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Внимание, перед принятием решения о покупке настоятельно рекомендуем просмотреть тему форума "Барахолка - положительные и отрицательные отзывы".


CD от российских производителей. новые.

№:  472702
Категория:  Аудио
Тип:  Предложение
Разместил:  Alec Giant
Город:  Вологда
Дата:  14.09.19 09:33:24
Стоимость:  150 ₽
Просмотры:  95

неофициальные CD российских производителей: «Kivi», «Monsters», «Original», «B&T», «Kniga».
диски новые, цена за комплект (диск+буклет+задник), боксами (коробками) не комплектуются.
заводское литье, ни каких CD-R, качественная типографская многостраничная полиграфия.
цена 150 руб., кроме тех, где указано. отправка почтой России за счет заказчика!

альбомы 2019 года:

A New Revenge (ex-Judas Priest, Scorpions, Japan CD+bonus) - Enemies & Lovers 8-page
Allman Betts Band (ex-Allman Brothers) - Down To The River 6-page
American Bombshell - Tattooed’n Bruised 8-page
Anthem - Nucleus 16-page
Astral Doors - Worship Or Die 12-page
Axenstar - End Of All Hope 12-page
Backyard Babies! (Limited Edition, 15 tracks) - Sliver & Gold 12-page
Bananarama - In Stereo 12-page
The BB King Blues Band - The Soul Of The King 8-page
Big Big Train - Grand Tour 16-page
Bjorn Riis (ex-Airbag) - A Storm Is Coming 8-page
Black Oak Arkansas - Underdog Heroes 4-page
Blues Company - Ain't Givin' Up 16-page
Bonnie Tyler - Between The Earth And The Stars 6-page
Cats In Space (ex-Sweet, 10CC, Bad Company) - Daytrip To Narnia 8-page
Come Taste The Band - Reignition 16-page (vocals Doogie White, Joe Lynn Turner)
Cosmograf (ex-Porcupine Tree) - Mind Over Depth 12-page
The Cranberries - In The End 12-page
Dark Blue Inc (ex-Bonfire) - Linked To Life 12-page
Don Felder (ex-Eagles) - American Rock’n’Roll 4-page
Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) - Sleeping Giants 8-page
Emerald Sabbath (ex-Black Sabbath, feat. T. Martin, V.Appice, R. Wakeman) - Ninth Star 8-page
The End Machine (ex-Dokken, Warrant, Lynch Mob) - The End Machine 8-page
Enforcer - Zenith 12-page
Faithsedge (ex-Dokken, Stryper, Mr. Big) - Bleed For Passion (Japan CD+bonus) 12-page
Find Me - Angels In Blue 12-page
Fortune - II 12-page
Frozen Crown - Crowned in Frost 8-page
Gary Clark Jr - This Land 12-page
Gary Hoey - Neon Highway Blues 4-page
Generation Axe ( Y.Malmsteen, Z. Wylde, S.Vai) - The Guitars That Destroyed the World 8-page
Gong - The Universe Also Collapses 8-page
Grand Magus - Wolf God 16-page
Hammerfall - Dominion 20-page
Hardline - Life 12-page
Hellfire - Mania 4-page
Hollow Haze (ex-Vision Divine, Kamelot) - Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas 12-page
Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry) - Rise 8-page
The Ides Of March (feat. Joe Bonamassa, Mark Farner, Mindi Abair) - Play On 12-page
Iron Fire - Beyond The Void 16-page
Jetboy - Born To Fly 12-page
Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions) - Winds Of Change 8-page
Jimmy Barnes (deluxe edition + bonus) - My Criminal Record 16-page
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Reckless Heart 12-page
John Diva And The Rockets Of Love - Mama Said Rock Is Dead 16-page
John Illsley (ex-Dire Straits) - Coming Up For Air 12-page
John Lee Hooker - Sings The Blues 4-page
John Mayall with Joe Bonamassa, Alex Lifeson - Nobody Told Me 4-page
Kane Roberts - The New Normal 12-page (ex-Alice Cooper, Winger)
Karthago (Hungary) - Egyutt 8-page
Laid Back - Healing Feeling 4-page
Last In Line (ex-Dio, Asia, Whitesnake) - II 12-page
Leroy Ellington's Sacred Hearts - Sanctified 4-page
Leverage - Determinus 12-page
Lucifer’s Friend - Black Moon 8-page (John Lawton, ex-Uriah Heep)
Majestica - Above The Sky 16-page
Man - Anachronism Tango 4-page
Michael Jessen (vocals Goran Edman ex-Malmsteen) - Bulletproof 12-page
Mike + The Mechanics - Out Of The Blue 8-page
Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers No Good Deed 4-page
Morrissey - California Son 4-page
Mostly Autumn - White Rainbow 6-page
Nad Sylvan (Steve Hackett's vocalist) - The Regal Bastard (feat. Tony Levin, Steve Hackett) 20-page
Narnia - From Darkness To Light 16-page
Nitrogods - Rebel Dayz 16-pagе
O.R.K. (ex-King Crimson, Porcupine Tree) - Ramagehead 8-page
Oomph! - Ritual 16-page
Overkill (1+2 bonus, 13 tracks) - The Wings of War 16-page
Palace - Life After 8-page
Pattern-Seeking Animals (ex-Spock's Beard) - Pattern-Seeking Animals 12-page
Paul Gilbert - Behold Electric Guitar 4-page
Pendulum Of Fortune - Return To Eden 12-page David Readman vocals
Periphery IV : Hail Stan 8-page
