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10 CC (Prog Related UK) The Original Soundtrack,1975(8-pages)(+ 2
10 CC (Prog Related UK) How Dare You! 1976(8-pages)(+ 1
10 CC (Prog Related UK) Bloody Tourists,1978(8-pages)(+ 1
10 CC (Prog Related UK) Mirror Mirror,1995(20-pages)
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS Crackle ebackle,1967(4-pages)
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS Bull Of The Woods,1968(4-pages)
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS Easter Everywhere,1994(4-pages)
21 GUNS Salute,1992(16-page)
30 SECONDS TO MARS This Is War,2009(8-pages)
30 SECONDS TO MARS Love Lust Faith + Dreams,2013(12-pages)
30 (THIRTY) SECONDS TO MARS America,2018(2-pages)
41 POINT 9 Still Looking For The Answers,2011(4-pages)
A LA CARTE Do Vah Diddy Diddy Round,1980/2010(4-pages)
A LA CARTE Viva,1981/2010(4-pages)
A PERFECT CIRCLE (Alternative Rock US) Eat The Elephant,2018(4-pages)
A SECRET RIVER (Crossover Prog Sweden) Colours Of Solitude,2014(4-pages)
ABACUS (Crossover Prog Germany) Fire Behins Bars,2001(12-pages)
ABBA Ring Ring,1973(4-pages)
ABBA Waterloo,1974(4-pages)
ABBA Abba,1975(4-pages)
ABBA Arrival,1976(8-pages)
ABBA (2 CD) Live At Wembley Arena,1979/2014(20-pages)
ABERCROMBIE,JOHN (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Animato,1990(4-pages)
ABERCROMBIE,JOHN (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Cat'n' Mouse,2002(20-pages)
ABERCROMBIE,JOHN / RALPH TOWNER (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Sargasso Sea,1976(6-pages)
ABERCROMBIE,JOHN TRIO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Speak Of The Devil,1994(12-pages)
ABERCROMBIE,JOHN (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) November,1992(6-pages)
ABIGAIL'S GHOST (Heavy Prog US) Black Plastic Sun,2015(8-pages)
ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog UK) View From The Bridge,2005(4-pages)
ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog UK) Black And White,2009(4-pages)
ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog UK) Idle Noise,2008(4-pages)
ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog UK) The Seasons Turn,2016(8-pages)
ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog UK) Colours,2018(12-pages)02
ABRAHAMS,MICK (Prog Related UK) Mick Abrahams,1971(8-pages)[Rem.1992]
ABSTRACT TRUST,THE (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock South Africa) The Abstract Trust,1970(6-pages)
ABSTRACT TRUTH,THE (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock South Africa) Totum,1971(4-pages)(+ 7
ACCEPT I'm A Rebel,1980/2010(8-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
ACCEPT I'm A Rebel,1980(8-pages)
ACCEPT Balls To The Wall,1983(8-pages)
ACCEPT Metal Heart,1985(12-pages)
ACCEPT Russian Roulette,1986(8-pages)
ACCEPT Eat The Heat,1989(12-pages) ( RCA)
ACCEPT Stalingrad,2012(16-pages)(+ 1
ACCEPT Blind Rage,2014(16-pages)
ACCEPT The Rise Of Chaos,2017(16-pages)(10 tr.)(TIMEBLUES)
ACCEPT The Rise Of Chaos,2017(16-pages)(11 tr.)(KIVI)
AC/DC Let There Be Rock,1977(16-pages)[Rem.2003] 09
AC/DC Powerage,1978(16-pages)
AC/DC Highway To Hell,1979(8-pages)
AC/DC For Those About To Rock We Salute You,1981/2003(16-pages)
AC/DC '74 Jailbreak,1975/2003(16-pages)
AC/DC Who Made Who,1986(16-pages)[Rem.2003] 09
AC/DC Fly On The Wall,1985(16-pages)
AC/DC (2 CD) Live At River Plate,2012(24-pages)
AC/DC Rock Or Bust,2014(24-pages)
AC/DC Rarities,2016(8-pages)
ACCOLADE (Prog Folk UK) ACCOLADE 2,1971(6-pages)
ACE OF BASE Hidden Gems,2015(12-pages)
ACHE (Symphonic Prog Denmark) Pictures From Cyclus 7,1976(4-pages)
ADAGIO (Progressive Metal France) Life,2017(12-pages)(+ 1
ADAMS,BRYAN Get Up,2015(16-pages) produced by Jeff Lynne
ADELE 21,2011(12-pages)(+ 2
ADELE 25,2015(16-pages)
ADRENALINE MOB We The People,2017(16-pages)
ADRENALINE RUSH Soul Survivor,2017(12-pages)
AEROSMITH Pump,1989(12-pages)
AEROVONS,THE Resurrection,1969(24-pages/poster)(+ 4
AFFECTOR (Progressive Metal Multi-National) Harmagedon,2012(16-pages)
AFFINITY (Eclectic Prog UK) Affinity,1970/1993(6-pages)(+ 2
AFFINITY (Eclectic Prog UK) Live Instrumentals,1969/2003(12-pages)(+ 5
AFFINITY (Eclectic Prog UK) Affinity 1971-72,2003(8-pages)
AFTER ALL After All,1969(4-pages)
AFTER THE FALL (Heavy Prog US) Early Light,2018(4-pages)08
AGALLOCH (Experimental/Post Metal US) The White EP,2008(6-pages+OBI)
AGITATION FREE (Krautrock Germany) Agitation Free 2nd,1973(32-pages)
AGITATION FREE (Krautrock Germany) The Other Sides Of Agitation Free,1974(36-pages)
AGITATION FREE (Krautrock Germany) Last,1998(4-pages)
AGUSA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden) Hogtid,2014(4-pages)
AGUSA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden) va,2015(4-pages)
AGUSA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden) Agusa,2017(4-pages)
AIR Le Voyage Dans La Lune,2012(8-pages)
AIRBAG (Neo-Prog Norway) All Right Removed,2011(12-pages)
AIRBAG (Neo-Prog Norway) Disonnected,2016(12-pages)
AIRBOURNE Breakin' Outta Hell,2016(12-pages)(+ 1
AIRBOURNE (Hard & Heavy Australia) Diamond Cuts:The B-Sides,2017(12-pages)
AKIN (Crossover Prog France) The Way Things End,2011(4-pages)
AL DI MEOLA (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Opus,2018(12-pages)05
ALAMO (Hard Blues Rock US) Alamo,1971(4-pages)
ALAN BOWN,THE Outward Bown,1967/2011(4-pages)(+ 14
ALAN PARSONS PROJEKT (Crossover Prog UK) Tales Of Mystery And Imignation,1976(24-pages)
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) (2 CD) Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe,1976(12-pages)(+ 8[Rem.2008]
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) I Robot,1977(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2007]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Pyramid,1978(12-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2008]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Eve,1979(12-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2008]
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) The Turn Of A Friendly Card,1980(12-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2008]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) (2 CD) The Turn Of A Friendly Card,1980/2015(20-pages)(Deluxe Ed.)
