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*** —текло не‘ирменное NeW ***

є:  457698
 атегори€:  јудио
“ип:  ѕредложение
–азместил:  Aqualung
√ород:  ћосква
ƒата:  16.04.19 01:19:30
—тоимость:  присутствует
ѕросмотры:  172

*** —текло не‘ирменное NeW ***


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MAREEN,MIKE (Italo-Disco,Euro-Disco,Electronic Х Germany) Another Side Of Mike Mareen Part Two,2019(4-pages)
MOTLEY CRUE The Dirt Soundtrack,2019(12-pages) (Best Album,with 4 NEW SONGS)
NAZARETH Exercises,1972(8-pages)(+4[Rem 2002]
QUATRO,SUZY No Control,2019(16-pages)
RPWL (Neo-Prog Х Germany) Tales From Outer Space,2019(16-pages)

BLACKWATER PARK (Krautrock Х Germany) Dirty Box,1971(12-pages)[Rem 2015]
CANDLEMASS (Doom Metal Х Sweden) Epicus Doomicus Metallicus,1986(4-pages)
CANDLEMASS (Doom Metal Х Sweden) Nightfall,1987(4-pages)
CANDLEMASS (Doom Metal Х Sweden) Ancient Dreams,1988(4-pages)
FOOD BRAIN (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х Japan) Bansan (Social Gathering),1970(4-pages+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UPCY-6349)
HOLY MOSES (Trash Metal Х Germany) Queen Of Siam,1986(20-pages)(+7[Rem 2005]
HOLY MOSES (Trash Metal Х Germany) Finished With The Dogs,1987(4-pages)
HOLY MOSES (Trash Metal Х Germany) The New Machine Of Liechtenstein,1989(8-pages)
SBB (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Nowy Horyzont,1975/2006(8-pages)(+4
SBB (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Pamięć,1975/2008(8-pages)(+7
SBB (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Ze Słowem Biegnę Do Ciebie,1977(8-pages)
SBB (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) SBB [Aka: Amiga Album],1978/2006(8-pages)(+9
SBB (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) SBB [Aka: Wołanie O Brzęk Szkła and Slovenian Girls],1978/2008(8-pages)(+4
SHINKI CHEN (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х Japan) Shinki Chen,1971(4-pages+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UPCY-6344)

AMBERGRIS (Jazz-Rock) Ambergris,2019(4-pages) (Ex-BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS)
CATS IN SPACE Daytrip To Narnia,2019(8-pages)
CLIMAX BLUES BAND Hands Of Time,2019(4-pages)(+1
HUMBLE PIE Back On Track, 2002(8-pages)
LEVIN,TONY (PHIL KEAGGY/TONY LEVIN/JERRY MAROTTA) (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х US) Bucket List,2019(4-pages)
MUTE GODS,THE (Crossover Prog Х UK) Atheists And Believers,2019(12-pages)
TEAZE One Night Stands,1979(8-pages)(+1
WIZZARD Singles AS & BS,1999(8-pages)(+1
ZZ TOP One Foot In The Blues,1994(6-pages)

# 06250319
ACCEPT Objection Overruled,1993(16-pages)
ALICE COOPER Love It To Death,1971(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER Killer,1971(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER SchoolТs Out,1972(4-pages)
ALICE COOPER Billion Dollar Babies,1973(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER Muscle Of Love,1973(12-pages)
ALICE COOPER Welcome To My Nightmare,1975(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2002]
ALICE COOPER Trash,1989(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER Hey Stoopid,1991(16-pages)
ALICE COOPER The Last Temptation,1994(18-pages)
ART (Psychedelic Rock Х UK) Supernatural Fairy Tales,1967(4-pages)
=430 ASIA Gravitas,2014(16-pages) IRON Ltd. Under The License From Frontiers Records
BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Blue Mountain Eagle,1970(4-pages)(+ 2
BO GRUMPUS (Psychedelic Pop,Baroque Pop Х US) Before The War,1968(4-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Machine Head,1972(4-pages+12-pages Japan booklet+OBI) (Jap.Ed. WPCR-1566)[Rem.1996]
DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer,1974(4-pages+12-pages Japan booklet+OBI) (Jap.Ed. WPCR-1572)[Rem.1996]
DEEP PURPLE Come Taste The Band,1975(4-pages+20-pages Japan booklet+OBI) (Jap.Ed. WPCR-1573)[Rem.1996]
DR. HOOK AND THE MEDICINE SHOW Doctor Hook,1971(4-pages)
DR. HOOK AND THE MEDICINE SHOW Sloppy Seconds,1972(4-pages)(+ 1
DR. HOOK AND THE MEDICINE SHOW Belly Up !,1973(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Bankrupt,1975(4-pages)
DR. HOOK A little Bit More,1976(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Makin' Love And Music,1977(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Pleasure And Pain,1978(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Sometimes You Win,1979(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Rising,1980(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Players In The Dark,1982(4-pages)
DR. HOOK Let Me Drink From You Well,1983(4-pages)
FERRY,BRYAN These Foolish Things,1973(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN In Your Mind,1977(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN The Bride Stripped Bare,1978(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Bete Noire,1987(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
HUMBLE PIE Joint Effort,2019(8-pages)
JOHN,ELTON (2 CD) Blue Moves,1976(20-pages)
JOHN,ELTON Too Low For Zero,1983(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1996]
JOHN,ELTON Ice On Fire,1985(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1998]
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) Physical Graffiti,1975(8-pages)[Rem.1995]
MALMSTEEN.YNGWIE Blue Lightning,2019(12-pages)(+ 2
McCAFFERTY,DAN (2 CD) Dan McCafferty(+ 7 / Into The Ring(+ 2,1975/1986(8-pages)[Rem.2001]
MODERN TALKING The 1st Album,1985(8-pages)(+ 3
MODERN TALKING Let's Talk About Love,1985(8-pages)(+ 3
MODERN TALKING Ready For Romance,1986(8-pages)(+ 4
MODERN TALKING In The Middle Of Nowhere,1986(8-pages)(+ 3
MODERN TALKING Romantic Warriors,1987(8-pages)(+ 3
MODERN TALKING In The Garden Of Venus,1987(8-pages)(+ 2
NITE PEOPLE (Progressive Rock Х UK) P.M.,1970(4-pages)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS Long After Dark,1982(8-pages)[Rem.2001]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) Ummagumma / Studio Album And Live Album,1969(16-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) PХUХLХSХE,1994(16-pages)
ROSSI,FRANCIS & HANNAH RICKARD We Talk To Much,2019(12-pages)
SHINN,DON (Progressive Rock,Jazz Rock Х UK) ...Takes A Trip,1969(4-pages)
STRING DRIVEN THING (Prog Folk Х UK) Keep Yer' And On It,1975(4-pages)(+ 9
TROWER,ROBIN Coming Closer To The Day,2019(4-pages)
TYLER,BONNIE Between The Earth And The Stars,2019(6-pages) (Feat.Barry Gibb, Cliff Richard and Francis Rossi)
UFO Making Contact,1983(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2009]
UFO High Stakes And Dangerous Men,1992(4-pages)
WYNANS,REESE And FRIEND Sweet Release,2019(12-pages) (Feat.J.Bonamassa,K.W.Shepherd,W.Haynes,Keb'Mo',D.Bramhall,etc.Jazz, Rock, Blues)

# 05110319
ADAMS,BRYAN Shina A Light,2019(16-pages)
BARDENS,PETER (Prog Related Х UK) Peter Bardens [Aka: Write My Name In The Dust],1971(4-pages)
BLACK PEARL (Psychedelic Rock,Blues Rock Х US) Black Pearl / Live !,1969/1970(4-pages)
BOWNESS,TIM (Crossover Prog Х UK) Flowers At The Scene,2019(12-pages)
C.C. CATCH Catch The Catch,1986(4-pages)
C.C. CATCH Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel,1986(4-pages)
CANDLEMASS The Door To Doom,2019(16-pages)(+ 3
CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM (Psychedelic Rock,Progressive Rock Х US) South Of Reality,2019(12-pages)(Feat.:Les Claypool (bass, vocals), Sean Lennon (vocals, multi-instrumentalist)
CUBY+BLIZZARDS Desolation,1966(4-pages)
CUBY+BLIZZARDS & EDDY BOYD Praise The Blues,1967(4-pages)
CUBY+BLIZZARDS Live'68 (Recorded In Concert At The Rheinhalle Dusseldorf),1968(4-pages)(Feat.: Alexis Korner)
DARKWATER (Progressive Metal Х Sweden) Human,2019(12-pages)
DEVIANTS,THE (Psychedelic Rock Х UK) Ptoof,1967(12-pages)
DEVIANTS,THE (Psychedelic Rock Х UK) Disposable,1968(4-pages)
DEVIANTS,THE (Psychedelic Rock Х UK) The Deviants 3,1969(4-pages)
DREAM THEATER Distance Over Time,2019(24-pages)(+ 1
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Emerson, Lake & Palmer,1970(8-pages)(+ 2
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Tarkus,1971(8-pages)(+ 2
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Pictures At An Exhibition,1971(8-pages)(+ 1
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Trilogy,1972(8-pages)(+ 3
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Brain Salad Surgery,1973(8-pages)(+ 3
FRAME (Heavy Prog Х Germany) Frame Of Mind,1972(4-pages)
GILLAN,IAN Cherkazoo And Other Stories,1992(4-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN Cold Autumn Sunday,2005(8-pages)(+ 2
HENSLEY LAWTON BAND,THE The Return,2001(8-pages)
HOOKER,JOHN LEE Boom Boom,1992(8-pages)(+ 2
HOOKER,JOHN LEE Don't Look Back,1997(8-pages)(+ 2
HOOKER,JOHN LEE Face To Face,2003(8-pages)(+ 2
ICARUS (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х UK) The Marvel World Of Icarus,1972(4-pages)
KISS Music From The Elder,1981(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93523)
LAST IN LINE II,2019(12-pages)
LEES,JOHN (Crossover Prog Х UK) A Major Fancy,1977(4-pages)
LENNON,JOHN (2 CD) Imagine,1971/2019(16-pages)
MATSUI,KEIKO Echo,2019(4-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN Nobody Told Me,2019(4-pages)(Feat.: Joe Bonamassa,Todd Rundgren,Larry McCray,Carolyn Wonderland)
MOSTLY AUTUMN (Prog Folk Х UK) White Rainbow,2019(6-pages)
NICKS,STEVIE Trouble In Shangri-La,2001(4-pages)
O.R.K (Progressive Rock Х International) Ramagehead,2019(8-pages)
OVERKILL The Wings Of War,2019(16-pages)(+ 3
POINT BLANK (Hard Rock,Blues Rock,Southern Rock,AOR Х US) Second Season,1977(4-pages)
SIXTY NINE (Symphonic Prog Х Germany) Circle Of The Crayfish,1972(4-pages)
SMOKE (Blues Rock Х US) Carry On Your Idea,1969(8-pages)
SMOKE (Blues Rock Х US) At George's Coffee Shop,1969(4-pages)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN Texas Flood,1983(8-pages)(+ 5
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN Couldn't Stand The Weather,1984(8-pages)(+ 5
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN Soul To Soul,1985(8-pages)(+ 3
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN In Step,1989(8-pages)(+ 5
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN & JIMMY VAUGHAN Family Style,1990(8-pages)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN The Sky Is Crying,1991(8-pages)
STRAWBS (Prog Folk Х UK) Bursting At The Seams,1973(4-pages)
TOTO Toto,1978(8-pages)
TOTO Hydra,1979(8-pages)
TOTO Turn Back,1981(8-pages)
TOTO IV,1982(8-pages)
TOTO Isolation,1984(8-pages)
VALENSIA 7eve7,2019(8-pages)
VANILLA FUDGE (Proto-Prog Х US) Vanilla Fudge [Aka:You Keep Me Hanging On],1967(4-pages)
VANILLA FUDGE (Proto-Prog Х US) Renaissance,1968(4-pages)(+ 2
VANILLA FUDGE (Proto-Prog Х US) Rock & Roll,1969(4-pages)(+ 1
WHITESNAKE (2 —D) The Best Of Ballads,2019(12-pages)(40 th Anniversary Collection)