Phil Lanzon (ex-Uriah Heep) - 48 Seconds 12-page
The Quireboys - Amazing Disgrace 4-page
RPWL - Tales From Outer Space 16-page
Rammstein (deluxe ed. 17 tracks + remix & singles) - Rammstein 20-page
Reese Wynans And Friends (feat. J. Bonamassa, K.W.Shepherd) - Sweet Release 12-page
Renaissance Rock Orchestra (ex-AC/DC, MSG, Whitesnake, Dio) - In Times Of Olde 6-page
Restless Spirits (Deen Castronovo, Johnny Gioeli) - Restless Spirits 12-page
Rhapsody Turilli / Lione - Zero Gravity Rebirth And Evolution 16-page
Riot City (Judas Priest style) - Burn The Night 8-page
Rival Sons - Feral Roots 8-page
Robin Trower - Coming Closer To The Day 4-page
Rockets - Wonderland 12-page
The Rods (David Feinstein guit.) - Brotherhood Of Metal 12-page
Rory Gallagher - Blues (new & previously released tracks) 4-page
Roulette (ex-Whitesnake, Baton Rouge, Vicious Rumors, Joe Satriani) - Now 12-page
Roxy Blue - Roxy Blue 12-page
Sabaton - The Great War 16-page
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus 8-page
Samurai Of Prog - Toki No Kaze 8-page
Santana (deluxe ed. 13 tracks) - Africa Speaks 12-page
Snowy White And The White Flames - The Situation 12-page
Soto (ex-Malmsteen, Axell Rudi Pell, Talisman, Takara etc.) - Origami 12-page
Spirits Of Fire (feat. Tim "Ripper"Owens, Chris Caffery) - Spirits of Fire 12-page
Spread Eagle (ex-UFO) - Subway To The Stars (Japan CD+bonus) 12-page
Squares (Joe Satriani early 80 years) - Squares 4-page
Starbreaker (ex-TNT, Primal Fear, Allen/Lande, japan edition) - Dysphoria 12-page
Supersonic Blues Machine (Billy Gibbons, Walter Trout) - Road Chronicles 8-page
Tank (David Readman vocals, ex-Pink Cream 69, Adagio) - Re-Ignition 12-page
Tara Lynch (feat. Vinny Appice, Tony MacAlpine, Mark Boals etc.) - Evil Enough 8-page
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Signs 12-page
250=Thunder (2CD deluxe edition) - Please Remain Seated 16-page
Tony Mills (ex-Shy, TNT) - Beyond The Law 8-pagе
Tora Tora - Bastards Of Beale 12-page (japan edition)
Tourniquet - Gazing At Medusa 12-page Tim Ripper Owens vocals
Twilight Force - Dawn To The Dragonstar 20-page
Unruly Child - Big Blue World 16-page
Valensia - 7eve7 8-page (japan edition)
Walls Of Blood (members of Megadeth, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Testament) - Imperium 12-page
Walter Trout - Survivor Blues 8 -page
West Bound (ex-Bonham, OZZY etc.) - Volume I 12-page
Yesterday -Original Motion Picture Soundtrack- 16-page

альбомы 2018 года:

Ace Frehley (ex-Kiss) - Spaceman 4-page
After The Fall - Early Light 4-page
Amanda Fish - Free 4-page
Anima Mundi - Insomnia 12-page
Anvil - Pounding The Pavement 12-page
The Apocalypse Blues Revue - The Shape Of Blues To Come 4-page
Ark Storm - Voyage Of The Rage 8-page (feat. Mark Boals)
Axel Rudi Pell - Knights Call 12-page
Bad Boys Blue - Heart & Soul / Recharged 12-page
Billy F Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues 8-page
Blaze Bayley - December Wind (ex-Iron Maiden, Acoustic) 12-page
Blitzkrieg - Judge Not 12-page
Bob Daisley And Friends - Moore Blues For Gary (A Tribute To Gary Moore) 12-page
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (Soundtrack) 12-page
The Brew - Art Of Persuasion 12-page (Grand Funk Railroad style)
Bullet Boys - From Out Of The Skies 12-page
Burning Witches (Ltd. Ed. 2 bonus tr.) - Hexenhammer 12-page
Conception (на вокале снова Khan ex-Kamelot) - My Dark Symphony 12-page
Corky Laing’s Pompeii - The Secret Sessions 4-page
De/Vision - Citybeats 8-page
Delta Moon - Babylon Is Falling 4-page
Dirty Dave Osti - Midnight Mojo Man 4-page
Don Airey (ex-Deep Purple) - One Of A Kind 12-page
Doyle Bramhall II - Shades 4-page
Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again12-page
Elvin’s Bishop Big Fun Trio - Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here 4-page
Enuff Z’Nuff - Diamond Boy 12-page
Evership - Evership II 12-page
Excalibur Alan Simon - The Ladies Of The Lake 12-page
Focus - Eleven 4-page
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending 16-page
Frozen Land - Frozen Land (Stratovarius 94-97 style) 12-page
Glass Hammer - Chronomonaut 12-page
Greta Van Fleet (Led Zeppelin style) - Anthem of the Peaceful Army 16-page
Grounbreaker - Groundbreaker 12-page
Hartmann (ex-At Vance) - Hands On The Wheel 8-page
Hawkwind - Road To Utopia 8-page
Helloween - Keeper Of The Singles Part II 12-page
Hogjaw - Way Down Yonder 12-page
Holter (ex-WigWam, Pagan's Mind) - Vlad The Impaler 8-page
Il Divo - Timeless (Pop-Opera) 12-page
Jason Becker - Triumphant Hearts 12-page
Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Infinity 8-page
Joe Bonamassa - Redemption 20-page (deluxe edition, 3 bonus tracks)
Jon Schaffer's Purgatory - Jon Schaffer's Purgatory (ex-Iced Earth) 12-page
Laibach - Sound Of Music 8-page
Last Autumn’s Dream - Fourteen 12-page (with Japan)
Lords Of Black (ex-Rainbow, Dark Moor) - Icons Of The New Days 16-page
Luca Princiotta Band (ex-Doro) - Rough Blue 4-page
Lunatic Soul - Under The Fragmented Sky 8-page
Marco Ragni (ex-Barock Project) - The Wandering Caravan 8-page
The Marcus King Band - Carolina Confessions 12-page
Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom - Part 2 (feat. M.Kiske, T.Owens, M.Boals) 8-page
Mark Knopfler - Down The Road Wherever 16-page
Michael Schenker Fest (G. Barden, G. Bonnet, R. McAuley, D. White) - Resurrection 20-page
Michael Schinkel’s Eternal Flame - Smoke On The Mountain 12-page
Mob Rules - Beast Reborn 12-page
Monster Truck - True Rockers 4-page
Mylene Farmer - Desobeissance 16-page
Nashville Pussy - Pleased To Eat You 4-page
New Nektar - Megalomania 12-page
Nordic Union (ex-Pretty Maids, Eclipse Japan Ed. 1 bonus) - Second Coming 12-page
Rebellion - A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare’s King Lear 12-page
Red Dragon Cartel - Patina 12-page
Revertigo - Revertigo 12-page (Mats Leven vocals)
Rick Springfield - The Snake King 16-page
Riot V (ex-Riot) - Armor Of Light 16-page
Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi 8-page
Riverside - Wasteland 16-page
Robben Ford - Purple House 16-page
Rod Stewart - Blood Red Roses 20-page (deluxe edition)
Roine Stolt's The Flower King - Manifesto Of An Alchemist 12-page
Sainted Sinners - Back With A Vengeance 12-page (David Reece ex-Accept)
Satan - Cruel Magic 12-page
Schubert In Rock - Commander Of Pain 12-page
Signal Red - Under The Radar 8-page
The Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny And Oh So Bright - Vol.1/LP - No Past. No Future. No Sun. 12-page
Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light 8-page
Steve Perry (ex-Journey) - Traces 12-page
Stryper - God Dawn Evil 16-page
Suede - The Blue Hour 16-page
The Sword - Used Future 4-page
Thobbe Englund - The Draining Of Vergelmer 12-page (ex-Sabbaton)
The Three Tremors (Tim "Ripper" Owens ex-Judas Priest, Iced Earth & Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin ex-Jag Panzer) - The Three Tremors 16-page
TNT - XIII 12-page
Tony Joe White - Bad Mouthin’ 8-page
Tony Lee King - Redemption 4-page (Chris Rea style)
Treat - Tunguska 12-page
Twenty One Pilots - Trench 16-page
Unicorn - Laughing Up Your Sleeve 8-page (pod. David Gilmour, ex-Pink Floyd)
The Unity - Rise 12-page
Vangelis - Nocturne 12-page
Virgin Steele - Ghost Harvest - Vintage I - Black Wine For Mourning 12-page
Visigoth - Conqueror’s Oath 12-page
Warkings - Reborn 12-pagе
White Lies - Five 8-page


A.S.A.P. (Adrian Smith, ex-Iron Maiden) - Silver And Gold 12-page*
AC/DC (b-sides, released only LP in 2009) - Rarities 8-page
Accept - Objection Overruled 16-page
Accept - Death Row 12-page
Agnetha Faltskog (ex-ABBA, remaster 2005, 5 bonus) - Eyes Of A Woman 12-page
Al Atkins (ex-Judas Priest) - Demon Deceiver (The Sin Sessions) 8-page
Al Barton (ex-Smokie) - Precious 8-page
Al Barton & Spirit Of Smokie (ex-Smokie) - Room With A View 8-page
200=Alcatrazz - Dangerous Games (Japan Ed., POCP-6854) 8-page Graham Bonnet vocals
Alice Cooper - Trash 8-page
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid 12-page poster
American Angel - American Angel 8-page*
Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes 8-page
Andy Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - Flowing Rivers 4-page
Andy Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - Shadow Dancing 4-page
Andy Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - After Dark 4-page
Anvil - Anvil Is Anvil 12-page
Ark - Ark (Japan Ed.) 12-page Jorn Lande vocals
Ark - Burn The Sun (Japan Ed.) 12-page Jorn Lande vocals
Armored Saint - Delirious Nomad 8-page
Asgard (ex-Grave Digger, Rebellion) - Dark Horizons 8-page
Ashes Of Ares - Ashes Of Ares 8-page
Atlantis - Atlantis 8-page (Germany Prog-Rock)*
Atlantis - It's Getting Better! 6-page*
Atlantis - Live 8-page*
Atlantis - Get On Board 6-page*
Axe - Axe 8-page*
Axe - Living On The Edge 8-page*
Axis (Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath) & Danny Johnson (Steppenwolf)) - Its A Circus World 12-page
200=Babe Ruth - Kid’s Stuff / Stealin’ Home (2LP on 1CD) 4-page (Bernie Marsden, Whitesnake)
Baccara - Bad Boys 4-page