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Eye In The Sky,1982(12-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2007]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Vulture Culture,1984(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2007]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Gaudi,1987(12-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2008]08
ALAN PARSONS PROJEKT (Crossover Prog UK) (2 CD) Live In Colombia,2016(4-pages)
ALASKA (Bernie Marsden from WHITESNAKE) Heart Of The Storm,1984/1996(4-pages)(+ 3
ALASKA (Bernie Marsden from WHITESNAKE) The Pack,1985(4-pages)
ALCATRAZ (Krautrock Germany) Vampire State Building,1971(12-pages/poster)(+ 1
ALCEST (Experimental/Post Metal France) Les Voyages De L'Ame,2012(6-pages)
ALCO FRISBASS (Eclectic Prog France) Alco Frisbass,2015(4-pages)
ALI MAAS & MICKY MOODY Black & Chrome,2016(4-pages)
ALIAS EYE (Crossover Prog Germany) Field Of Names,2001(12-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from DVS RECORDS
ALIAS EYE (Crossover Prog Germany) In-Between,2012(12-pages)
ALICE COOPER Pretties For You,1969(4-pages+12-pages Japan booklet)(Japan remasters)
ALICE COOPER Easy Action,1969/2012(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
ALICE COOPER Love It To Death,1971/2012(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
ALICE COOPER Welcome To My Nightmare,1975(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER Trash,1989(8-pages)(+ 2
ALICE COOPER Hey Stoopid,1991(8-pages)
ALICE COOPER (CD + DVD 9) Theatre Of Death / Live At Hammersmith,2009(12-pages)
ALICE COOPER Paronormal,2017(20-pages)(Deluxe Ed.18 , CD )
ALICE COOPER (2 CD) Paronormal,2017(20-pages)(Deluxe Ed)
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Allman Brothers Band,1969(4-pages)
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Brothers And Sisters,1973(6-pages)
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Idlewild South,1970(4-pages)
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND At Fillmore East,1971(4-pages)
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Seven Turns,1990(8-pages)
ALMOND,MARC The Velvet Trail,2015(8-pages)
ALPHATAURUS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Altosecondo,2013(6-pages)
ALPHAVILLE (2 CD) SO8OS(SoEighties),2014(12-pages)
ALPHAVILLE (Synthpop/Electropop Germany) Strange Attractor,2017(16-pages)
ALQUIN (Eclectic Prog Netherlands) (2 CD) Nobody Can Wait Forever / The Best Kept Secret / Alquin On Tour,1975/1976/1976(12-pages)
ALSO EDEN (Neo-Prog UK) Think Of The Children! 2011(12-pages)
ALTER BRIDGE The Last Hero,2016(16-pages)(+ 1
ALVIN LEE BAND,THE Freefall,1980(8-pages)(+ 1 Guest : George HARRISON,Steve GRANT,Jon LORD)
AMBOY DUKES,THE (THE AMERICAN AMBOY DUKES) Journey To The Center Of The Mind,1968/1991(4-pages)(+ 1
AME SON (Psychedelic/Space Rock France) Catalyse,1970(4-pages)(+ 5
AMON DUUL II (Krautrock Germany) Lemmingmania,1975(12-pages)
AMON DUUL II (Krautrock Germany) Pyragony X,1976(12-pages)
AMPLIFIER (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Echostreet,2013(6-pages)
AMPLIFIER (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Mystoria,2014(12-pages)
AMPLIFIER (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Trippin' With Dr. Faustus,2017(4-pages)
ANAKDOTA (Progressive Rock / Eclectic Prog Israel) Overloading,2016(4-pages)
ANALOGY (Psychedelic/Space Rock Italy) Analogy,1972(8-pages)
ANASTACIA Heavy Rotation,2008(20-page)
ANDERS,THOMAS Songs Forever,2006(4-pages)(+ 1
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) Olias Of Sunhillow,1976(8-pages)06
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) Song Of Seven,1980(8-pages)06
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) Animation,1982(8-pages)(+2
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) In The City Of Angels,1988(12-pages)06
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) Deseo,1994(6-pages)(Japan Edition,K2 24 BIT Mastering)
ANDERSON,JON (Prog Related UK) Toltec,1996(8-pages)06
ANDERSON,JON Survival And Other Stories,2010(12-pages)
ANDERSON / WAKEMAN The Living Tree In Concert Part 1,2012(8-pages)
ANDERSON & STOLT (Symphonic Prog Multi-National) Invention Of Knowledge,2016(12-pages)
ANDERSON PONTY BAND (Crossover Prog Multi-National) Better Late Than Never,2015(16-pages)
ANDRE MANOUKIAN So In Love,2010(4-pages)
ANDROMEDA (Heavy Prog Germany) Andromeda,1970/1997(4-pages)
ANDROMEDA (Proto-Prog UK) Andromeda,1969/1994(6-pages)(+ 8
ANDWELLAS DREAM Love And Poetry,1969(4-page)
ANEKDOTEN Until All Ghosts Are Gone,2015(8-pages)
ANIMA MUNDI (Symphonic Prog Cuba) I Me Myself,2016(8-pages)
ANIMALS The Animals / Animal Tracks,1964 / 1965 //2004(8-pages)
ANIMALS Animalism,1966(12-pages)(+ 13
ANNIHILATOR (Thrash Metal Canada) For The Demented,2017(16 -pages)
ANTHRAX (2 CD) For All Kings,2016(6-pages)(Ltd.Deluxe Edition)
ANTHRAX (2 CD) Kings Among Scotland,2018(4-pages)10
ANTHRIEL (Progressive Metal Finland) Transcendence,2017(12-pages)
ANTONIUS REX (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Hystero Demonopathy,2013(6-pages)
ANUBIS GATE (Progressive Metal Denmark) Anubis Gate,2011(8-pages)
ANUBIS GATE (Progressive Metal Denmark) Horizons,2014(4-pages)
APHRODITE'S CHILD (Symphonic Prog Greece)(2 CD) 666,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-9373/4)+
APHRODITE'S CHILD (Symphonic Prog Greece)(2 CD) 666,1972(8-pages)
APOCALYPSE (Germany) Apocalypse,1969(12-pages)
APOGEE (Crossover Prog Germany) The Art Of Mind,2015(4-pages)
APOLLO (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) Waterdevils,2016(12-pages)
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND,THE The Apple Pie Motherhood Band,1968/2005(4-pages
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND Apple Pie,1969/2004(4-pages)
APRIL WINE On Record,1972/1991(8-pages)
APRYL FOOL (Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan) Apryl Fool,1969(4-pages)(+ 4
ARABESQUE VI (Cabaliero),1982(8-pages)08
ARABESQUE VII (Why No Reply?),1982(12-pages)08
ARABESQUE VIII (Loser Pays The Piper),1983(12-pages)08
ARABESQUE IX (Time To Say Good Bye),1984(8-pages)08
ARABS IN ASPIC (Heavy Prog Norway) Victim Of Your Father's Agony,2015(8-pages)
ARC (Heavy Prog UK) At This,1971(6-pages)
ARC ANGEL Harlequins Of Light,2013(12-pages)
ARCH / MATHEOS (Progressive Metal US) Sympathetic Resonance,2011(12-pages)
ARCTIC MONKEYS AM,2013(12-pages)
ARCTIC MONKEYS Tranquility Base Hotel+Casino,2018(12 -pages)10
=240 AREA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Are(A)zione,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+Inner+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1159)
ARENA (Neo-Prog UK) Radiance,2003(4-pages)
ARENA (CD+DVD)(Neo-Prog UK) The Seventh Degree Of Separation,2011(28-pages)
ARGENT (Crossover Prog UK) Ring Of Hands,1971(4-pages)
ARGENT (Crossover Prog UK) All Together Now,1972(8-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2012]
ARGENT (Crossover Prog UK) In Deep,1973(4-pages)(+ 1
ARGENT (Crossover Prog UK) Nexus,1974(4-pages)
ARGENT (Crossover Prog UK) Circus,1975(4-pages)
ARGOS (Neo-Prog Germany) A Seasonal Affair,2015(8-pages)(+ 2
ARGUS Argus,1973(6-pages)(+ 6
ARGUS (Heavy Metal with Doom Influences US) From Fields Of Fire,2017(12-pages)22
ARIADNA PROJECT (Power Metal Argentina) Novus Mundus,2016(4-pages)(+ 2
ARKAN (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal France) Sofia,2014(4-pages)
ARMAGGEDON (Heavy Prog Germany) Armaggedon,1970(4-pages)03
ARMAGGEDON (Heavy Psychedelic Rock US) Armaggedon,1969(4-page)
ARMSTRONG,LOUIS Louis And The Good Book,1958/1980(4-pages)03
ARTWOODS,THE Art Gallery,1964/1967(8-pages)[Inclusive 14 bonus tracks]
ARTWOODS,THE 100 Oxford Street,1983(6-pages)
ARZ (Crossover Prog US) Turn Of The Tide,2012(4-pages)
ARZACHEL (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Arzachel,1969(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
ASG Blood Drive,2013(4-pages)
ASGARD (Crossover Prog UK) The Realm Of Asgaerd,1972(4-pages)22
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Asia,1982(4-pages)
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Alpha,1983(8-pages)
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Astra,1985(4-pages)
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Arena,1996(16-pages)(+ 2
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Live In Moscow 1990,1998(4-pages) CD-Max
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Aria,1994(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2005](Special Edition)
ASIA (Prog Related UK) Aqua,2004(12-pages)(+ 3
ASIA (Prog Related UK) (2 CD) Resonance /Live In Basel/,2012(8-pages)
ASIA (Prog Related UK) (2 CD) Symfonia/Live In Bulgaria (2013),2017(8-pages)
ASHTON,TONY & JON LORD First Of The Big Bands,1974(4-pages)
ASHTON,TONY & JON LORD (Perfomed by Ashton,Gardner & Dyke) The Last Rebel(OST) ,1971(12-pages)(+ 10
ASPHYXIA (Old School Thrash Metal Belgium) Exit Reality,1991(4-pages) Rumble Records!!
ASSIGNMENT (Progressive Metal Germany) (inc R Beck, M Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, Bonfire), M Leven (ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen), C Kaiser (ex-Angel Dust) on vocals) Inside Of The Machine,2013(12-pages)
ASTERIX (Krautrock Germany) Asterix,1970(6-pages)[Rem 1998] (pre-Lucifer's Friend,Feat.JOHN LAWTON)06
ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS Astral Navigations,1970(12-pages)
ATLANTIS It's Getting Better,1973(6-pages)
ATLANTIS Live,1974/1995(8-pages)
ATLANTIS Live,1974/2011(4-pages)
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Atomic RooOster,1970/2004(20-pages)(+ 5 Deluxe Edition)
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Death Walks Behind You,1970/2004(20-pages)(+ 6
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) In Hearing Of Of Atomic Rooster,1971/2004(16-pages)(+ 3
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Made In England,1972/2004(12-pages)(+ 8
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Nice 'n' Greasy,1973/2004(12-pages)(+ 4
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Atomic Rooster,1980/2004(12-pages)(+ 2
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) The Devil Hits Back,1986(4-pages)
ATOMIC ROOSTER (Heavy Prog UK) Homework,2008(12-pages)(+ 6
ATROPHY (U.S.A.Trash) Socialized Hate,1988(12-pages)
ATTACK,THE (Psychedelic Rock UK) Magic In The Air,1966(8-pages)
ATTACK,THE (Psychedelic Rock UK) Finale Daze,1967(16-pages)
AUDIENCE (Eclectic Prog UK) Audience,1969(8-pages)
AUDIENCE (Eclectic Prog UK) The House On The Hill,1971(14-pages)
AUDIENCE (Eclectic Prog UK) (2 in1) The House On The Hill,1971 / Lunch,1972(4-pages)
AUM Ressurection,1969(4-pages)
AUNT MARY (Eclectic Prog Norway) Loaded,1972(4-pages)(+ 4
AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW (2 CD) Everything Under The Sun (Live In Germany 2016),2017(4-pages
AUTOGRAPH (AVTOGRAF) (Crossover Prog Russia) Tear Down The Border,1991(8-pages) .
AUTOMATIC FINE TUNING (Heavy Prog UK) A. F. T.,1976/2004(4-pages)
AXEL RUDI PELL Wild Obsession,1989(8-pages)07
AXEL RUDI PELL Nasty Reputation,1991(12-pages)07
AXEL RUDI PELL Eternal Prisoner,1992(12-pages)07
AXEL RUDI PELL Ballads IV,2011(8-pages)
AXEL RUDI PELL Knights Call,2018(12-pages)08
AXXIS (Melodic Heavy/Power Metal Germany) Retrolution,2017(12-pages)(+ 1
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION,THE The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation,1968/2014(4-pages)
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION,THE Doctor Dunbar's Prescription,1969/2014(4-pages)
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION,THE To Mum, From Aynsley & The Boys,1969/2014(4-pages)
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION,THE Remains To Be Heard,1970/2014(4-pages)
B-52's Funplex,2008(12-pages)22
BABE RUTH (Heavy Prog UK) First Base,1972(8-pages)(+2
BABY' GANG (DISCO Italy) Challenger,1985/2010(4-pages)
BACCARA Light My Fire,1978(+5 th Anniversary.Ed.)
