCA, Germany EX+/EX+ insert
Franc Duval 1983 If I coud fly away Teldec, Germany NM-/NM-
Franc Duval 1985 Time for lovers Teldec, Germany NM-/NM- insert
Grace Jonce Inside Story 1986 Manhattan records Holland NM-/NM- ()
Grace Jonce Island Life 1985 Island, Portugal NM/NM ( )
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene 1977 Polydor, W.Germany EX+/EX+
Joe Cocker 1978 Luxury you can afford Asylum, W.Germany EX+/NM- insert
Julio Iglesias 1983 En concerto, 2 LP, CBS Holland NM/NM- ( )
Laura Branigan Selfcontrol 1984 Atlantic, Germany NM-/NM-
Liza Minelli 1972 Live at the Olympia in Paris AsM, England EX+/EX+
Mark Knopfler 2014, 2LP Tracker Breatish Grove Records, EU NM+/NM+ 2
Michael Jackson 1984 Farewell my summer love Motown, NM-/NM- (+)
Mike Oldfield 1984 Discovery Virgin, Germany NM-/NM-
Mireille Mathieu 1968 Mireille Mathieu Barday, W.Germany EX-/EX+
Mireille Mathieu 1971Bonjour Mireille Ariola, W.Germany EX-/EX- -
Nazareth The fool circle 1980, Vertigo, Germany NM/NM insert
Nazareth 1974 Rampant Vertigo, Germany EX++/EX++ insert
Newton Famaly 1981 Marathon Pepita, Hungary VG+/VG+
Pet Shop Boys 1986 Disco Parlafone, Holland NM-/NM- insert
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979, EMI, Japan EX+/EX+ 2500
Pink Floyd 1973 (2013) The Dark side of the moonHaverst, EU, NM+/NM+ 2.+2
Pink Floyd 1983 The final cut Harvest , Germany EX+/EX+
Queen 1986 Live magic EMI, Holland NM/NM- ( )
Rod Stewart 1977 Fool looses*s fancy free Warner Bross, USA EX+/EX+ -
Rod Stewart 1986 Every beat of my heart Warner Bross, Germany NM-/NM- insert
Rod Stewart 1983 Body wishes,Warner Bross, Germany EX+/EX ( )
Saturday night Fever 2 LP 1977 RSO, England, NM-/NM-
SADE 1988 Stronger then pride Epic, England NM-/NM- insert
Shakatak 1983 Out of this world Polydor, Germany EX+/+
Shakatak 1984 Down on the street Polydor, Germany EX-/-
Smokie 1977 Bright lights and black alleys RAK, Germany EX+/EX+ ()
Suzi Quatro 1973 48 CRASH Odeon, Spain NM-/NM-
Suzi Quatro 1980 Rock Hard Dreamland, Germany NM-/NM-
Suzi Quatro 1976 Agrofobia RAK, Great Britain EX+/+
10 CC 1979 Tropical *s* love Mercury, Japan NM-/NM- insert
The Flirts 1986 Passtion, Columbia, USA NM-/NM-
Vanessa Paradis 1990 Polydor, France NM-/NM-
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