Badlands - Badlands 6-page (ex-Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne)
Bai Bang - Do You Wanna Taste It 12-page
Barry Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - Now Voyager 16-page
Barry Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) – Hawks 8-page
Bedlam - Bedlam 4-page (Cozy Powell)
Billy Gibbons And The BFG’s - Perfectamundo 12-page
Billy Rankin (ex-Nazareth, 3 bonus) - Growin' Up Too Fast 6-page*
Black Angels - Kickdown 8-page
Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde, ex-Ozzy Osbourne) - 1919 Eternal 12-page
Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde, ex-Ozzy Osbourne) - Mafia 8-page
Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde, ex-Ozzy Osbourne) - Shot To Hell 8-page
200=Black Rose (Sweden) - Fortune Favours The Brave 4-page
200=Black Rose (UK, NWOBHM) - Walk It How Your Talk It 8-page
Black Tears - Child Of The Storm 4-page
Black Tears - The Slave 4-page
Blackfoot - Strikes 8-page
Blackfoot - Tomcattin’ 8-page
Blackfoot (feat. Ken Hensley, ex-Uriah Heep) - Siogo 4-page
Blackfoot (feat. Ken Hensley, ex-Uriah Heep) - Vertical Smiles 4-page
Blackwater Park - Dirty Box 12-page
Blue (feat.Mark Storace, ex-Krokus) - Blue 8-page**
The Blues Band - Back For More 8-page
The Blues Band - Brand Loyalty 4-page
The Blues Band - Homage 8-page
The Blues Band - Itchy Feet 4-page
The Blues Band - Ready 4-page
The Blues Band - Wire Less 8-page
The Blues Band - Fat City 12-page
The Blues Band - These Kind Of Blues 4-page
Bolder Damn - Mourning 12-page
Bonnie Tyler - The World Starts Tonight 12-page
Bonnie Tyler - Natural Force 16-page
Bonnie Tyler - Diamond Cut 20-page
Bonnie Tyler - Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire 4-page
Boulevard - IV Luminescence 12-page*
The Boyscout - We Were Kings 12-page (feat. Michael Voss, Tommy Denander)
Bram Stoker - Heavy Rock Spectacular (1972) 2-page
Brian May (Queen) - Another World 16-page
Brian May (Queen) - Back To The Light 12-page
Buck 69 - No Medicine Like The Blues 4-page
Buck 69 - When She Whispers Your Name 4-page
Budgie - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend 4-page
Budgie - In For The Kill! 6-page
The Buggles - The Age Of Plastic 12-page
Burn (ex-Tyketto) - Ice Age 4-page (Japan Ed.)
C.C. Catch - Catch the Catch 4-page***
C.C. Catch - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel 4-page**
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 4-page*
Candlemass - Nightfall 4-page
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams 4-page
Captain Beyond (Rod Evans ex-Deep Purple) - Captain Beyond 4-page
Captain Beyond (Rod Evans, ex-Deep Purple) - Sufficiently Breathless 4-page
Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion 4-page
Chastain - Mystery of Illusion 8-page
Chastain - Ruler of the Wasteland 8-page
Chastain - The 7th of Never 8-page
Chastain - The Voice of the Cult 4-page
Chastain - For Those Who Dare 8-page
Cherry Laine (prod. Bernt Mohrle from Chilly) - I'm Hot 4-page
200=China Sky (Melodic Hard Rock) - China Sky 6-page
Chris Norman (remaster 2006, 6 bonus tracks) - Some Hearts Are Diamonds 4-page*
Chris Rainbow (ex-The Alan Parsons Project) - Home Of The Brave 6-page
Chris Rainbow (ex-The Alan Parsons Project) - Looking Over My Shoulder 6-page
Chris Rainbow (ex-The Alan Parsons Project) - White Trails 6-page
Chris Von Rohr (ex-Krokus) 1993(86) The God The Bad And Dog 6-page***
Cirith Ungol - One Foot In Hell 8-page*
Clockwork Revolution - Clockwork Revolution 4-page (ex-WASP, Kamelot, Impellitteri)
Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch 4-page
Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory 8-page
Crimson Glory - Transcendence 8-page
The Cross (Roger Taylor, ex-Queen) - Shove It 8-page
The Cross (Roger Taylor, ex-Queen) - Blue Rock 12-page
Crystal Ball - Deja-Voodoo 8-page
D.A.D. - No Fuel Left The Pilgrims 12-page
D.D. Sound - Café 4-page
Dag Finn - The Wonderful World Of D. Finn 6-page
Darxon - No Thrills 4-page
Darxon - Killed In Action 4-page
300=David Byron Band - Lost And Found 12-page (2CD)*
The David Byron Band (ex-Uriah Heep) 1981 On The Rocks 12-page
Deaf Dealer - Keeper Of The Flame 4-page
Dee D. Jackson (disco, первый офиц. digital remaster 2010 +3 bonus) - Cosmic Curves 6-page
Den Harrow (Italo Disco) 1987 Day By Day 8-page
Den Harrow (Italo Disco) 1988 Lies 8-page
Denny Gerrard - Sinister Morning 4-page
Detective - Detective (produced by Jimmy Page) 16-page
Detective - It Takes One To Know One 8-page
250=Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations (2CD) 16-page +singles!