BACCARA Bad Boys,1981(+2 th Anniversary.Ed.)
BACCARA I Belong To Your Heart,2017(20-pages)
BACHDENKEL (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Lemmings,1970(4-pages)
BACHDENKEL (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) And Other Lost Causes(1969-1976),1990(4-pages)
BACHMAN,RANDY Survivor,1978(8-page)
BACHMAN,RANDY By George By Bachman,2018(4-pages)(Guest Guitarist-WALTER TROUT) A Tribute Album To GEORGE HARRISON 08
BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE Freeways,1977(4-pages)
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE Japan Tour,1977(4-pages)
BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE Trial By Fire:Latest & Greatest,1996(8-pages)
BACK STREET CRAWLER Kossoff,1973(8-pages)
BACK STREET CRAWLER The Band Plays On,1975(4-pages)
BACK STREET CRAWLER 2 nd Street,1976(4-pages)
BACON FAT (Blues Rock US) Grease One For Me,1970/2004(4-pages)
BACON FAT (Blues Rock US) Tough Dube,1971/2004(4-pages)
BAD COMPANY (2 CD) Straight Shooter,1975(20-pages)[Rem.2015] [Deluxe Edition]
BAD COMPANY Live At Red Rocks,2017(4-pages)22
BAD MANNERS Ska'n'B'!,1980(4-pages)(+ 5
BAD MANNERS Loonee Tunes,1980(4-pages)(+ 2
BAD MANNERS Forging Ahead,1982(4-pages)(+ 10
BADFINGER Magic Christian Music,1970(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2010]07
BADFINGER No Dice,1970(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2010]07
BADFINGER Straight Up,1971(12-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2010]07
BADFINGER Ass,1973(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2010]07
BADFINGER Badfinger,1974(8-pages)03
BADFINGER Airwaves,1979(8-pages)(+ 5
BADLANDS Badlands,1989(6-pages)(+ 1
BADLANDS Voodoo Highway,1991(6-pages)06
BALTIK (Progressive Rock Sweden) Baltic,1973(4-pages)
BANCHEE (Heavy Psychedelic Rock US) Banchee,1969(4-pages)10
BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Darwin,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. K32Y 2052)
BANDOLERO Bandolero,1969(2-pages)
BANG (Hard Rock UK ) Mother Bow To The King,1972(4-pages)
BANKS,TONY (Crossover Prog UK) Bankstatement,1989(8-pages)
BANKS,TONY (Crossover Prog UK) Five,2018(12-pages) With The Czech National Symphony Orchestra & Choir
BANZAI (Symphonic Prog Belgium) Hora Nata,1974(12-pages)(+ 6
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) Victims Of Circumstance,1984(4-pages)
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) Face To Face,1987(6-pages)
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) Welcome To The Show,1990(12-pages)
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) River Of Dreams,1997(12-pages)
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) Nexus,1999(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Crossover Prog UK) North,2013(12-pages)
BARDENS,PETER (Prog Related UK) The Answer,1970(12-pages)
BAROCK PROJECT (Neo-Prog Italy) Skyline,2015(12-pages)
BAROCK PROJECT (Neo-Prog Italy) Detachment,2017(12-pages)
BARRE,MARTIN (Crossover Prog UK) Order Of Play,2014(8-pages)
BARRETT,NICK & CLIVE NOLAN (DVD) (Neo-Prog UK)(Arena, Pendragon) A Rush Of Adrenaline,2005(4-pages+4-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
BARRETT,SYD (Prog Related UK) The Madcap Laughs,1970/2010(8-pages)(+6
BARRETT,SYD (Prog Related UK) Barrett,1970/2010(8-pages)(+7
BARRETT,SYD (Prog Related UK) Opel,1989/2010(8-pages)(+6
BARRY SISTERS,THE Their Greatest Yiddish Hits,1997(4-pages)
BARRY SISTERS,THE Barry Sisters (2 in1) Side By Side / We Belong Together,1999(4-pages)
BATTERED ORNAMENTS, THE (Blues Rock / Psychedelic Rock United Kingdom) Mantle-Piece,1969(6-pages)(+ 2
BATTLELORE Doombound,2011(16-pages)
BATTLEZONE (Heavy Metal UK) Fighting Back,1986(4-pages)
B.B.BLUNDER ( Psychedelic.Progressive Rock UK ) Workers Playtime,1971(24-pages)(+ 2
BE-BOP DELUXE (Crossover Prog UK) Axe Victim (Japan remasters+3,1973(4-pages)
BEACH BOYS,THE Beach Boy's Party (mono & stereo),1965(4-pages) [Special Edition 2012]
BEACH BOYS,THE That's Why God Mad The Radio,2012(16-pages)
BEAD GAME (Crossover Prog US) Welcome,1970(4-pages)(+3
BEADY EYE Different Gear,Still Speeding,2011(16-pages)
BEARDFISH (Eclectic Prog Sweden) +4626 - Comfortzone,2015(12-pages)
BEASTIE BOYS To The 5 Boroughs,2004(10-page)
BEASTIE BOYS Hot Sauce Committee Part Two,2011(18-pages)
BEAU (2 in1) Creation / Beau,1969/1971(12-pages/poster)
BECK,JEFF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Truth,1968/2006(16-pages)(+ 8
BECK,JEFF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Beck-Ola,1969/2006(16-pages)(+ 4
BECK,JEFF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Jeff Beck Group,1972(4-pages)
BECK,JEFF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop (with Terry Bozzio And Tony Hymas),1989(12-pages)(Japan Ed.)
BECK,JEFF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Loud Hailer,2016(12-pages)
BECK,ROBIN Love Is Coming,2017(12-pages)
BECKETT (Heavy Prog UK) Beckett,1974(4-pages)
BEDFORD,DAVID (Crossover Prog UK) Nurses Song With Elephats,1972(8-pages)
BEGGARS OPERA (Symphonic Prog UK) Act One,1971(8-pages poster)(+ 2
BEGGARS OPERA (Symphonic Prog UK) Waters Of Change,1971(4-pages)
BEGGARS OPERA (Symphonic Prog UK) Pathfinder,1972(8-pages poster)
BEGGARS OPERA (Symphonic Prog UK) Get Your Dog Off Me,1973(8-pages)(+ 2
BEGGARS & THIEVES ( BON JOVI, AEROSMITH) We Are The Brokenhearted,2011(4-pages)
BELEW,ADRIAN (Eclectic Prog US) Side One,2004(8-pages)
BELL,ERIC (ex-THIN LIZZY) Exile,2016(12-pages)
BENSON,GEORGE Inspiration A Tribute To Nat King Cole,2013(12-pages)
BERNARD,ED (Symphonic Prog Canada) Polydactyl,2015(4-pages)
BERKERS,JERRY (Krautrock Germany) Unterwegs,1972/1995(4-pages)
BERRY,CHUCK Chuck,2017(12-pages)
BETTY Handful,1971(4-pages)
BEYONCE Lemonade,2016(20-pages)
BIBB,ERIC & JJ MILTEAU Lead Belly's Gold, Live At The Sunset... And More,2015(4-pages)
BIG BIG TRAIN (Crossover Prog UK) Folklore,2016(8-pages)
BIG BIG TRAIN (Crossover Prog UK) Grimspound,2017(12-pages)
BIG SLEEP Bluebell Wood,1971(4-page)
BIG THREE,THE Cavern Stomp,1963-1964/1994(4-pages)
BIGELF (Heavy Prog US) Money Machine,2000(12-pages)
BIGELF (Heavy Prog US) Money Machine,2000/2010(4-pages)(+ 1
BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Il Tempo Della Semina,1975(4-page)
BILLION DOLLARS BABIES Battle Axe,1977/2004(4-pages)( Alice Cooper 1975)
BILLY D Hoodoo Man,2014(4-pages)
BILLY J. KRAMER With THE DAKOTAS At Abbey Road (1963-1966),1998(12-pages)
BIRTH CONTROL (Heavy Prog Germany) Hodoo Man,1972(4-pages)
BIRTH CONTROL (Heavy Prog Germany) Rebirth,1973(12-pages)
BIRTH CONTROL (Heavy Prog Germany) Count On Dracula,1979/1996(4-pages)
BIRTH CONTROL (Heavy Prog Germany) Bang!,1982(8-pages)( +3
BIRTH CONTROL (Heavy Prog Germany) Here And Now,2016(12-pages)
BJORK (Crossover Prog Iceland) Biophilia,2011(24-page)
BJORK (Crossover Prog Iceland) Volta,2007(4-pages)22
BJORK (Crossover Prog Iceland) Utopia,2017(12-pages)22
BJORN RIIS (Crossover Prog Norway) Coming Home,2018(4-pages)06
BLACK CAT BONES (Crossover Prog UK) Barbed Wire Sandwich,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93179)
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION (CD + DVD(5)) Black Country Communion,2010(20-pages)
BLACK COUNTRY (G.Hughes,J.Bonamassa,J.Bonham,D.Sherinian) Black Country Communion 2,2011(16-page)
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION (2 CD) Live Over Europe,2012(16-pages)
BLACK CROWES,THE Warpaint,2008(12-pages/)
BLACK CROWES,THE (2 CD) Croweology,2010(8-pages)
BLACK JESTER (Progressive Metal Italy) Diary Of Blind Angel,1992(4-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (2 CD) Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live!! +5,2001(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY The Song Remains Not The Same,2011(6-pages)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Catacombs Of The Black Vatican,2014(12-pages)(+2
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (Groove Metal US) Grimmest Hits,2018(16-pages)
BLACK MOUNTAIN (Crossover Prog Canada) IV,2016(8-pages)
BLACK NOODLE PROJECT,THE (Psychedelic/Space Rock France) Divided We Fall,2017(4-pages)01
BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath,1970/2010(20-pages)[Rem.2010]
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid,1970(8-pages)
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid,1970(24-pages)[Rem.2010]
BLACK SABBATH Master Of Reality,1971(20-pages)[Rem.2010]
BLACK SABBATH Vol 4,1972(12-pages)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH Vol 4,1972(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,1973(12-pages)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,1973(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
BLACK SABBATH Sabotage,1975(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
BLACK SABBATH Technical Ecstasy,1976(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
BLACK SABBATH Never Say Die,1978(12-pages)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH Heaven And Hell,1980(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
BLACK SABBATH Mob Rules,1981(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
