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DAVID BOWIE STATION to STATION 1976 - UK 1st press (without "Stereo" on labals) RCA VICTORAPL1 - 1327; MATRIXES: A-1E, B-2E; INSERT (a plain patent) ; INNER SLEEVE (one-sided with printed credits) NM+; COVER (front photo from the film 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'; , ; ; ) NM+; LABELS (without the "Stereo" printed mention on labels; later reissued with the "Stereo") MINT; VINYL (superb; unmarked and barely played, maybe just once) NEAR MINT+ 6500

DAVID BOWIE - the NEXT DAY 2013 - 2xLPs + CD - 1st PRESS EU - ISO Records-88765461861 - Columbia-88765461861 - Sony Music-88765461861; SEALED!!! 03.07.2019; MATRIX: AL88765461861 BD03337-01 A1 MASTERDISK AD, BL88765461861 BD03337-01 B1 MASTERDISK AD, CL88765461861 BD03337-02 C1 MASTERDISK AD, DL88765461861 BD03337-02 D1 MASTERDISK AD; INNER SLEEVES (with lyrics and credits) MINT; GATEFOLD COVER (with sticker on front "David Bowie's First Album in 10 Years. Featuring 17 New Songs Including 'Where Are We Now?' and 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" MINT; VINYL (180 Gram) MINT; CD - MINT 5600

DAVID BOWIE LODGER 1979 - UK 1st press - RCA VICTOR BOW LP 1/PL 13254; INNER NM+; GATEFOLD COVER (fully laminated) EX+; VINYL MINT 4000

ROLLING STONES - GOATS HEAD SOUP 1973 - UK 1st PRESS ( ) - ROLLING STONES RECORDS (yellow stereo label) catalog number COC 59101; A2/B1 ( : "Rolling Stones Records"); MINT-, -; NM; MINT- 5000



ROLLING STONES - ITs ONLY ROCK-N-ROLL 1974 - UK 1st PRESS ( "LUXURY" 4:30 , 5:02.) ( ) - ROLLING STONES RECORDS (yellow stereo label) catalog # COC59103; A2/B2 ( : "Rolling Stones Records"); ( ; ; , ) MINT-; - ( , - -, NM+); MINT (; "LUXURY" 4.30 , 5.02.) MINT- 5500

ROLLING STONES - THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST 1967 - UK MONO - DECCA TXL 103 - MATRIX: ARL-8126-T2-3K , ARL-8127-T2-3K; STAMPERS: 3C BG, 1 BH; INNER (original red, without splits or tears) EX+; GATEFOLD COVER (3D; is in superb condition without splitting on the edges or spine edge and just a couple of light scratches on the 3D image; ; ; , ; - , ; 3D- ) NM+++; LABELS (blue, Silver Printed Text; - ) MINT; VINYL (with nothing more than a couple of hairlines; plays with stunning sound quality through all tracks with the exception of a few light clicks at the very beginning of the first track on side 2 when the market trader starts shouting; ) MINT - !!! 12500

ROLLING STONES OUT of OUR HEADS 1965 - UK 1st Press STEREO BLUE UNBOXED DECCA (EXPORT for USA) - SLK 4724 -: 1L-3L 2U-1B; J.T. TAX CODE; COVER (ALTERNATIVE , LAMINATE FRONT) EX+; LABELS MINT-; VINYL (a super clean rare STEREO example that plays and sounds wonderful. Fantastic bright glossy mirror like sheen. 150 gram vinyl) EX 8500

ROLLING STONES - No.2 1965 MONO 1st UK DECCA (UN-BOXED RED LABEL, FFRR); cat.# LK4661; : 1A/1A; (, ) EX; ( - BLIND MAN ; ; ; ( ) ; ; , , ; ) EX; MINT-; : FANTASTIC! NEAR MINT 17500

ROLLING STONES No.2 1965 MONO 1st ISSUE UK DECCA (RED LABEL, FFRR); cat.# LK.4661; : 1A/1A; (, ); COVER ( !!! !!! , (- ) "BLIND MAN", ; DECCA "", - . "BLIND MAN" ( ). MINT EX? , , , NEAR MINT, ); VINYL (looks Mint Minus.Looks amazing! And judging from the centre hole, it appears that it hasn't been played much either) + 13700