Digital Emotion - Digital Emotion/Outside In The Dark 6-page*
Dirty Dave Osti - Rare Tracks 4-page
200=Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies in Red 4-page
Donna Summer - I'm A Rainbow 6-page
Eclipse - Second To None 12-page*
Eclipse (Japan edition) - Are You Ready To Rock 12-page*
Eisley/Goldy (ex-Dio, Whitesnake) - Blood, Guts And Games 12-page (Japan Ed. +bonus)
Ekseption 1969 Ekseption 4-page
ELF (Ronnie James DIO) (Japan Edition) 1972 Elf 8-page
ELF (Ronnie James DIO) (Japan Edition) 1975 Trying To Burn The Sun 8-page
ELO (Jap.Edition) 1991 Electric Light Orchestra Part Two 12-page
ELO Part II - Moment Of Truth 16-page
Elton John (remaster 2014) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 12-page
The Elves (feat. Ronnie James Dio) - Elf…There Were Elves 4-page*
Europe - Walk The Earth 20-page
Evelyn Lenton (сольник вокалистки Belle Epoque) - Operator 4-page
Evenstorm - Attacks The Town! 8-page
200=Excalibur - One Strange Night 6-page
F.R. David - Reflections 8-page
200=Face Face - Childhood Dreams 8-page
Fight (Rob Halford ex-Judas Priest) - A Small Deadly Space 12-page
Fisc - Handle With Care 12-page
Fisc - Too Hot For Love 8-page
Fisc - Break Out 8-page
Fonograf - Fonograf 1 4-page (Hungary Rock Legend)*
Fonograf - FG-4 4-page*
Fonograf - Edison 4-page*
Fonograf - Utkozben (On The Way) 4-page*
Frankie Miller - High Life 8-page
Frankie Miller - Once In A Blue Moon 8-page
Frankie Miller - Easy Money 8-page
Frankie Miller - Full House 8-page
Frankie Miller - Double Trouble 8-page
Frankie Miller - Falling In Love 8-page
Frankie Miller - Standing On The Edge 8-page
Gazebo - Telephone Mama 4-page
Gazebo - I Like Chopin 4-page*
Gilla - Help! Help! 4-page
Gilla - I Like Some Cool Rock'n'Roll 4-page
Glory Bell’s Band - Dressed In Black 8-page
Glory Bells - Century Rendezvous 8-page
Golden Earring - Golden Earring (aka Wall of Dolls) 8-page
Golden Earring - Bloody Buccaneers 8-page
Golden Earring - On The Double 8-page
Golden Earring - Eight Miles High 4-page
Golden Earring - Seven Tears 8-page
Golden Earring - Moontan 8-page
Gorky Park - Gorky Park 8-page*
Gorky Park - 2 / Moscow Calling 8-page**
Gotthard - Silver 24-page
Great White - Stick It 12-page*
Great White - Once Bitten 4-page
Great White - Hooked 16-page
Great White - Sail Away 8-page*
Great White - Full Circle 8-page*
Great White - Great Zeppelin - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin 8-page
Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires 8-page**
200=Griffin (memb. of Metal Church, Heathen) - Flight Of The Griffin 4-page
200=Griffin (memb. of Metal Church, Heathen) - Protectors Of The Lair 4-page
Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil 8-page*
Grinder /Первопресс No Remorse Rec./ - Dawn For The Living 12-page
Grinder /Первопресс No Remorse Rec./- Dead End 12-page
Grinder /Первопресс No Remorse Rec./ - The First EP 8-page
H.E.A.T. - Into The Great Unknown 12-page
Hazzard - Hazzard 4-page (ex-Accept, Hermann Frank)
Head Machine (Ken Hensley & Lee Kerslake from Uriah Heep) - Orgasm 8-page
The Hensley | Lawton Band - The Return 8-page (ex-Uriah Heep)**
200=Heretic - Breaking Point 6-page
Hittman - Hittman 4-page
Holy Moses - Queen Of Siam 20-page
Holy Moses - Finished With The Dogs 4-page
Holy Moses - The New Machine Of Liechtenstein 8-page
200=Hot Butter ( leg. band feat. Superhit Popcorn) 1972 Popcorn 8-page
Hot R.S. - The House Of The Rising Sun 4-page*
HTP - HTP 2 12-page (Glenn Hughes / Joe Lynn Turner)
Hughes/Thrall - Hughes/Thrall 8-page (Glenn Hughes, ex-Deep Purple)
Ian Gillan - Cherkazoo And Other Stories 4-page
IQ - The Wake 4-page
Jack Bruce / Bill Lordan / Robin Trower - B.L.T. 16-page (Japan Ed.)