BLACK SABBATH Live Evil,1982(12-pages)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH Born Again,1983(12-pages)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH The Eternal Idol,1987(12-page)(Castle edit 1996)
BLACK SABBATH Headless Cross,1989(8-pages)
BLACK SABBATH Headless Cross,1989(8-pages)(+1
BLACK SABBATH TYR,1990(8-pages)
BLACK SABBATH Dehumanizer,1992(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
BLACK SABBATH Cross Purposes,1994(8-pages)09
BLACK SABBATH Forbidden,1995(8-pages)
BLACK SABBATH (2 CD) Reunion,1998(28-pages)
BLACK SABBATH 13,2013(16-pages)
BLACK SABBATH The End,2016(6-pages)
BLACK SABBATH (2 CD) The End. Live,2017(20-pages)03
BLACK SABBATH The End.Studio Sessions,2017(8-pages)03
BLACK WIDOW (Heavy Prog UK) Sacriface,1970(4-pages)(+1
BLACK WIDOW (Heavy Prog UK) Black Widow,1971(8-pages)
BLACK WIDOW (Heavy Prog UK) Black Widow III,1972(8-pages)(+1
BLACKBIRDS,THE (Krautrock Germany) No Destination,1969(20-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2005]
BLACKBIRDS,THE (Krautrock Germany) Touch Of Music,1971(12-pages)[Rem.2005]
BLACKFEATHER At The Mountains Of Madness,1971(4-pages)
BLACKFIELD (Prog Related Multi-National) Welcome My To DNA,2011(16-pages)
BLACKFIELD (Prog Related Multi-National) V,2017(12-pages)
BLACKWULF (Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal US) Oblivion Cycle,2015(4-pages)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT (Prog Folk UK) (CD+DVD) Under a Violet Moon,1999(20-pages)
BLANK & JONES (Electronic) Chilltronica No. 5,2015(8-pages)
BLIND FAITH (feat E.Clapton) Blind Faith,1969(4-pages)
BLIND GUARDIAN (Progressive Metal Germany) Tales From The Twilight World,1990(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2007]
BLIND GUARDIAN (Progressive Metal Germany) Tokyo Tales 1993(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
BLIND ILLUSION (Progressive Metal US) The Sane Asylum,1988(8-pages) .Under On Flag
BLIND PIG RECORDS V/A (BLUES) (2 CD) Blind Pig 40th Anniversary Collection,2017(8-pages)10
BLODWYN PIG (Prog Related UK)(guitar Mick Abrahams,ex-JETHRO TULL) Getting To This,1970(4-pages)
BLONDIE Blondie,1976(8-pages)(+ 5[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE Plastic Letters,1977(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE Parallel Lines,1978(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE Eat To The Beat,1979(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE Autoamerican,1980(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE The Hunter,1982(8-pages)(+ 1[Rem 2001]
BLONDIE No Exit,1999(8-pages)
BLONDIE Pollinator,2017(8-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Child Is Father To The Man,1968(4-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS Blood,Sweat & Tears,1969(16-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) New Blood,1972(4-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Mirror Image,1974/2005(4-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) New City,1975/2005(4-pages)
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) More Than Ever,1976/2003(4-pages)
BLOODROCK (Hard Rock US) Bloodrock,1970(6-pages)
BLOODROCK (Hard Rock US) Bloodrock 2,1970(6-pages)
BLOODROCK (Hard Rock US) USA,1972(4-pages)(+ 1
BLOODY MARY (Hard Rock, Heavy Psych Rock US) Bloody Mary,1974(2-pages)06
BLOPS (Prog Folk Chile) Blops,1970(8-pages)
BLOPS (Prog Folk Chile) Del Volar De Las Palomas,1971(4-pages)
BLOPS (Prog Folk Chile) Locomotora,1973(4-pages)
BLOSSOM TOES We Are Ever So Clean,1967(12-pages)
BLOSSOM TOES If Only For A Moment,1969(8-pages)
BLUE COUPE (Ex. BLUE OYSTER CULT,ALICE COOPER) Million Miles More,2013(4-pages)
BLUE MURDER Blue Murder,1989(12-pages)
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) Secret Treaties,1974(8-pages)(+ 5
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) On Your Feet Or On Your Knees,1975(8-pages)
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) Agents Of Fortune,1976(8-pages)(+4
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) Spectres,1977(8-pages)(+ 4
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) Fire Of Unknown Origin,1981(8-pages)
BLUE OYSTER CULT (Prog Related US) Club Ninja,1986(8-pages)
BLUES BEATLES Blues Beatles,2018(4-pages) ( BEATLES BLUES) 04
BLUES KARLOFF (Hard Blues Rock UK) Light And Shade,2016(4-pages)
BLUES MAGOOS,THE (Psychedelic / Garage Rock US) Psychedelic Lollipop,1966(4-page)(+ 4
BLUES MAGOOS,THE (Psychedelic / Garage Rock US) Psychedelic Lollipop,1966(6-pages)
BLUES MAGOOS,THE (Psychedelic / Garage Rock US) Basic,1968(12-pages)(+ 6
BLUES MYSTERY,THE (Blues Rock Switzerland) Soul Memories,2018(4-pages)09
BLUES PILLS Lady In Gold,2016(12-pages)
BODKIN (Heavy Prog UK) Bodkin,1972/1991(4-pages)22
BOLIN,TOMMY Teaser,1975(8-pages)
BOLIN,TOMMY Private Eyes,1976(4-pages)
BOLIN,TOMMY (2 CD) Whirlwind,2013(8-pages)
BOLTON,MICHAEL Songs Of Cinema,2017(12-pages)
BON JOVI New Jersey,1988(12-pages)
BON JOVI Keep The Faith,1992(12-pages)
BON JOVI Burning Bridges,2015(2-pages)
BON JOVI This House Is Not For Sale,2016(20-pages)(+ 5
BONAMASSA,JOE A New Day Yesterday,2000(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE So,It's Like That,2002(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Blues Deluxe,2003(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Had To Cry Today,2004(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE You & Me,2006(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Sloe Gin,2007(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE The Ballad Of John Henry,2009(12-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE The Best Of Joe Bonamassa,2009(16-pages+12-pages Japan bookletI+OBI)(Jap.Ed.NFCT-27205)
BONAMASSA,JOE Black Rock,2010(16-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Dust Bowl,2011(16-page)
BONAMASSA,JOE Don't Explain,2011(16-page)
BONAMASSA,JOE Driving Towards The Daylight,2012(16-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE & BETH HART Seesaw,2013(16-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Different Shades Of Blue,2014(16-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE (2 CD) Muddy Wolf Live At Red Rocks,2015(20-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE Blues Of Desperation,2016(16-pages)
BANAMASSA,JOE (2 CD) Live At The Greek Theatre,2016(20-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE (2 CD) Live At Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening,2017(16-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE (2 CD) British Blues Explosion Live,2018(20-pages)09
BONAMASSA,JOE & BETH HART Black Coffee,2018(16-pages)03
BONEY M Take The Heat Of Me,1976(8-pages)(+ 6[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Love For Sale,1977(8-pages)(+ 8[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Nightflight To Venus,1978(12-pages)(+ 3[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Oceans Of Fantasy,1979(12-pages)[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Felicidad,1980(8-pages)[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Boonoonoonoos,1981(12-pages)(+ 1[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Ten Thousand Lightyears,1984(8-pages)(+ 7[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Kalimba De Luna,1984(8-pages)[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Eye Dance,1985(8-pages)[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Worldmusic For Christmas,2017(8-pages)(+ 2 Feat.LIZ MITCHELL
BONHAM,DEBORAH (Sister Of JOHN BONHAM) Duchess,2008/2017(4-pages) feat. Paul RODGERS (BAD COMPANY),Pink Floyd's Dick Parry on Sax
BONHAM,DEBORAH (Sister Of JOHN BONHAM) Spirit - The Complete Sessions,2014/2017(8-pages) feat. Robert PLANT
BONNET,GRAHAM Back Row In The Stalls,1974(16-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2016]
BONNET,GRAHAM Graham Bonnet,1977(8-pages)
BONNET,GRAHAM No Bad Habits,1978(4-pages)
BONNET,GRAHAM Line-Up,1981(16-pages)
BONNET,GRAHAM Line-Up,1981(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2016]
BONNET,GRAHAM Underground,1996(4-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From GRAHAM BONNET
BONNET,GRAHAM The Day I Went Mad,1999(4-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From GRAHAM BONNET
BONNET,GRAHAM (2 CD) Graham Bonnet / No Bad Habbit,2016(16-pages) (+ 4 / 7[Rem.2016]
BOOMERANG (Hard Rock USA) Boomerang,1970(4-pages)
BOOT (Hard Rock,Heavy Psych US) Boot,1972(4-pages)
BORKNAGAR (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Norway) Universal,2010(16-pages)
BOSTON Life, Love & Hope,2013(20-pages)
BOWIE,DAVID David Bowie,1967(8-pages)
BOWIE,DAVID Hunky Dory,1971/1990(8-pages)(+ 4
BOWIE,DAVID Aladdin Sane,1973(8-pages)
BOWIE,DAVID Pin Ups,1973/1990(8-pages poster)(+ 2
BOWIE,DAVID (2 CD) Diamond Dogs (30th Anniversary Edition),1974(28-pages)
BOWIE,DAVID Iselect.2008(8-pages)(+ 2
BOWIE,DAVID Black Star,2016(16-pages)
BOWNESS,TIM (2 CD) (Crossover Prog UK) Abandoned Dancehall Dreams,2014(20-pages)
BOWNESS,TIM (Crossover Prog UK) Lost In The Ghost Light,2017(12-pages) (feat.Ian Anderson ex-Jethro Tull)
BOXER Below The Belt,1975(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2012]