ROLLING STONES - BEGGARS BANQUET 1968 UK 1st PRESS MONO (RED UNBOXED DECCA) CAT NO. LK 4955 - MATRIX: XARL-8476-4A / XARL-8477-2A; STAMPERS: 1H/1C (very early); INNER SLEEVE (possibly a little faded with only gentle discoloration. The polylined DECCA inner is in very overall fine condition. Minimal creasing or crinkle, two undamaged crisp window circles and clear polylining. All edges unsplit with no repairs) EXCELLENT; GATEFOLD COVER (1st ISSUE GARROD & LOFTHOUSE, Cover Grade and Format: : arguably better for a cover that seldom wears well or lacks issues. A gatefold format with front and back Clarifoil laminate. The inside is matt and smooth. This is a dedicated mono cover as seen on the back and spine edge. Printed and made in England by Garrod & Lofthouse International Ltd, includes the original inner sleeve. Lamination Front & Back: The laminate retains excellent shine, freshness and clarity with no lifting and minimal hint of dulling or record impression. Any of the very few creases are mostly very fine and faint, also practically all near the edges. It appears the spine top corner received a mildish knock, and a tiny repair is evidence with closer inspection. So a little crinkle around this area, but hardly major. The white surfaces are still quite white with minimal hint of yellowing or toning, again that is fairly unusual. With the only small issue being the very end of the spine top, there is not a great deal else to fault on a deceptively unforgiving cover this still looks attractive as seen. Cover Inside: Few blemishes inside, this looks very nice indeed with little to fault at all. Top Edges: Fully laminated, also straight and near flush, lacking the usual bowing many acquire over time. Both surfaces have hardly anything to fault. Bottom Edges: Largely the same again. Right Edge(s), and Type: Both mainly crisp and sharp, the front close, the back is the entrance area. Minimal hint of any thickening and still quite straight, any curl light. No trimming or enhancements, both impressive. Spine and Text: With a high raised ridge inside the gatefold hinge, this spine will, in most cases form a central crease and lose its shape somewhat. This has a crease near the top, so a little of the text is affected with a small few letters partially eroded. But the middle and lower text unaffected and strong as seen. As stated, a tiny repair to the top tip which is reasonably inconspicuous. Overall, still solid and quite straight. Any compression only light, with most laminate still intact. Again shedding of laminate on this unforgiving spine is common, some are seen with heavy flaking or even lost altogether. Corners: I have mentioned the spine top corner dink and repair already, overall, it remain quite neat. The other corners have little to fault, any rubbing very little and light with very fine or better shape retained. Cover Summary: The small tip issue apart, a strong all-round example of this quite uncompromising white gatefold cover. With only scant clues of its considerable age, this still sets a high standard, but not for the absolute purist or connoisseur. But due to increasing rarity, and still attractive, it will please many collectors) NEAR EXCELLENT; VINYL (Vinyl Visual Grading: this arguably harsh. A very fine mono classic, more usually seen heavily played, often to near destruction. Both sides have few blemishes any surface marks mostly very fine and faint. To say this record has been played only lightly, is something of an understatement (compared to most early issues), and then with due care. Compare to most found, worn and heavily used with ugly scratches and dulled grubby surfaces. Labels swathed with hole location spindle marks, even with names written on them. This is a impressive record with excellent shine and freshness. Even under light, few blemishes at all it plays beautifully as well. It could prove a major upgrade for collectors whose own copy is tired and well used. I cannot remember seeing or hearing a better example in mono, this age-defying copy should please many fans and collectors NM+. Sound Quality and Audio Grading: This evergreen classic plays even above its high visual grading with barely anything to fault. Offering strong, distortion-free sound, all frequencies are sharp and clear sound quality is very high with a wide dynamic range and very detailed sound. Any surface sounds barely even registered, this being played on a clinical stereo turntable for this was not really designed. But when found this clean and little used, mono records are thing of beauty and a joy to play on all equipment. An exceptional clean pressing with no tracking issues*, but hardly a surprise for Decca. Few available copies will outperform this lovely preserved record I feel sure. Both channels are clean and sharp, when played on a stereo system, I am certain this record has been played only lightly and has been mostly well stored and the record carefully handled. Nothing spoilt my pleasure when play-grading this wonderful record. It could prove very difficult to find significantly better and can be strongly recommended. The record especially has considerable upgrade potential, as stated, the cover not quite for the purists NEAR MINT 23100

DOORS, the - the DOORS 1967 - USA 1st PRESS (gold label with big E) Elektra Records - EKS 7400 - STEREO - INNER SLEEVE (original Elektra gold) EX; COVER NM; VINYL MINT- 21000