# 04250219
BAD BOYS BLUE Heart & Soul(Recharged),2018(12-pages)(+ 6
BAD COMPANY Desolation Angels,1979(6-pages)
BAD COMPANY Rough Diamonds,1982(4-pages)
BAD COMPANY Dangerous Age,1988(6-pages)(+ 1
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Sonic Brew,1999(12-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Stronger Than Death,2000(16-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 1919 Eternal,2002(12-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Mafia,2005(8-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Shot to Hell,2006(8-pages)
BOLTON,MICHAEL A Symphony Of Hits,2019(4-pages)
CORPORATION,THE (Psychedelic Rock Х US) The Corporation,1969(4-pages)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Electric Music For The Mind And Body,1967(6-pages)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (Psychedelic Rock Х US) I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die,1967(6-pages)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Together,1968(4-pages)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Here We Are Again,1969(4-pages)
COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (Psychedelic Rock Х US) CJ Fish,1970(6-pages)
CREEPY JOHN THOMAS (Blues Rock Х UK) Brother Bat Bone / Creepy John Thomas,1968 / 1969(4-pages)
DEAR MR.TIME (Progressive Rock Х UK) Grandfather,1970(4-pages)
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Mr. Blue Sky : The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra,2012(12-pages)
ESCOMBROS (Psychedelic Rock Х Chile) Escombros,1970(12-pages)
FEVER TREE (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Fever Three / Another Time Another Place,1968 / 1968(6-pages)
MAREEN,MIKE (Italo-Disco,Euro-Disco,Electronic Х Germany) Another Side Of Mike Mareen Part One,2019(4-pages)
MARILLION (Neo-Prog Х UK) Script For Ajester's Tear,1983(8-pages)
MARILLION (Neo-Prog Х UK) Fugazi,1984(8-pages)
MARILLION (Neo-Prog Х UK) Misplaced Childhood,1985(8-pages)
MARILLION (Neo-Prog Х UK) Clutching At Straws,1987(12-pages)
MOTLEY CRUE Shout At The Devil,1983(12-pages)[Rem.1999](+ 5
MOTLEY CRUE Girls,Girls,Girls,1987(8-pages)[Rem.1999](+ 5
MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood,1989(8-pages)[Rem.1999](+ 5
MOTLEY CRUE Saints Of Los Angeles,2008(4-pages)
ONE (Progressive Rock Х UK) One,1970(8-pages)(+ 1
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) On the Sunday Of Life,1991(12-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Up the Downstair,1993(12-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) (2 CD) The Sky Moves Sideways,1995(8-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Signify,1996(12-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Stupid Dream,1999(8-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Lightbulb Sun,2000(12-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) In Absentia,2002(16-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Deadwing,2005(16-pages)
PORCUPINE TREE (Heavy Prog Х UK) Fear Of A Blank Planet,2007(12-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Rush,1974(4-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Fly By Night,1975(4-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Caress Of Steel,1975(4-pages)
TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND (Blues Rock Х US) Signs,2019(12-pages)
TWISTED SISTER Under The Blade,1982(8-pages)(+ 5
TWISTED SISTER You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll,1983(4-pages)(+ 3
TWISTED SISTER Come Out And Play,1985(4-pages)(+ 1
WYNNE,ED (Psychedelic / Space Rock Х UK) Shimmer Into Nature,2019(4-pages)