BOXER Bloodletting,1979(8-pages)[Rem.2012]
BOYLE,GARY (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) The Dancer,1977(4-pages)[Rem.2012](ex- ISOTOPE)
BOYLE,GARY (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Electric Glide,1978(4-pages)[Rem.2012](ex- ISOTOPE)
BOYZ II MEN Love,2009(12-pages)
BOZZIO/LEVIN/STEVENS (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Black Light Syndrome,1997(8-pages) IROND Ltd,under the license from Magna Carta
BRAINBOX (Proto-Prog Netherlands) Brainbox,1969(12-pages)(+11[Rem 2011]
BRAINBOX (Proto-Prog Netherlands) Parts,1972(4-pages)(+4
BRAINCHILD (Jazz Rock Fusion UK) Healng Of The Lunatic Owl,1970(4-pages)
BRAINTICKET (Krautrock Switzerland) Cottonwoodhill,1971/2013(8-pages)
BRAINTICKET (Krautrock Switzerland) Psychonaut,1972(4-pages)
BRAM STOKER (Prog Related UK) Schizo-Poltergeist,1970(4-pages)
BREGOVIC,GORAN & IGGY POP Arizona Dream (OST),1993/2002(8-pages)
BREZNEV FUN CLUB (RIO/Avant-Prog Italy) Il Misantropo Felice,2015(8-pages)
BRIGHTON ROCK Young, Will And Free,1986(4-pages)
BROCK,DAVE (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Brockworld,2015(4-pages)
BROOKER,GARY (PROCOL HARUM) No More Fear Of Flying,1979(8-pages)
BROOKER,GARY (PROCOL HARUM) Echoes In The Night,1985(6-pages)
BROOKER,GARY (PROCOL HARUM) Within Our House,1996(4-pages)
BROTHER GOOSE (Rhythm And Blues Australia) Brother Goose,2003(4-pages)
BROTHERHOOD OF MAN (2 CD) Good Things Happening / Love And Kisses From Brotherhood Of Man,1974 / 1976(16-pages)(+ 3
BROWN,PAUL (Smooth Jazz US) One Way Back,2016(4-pages)
BRUCE,JAKE / ROBIN TROWER Truce,1981(6-pages)
BRYAN FERRY ORCHESTRA,THE The Great Gatsby:The Jazz Recordings (A Selection Of Yellow Cocktail Music),2013(20-pages)
BRYANT,DANNY (Blues Rock UK) Revelation,2018(12-pages)09
BUCKINGHAM,LINDSEY & CHRISTINE McVIE (FLEETWOOD MAC) Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie,2017(4-pages)
BUCKLEY,JEFF You And I,2016(8-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Budgie,1971(4-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Squawk,1972(4-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Never Turn Your Back On A Friend,1973(4-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) In For The Kill!1974(6-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Bandolier,1975(4-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules,1976(6-pages)
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Impeckable,1978(4-pages)(+3
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Power Supply,1980(6-pages)(+4
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Nightflight,1981(12-pages)(+2
BUDGIE (Prog Related UK) Deliver Us From Evil,1982(6-pages)
BULBOUS CREATION You Won't Remember Dying,1970(4-pages)
BULL ANGUS (Heavy Prog US) Bull Angus,1971(4-pages)
BULL ANGUS (Heavy Prog US) Free For All,1972(4-pages)
BULLDOG BREED Made In England,1969(4-pages)
BULLET The Entrance To Hell,1970(12-pages)+Rz
BULLETBOYS (Hard Rock US) Bulletboys,1988(6-pages)
BULLETBOYS (Hard Rock US) Freakshow,1993(6-pages)
BULLETBOYS (Hard Rock US) Za-Za,1993(12-pages)
BULLETRAIN (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Sweden) What You Fear the Most,2016(12-pages)
BURDON,ERIC & THE ANIMALS Wind Of Change,1967/1994(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC & THE ANIMALS The Twain Shall Meet,1968/1994(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC & THE ANIMALS Love Is,1968(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC & THE ANIMALS Every One Of US,1968/1994(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC Mirage,1973(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC Wicked Man,1988(4-pages)
BURDON,ERIC Soldier Of Fortune,1997(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 1,2018(4-pages)04
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 2,2018(4-pages)04
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 3,2018(4-pages)04
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 4,2018(4-pages)04
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 5,2018(4-pages)04
BURZUM (Black Metal Norway) Burzum/Aske,1992/1993(4-pages)
BURZUM (Black Metal Norway) Hvis Lyset Tar Oss,1993(4-pages)03
BUSH,STAN (Hard Rock US) Dial 818-888-8638,1993(8-pages)
BUSH,STAN The Child Within,1996(8-pages)
BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS (Heavy Prog Italy) (pre-WITCHWOOD) From The Solitary Woods,2009(8-pages)
BYRDS,THE Turn! Turn! Turn!,1965(8-pages)(+ 7
BYRDS,THE Mr. Tambourine Man,1965(8-pages)(+ 6
BYRDS,THE Fifth Dimension,1966(8-pages)(+ 6
BYRDS,THE Younger Than Yesterday,1967(8-pages)(+ 6
BYRDS,THE The Notorious Byrd Brothers,1968(12-pages)(+ 6
BYRDS,THE Sweetheart Of The Rodeo,1968(12-pages)(+ 8
BYRDS,THE Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde,1969(12-pages)(+ 5
BYRDS,THE Ballad Of Easy Rider,1969(12-pages)(+ 7
BYRDS,THE (2 CD) Untitled / Unissued,1970(16-pages)
BYRDS,THE Farther Along,1971(4-pages)
BYRDS,THE Byrdmaniax,1971(4-pages)
BYRDS,THE The Byrds,1973(4-pages)
BYRNES,JIM St.Louis Times,2014(4-pages)
BYRON,DAVID Take No Prisoners,1975(6-pages)
BYRON,DAVID Baby Faced Killer,1978(4-pages)
BYRON BAND,THE On The Rock,1981(12-pages)(+3[Rem.2010]
BYZANTIUM (Prog Related UK) Live & Studio,1972/2001(4-pages)
BYZANTIUM (Prog Related UK) Byzantium,1972/2014(4-pages)
BYZANTIUM (Prog Related UK) Seasons Changing,1973/2013(4-pages)
C.K.STRONG C.K. Strong,1969(12-pages)
CACTUS Cactus,1970(8-pages)
CACTUS 'Ot 'N' Sweaty,1972(8-pages)
CACTUS Black Dawn,2016(4-pages)
CAFE JACQUES Round The Back,1977(4-pages)
CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO (Crossover Prog US) Masterworks,2012(4-pages)
CALIGULA'S HORSE (Progressive Metal Australia) Bloom,2015(8-pages)
CALIGULA'S HORSE (Progressive Metal Australia) In Contact,2017(16-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Camel,1973(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2002]
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Mirage,1974(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2002]
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) The Snow Goose,1975/2002(8-pages)(+5
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Moonmadness,1976/2002(8-pages)(+5
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Rain Dances,1977(16-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2009]
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Breathless,1978(4-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) I Can See Your House From Here,1979(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2009]
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Nude,1981(8-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) The Single Factor,1982/2009(16-pages)(+1
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Stationary Traveller,1984(8-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Dust And Dreams,1991(12-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Harbour Of Tears,1996(8-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) Rajaz,1999(12-pages)
CAMEL (Symphonic Prog UK) A Nod And A Wink,2002(8-pages)
CAMPO DI MARTE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Campo Di Marte,1973(4-page)
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Monster Movie,1969(12-pages)[Rem.2004]
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Soundtracks,1970(12-pages)[Rem.2004]
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Future Days,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2004]
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Unlimited Edition,1976 (12-pages)[Rem.2004]
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Saw Delight,1977(12-pages)[Rem.2007]
CAN (Krautrock Germany) Can [Aka: Inner Space],1978(12-pages)[Rem.2007]
CANDICE NIGHT (Ritchie Blackmore !) Starlight Starbright,2015(12-pages)
"CANDICE NIGHT (Ritchie Blackmore !) Starlight Starbright,2015(12-pages)
CANDIDA PAX (Psychedelic Rock UK) Day,1971(8-pages)
CAPABILITY BROWN (Crossover Prog UK) Voice,1973(4-pages)
=240 CARAVAN (Canterbury Scene UK) Caravan,1968(Mono & Stereo)(+ 1 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20053)
CARAVAN (Canterbury Scene UK) The Album,1980(8-page)(+2
CARAVAN (Canterbury Scene UK) The Battle Of Hastings,1995(8-page)
CARDUCCI,FRANK (Crossover Prog Netherlands)(feat.STEVE HACKETT) Torn Apart,2015(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Yellow Power,1982(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) I Won't Be Home Tonight,1982(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Some Tough City,1984(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Blue Highway,1985(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Bedtime Story,1987(12-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) For You,1989(12-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Storyville,1990(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) The Long Road,1992(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Cold War Kids,1994(12-pages)"
CANNED HEAT Future Blues,1970(12-pages)(+ 5
