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Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу

Тема: Джордж Харрисон - нападение Майкла Абрама (1999)

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Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу
Автор: Heinrich Ptiza   Дата: 05.07.02 12:51:45
Майкл Абрам, шизофреник, который полтора года назад совершил покушение на бывшего гитариста "Битлз" Джорджа Харрисона, выпущен на свободу из психиатрической больницы. Врачи сочли, что Абрам более не представляет опасности для общества.
Пятница, 05 Июля 2002 года, 12:07

Напомним - 29 ноября прошлого года он ворвался в спальню музыканта и успел нанести ему 10 ударов ножом, прежде чем его смогла остановить жена Харрисона Оливия. Она отключила сумасшедшего ударом медной лампой по голове. Позже Абрам говорил, что в момент нападения считал себя архангелом Михаилом, а Харрисон представлялся ему тогда "колдуном" и "пришельцем из ада". Покинув больницу Абрам принес свои извинения семье Джорджа Харрисона, пишет Дэйли телеграф.
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Re: Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу
Автор: Leobax   Дата: 05.07.02 12:54:40   
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Вот бы ему сразиться с Чепменом...
Re: Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу
Автор: papan   Дата: 05.07.02 13:16:31   
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что-то с датой напутали:-(
Re: Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу
Автор: Heinrich Ptiza   Дата: 05.07.02 13:25:44   
Цитата | Ссылка
Да - а я и не обратил внимания, что они на "Эхо Москвы" (а новость оттуда) спутали дату покушения с датой ухода Джорджа...
Re: Майкл Абрам выпущен на свободу
Автор: Lenna   Дата: 05.07.02 13:37:42   
Цитата | Ссылка
Thursday, July 4, 2002

George Harrison's attacker released
By JILL LAWLESS -- Associated Press
LONDON -- An independent panel has ordered the release from a hospital of a paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed former Beatle George Harrison.

The panel, which included a judge, a psychiatrist and a member of the public, said Thursday that Michael Abram was fit to be released from the Scott Clinic, a psychiatric facility in Liverpool, northwestern England. It was unclear when he would leave the clinic.

Harrison's family called the decision "upsetting and insulting."

Abram, 35, has a history of mental illness. He told psychiatrists he stabbed Harrison on Dec. 30 1999, because he believed he was possessed by the former Beatle and was on a "mission from God."

Abram was accused of breaking into Harrison's home in Henley-on-Thames, west of London, and stabbing him repeatedly, puncturing a lung. He also was charged with attacking Olivia Harrison, when she came to her husband's defense.

He was tried for attempted murder but acquitted in November 2000, on the grounds of insanity. A judge ordered him to be detained at a secure hospital "without time restriction."

"Michael Abram ... has been given a conditional discharge today by a Mental Health Review Tribunal," said a spokeswoman for Mersey Care NHS Trust, which runs the Scott Clinic, on customary condition of anonymity.

She said the conditions of Abram's discharge would remain confidential.

The family of Harrison -- who died of cancer on Nov. 29, at the age of 58 -- said the musician would have reacted to the news with "a mixture of anger and dismay."

"We certainly wish Mr. Abram no ill, but to be presented with this as a fact after the event is deeply upsetting and insulting, and we feel again completely let down by the system," said a statement from Olivia Harrison and the couple's son, Dhani.

"It remains the case in this country that the victim simply has no voice. The law must be changed."

In a separate interview, Abram said he no longer poses a danger to society, and he asked Harrison's family to forgive him.

"I honestly don't think I am a risk any more. I am glad the doctors have agreed that it's safe to let me out," he said. "If I could turn back the clock, I would give anything not to have done what I did. But I have come to realize that I was very ill at that time, really not in control."

Abram said, "People may find it hard to accept, but with the help of the medication I'm on, I am sure I can lead a normal life. I just want to be an ordinary bloke. ... I can only hope the Harrison family might somehow find it in their hearts to accept my apologies."

After Abram's trial, the Harrison family protested the acquittal and said it found the prospect of Abram's release "abhorrent."

Last year, health officials apologized to Harrison and to Abram for failing adequately to treat Abram's "complex mental health problems." He had been in and out of psychiatric facilities for years and sought help in the weeks before the attack.

Abram, in turn, apologized to Harrison then, too.

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