YAK (Neo-Prog Х UK) Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness,2019(4-pages)

# 03110219
3 (EMERSON,BERRY & PALMER) To The Power Of Three,1988(8-pages)
BLUES COMPANY (Modern Electric Blues Х Germany) Ain't Givin' Up,2019(16-pages)
BRAM STOKER (Prog Related Х UK) Heavy Rock Spectaular,1972(2-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO (2 CD) Adrian,2019(20-pages)(+ 1
CORPORATION,THE (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Get On Our Swing / Hassels In My Mind,1970 / 1970(4-pages)
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER (2 CD) Works Volume I,1977(8-pages)(+ 3
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER Works Volume II,1977(8-pages)(+ 3
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER Love Beach,1978(8-pages)(+ 3
EMERSON,LAKE & POWELL Emerson,Lake and Powell,1986(6-pages)(+ 2
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER Black Moon,1992(8-pages)(+ 4
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER In The Hot Seat,1994(8-pages)(+ 1
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Х Netherlands) Focus 11,2019(4-pages)
GOV'T MULE Dose,1998(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE (2 CD) Live...With A Little Help From Our Friends,1999(12-pages)
GOV'T MULE Life Before Insanity,1999(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE Live...With A Little Help From Our Friends Volume 2,1999(12-pages)
GOV'T MULE The Deep End Volume 1,2001(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE The Deep End Volume 2,2002(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE Deja Voodoo,2004(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE (2 CD) High & Mighty,2007(16-pages)
GOV'T MULE (2 CD) Mulennium,2010(8-pages)
GOV'T MULE Mulennium Disc 3,2010(8-pages)
GOV'T MULE (3 CD) Dub Side Of The Mule,2015(4-pages)
HELPFUL SOUL (Heavy Psych,Blues Rock Х Japan) First Album,1969(4-pages)
INGLORIOUS (Hard Rock Х UK) Ride To Nowhere,2019(12-pages)(+ 1
JOHN LEE HOOKER Sings The Blues,2019(6-pages)
LYNOTT,PHILIP Solo In Soho,1978(6-pages)
LYNOTT,PHILIP Philip Lynott Album,1980(4-pages)
McCARTNEY,PAUL The Family Way,1967(4-pages)
METALLICA Helping Hands... Live & Acoustic At The Masonic,2019(4-pages)
MORSE,NEAL (2 CD) (Symphonic Prog Х US) The Neal Morse Band: The Great Adventure,2019(20-pages)(Feat.M. Portnoy)
NORMAN,CHRIS Some Hearts Are Diamonds,1986(4-pages)(+ 6
PRESTO BALLET (Crossover Prog Х US) The Days Between,2019(8-pages)(+ 1
RICHARDS,KEITH Talk Is Cheap,1988(8-pages)
RICHARDS,KEITH Main Offender,1992(6-pages)
RIVAL SONS (Hard Rock/Blues Rock Х US) Before The Fire,2009(8-pages)
RIVAL SONS (Hard Rock/Blues Rock Х US) Feral Roots,2019(8-pages)
SAMUEL PRODY (Heavy Psych Х UK) Samuel Prody,1971(4-pages)
SLADE Cum On Let's Party,2002(8-pages)(+ 1
SOEN (Experimental/Post Metal Х Multi-National) Lotus,2019(12-pages)
STEWART,ROD Gasoline Alley,1970(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD Every Picture Tells A Story,1971(6-pages)
STEWART,ROD Never A Dull Moment,1972(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD Foolish Behaviour,1980(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD Body Wishes,1983(6-pages)
STEWART,ROD Vagabond Heart,1991(4-pages)
TIN HOUSE (Hard Blues Rock Х US) Tin House,1971(4-pages)
TROUT,WALTER (Blues, Blues Rock Х US) Survivor Blues,2019(8-pages)
URIAH HEEP (2 CD) Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble.1970(20-pages)[Rem.2016]
URIAH HEEP (2 CD) Salisbury,1971(20-pages)[Rem.2016]
URIAH HEEP (2 CD) Look At Yourself,1971(20-pages)[Rem.2016]
URIAH HEEP (2 CD) Demons And Wizards,1972(20-pages)[Rem.2017]