CANNED HEAT Historical Figures And Ancient Heads / The New Age,1971/1973(12-pages)
CANNED HEAT One More River To Cross,1974(4-pages)
CAPABILITY BROWN (Crossover Prog UK) Voice,1973(4-pages)
CAPTAIN BEYOND (Heavy Prog US) Captain Beyond,1972(4-pages)(Rod Evans voc. Deep Purple, ex-Iron Butterfly)
240 CARAVAN (Canterbury Scene UK) Caravan,1968(Mono & Stereo)(+ 1 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20053)
CARAVAN (Canterbury Scene UK) The Battle Of Hastings,1995(8-page)
CARDUCCI,FRANK (Crossover Prog Netherlands)(feat.STEVE HACKETT) Torn Apart,2015(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Yellow Power,1982(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) I Won't Be Home Tonight,1982(4-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Some Tough City,1984(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Bedtime Story,1987(12-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) For You,1989(12-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Storyville,1990(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) The Long Road,1992(8-pages)
CAREY,TONY (Crossover Prog US) Cold War Kids,1994(12-pages)
CAREY,TONY & PLANET P PROJECT (Crossover Prog US) Steeltown,2013(12-pages)
CARGO (Heavy Prog Netherlands) Cargo,1972/1993(8-pages)(+ 8
CARMEN (2 CD) (Prog Folk UK) Fandangos In Space/Dancing On A Cold Wind,1973+1974(20-pages)(rem.2007+2
CARMEN (2 CD) (Prog Folk UK) The Gypsies/Widescreen,1975/2007(16-pages)(rem.2007+2
CARMINE & VINNY APPICE Drum Wars Live!,2014(4-pages)
CARPTREE (Neo-Prog Sweden) Emerger,2017(12-pages)
CARRACK,PAUL (ex-MIKE+MECHANICS) Beautful World,1987(4-pages)(+2
CARRACK,PAUL (ex-MIKE+MECHANICS) One Good Reason,1987(4-pages)
CARRACK,PAUL (ex-MIKE+MECHANICS) Groove Approved,1989(4-pages)
CARRACK,PAUL (ex-MIKE+MECHANICS) Blue Views,1996(6-pages)(+2
CARRACK,PAUL (ex-MIKE+MECHANICS) Satisfy My Soul,2000(6-pages)
CAST (Symphonic Prog Mexico) Arsis,2014(4-pages)
CAST (Symphonic Prog Mexico) Power And Outcome,2017(12-pages)
CATAPILLA (Eclectic Prog UK) Catapilla,1971(6-pages)
CATS IN SPACE (Andy Scott ex- SWEET etc.) Too Many Gods,2015(8-pages)
CATS IN SPACE Scarecrow,2017(12-pages)
CAUSA SUI (Psychedelic/Space Rock Denmark) Vibraciones Doradas,2017(2-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Soli,1979(8-pages)(+1
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Soli / Un Po' Artista Un Po' No,1979/1980(4-pages) CD-Max
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Un Po' Artista Un Po' No,1980(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Uh...Uh...,1982(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Atmosfera,1983(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO I Miei Americani (Tre Puntini) Part 1,1984(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO I Miei Americani (Tre Puntini) Part 2,1986(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO La Pubblica Ottusita,1987(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Il Re Degli Ignoranti,1991(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Quel Punto,1994(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Arrivano Gli Uomini,1996(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Io Non So Parlar D'Amore,1999(8-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Esco Di Rado E Parlo Ancora Meno,2000(4-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Le Volte Che Celentano E'Stato 1,2003(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO C'e Sempre Un Motivo,2004(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Dormi Amore (La Situazione Non E' Buona),2007(16-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO (2 CD) L'animale,2008(16-page)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Facciamo Finta Che Sia Vero,2011(16-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO & MINA CELENTANO Le Migliori,2016(24-pages)(+ 1
CELENTANO,MINA Mina Celentano,1994(12-pages)
CERRONE Cerrone I - Love In C Minor,1976(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
CERRONE Cerrone IV - The Golden Touch,1978(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
CERRONE Cerrone XXI - Celebrate !,2007(8-pages)
CERRONE Red Lips,2016(4-pages)
CERVELLO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Melos,1973(16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. KICP-2707)
CESARIA EVORA Greatest Hits,2015(6-pages)(+4 new songs)
CHAIN (Blues Rock Australia ) Toward The Blues,1971(4-pages)(+ 8
CHAMELLEON (Eclectic Prog US) Rising,2014(4-pages)
CHARLEE (Hard Rock,Blues Rock,Heavy Psych Canada) Charlee,1972(2-pages)(Feat. Walter Rossi)
CHARLES AZNAVOUR & The CLAYTON HAMILTON jazz orchestra,2009(12-page)
CHARLES AZNAVOUR Encores,2015(20-pages)
CHARLIES (Heavy Prog Finland) Buttocks,1970(4-pages)
CHARLTON,MANNY (Nazareth) Stonkin,2001(16-pages)
CHARLTON,MANNY (Nazareth) Say The Word,2004(8-pages)
CHARLTON,MANNY (Nazareth) Solo,2016(4-pages)
240 CHASE (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Chase,1971(4-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. EICP-20086)
240 CHASE (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Ennea,1972(4-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. EICP-20087)
240 CHASE (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Pure Music,1974(4-pages+12-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. EICP-20088)
CHEAP TRICK Bang,Zoom,CrazyHe,2016(12-pages)
CHEAP TRICK We're All Alright!,2017(8-pages)
CHERUBIN (Krautrock Germany) Our Sunrise,1974(4-page)
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) The Chicago Transit Authority,1969/2002(16-pages)
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Chicago,1970(4-pages) (Stereo Remix & Mastering by STEVEN WILSON 2017)
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) III,1971/2002(12-pages)
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) VI,1973/2002(16-pages)( +2
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) VII,1974/2002(12-pages)( +1
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) XI,1976/2002(12-pages)( +2
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) 16,1982(8-page)
CHICAGO (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) XXXVI,2014(12-pages)(+ 2 Ltd Edition)
CHICK COREA & STEVE GADD BAND (2 CD) (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Chinese Butterfly,2018(8-pages)
CHICKEN BONES Hardrock In Concert,1975/1997(4-pages)(+ 6
CHICKEN SHACK (Blues Rock UK) Forty Blue Fingers,Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve,1968(6-pages)
CHICKEN SHACK (Blues Rock UK) O.K. Ken ?1969(6-pages)
CHICKEN SHACK (Blues Rock UK) 100 Ton Chicken,1969(4-pages)(+ 2
CHICKEN SHACK (Blues Rock UK)(feat.Stan Webb) Goodbye,1974/2013(12-pages)
? CHICKENFOOT (CD +DVD(5)) Chickenfoot,2009 Dijipak
CHILD Child,1969(4-pages)
CHILDREN OF BODOM Relentless Reckless Forever,2011(12-page)
CHILLUM (SECOND HAND) (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Chillum,1971(4-pages+japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BELLE 101682)
CHILLY For Your Love,1978(4-pages)(+ 2
CHILLY Come To L.A.,1979(4-pages)(+ 1
CHILLY Showbiz,1980(4-pages)
CHILLY Secret Lies,1982(4-pages)
CHINA We Are The Stars,2013(8-pages)
CHRIS (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Days Of Summer Gone,2013(4-pages)
CHRIS DE BURGH (2on1) Spanish Train And Other Stories/At The End Of Perfect Day,1975(6-pages)
CHRIS DE BURGH A Better World,2016(16-pages)
CHRIS McGREGOR'S BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH (African Jazz / World Fusion / Avant-Garde Jazz UK) Chris McGregor,s Brorherhood Of Breath,1971(6-page)
CHRISTIE Christie,1970/2005(12-pages)(+ 8
CHUCK BERRY (2 in 1) After School Session / Chuck Berry Is On Top,1957 / 1959(8-pages)[Rem.2011]
CHUCK BERRY (2 in 1) Chuck Berry / More Chuck Berry,1960 / 1960(8-pages)
CHUCK BERRY (2 in 1) The Latest And The Greatest / You Never Can Tell,1964 / 1964(8-pages)
CICCADA (Eclectic Prog Greece) The Finest Of Miracles,2015(8-pages)
CINDERELLA Night Song,1986(6-pages)
CINDERELLA Long Cold Winter,1988(6-pages)
CINDERELLA Heartbreak Station,1990(8-pages)
CINDERELLA Still Climbing,1994(8-pages)
CIRCA (Crossover Prog US) Circa,2007/2013(4-pages)
CIRCA (Crossover Prog US) HQ,2009/2013(8-pages)
CIRCA (2 CD) (Crossover Prog US)And So On & Overflow,2011/2013(8-pages)
CIRCA (Crossover Prog US) Valley Of The Windmill,2016(12-pages)
CIRCUS (Psychedelic Rock UK) Circus,1969(4-pages+Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7098)
CIRCUS Circus,1973(4-page)
CIRRUS BAY (Neo-Prog US) Places Unseen,2016(8-pages)
CITIZEN CAIN (Symphonic Prog UK) Skies Darken,2012(16-pages)
CITY BOY (Prog Related UK) City Boy,1976(4-pages)
CITY BOY (Prog Related UK) Book Early,1978(4-pages)
CITY BOY (Prog Related UK) The Day The Earth Caught Fire,1979(4-pages)
CLAPTON,ERIC No Reason To Cry,1976(4-page) /rem/
240 CLAPTON,ERIC 461 Ocean Boulevard,1974(6-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25055)
240 CLAPTON,ERIC No Reason To Cry,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25058)
240 CLAPTON,ERIC Slowhand,1977(6-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25059)