Jack Starr - Burning Starr 4-page
Jack Starr - Blaze Of Glory 4-page
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction (+bonus) 12-page*
Jag Panzer - The Forth Judgement 12-page*
Jennifer Warnes - Old Blue Raincoat 4-page (ex-Leonard Cohen, Joe Cocker)
Jim Jidhead (ex-Alien) - Push On Through 12-page
Joe Cocker - Cocker 8-page
Joe Cocker - Night Calls 8-page
Joe Cocker - One Night Of Sin 4-page
Joe Cocker - Organic 8-page
Joe Cocker - Across From Midnight 12-page
John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep) - Heartbeat 8-page*
John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep) - Rebel / Zar (2LP on 1CD) 8-page*
John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep) & Diana Express - The Power Of Mind 4-page
John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep) & Steve Dunning - Steppin’ It Up 8-page*
John Lee Hooker - Mr. Lucky 6-page
John Lee Hooker - Chill Out 8-page
John Lee Hooker - Don’t Look Back 8-page
John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom 8-page
John Lee Hooker - Face To Face 8-page
John Lees (ex-Barclay James Harvest) - A Major Fancy 4-page*
200=Journey - Evolution (MHCP 1168) OBI
200=Journey - Departure (MHCP 1169) OBI
200=Journey - Escape (MHCP 1171) OBI
200=Journey - Frontiers (MHCP 1172) OBI
Judas Priest - Jugulator 4-page
Judas Priest - Demolition 16-page
Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution 16-page
Jupiter Sunset - Back In The Sun (1970) 4-page (for fans Pink Floyd)*
Kee Of Hearts (Tommy Heart Fair Warning, Kee Marcello Europe) - Kee Of Hearts 12-page
200=KEEL (prod. Gene Simmons) - The Right To Rock 8-page
200=KEEL (prod.Gene Simmons) - The Final Frontier 8-page
200=KEEL (prod.Gene Simmons) - Keel 8-page
Ken Hensley - Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf (remaster) 6-page
Ken Hensley - Eager To Please (remaster) 6-page
Ken Hensley - Free Spirit 6-page
Ken Hensley - From Time To Time 12-page
Ken Hensley - The Last Dance 8-page
Ken Hensley - A Glimpse Of Glory 12-page*
Ken Hensley - Cold Autumn Sunday 8-page
Kiss - Carnival Of Souls -The Final Sessions- 4-page
Kiss - Sonic Boom 20-page
200=Klaus Nomi (intergalactic disco freak) 1981 Klaus Nomi 4-page
200=Klaus Nomi (intergalactic disco freak) 1982 Simple Man 4-page
Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine16-page
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express 16-page
Kraftwerk - Computer World 16-page
Kraftwerk - Autobahn 12-page
Kraftwerk - Techno Pop 16-page
Kraftwerk - Tour De France 20-page
Krokus - Krokus 6-page*
Krokus - To You All 4-page*
Krokus - Pay It In Metal 4-page*
Krokus - Metal Rendez-Vous 16-page
Krokus - One Vice At A Time 4-page
Krokus - The Blitz 4-page
Krokus - Heart Attack 4-page
Krokus - Rock The Block 4-page
Krokus - Hoodoo 12-page
Krokus - Hellraiser 16-page
Kwadrat - Polowanie Na Lesniczego 8-pagе
200=Last Descendants - One Nation Under God 4-page
200=Letchen Grey - Party Politics 4-page*
Lightning Strikes - Lightning Strikes 8-page
Love Child - Love Child 12-page
Lucifer Was - Dies Grows 8-page
Lucifer Was - Morning Star 12-page
Magni Animi Viri - Heroes Temporis-World Edition- 8-page (Russell Allen-Symphony X)
Mama’s Boys - Power And Passion 6-page
Mama’s Boys - Growing Up The Hard Way 6-page
Manic Eden - Manic Eden 8-page (Adrian Vandenberg ex-Whitesnake)
Marillion - Script For A Jester’s Tear 8-page
Marillion - Fugazi 8-page
Marillion - Clutching At Straws 12-page
Mark Farner (ex-Grand Funk Railroad) - No Frills 4-page
Mark Farner (ex-Grand Funk Railroad) - Mark Farner 4-page
Mark Free (ex-King Kobra) - Long Way From Love 12-page
Mark Knopfler (ex-Dire Straits) - Golden Heart 16-page
Martin Barre (ex-Jethro Tull) - Back To Steel 8-page
McQueen Street - McQueen Street 8-page
Metal Church - Metal Church 6-page
Metal Church - The Dark 8-page
Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise 6-page
Metal Church - The Human Factor 12-page
Michael Sembello - Bossa Nova Hotel 8-page
Michael Sembello - Without Walls 8-page
Midnight Blue (Doogie White vocals) - Take The Money And Run 8-page
Mike Rutherford - Acting Very Strange 4-page
Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep’s Day 8-page
Modern Talking (Collector's Edition) - Let’s Talk About Love 8-page
Modern Talking (Collector's Edition) - Ready For Romance 8-page
Modern Talking (Collector's Edition) - In The Middle Of Nowhere 8-page
Modern Talking (Collector's Edition) - Romantic Warriors 8-page
Modern Talking (Collector's Edition) - In The Garden Of Venus 8-page
Mogg / Way - Edge Of The World 4-page (ex-UFO)
Mogg / Way - Chocolate Box 4-page (ex-UFO)
The Moody Blues - Sur La Mer 12-page
The Moody Blues - Strange Times 8-page
Motorhead - On Parole 12-page
Motorhead - Bomber 12-page
Motorhead - Ace Of Spades 12-page