DOORS, the - LA WOMAN 1971 - USA PROMO COPY (WHITE LABEL PROMO- ORIGINAL BUTTERFLY ELEKTRA LABEL, PROMOTIONAL VERSION - THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, FIRST U.S. PRESSING; THIS IS NOT A REISSUE, AN IMPORT, OR A COUNTERFEIT PRESSING - These records are generally considered to be the "first among equals": the VERY FIRST generation and the VERY FIRST pressings of the particular title; a PROTOTYPE and the earliest known official pressing of the record) ELEKTRA EKS-75007; : EKS-75011 A-2 CSM ( ), Artisan Sound Recorders ( ); EKS-75011 -2 CSM( ), Artisan Sound Recorders ( ); () , , 5 - VG+, NM+; ( , , ) , ; Includes the Hit Single LOVE HER MADLY 5, ) NM; , MINT; : ; , ; : , , , , MINT 25000

DOORS, the - WAITING for the SUN 1969 1st USA ISSUE (Gold label with big E) NM, NM, MINT- 17000

DOORS, the - STRANGE DAYS 1967 - USA 1st PRESS MONO (Gold label with big E) - Elektra EKL - 4014 INNER SLEEVE (original Elektra gold) EX; COVER EX+; VINYL NEAR MINT+ (U.S. MONO 1st PRESSING IN TOP CONDITION!) 28000


TOM WAITS - FOREIGN AFFAIRS 1977 US PROMO COPY (WHITE LABEL) ASYLUM; inner EX; gatefold cover MINT-; vinyl barely played MINT 8000

TOM WAITS HEARTATTACK and VINE 1980 USA PROMOTIONAL COPY (WHITE LABEL) ASYLUM 6E-295; matrix: side A- 6E-295 A-2 Re SP -4 B-15300+; side B- 6E-295 B-S Re SP -6 B-15301+; INNER (clean with no scuffs; has one gap 3-4 cm along the seam from the LP) EX; COVER (matte; brand intact and clean with no rips and scuffs; corners and edges are integers without creases, bends, etc.; the spine is beautifully preserved, the correct geometry; in the upper right corner of the front side has a golden PROMO STAMP "PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE") MINT; LABELS absolutely clean MINT; VINYL is clean, without crack, hiss, dual sound, echo, and other distortions of sound MINT 8000

TOM WAITS - SMALL CHANGE 1976 - USA PROMOTIONAL COPY (WHITE LABEL) ASYLUM; inner EX; COVER (Cassandra Peterson Elvira cover; clean, intact without tears and creases, with minimal scuffs from the LP (not critical); the spine is correct geometry with perfectly readable text) MINT-; VINYL (no clicks, hiss and some distortion; no jams, no skips, plays great) MINT- 8500

TOM WAITS NIGHTHAWKS at the DINER 1975 2xLP USA PROMOTIONAL COPY (WHITE LABEL) ASYLUM; GATEFOLD COVER (intact, without tears and creases with a wide spine; the spine is perfectly preserved, the correct geometry with perfectly readable text; on the reverse side golden PROMO STAMP "DEMONSTRATION NOT FOR SALE") NM; LABELS clean, one-two traces from the spindle MINT; VINYL (glossy surface, free of scratches and scuffs) MINT 8000

TOM WAITS - FRANKS WILD YEARS 1987 - 1st PRESS USA (, !!!, DMM); (, ) NM, NEAR MINT+ 5800

TOM WAITS BAD as ME 2011 (LP+CD) 1st PRESS USA - ‎ANTI 87151-1; 87151-1-A BG, 87151-1-B BG; CD MINT; NM; 18- MINT; - FIRST NEW STUDIO ALBUM IN 7 YEARS ( - ; ; , ) MINT; MINT; (180, , ) MINT 4300

TOM WAITS ‎ BLOOD MONEY 2002 - 1st PRESS USA - ANTI - 86629-1; : 86629-1-A S-49239, 86629-1-B S-49240; () MINT; ( - ; ; , ) MINT; MINT; (180, , ) MINT 4300

TOM WAITS ALICE 2002 (07 may) 1st USA PRESS ANTI 86632-1; : 86632-1-A S-49249, 86632-1-B S-49750; () MINT-; ( ; - ; ; , ) MINT-; (, ) MINT; (180, , ) MINT 4300

TOM WAITS ‎ GLITTER and DOOM LIVE 2009 2xLPs - 1st PRESS CANADA ( ) - ANTI 87053-1; : 87853-1-A, 87853-1-B, 87853-1-C, 87853-1-D; -3 EXMINT; (, ) MINT, (, ) MINT, MINT ( , , ) 4500
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