240 CLAPTON,ERIC Backless,1978(6-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25060)
CLAPTON,ERIC With A Litlie Help From My Frends,1997 BOX digipack /rem/
CLAPTON,ERIC Journeyman,1989(8-pages)
240 CLAPTON,ERIC Journeyman,1989(8-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCR-75223)
240 CLAPTON,ERIC From The Cradle,1994(16-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCR-75524)
CLAPTON,ERIC (CD+DVD) Clapton,2010(DigiPak)
CLAPTON,ERIC & FRIENDS The Breeze An Appreciation Of JJ Cale,2014(12-pages)
CLAPTON,ERIC (2 CD) Forever Man,2015(8-pages)
CLAPTON,ERIC I Still Do,2016(12-pages)
CLAPTON,ERIC (2 CD)(Feat J.J.CALE) Live In San Diego (March 15,2007),2016(6-pages)
CLARKSON,KELLY All I Ever Wanted,2009(12-pages)
CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM,THE Monolith Of Phobos,2016(8-pages)
CLEAR BLUE SKY (Heavy Prog UK) Clear Blue Sky,1970(4-pages+Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9052)
CLEAR BLUE SKY (Heavy Prog UK) Cosmic Crusader,1996(4-pages)
CLEAR BLUE SKY (Heavy Prog UK) Mirror Of The Stars,2001(4-pages)
CLEAR LIGHT (Psychedelic Rock US) Clear Light,1968(4-pages)
CLEARLIGHT (Symphonic Prog France) Clearlight Symphony,1973(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJD-5024)
CLEARLIGHT (Symphonic Prog France) Forever Blowing Bubbles,1975(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJD-5025)
CLEVES,THE (Progressive Rock) Cleves,1970(4-pages)
CLUTCH (Hard Rock US) Earth Rocker,2013(12-pages)
CMU (Eclectic Prog UK) Open Spaces,1971(4-pages+japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1085)
CMU (Eclectic Prog UK) Space Cabaret,1972(4-pages+japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1086)
COBAIN,KURT Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings,2015(20-pages)
COCHISE Cochise,1970(8-pages)(+ 1
COCKER,JOE Joe Cocker!,1969/1999(8-pages)(+ 2
COCKER,JOE Something To Say,1972(4-pages)
COCKER,JOE I Can Stand A Little Rain,1974(4-pages)
COCKER,JOE Stingray,1976(4-pages)
COCKER,JOE Cocker,1986(4-pages)
COCKER,JOE Unchain My Heart,1987(8-pages)
COCKER,JOE Night Calls,1991(8-pages)(+ 2
COHEN,LEONARD Various Position,1984(8-pages)
COHEN,LEONARD I'm Your Man,1988(12-pages)
COHEN,LEONARD Dear Heather,2004(12-pages)
COHEN,LEONARD Old Ideas,2012(16-pages)
COHEN,LEONARD You Want Darker,2016(12-pages)
COLIN TENCH PROJECT (CTP) (Crossover Prog UK) Hir In A G-String (Unfinishd But Swt),2016(12-pages)
COLIN TENCH PROJECT (Crossover Prog UK) Minor Masterpiece,2018(12-pages)
220 COLLAGE (Neo-Prog Poland) Basnie,1990(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2003] CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
220 COLLAGE (Neo-Prog Poland) Safe,1995(16-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2003] CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
220 COLLAGE (Neo-Prog Poland) Changes,1995(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2003] CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
COLLINS,PHIL Face Value,1981(8-pages)
COLLINS,PHIL Hello I Must Be Going,1982(6-pages)
COLLINS,PHIL No Jacket Required,1985(8-pages)
COLLINS,PHIL ...But Seriously,1989(8-pages)
COLLINS,PHIL Going Back,2010(16-page)
COLONEL BAGSHOT (Psychedelic Rock UK) Oh! What A Lovely War,1971(4-pages)
COMEDY OF ERRORS (Neo-Prog UK) Fanfare & Fantasy,2013(8-pages)
COMEDY OF ERRORS (Neo-Prog UK) House Of The Mind,2017(12-pages)
COMPANY OF SNAKES,THE (Bernie Marsden,Guitar) Burst The Bubble,2002(12-pages)
CONCEPT (Psychedelic Rock Canada) Invasion,1979(16-pages)(+2[Rem.2008]
CONCEPT (Psychedelic Rock Canada) Supra Surge,1980(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
CORTE DEI MIRACOLI (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Corte Dei Miracoli,1976(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. KICP-2003)
COSMIC DEALER (2 CD) (Progressive Rock Holland) Crystallization,1972(16-pages)[Rem.2013]
COSMOGRAF (Neo-Prog UK) When Age Has Done Its Duty,2011(12-pages)
COSMOGRAF (Neo-Prog UK) The Man Left In Space,2013(8-pages)
COSMOGRAF (Neo-Prog UK) Capacitor,2014(8-pages)
COSMOGRAF (Neo-Prog UK) The Unreasonable Silence,2016(20-pages)
COSMOGRAF (Neo-Prog UK) The Hay-Man Dreams,2017(12-pages)
190 COSTANDINOS,ALEC R. Sphinx / Columbia - A Space Symphony,1977/1981(4-pages)
COUNT FIVE (Psychedelic Rock US) Psychotic Reaction,1966/1992(8-pages)(+ 7
COVERDALE,DAVID Whitesnake,1977(8-pages)(+2[Rem.2000]
COVERDALE,DAVID Northwinds,1977(8-pages)(+2[Rem.2000]
COVERDALE / PAGE Coverdale / Page,1993(16-pages)
COW,HENRY (RIO/Avant-Prog UK) Western Culture,1979(8-pages)
CRAAFT (Melodic Hard Rock Germany) Craaft,1986(8-pages)
CRANBERRIES,THE Something Else,2017(8-pages)
CREAM Fresh Cream,1966(4-pages)
CREAM Goodbye,1969(6-pages)
CREATION,THE (Psychedelic Rock UK) We Are Painterman,1967/1999(10-pages)(+ 12
CREATION,THE (Psychedelic Rock UK) The Best Of Creation,1968/1999(12-pages)(+ 13
CREATION (Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Psychedelic Rock Japan) Creation / Pure Electric Soul,1975/1977(4-pages)
CREDO (Neo-Prog UK) Against Reason,2011(12-pages)
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL CCR,1968(20-pages)(+ 4 Anniversary Edition
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Willy And The Poor Boys,1969(20-pages)(+ 3 Anniversary Edition
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Green River,1969(16-pages)(+ 4 Anniversary Edition
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Bayou Country,1969(16-pages)(+ 4 Anniversary Edition
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Pendulum,1970(16-pages)(+ 3 40th Anniversary Edition
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Cosmo's Factory,1970(20-pages)(+3 40th Anniversary Edition
CRIMSON GLORY (Progressive Metal US) Crimson Glory,1986(8-pages)
CRIMSON GLORY (Progressive Metal US) Transcendence,1988(8-pages)
CRIMSON GLORY (Progressive Metal US) Strange And Beautyful,1991(12-pages)
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Bronze,2016(8-pages)
CROMWELL (Neo-Prog Germany) Black Chapter Red,2016(8-pages)
CROSS (Crossover Prog Sweden) Wake Up Call,2012(12-pages)(+ 1
CROSS,DAVID & DAVID JACKSON (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Another Day,2018(4-pages)
CROSS & QUINN (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Cold Sky Blue,2016(8-pages)
CROW (Hard/Blues Rock US) Crow Music,1969(4-pages)
CROW (Hard/Blues Rock US) Crow By Crow,1970(4-pages)
CROW (Hard/Blues Rock US) Mosaic,1971(4-pages)
CRYSTAL PALACE (Neo-Prog Germany) Dawn Of Eternity,2016(12-pages)
CRYSTALAUGUR (Psychedelic US) Terranaut,1972(4-pages)(mega rare - original pressing 200 LP-1500$)
CUBY AND THE BLIZZARDS Groeten Uit-Grollo / Trippin Thru A Midnight Blues,1967 / 1968(4-pages)
CUBY AND THE BLIZZARDS Appleknockers Flophouse / Too Blind To See,1969 / 1970(4-pages)
CUBY AND THE BLIZZARDS Simple Man / Sometimes,1971 / 1972(4-pages)
CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (Eclectic Prog Denmark) Culpeper's Orchard,1971(4-pages)
CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (Eclectic Prog Denmark) Second Sight,1972(4-pages)
CURACAO (Eurodisco) You,1988(2-pages)
CURACAO (Eurodisco) 2nd Album,1989(4-pages)
400 CURE,THE (3 CD) Disintegration,2010(24-pages)[Deluxe Edition] Dijipak
CURVED AIR (Eclectic Prog UK) North Star,2014(8-pages)
CUSTODIAN,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Necessary Wasted Time,2013(6-pages)
CZAR (Eclectic Prog UK) Czar,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BELLE-101679)
CZERWONE GITARY Rytm Ziemi,1976(4-page)
CZERWONE GITARY Port Piratow,1977(4-page)
D.A.D. (Disneyland After Dark) (Melodic Hard Rock Denmark) No Fuel Left The Pilgrims,1989(12-pages)
D.J.RAVIN Huvafen Fushi Maldives By Ravin Released,2008(DigiPak)
DAMAGE CONTROL (Chris Slade drums (Uriah Heep, Asia, AC/DC)) The Raw,2009(12-page)
DANCER (Prog Folk UK) Tales Of The Riverbank,1972/2001(8-pages)
DANGER ZONE (Melodic Hard Rock / AOR Italy) Closer To Heaven,2016(8-pages)
DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN The Cage 2,2002(12-pages)
DARK (Heavy Prog UK) Teenage Angst (The Early Sessions 1969-1971),1994(4-pages)
DARK (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Tamma Voda,1988(4-pages)
DATURA 4 Demon Blues,2016(4-pages)
DAVE CLARK FIVE (2 CD) History Of The Dave Clark Five,1993(32-pages)
DAVE SPECTER Message In Blue,2014(6-pages)
DAVID GATES (BREAD) First,1973(4-page)
DAVID GATES (BREAD) Never Let Her Go,1975(4-page)
DAVID GATES (BREAD) Take Me Now,1981(4-page)
DAVID 'ROCK' FEINSTEIN (EX ELF,THE RODS) Hail And Farewell: A Tribute To Ronnie James DIO,2017(4-pages)
DAVIES,RAY (Leader of THE KINKS) Americana,2017(12-pages)
DAY OF PHOENIX (Psychedelic/Space Rock Denmark) Wide Open N-Way,1970(12-pages)(+ 2
DAYS BETWEEN STATIONS (Eclectic Prog US) In Extremis,2013(8-pages) feat. - P.Banks,T.Levin, C.Mouldding,B.Sherwood, R.Wakerman
DBA (DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION)(Crossover Prog UK) Skyscraper Souls DBA,2017(12-pages) Feat. Guest Appearances By Andy Partridge (XTC), Marc Almond and Kate Pierson (B52s)!