Motorhead -Another Perfect Day 12-page
Motorhead - 1916 12-page
Motorhead - March Or Die 12-page
Motorhead - Bastards 8-page
Motorhead - Hammered 8-page
Motorhead - Inferno 12-page
Motorhead - The World Is Yours 20-page
Motorhead - Sacrifice 16-page
Motorhead - Snake Bite Love 16-page
Motorhead - Overnight Sensation 12-page
Motorhead - Motorized 20-page
Motorhead - Kiss Of Death 24-page
Nazareth - Expect No Mercy 16-page (SALVO)
Newton Family (Neoton Familia) - More Greatest Hits16-page japan edition (Hungary)
Night Demon - Darkness Remains 8-page
Niterain - Crossfire 16-page
Niterain - Vendetta 8-page
Omega - 10000 lepes 4-page (Hungary Rock Legend)
Omega - Csillagok Utjan – Skyrover 4-page
Omega - Idorablo - Timerobber (Omega VII) 4-page
Omega - Omega III - Ejszakai Orszagut 4-page
Omega - Omega IX - Gammapolisz - Gammapolis 4-page
Omega - Omega V - Szvit 4-page
Only Child - Only Child II 8-page
Ozzy Osbourne (1995 released 2019) Ozzmosis Part Two 8-page**
Paganini - Weapon Of Love 12-page
Paganini - It's A Long Way To The Top 4-page
Paganini - Detox 6-page
Pain (Germany) - Insanity 4-page (Впервые на CD)
Panther - Panther 12-page (Jeff Scott Soto vocals) reissue 2018 with bonus tracks!**
Paradise Lost - One Second 16-page
Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger) - Can’t Get Enuff 8-page
Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger) - Stick It In Your Ear 6-page
Paul Rodgers - Cut Loose 6-page (ex-Free, Bad Co., The Firm, The Law)*
Paul Rodgers - Muddy Water Blues - A Tribute To Muddy Waters 6-page (ex-Free, Bad Co., The Firm)
Paul Rodgers - Now 12-pages (ex-Free, Bad Co., The Firm, The Law)
Paul Rodgers - Electric 12-pages (ex-Free, Bad Co., The Firm, The Law)
Phantom V (ex-Bonfire, Mad Max, Jaded Heart) - Play To Win 8-page
Piramis - Piramis 1 2-page (Hungary Rock Legend)*
Piramis - Piramis 2 2-page*
Piramis - Piramis 3 2-page*
Piramis - Erotika 2-page*
Point Blank - Point Blank 4-page
Point Blank - Second Season 4-page
Point Blank - Airplay 4-page
200=Pretty Boy Floyd - Bullets & Lpstik 4-page
QSP – Quatro-Scott-Powell 4-page
Quiet Riot - Road Rage 12-page
Radiation Romeos - Radiation Romeos 12-page (ex-Warrior, Atomic Playboys)
Radiorama - Desires And Vampires 4-page*
Radiorama - The Second 4-page
Rammstein (early released only LP in 2015) - “Raritaten 1994-2012” 8-page*
Ranfa (vocals of Silver Horses, feat. B.Marsden, I.Paice, Tracy G) - Little Hard Blues 4-page
Razzmattazz - Diggin’ For Gold 12-page
Reaper - Beyond All The Time 4-page
Revolution Saints (ex-Whitesnake, Night Rangers) - Light In The Dark 16-page
Ricchi & Poveri - Mamma Maria 4-page
Ricchi & Poveri - Voulez Vous Danser 4-page
200=Richard Sanderson - I'm In Love 4-page Впервые на CD!
200=Richard Sanderson - Reality 4-page Впервые на CD!
Robin Beck - Love Is Coming 12-page
Robin Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - Robin's Reign 4-page
Robin Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - Walls Have Eyes 8-page*
Robin Gibb (ex-Bee Gees) - How Old Are You? 4-page
Rockets - Rockets 8-page
Rockets - On The Road Again 8-page
Rockets - Plasteroid 8-page*
Rockets - Galaxy 8-page**
Rockets - п 3,14 8-page
Rockets - Atomic 8-page
The Rods (David Feinstein) - Wild Dogs (4 bonus) 16-page*
The Rods (David “Rock” Feinstein) - Hollywood 8-page
The Rods (David “Rock” Feinstein) - Heavier Than Thou 8-page
Roger Taylor (ex-Queen) - Strange Frontier 12-page
Roger Taylor (ex-Queen) - Fun In Space 12-page
200=Ruckus (pre-Shakra) - Ruckus 4-page*
Rumplestiltskin - Rumplestiltskin 8-page
Rumplestiltskin - Black Magician 8-page
S.A.D.O. - Shout! 4-page
S.A.D.O. - Circle Of Friends 4-page
S.A.D.O. - Sensitivy 4-page
200=Sacred Reign – Looking For Love 4-page
Saint-Preux - Atlantis 4-page
Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen) - Voa 4-page
Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen) - Ten 13 8-page
Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen) - Sammy Hagar 8-page (japan Edition)*
Saraya - Saraya 8-page*
Saraya - When The Blackbird Sings… 8-page*
The Savage Rose - Roots Of The Wasteland 4-page
Savatage - Power Of The Night 4-page *
Savatage - Fight For The Rock 6-page
Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King 6-page*
Savatage - Gutter Ballet 20-page
Savatage - Edge Of Thorns 8-page
Shok Paris - Steel And Starlight 8-page
Shok Paris - Concrete Killers 6-page
Shy - Once Bitten… Twice Shy 8-page
Shy - Brave The Storm 12-page
Shy - Excess All Areas 12-page
Silver Horses - Silver Horses 8-page (Tony Martin, ex-Black Sabbath)*
Silver Horses - Tick 12-page
Sixx: A.M. (ex-Motley Crue) - The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack) 8-page
Skrapp Mettle - Sensitive 4-page
200=Sortilege - Metamorphose 4-page
Soulspell - Act IV – The Second Big Bang 8-page (Blaze Bayley, Tim Owens, Timo Kotipelto etc)