URIAH HEEP (2 CD) The Magician's Birthday,1972(20-pages)[Rem.2017]
VANGELIS (Prog Related Х Greece) Nocturne - The Piano Album,2019(12-pages)
WITHIN TEMPTATION Resist,2019(24-pages)
YES (Symphonic Prog Х UK) Talk,1994(8-pages)
YES (Symphonic Prog Х UK) The Ladder,1999(12-pages)
YES (Symphonic Prog Х UK) Magnification,2001(12-pages)
ZAZ Effet Miroir,2018(4-pages)

# 02280119
10 CC (Prog Related Х UK) 10 CC,1973/2007(16-pages)(+ 5
10 CC (Prog Related Х UK) Deceptive Bends,1977(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1997]
10 CC (Prog Related Х UK) Meanwhille,1992/2008(16-pages)(+ 5
ANGLAGARD (Symphonic Prog Х Sweden) Epilog,1994/2010(8-pages)(+ 1
BABY GRAND Baby Grand / Ancient Medicine, 1977 / 1978(4-pages)
BAD BOYS BLUE Hot Girls,Bad Boys,1985(4-pages)
BALLIN ' JACK (Funk Rock Х US) Ballin' Jack / Buzzard Luck,1970 / 1972(4-pages)
BRIGMAN,GEORGE (Heavy Psych,Hard Rock Х US) Jungle Rot / I Can Hear The Ants Dancin',1975 / 1982(4-pages)
BUSH,KATE The Kick Inside,1978(8-pages)
BUSH,KATE Lionheart,1978(12-pages)
BUSH,KATE Never For Ever,1980(12-pages)
BUSH,KATE The Dreaming,1982(12-pages)
BUSH,KATE Hounds Of Love,1985(12-pages)
BUSH,KATE The Sensual World,1989(8-pages)
CHICKEN SNACK Forty Blue Fingers,Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve,1968(4-pages)(+ 3
CHICKEN SNACK O.K. Ken?, 1969(4-pages)(+ 2
CHICKEN SNACK 100 Ton Chicken,1969(4-pages)(+ 2
CHICKEN SNACK Accept Chicken Shack,1970(4-pages)(+ 8
CHICKEN SNACK Imagination Lady,1972(12-pages)(+ 2
CHICKEN SNACK Unlucky Boy,1973(8-pages)(+ 1
CRISS,PETER Criss Cat#1,1994(8-pages)
CRISS,PETER One For All,2007(8-pages)
DAVIS,BETTY (Funk,Soul Х US) Betty Davis,1973(4-pages)
DUSTY CHAPS,THE Honky Tonk Music / Domino Joe, 1977 / 1978(4-pages)
EDEN'S CHILDREN (Heavy Psychedelic Rock Х US) Eden's Children / Sure Looks Real,1968 / 1968(4-pages)
FROZEN LAND (Power Metal Х Finland) Frozen Land,2018(12-pages)
GIBBONS,BILLY AND THE BFG'S (ex-ZZ) Perfectamundo,2015(12-pages)
J.J. CALE Travel -Log,1990(6-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE,THE Electric Ladyland,1968(8-pages)[Rem.2018](50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
JOHN,ELTON Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy,1975/1995(16-pages)(+ 3
KISS Rock And Roll Over,1976(4-pages)
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) The Mix,1991(20-pages)
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Tour De France,2003(20-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV,1971(12-pages)[Rem.1994]
LP (LAURA PERGOLIZZI)(Alternative,Indie Rock,Pop Rock Х US) Heart To Mouth,2018(4-pages)
MARTIN,TONY Scream,2005(12-pages)(+ 1 Sabbath,Forcefield,Rondinelli band etc.)
ORANGE GOBLIN (Stoner Rock,Heavy Metal Х UK) The Wolf Bites Back,2018(12-pages)
POWERWOLF (Power Metal Х Germany) Metallum Nostrum,2019(4-pages)
RAMMSTEIN Rosenrot,2005(20-pages)
RAMMSTEIN Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da,2009(12-pages)
RAMMSTEIN Herzeleid,1996(16-pages)
RAMMSTEIN Mutter,2001(16-pages)
=190 RUMPF,INGA My Life Is A Boogie / I Know Who I Am,1978 / 1979(4-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) A Farewell To Kings,1977(8-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Hemispheres,1978(6-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Permanent Waves,1980(8-pages)
RUSH (Heavy Prog Х Canada) Moving Pictures,1981(6-pages)
SANTANA Welcome,1973(8-pages)
SANTANA Borboletta,1974(4-pages)
SANTANA Amigos,1976(8-pages)
SANTANA Festival,1977(4-pages)
SIMMONS,GENE AssЕ Hole,2004(8-pages)
U.D.O Timebomb,1991(8-pages)(+2 Ed.)

