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15.08 Полвека рок-фестивалю в Вудстоке
12.08 Рэпер Дрейк сделал татуировку на которой он обгоняет The Beatles с фотографии на Abbey Road
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Today The Beatles History

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Re: Today The Beatles History
Автор: игорь комсомоленко   Дата: 21.08.19 10:32:25   
Цитата | Ссылка
Re: Today The Beatles History
Автор: игорь комсомоленко   Дата: 21.08.19 10:35:08   
Цитата | Ссылка
21 августа 21 августа
Этот день в истории Битлз

Сегодня один из самых концертных дней в истории группы Битлз!
21 августа с 1960 по 1966 год музыканты ВСЕГДА в этот день выступали c концертами, причём в 1966-м они выступили с двумя шоу - в Цинциннати и Сент-Луисе:

1969: Микширование песен: The End, You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard

1968: Запись,микширование: Sexy Sadie

1968: Джордж и Патти Харрисон вернулись в Англию из Греции

1966: Концерт Битлз: Busch Stadium, Сент-Луис

1966: Концерт Битлз: Crosley Field, Цинциннати

1965: Концерт Битлз: Metropolitan Stadium, Миннеаполис

1964: Концерт Битлз: Coliseum, Сиэттл

1963: Концерт Битлз: Gaumont Cinema, Борнемут

1963: Микширование: With The Beatles

1961: Концерт Битлз: Cavern Club, Ливерпуль

1960: Концерт Битлз: Indra Club, Гамбург
Фото: Битлз выступает с концертом в Сиэттле 21 августа 1964
Re: Today The Beatles History
Автор: игорь комсомоленко   Дата: 21.08.19 11:22:53   
Цитата | Ссылка
21 августа21 августа
В этот день:

Studio 3 (control room only). 10:00am-1:00pm, 2:00-5:30pm. Editing: "Money (That's What I Want)" (of takes 6, 7); "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (of takes 7, 10, 11); "Roll Over Beethoven" (of takes 7, 8); "It Won't Be Long" (of takes 17, 21). Mono mixing: "Devil In Her Heart" (from take 6); "Money (That's What I Want)" (from edit of takes 6, 7); "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (from edit of takes 7, 10, 11); "Please Mister Postman" (from take 9); "Till There Was You" (from take 8); "Roll Over Beethoven" (from edit of takes 7, 8); "All My Loving" (from take 14); "It Won't Be Long" (from edit of takes 17, 21). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Norman Smith; 2nd Engineer: Geoff Emerick.

Please Please Me LP, 22nd week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express).

Concert at the Gaumont, Bournemouth, with Tommy Quickly and Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas.

"A Hard Day's Night" number 1, 3rd and last week (Irish Singles Chart).

Press conference before their concert at the Coliseum, Harrison Street, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Help! number 1, 2nd week (UK Record Retailer).
"Help!" number 1, 4th and last week (UK Mersey Beat).
"Help!" number 1, 3rd week (Hitkrant Europarade).
"Help!" number 1, 3rd week (Dutch Top 40).

"Help!"/"I'm Down" number 1, 2nd week (Australia Kent Music Report).

"Ticket To Ride" number 34 (Dutch Top 40).

Concert at the Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis. Press conference.

Revolver number 1, 3rd week (UK Record Retailer).

Concerts at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, OH (posponed from yesterday) and at the Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO.

George returns from Greece to England.

Studio 2. 7:30pm-7:15am. Recording: "Sexy Sadie" (tape reduction take 107 into take 112, overdub onto take 112, tape reduction take 112 into takes 113-115, overdub onto take 115, tape reduction take 115 into takes 116, 117, overdub onto take 117). Mono mixing: "Sexy Sadie" (remixes 1-5, from take 117). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Ken Scott; 2nd Engineer: John Smith.

Abbey Road, Room 4. 1:00-2:00pm. Tape copying/Editing/reinserting: "Ending" (working title of "The End") (take 7). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Phil McDonald; 2nd Engineer: not assigned. Studio 2 (control room only). 2.30-12.00pm. Stereo mixing: "You Never Give Me Your Money" into "Sun King"/"Mean Mr Mustard" (stereo crossfade remix 12, from sound effects take 5 of "You Never Give Me Your Money"); "Ending" (working title of "The End") (remix 4, from take 7). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick/ Phil McDonald; 2nd Engineer: Alan Parsons.

"Bangla-Desh" number 30 (Dutch Top 40).

Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, London. "Art Spectrum", modern art exhibition. 5 films of John and Yoko are screened: "Cold Turkey", "The Ballad Of John And Yoko", "Give Peace A Chance", "Instant Karma!", "Up Your Legs Forever".

"Melody Maker" publishes the first part of an exclusive interview with George Martin.

Paul and Wings' concert at Congresgebouw, The Hague, Holland ("Wings Over Europe 1972 Tour").

At Fillmore East Theater in New York, more rehearsals by John, Yoko and Elephant's Memory for the One To One Concert.

In the US, the stage musical of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" runs at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago.

"Let 'Em In" number 3, 2nd week (US Billboard).
"Let 'Em In" number 8 (Dutch Tipparade).

Paul and Linda attend the annual Knebworth Featival in Hertfordshire to see performances by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Rolling Stones.

US single release: "London Town"/"I'm Carrying" (Capitol 4625).

Day Fourteen of Double Fantasy sessions: More recording work on "(Just Like) Starting Over".

"Ebony And Ivory" number 1, 5th and last week (Hitkrant Europarade).

"Take It Away" number 10 (US Billboard).
"Take It Away" number 15 (UK Record Retailer).

New York's Museum of Broadcasting showcase Beatles achieve clips documentary "The Beatles Early Days" and several other films from the museum's personal collection, including the "Ed Sullivan Show" appearances and excerpts from their Washington, D.C. concert on February 11, 1964.

Abbey Road's Number Two studio presents "The Beatles At Abbey Road", 3 times a day.

The "Art Of The Beatles" Exhibition, portraying 30 years of the group in the form of cartoons, paintings, photographs, album covers, lithographs and sculptures, continues.

The "Beatle City" exhibition runs at the West End marketplace in Dallas, Texas.

In London, Sotheby's holds an auction on five Beatles reel-to-reel tapes, owned by former chauffeur Alf Bicknell. Only two of the tapes sell.

At a Sotheby's auction in London, a John Lennon collage made in 1974 using magazine cutouts of Andy Warhol heads superimposed on nude girls astride motorcycles went for $44,350.

Ringo and his All-Starr band perform at Freedom Hall, Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, Kentucky ("Return To America Tour").

Ringo and his Fourth All-Starr Band in concert at The Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England ("1998 Summer Tour").

Album release: Liverpool Sound Collage (Hydra [UK] & Capitol [US]).

The exhibit Linda McCartney retrospective is displayed at the Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna, Austria. The new exhibition is the first comprehensive retrospective of Linda McCartney’s work featuring 190 of her iconic photographs.
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