Space - Magic Fly 12-page
Space - Deliverance 4-page
Space - Deeper Zone 4-page
Status Quo (remaster edition, 6 Bonus) - In The Army Now 8-page
Steeler (Axel Rudi Pell) - Steeler 12-page*
Steeler (Axel Rudi Pell) - Strike Back 8-page*
Steeler (Axel Rudi Pell) - Undercover Animal 4-page*
Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra 8-page*
Steve Perry (ex-Journey) - Street Talk 12-page
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Deluxe Edition +bonus tracks) - Texas Flood 8-page
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Deluxe Edition +bonus tracks) - Couldn't Stand the Weather 8-page
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Deluxe Edition +bonus tracks) - Soul to Soul 8-page
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Deluxe Edition +bonus tracks) - In Step 8-page
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying 8-page
Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers 12-page
STS 8 Mission - Slipping Into Fiction 8-page
STS 8 Mission - The Mystery Of Time 8-page
Sudden Death - All Or Nothing (1987) 4-page
Sword - Metalized 4-page
Sword - Sweet Dreams 6-page
200=Sylvester (disco king!) 1977/78 Sylvester + Step II (2LP on 1CD)4-page
200=Sylvester (disco king!) 1979 Stars 4-page
200=Sylvester (disco king!) 1982 Do You Wanna Funk (All I Need) 4-page
200=Sylvester (disco king!) 1983 Call Me 4-page
200=Sylvester (disco king!) 1986 Mutual Attraction 4-page
T.T. Quick - Sloppy Seconds 6-page (Mark Tornillo ex-Accept)
Target - In Range 8-page (Jimi Jamison vocals)
Tea (Mark Storace pre-Krokus) - Tea 4-page
Tea (Mark Storace pre-Krokus) - The Ship 4-page
Teach In - Teach In 4-page
Teaser (Adrian Vandenberg on guit., ex-Whitesnake) - Teaser 12-page
Teaze - Teaze 4-page
Teaze - On The Loose 4-page
Teaze - One Night Stands 8-page
Teaze - Body Shots 4-page
Telex - Wonderful World/Looney Tunes 8-page*
Testament - The New Order 8-page
Testament - The Legacy 8-page
Testament - Souls Of Black 8-page
Testament - Low 8-page
Therion - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas 8-page
Therion - Theli (+ 3 bonus tracks) 12-page
Therion - Vovin 12-page
Tiamat - Wildhoney (limited ed.+ 6 bonus) 12-page
Tiamat - Clouds (limited ed.+ 6 bonus) 12-page
Timeless Miracle - Into The Enchanted Chamber 12-page
Tina Turner - Foreign Affair 12-page
TNT - Realized Fantasies 12-page
Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns 4-page (ex-Styx)
Tommy Shaw - Ambition 4-page (ex-Styx)
Tony Ashton & Jon Lord - First Of The Big Bands 4-page
Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath, Forcefield, Rondinelli band etc) - Scream 12-page
Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano 6-page*
Trapeze - Medusa 12-page (Glenn Hughes)
Treat - Coup De Grace 12-page*
Trouble Tribe - Trouble Tribe (1990) 8-page*
Twisted Sister - Under The Blade (5 bonus tracks) 8-page
Twisted Sister - You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll (3 bonus tracks) 4-page
Twisted Sister - Come Out And Play (1 bonus track) 4-page
Twisted Sister - Love Is For Suckers (4 bonus tracks) 4-page
UFO (2008 remaster + bonus tracks) - Making Contact 16-page
UFO (2008 remaster + bonus tracks) - Mechanix 16-page
UFO (2008 remaster + bonus tracks) - Misdemeanor 16-page
Unruly Child - Unruly Child 8-page (Mark Free ex-King Kobra)
Unruly Child - Can't Go Home 12-page
Vandenberg (ex-Whitesnake) - Vandenberg 4-page
Vandenberg (ex-Whitesnake) - Heading For A Storm 4-page
Vandenberg (ex-Whitesnake) - Alibi 6-page
Vega - Who We Are 12-page
Vhaldemar (Judas Priest style) - Against All Kings 12-page (Japan Ed.)
Vyper - Prepared To Strike 8-page
W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P. 12-page
W.A.S.P. - The Last Command 8-page
W.A.S.P. - The Headless Children 8-page
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol (remaster) 12-page
W.A.S.P. - Unholy Terror 12-page
W.A.S.P. - Dying For The World 12-page
W.A.S.P. - Babylon 12-page
W.A.S.P. - Dominator (remaster) 12-page
200=Warrant - First Strike 4-page
200=Warrant - The Enforcer 8-page
Warrior - Fighting For The Earth 6-page*
Waysted (Pete Way, ex-UFO) - Vices 4-page
Waysted (Pete Way, ex-UFO) - The Good , The Bad, The Waysted 6-page
Waysted (Pete Way, ex-UFO) - Save Your Prayers 8-page
West, Bruce & Laing - Why Dontcha 4-page
White Light - White Light 12-page
Wild Rose - Dangerous 8-page
Wild Rose - Hit 'n' Run 12-page
Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight 12-page
Willy DeVille - Miracle 12-page (Mark Knopfler guitars)*
Work Force - Work Force 12-page**
Young & Moody (ex-Whitesnake) - Bob Young & Micky Moody 8-page*
Young & Moody (ex-Whitesnake) - The Nearest Hits Album 4-page
Zar - Don’t Wait For Heroes 12-page
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