# 01140119
ALL TRAPS ON EARTH (Symphonic Prog Х Sweden) A Drop Of Light,2018(8-pages)
BEATLES MEETS QUEEN Beatles Meets Queen,2012(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
BLACKFOOT (Southern Rock Х US) Strikes,1979(8-pages)
BLACKFOOT (Southern Rock Х US) Tomcattin',1980(8-pages)
BLACKFOOT (Southern Rock Х US) Siogo,1983(4-pages)(Ken Hensley-URIAH HEEP)
BLACKFOOT (Southern Rock Х US) Vertical Smiles,1984(4-pages)(Ken Hensley-URIAH HEEP)
BLACKFOOT (Southern Rock Х US) Medicine Man,1990(6-pages)
BOLDER DAMN (Hard Rock, Heavy Psych Х US) Mourning,1972(12-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Rockin' Christmas Blues,2016(4 -pages)
CORKY LAING'S POMPEII The Secret Sessions,2018(4-pages)(+ 4 Feat.: Eric Clapton,Ian Hunter,Leslie West)
COWLEY,PATRICK (Progressive Electronic Х US) Megatron Man,1981(4-pages)
COWLEY,PATRICK (Progressive Electronic Х US) Mind Warp,1982(4-pages)
DEE D.JACKSON (Italo-Disco) Cosmic Curves,1978(6-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2010]
DEVIL TO PAY (Stoner Metal Х US) Fate Is Your Muse,2013(6-pages)
DIAS DE BLUES (Blues Rock Х Uruguay) Dias De Blues,1972(4-pages)
DIONYSOS (Eclectic Prog Х Canada) Le Grand Jeu,1971(4-pages)
EVERSHIP (Neo-Prog Х US) Evership II,2018(12-pages)
FISH (Neo-Prog Х UK) A Parley With Angels,2018(4-pages)
GILLA (Euro-Disco) I Like Some Cool Rock'n'Roll,1985(4-pages)(+ 3
GILLA (Euro-Disco) Help!Help!,1977(4-pages)(+ 4
GOTTHARD (2 CD) Defrosted 2,2018(8-pages)
HAMMER,JAN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х US) Seasons, Pt. 1,2018(8-pages)
JANE Werner Nadolny's Jane (Heavy Prog Х Germany) Е And In The Darkest Night (Live auf der Seebuhne),2018(4-pages)
KRP,THE (KEITH REID PROJECT) In My Head,2018(12-pages) (ex-PROCOL HARUM)
LA BIONDA (Italo-Disco) La Bionda.1978(8-pages)
LA BIONDA (Italo-Disco) Bandido,1978(6-pages)
LAIBACH Sound Of Music,2018(8-pages)
LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM (AOR,Hard Rock Х Sweden) Secret Treasures,2018(12-pages)(+ 4
LESLIE'S MOTEL (Blues Rock Х US) Dirty Sheets,1972(4-pages)
METAL CHURCH (Heavy Metal Х US) Damned If You Do,2018(12-pages)
MOLOCH (Blues Rock Х US) Moloch,1970(4-pages)(+ 2
MUTZIE (Heavy Psych, Psychedelic Rock Х US) Light Of Your Shadow,1970(4-pages)
NEKTAR (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х UK) New Nektar: Megalomania,2018(12-pages)
PAVLOV'S DOG (Crossover Prog Х US) Prodigal Dreamer,2018(8-pages)
PUPO (Italo Pop) Lo Devo Solo A Te,1981(6-pages)
PUPO (Italo Pop) Cieli Azzurri,1983(8-pages)
PUPO (Italo Pop) Malattia D'amore,1984(4-pages)
TED NUGENT The Music Made Me Do It,2018(6-pages)
TELEX (Synth Pop Х Belgium) Looking For Saint Tropez,1979(8-pages)
TELEX (Synth Pop Х Belgium) Neurovision,1980(8-pages)
TELEX (Synth Pop Х Belgium) Sex / Birds And Bees,1981/1982(8-pages)
TELEX (Synth Pop Х Belgium) Wonderful World / Looney Tunes,1984/1988(8-pages)
UNICORN Uphill All The Way,1971(4-pages)
UNICORN Blue Pine Trees,1974(8-pages)(+ 7 Feat. DAVID GILMOUR
UNICORN Too Many Crooks,1976(8-pages)(+ 6 Feat. DAVID GILMOUR
UNICORN One More Tomorrow,1977(8-pages)(+ 7 Feat. DAVID GILMOUR
VELVET NIGHT (Psychedelic Rock Х US) Velvet Night,1970(4-pages)(+ 1
VENOM (New Album,Speed Thrash Metal Х UK) Storm The Gates,2018(12-pages)
WARM DUST (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х UK) And It Came To Pass,1970(4-pages)
WARM DUST(Jazz Rock/Fusion Х UK) Peace For Our Time / Warm Dust,1971/1972(8-pages)
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