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CD новые (blues, prog, pop, rock etc)

№:  460791
Категория:  Аудио
Тип:  Предложение
Разместил:  Alec Giant
Город:  Вологда
Дата:  18.05.19 11:52:32
Стоимость:  распродажа
Просмотры:  107

100=Anthony Geraci (ex-Ronnie Earl Band) - Why Did You Have To Go (2018) 4-page
80=Corky Laing’s Pompeii - The Secret Sessions (2018) 4-page
100=Delta Moon - Babylon Is Falling (2018) 4-page
80=Doyle Bramhall II – Shades (2018) 4-page
80=Elvin’s Bishop Big Fun Trio - Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here (2018) 4-page
100=Jennifer Warnes - Another Time, Another Place (2018) 4-page (ex- L.Cohen, Joe Cocker)
100=Jennifer Warnes - Old Blue Raincoat (2007) 4-page (ex-Leonard Cohen, Joe Cocker)
100=Mike Zito - First Class Life (2018) 4-page
60=(The) Original Blues Brothers Band - The Last Shade of Blue Before Black (2017) 4-page
80=Shemekia Copeland - American’s Child (2018) 4-page
100=Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion (for fans Beth Hart) - Exposed (2016) 4-page
100=Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion (for fans Beth Hart) - This Is The Life I Choose (2017) 4-page
100=Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - The Blues And I Should Have A Party (2018) 4-page
100=After The Fall – Early Light 4-page
100=All Traps On Earth – A Drop Of Light (ex-Anglagard) 8-page
100=Anima Mundi – Insomnia 12-page
60=Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour 4-pagе
100=Evership – Evership II 12-page
100=Focus – Eleven 4-page
100=Freak Kitchen (feat. Mattias Eklundh, japan edition with bonus) – Confusion To The Enemy 8-page
100=Guru Guru – Rotate! 8-page
100=New Nektar – Megalomania 12-page
60=Ostura – The Room 4-page (Myrath style)
60=Anderson / Stolt (ex-Yes, Flower Kings) - Invention Of Knowledge 12-page
60=Circa: Valley Of The Windmill 12-page
80=IQ - The Wake 4-page
=pop, rock, indie etc.=
100=Bryan Ferry And His Orchestra – Bitter-Sweet 6-page
80=Cher – Dancing Queen 6-page
80=Ed Wynne – Shimmers Into Nature 4-page
80=Editors – Vi Olence 12-page
100=Kadebostany – Monumental 8-page
100=Laibach – Sound Of Music 8-page
100=Lisa Stansfield – Deeper 4-page
100=Megaherz – Komet 12-page
80=Space Elevator – II 4-page (for fans Queen)
100=Twenty One Pilots – Trench 16-page
80=UB 40 – A Real Labour Of Love 8-page
60=Nik Turner (ex-Hawkwind) – Life in Space 4-page
60=Perturbator – New Model 4-page
60=Ringo Starr – Give More Love
80=U2 – Songs Of Experience 20-page
80=Space Elevator - Space Elevator 12-page (for fans Queen)
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