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Today The Beatles History

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Re: Today The Beatles History
Автор: игорь комсомоленко   Дата: 18.06.18 09:53:03   
Цитата | Ссылка
18 июня18 июня
В этот день:

James Paul McCartney is born.

US record producer Richard Perry is born in Brooklyn, NY.

Performance at the Grosvenor Ballroom, Grosvenor Road, Liscard, Wallasey, Cheshire.

Performance at the Top Ten Club, Hamburg.

Paul's birthday party, at aunt Jin's house, in Huyton. John has a fight with Bob Wooler.

5:00-5:29pm. BBC's "Pop Go The Beatles" broadcast (recorded June 1, 1963).

Concert at the Winters Garden, Margate.

Australian EP release: "Requests" (Parlophone GEPO 70013).

Placards reading "We love you Ruby Baby, yes we do" and "Artur's Smarter", a show of support for 75 year-old pianist Artur Rubenstein who was in town for a concert, greet the Beatles arriving in Sydney.

Concert at the Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia.

Studio 2 (control room only). 10:00am-12:30pm. Mono mixing: "I've Just Seen A Face" (from take 6); "I'm Down" (from take 7); "It's Only Love" (from take 6); "Act Naturally" (from take 13); "Wait" (remix 1, from take 4); "Help!" (remix 4, from take 12). Studio 2 (control room only). 12.30-1.30pm. Stereo mixing: "I've Just Seen A Face" (from take 6); "I'm Down" (from take 7); "Yesterday" (from take 2); "It's Only Love" (from take 6); "Act Naturally" (from take 13); "Help!" (remix 2, from take 12). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Norman Smith; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.

End of sessions for single and LP, mono and stereo, "Help!".

BBC Lime Grove Studios. John appearance on BBC-TV's "Tonight". Broadcast live. John promotes A Spaniard In The Works and reads extracts from "We Must Not Forget The General Erection" and "The Wumberlog (Or The Magic Dog)."

The Beatles are interviewed for the Italian radio program "Londra Ultima Ora".

"Woman" by Peter & Gordon number 29 (Dutch Top 40).

"Bad Boy" EP number 34 (Dutch Top 40).

Appearance on "Thank Your Lucky Stars".

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band number 1, 3rd week (UK Record Retailer).

Paul comments he has had 4 LSD trips this year, describing his impressions to the press.

Pop charity concert at the Saville Theatre, presented by Brian, starring Manfred Mann, the New Vaudeville Band, the Zombies, the Yardbirds, and the Settlers.

Apple Corp. is officially formed.

Studio, Dick James House. Paul, Mike McGear and Roger McGough begin sessions for "McGough & McGear".

John, Yoko and Neil attend the opening night of the Old Vic Theatre adaptation of "In His Own Write", in London. First public appearance of John and Yoko together.

Ringo, Maureen, George, Pattie, Mal Evans, and Eric Clapton fly home from the United States to England.

Press reception on occasion of the release of the 1st single by Grapefruit. John, Paul and Ringo attend.

"The Ballad Of John And Yoko" number 1, 2nd week (UK Record Retailer).

UK album release: The Early Years (Contour 287011).

BBC Radio One broadcasts part five of "The Beatles Story".

BBC Radio broadcasts a series of pre-recorded tapes by George on the series "Radio One Club".

US single release: "Live And Let Die"/"I Lie Around" (Apple 1863).

Paul's concert at the Tucson Community Center, Arizona ("Wings Over America Tour").

Linda, the other members of Wings and their entourage throw Paul a surprise 34th birthday party.

The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl number 1 (UK Record Retailer).

Part two of the extracts from Cynthia's book "A Twist Of Lennon" is published in the "News Of The World" newspaper.

"Stars On 45" number 1 (Hitkrant Europarade).

"Ebony & Ivory" number 1, 3rd week (German Media Control Top 100).

At the Elstree Flm Studios in Hertfordshire, work begins on Paul's promo video for "Take It Away".

The "Sun" publishes the article "Fab And 40" to celebrate Paul's birthday.

In the US, part one of a pre-recorded three-part interview with Paul, called "Paul McCartney Today", is aired on NBC Radio.

Part 3 of "Ringo's Yellow Submarine" series on the ABC Radio Network.

In the US, Westwood One radio transmits the special program "Paul McCartney - The Solo Years" in its Startrack Profile series.

The "Art Of The Beatles" Exhibition, portraying 30 years of the group in the form of cartoons, paintings, photographs, album covers, lithographs and sculptures, continues.

In the US, part one of a two-part interview with Paul is aired on NBC TV's "Today" show.

UK single release: "Nobody's Child"/"Lumiere" (Wilbury W 9773).

UK single release: "Nobody's Child"//"Lumiere"/"With A Little Help From My Friends" on 12" single (Wilbury W 9773T) and on 5" CD single (Wilbury W 9773CD).

In the UK, Channel 4 broadcasts the 1967 film "How I Won The War".

In the UK, BBC Radio 2 transmits the documentary "Paul McCartney - Rediscovering Yesterday", narrated by Brian Matthew.

At The Grand in Clapham,South West London, the radio station Capital Gold throws a giant Beatles party. Topping the bill are the Bootleg Beatles. The party is hosted by Capital DJs Tony Blackburn, Paul Burnett, Stuart Colman and David Hamilton.

Ringo and his All-Starr Band perform at Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka. (Japan tour).

Re: Today The Beatles History
Автор: игорь комсомоленко   Дата: 18.06.18 10:00:13   
Цитата | Ссылка
18 июня18 июня
В этот день(продолжение):

VH-1 in Europe celebrates Paul's 56th birthday by declaring today is "Paul McCartney Day". Repeated screenings of "Town Hall Meeting", Ten Of The Best", "Paul McCartney's Greatest Hits" and a revised version of the 1997 VH-1 To 1 interview at Abbey Road Studios.

Paul's art exhibition at the Kunstforum Lyz in Hamburg with 75 of his 500 private paintings.

An exhibition by Cynthia Lennon and Phyllis McKenzie at the KDK Gallery in London continues.

An exhibition of Dezo Hoffman's Beatles' photographs runs at the Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan.

VH-1 in Europe again celebrates Paul's birthday with repeated screenings of "Ten Of The Best" and "Greatest Hits" programs. Also aired are the 1993 Live In The New World concert from Charlotte, North Carolina (recorded June 15, 1993) and the 1979 Dick Clark produced TV film "The Birth Of The Beatles".

In the US, Vh-1 airs the program "Hard Rock Live" featuring Ringo. The TV station TBS airs the 1981 film "Caveman".

The Traveling Wilburys Collection number 1 (Australian ARIA).

"The Beatles! Backstage and Behind-the-Scenes Photo Exhibit" at The Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey, Michigan.

John's handwritten lyrics to "A Day In The Life" is sold for $1.2m at an auction at Sotheby's in New York.

The exhibit Linda McCartney retrospective is displayed at the Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna, Austria. The new exhibition is the first comprehensive retrospective of Linda McCartney’s work featuring 190 of her iconic photographs.

Yoko's Half-A-Wind Show - A Retrospective is displayed at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It shows a major retrospective of well over a hundred works. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to orient ourselves broadly in Yoko’s multifaceted artistic universe, pinpointing central themes of her career and demonstrating the diversity of media and disciplines with which she works.

Ringo and his All-Starr Band perform at Beacon Theater, New York, NY (US 2014 Tour).
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