D.D.SOUND (Disco) Disco Dilivery,1977(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) 1-2-3-4 Gimme Some More!,1977(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) Cafe,1979(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) The Hootchie Cootchie,1980(4-pages)
DE LA TIERRA De La Tierra,2014(8-pages)
DE-PHAZZ (Downtempo,Nu-Jazz Germany) Black White Mono,2018(12-pages)
DEAD LETTER CIRCUS (Neo-Prog Australia) Aesthesis,2015(12-pages)
DEAR HUNTER,THE (Crossover Prog US) Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional,2016(8-pages)
DEATH ANGEL (Thrash Metal US) Act III,1990(12-pages)
DEATH ANGEL (Thrash Metal US) Dream Calls For Blood,2013(20-pages)
DEATH ANGEL (Thrash Metal US) The Evil Divide,2016(16-pages)(+1
DEC BURKE (Neo-Prog UK) Book Of Secrets,2016(8-pages)
DECAMERON (Prog Folk UK) Say Hello To The Bandmoth Special,1973/2012(12-pages)(+ 1
DECAMERON (Prog Folk UK) Mammoth Special,1974/2012(12-pages)(+ 1
DEE D.JACKSON Thunder And Lightning,1980(6-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2011]
DEE SNIDER (ex-TWISTED SISTER) We Are The Ones,2016(8-pages)
DEEP FEELING Pretty Colours,(recorded in 1966-1968)(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
DEEP FEELING (UK, John Swail) Deep Feeling,1971(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. PHCR-4205)
DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Taliesyn,1968(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2000]
DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple,1969(12-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.VPCK-85322)(+5
DEEP PURPLE In Rock,1970(24-page)(+ 12[Rem.1995] 25th Anniversary Edition
DEEP PURPLE (Proto-Prog UK) In Rock,1970(8-pages)(+ 6[Remastered KronStudioLab,2017]
DEEP PURPLE Fireball,1971/1996(28-pages)(+ 9 Anniversary Edition
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) Made In Japan,1972(16-pages)[Rem.1998]
DEEP PURPLE Made In Japan,1972/2014(4-pages)
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) Machine Head,1972/1997(28-pages) 25th Anniversary Edition (CD1-Remixes 1997,CD2-Remastered 1972/1997)
DEEP PURPLE Who Do We Think We Are,1973(24-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2000]
DEEP PURPLE (CD+DVD) Stormbringer (35th Anniversary Edition: CD-Original album remastered,DVD-Quad Mixes in Stereo and 5.1 Versions),1974/2009(24-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Burn,1974(24-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2004]30th Anniversary Edition
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) Come Taste The Band,1975/2010(24-pages)35th Anniversary Edition
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) In Concert (1970-1972),1980/1992(12-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Perfect Strangers,1984(8-page)
DEEP PURPLE Perfect Strangers,1984/1999(6-pages)(+ 1
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD+DVD) Perfect Strangers Live,1985/2013(16-pages)
DEEP PURPLE The House Of Blue Light,1987(8-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Slaves And Masters,1990(8-page)
DEEP PURPLE Purpendicular,1996(8-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Abandon,1998(12-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Bananas,2003(12-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Now What ?,2013(16-pages)
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) Now What ?,2013(16-pages)
DEEP PURPLE (2 CD) ...To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo),2015(20-pages)
DEEP PURPLE Time For Bedlam (EP),2017(4-pages)(Time 00:19:46)
DEEP PURPLE Infinite,2017(24-pages)(+4
DEEP PURPLE Infinite,2017(24-pages)(+6
(DEEP PURPLE) (2 CD) V/A (NEKTAR,G.HUGHES,T.BOLLIN) THE MANY FACES OF DEEP PURPLE : Smoke On The Water / Child In Time,2014(4-pages)
DEF LEPPARD High n Dry,1981(4-pages+Japan bookletI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-25115)
DEF LEPPARD Pyromania,1983(12-pages)
DEF LEPPARD Hysteria,1987(8-pages)
DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize,1992(12-pages)
DEF LEPPARD (2 CD) Adrenalize,1992(24-pages)[Rem.2009] Deluxe Edition
DEF LEPPARD Euphoria,1999(12-pages)
DEF LEPPARD X,2002(12-pages)
DEF LEPPARD Songs From The Sparkle Lounge,2008(16-pages)
DEF LEPPARD Def Leppard,2015(16-pages)
DELAIN (Symphonic Gotic Metal) We Are The Others,2012(12-pages)(+ 4
DELERIUM (New Age) Music Box Opera,2012(16-pages)
DELERIUM Rarities & B-Sides,2015(4-pages)
DELIVERY (Canterbury Scene UK) Fools Meeting,1970(12-pages)
DELTA DEEP Delta Deep,2015(8-pages)(Voc.Phil Collenex-DEF LEPPARD,feat.David Coverdale,Joe Elliott)
DELUSION SQUARED (Crossover Prog France) D.S. II,2012(8-pages)
DEMIAN (Heavy Psych/Hard Rock US) Demian,1971/1994(4-pages)
DEMIAN Rock Star Farm,1974(4-pages)
DEMON Cemetery Junction,2016(12-pages)
DEMON FUZZ (Jazz Rock/Fusion South Africa) Afreaka !,1970/2009(12-pages)(+ 3
DEPECHE MODE Speak & Spell,1981/2006(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE A Broken Frame,1982/2006(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Construction Time Again,1983/2007(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Some Great Reward,1984/2006(20-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Black Celebration,1986/2007(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Music For The Masses,1987/2006(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Songs Of Faith And Devotion,1993/2006(20-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Ultra,1997/2007(16-pages)
DEPECHE MODE Spirit,2017(24-pages)(Deluxe Ed. 17 tracks)
=240 DEREK & THE DOMINOS Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs,1970(4-pages+20-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-75765)
DESIRELESS Francois,1989/2001(6-pages)(+3
DESTRUCTION (Thrash Metal Germany) Thrash Anthems II,2017(16 -pages)
DETECTIVE Detective,1977(16-pages) [Rem.2010]
DEVIL'S TRAIN Devil's Train II,2015(16-pages)
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT (2 CD) (Experimental/Post Metal Canada) Transcendence,2016(24-pages)
DEVOID (Progressive Metal France) Cup Of Tears,2017(12-pages) (Vocal - CARSTEN "LIZARD" SCHULZ)
DGM (Progressive Metal Italy) The Passage,2016(8-pages)(+ 1
DIABOLUS (Prog Related UK) High Tones,1971(4-pages)
DIAMANDA GALAS with JOHN PAUL JONES (RIO/Avant-Prog US) The Sporting Life,1994(12-pages)
DIAMOND,NEIL Home Before Dark,2008(6-pages)(+ 2
DIAMOND HEAD (2 CD) (Heavy Metal UK) Lightning to the Nations :The White Album / The Singles,1980/2016(16-pages)(Deluxe Ed.)
DIAMOND HEAD (Heavy Metal UK) Diamond Head,2016(12-pages)
DICKINSON,BRUCE Tattooed Millionaire,1990(12-pages)[Rem.2002]
DICKINSON,BRUCE (2 CD) Balls To Picasso,1994(16-pages)[Rem.2005]
DICKINSON,BRUCE Accident Of Birth,1997(16-pages)
DICKINSON,BRUCE The Chemical Wedding,1998(16-pages)
DICKINSON,BRUCE Tyranny Of Souls,2005(12-pages)
DIO Holy Diver,1983(8-pages)
DIO Last In Line,1984(8-page)
DIO Sacred Heart,1985(8-page)
DIO Dream Evil,1987(8-page)
DIO (2 CD) Dream Evil,1987(16-pages)[Rem.2012]
DIO Lock Up The Wolfes,1990(20-pages)
DIO Strange Highways,1994(8-pages)
DIO Angry Machines,1996(12-pages)
DIO Angry Machines,1996(6-pages)
DIO (2 CD) Magica,2000(20-pages)[Rem.2013] [Deluxe Edition 2013]
DIO Killing The Dragon,2002(8-pages)
DIO Master Of The Moon,2004(12-pages)
(DIO) ?
DIRE STRAITS Dire Straits,1978(12-pages)[Rem.1996]
DIRE STRAITS Making Movies,1980(12-pages)[Rem.1996]
DIRE STRAITS Brothers In Arms,1985(8-page)[Rem.1996]
DIRE STRAITS On Every Street,1991(16-pages)
190 DISCO CIRCUS Disco Circus,1978(4-pages)
DISHARMONIA MUNDI The Isolation Game,2009(20-pages)
DISTORTED HARMONY (Progressive Metal Israel) Utopia,2012(4-pages)
DJABE & STEVE HACKETT (Jazz Rock/Fusion Hungary) Life Is A Journey - The Sardinia Tapes,2017(8-pages)
DJANGO BATES & FRANKFURT RADIO BIG BAND Saluting Sgt.Pepper,2017(6-pages)
DJAM KARET (Eclectic Prog US) Regenerator 3017,2014(4-pages)
DOKKEN (Hard 'n' Heavy US) Dysfunctional,1995(12-pages)
DOKKEN (Hard 'n' Heavy US) Erase The Slate,1999(12-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.PHCW-1034)
DOKKEN (Hard 'n' Heavy US) Long Way Home,2002(8-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICE-1024)
DOKKEN (Hard 'n' Heavy US) From Conception Live 1981,2007(4-pages) Frontiers
DOMAIN Stardawn,2006(12-pages)
DOMINOE (Hard Rock/Melodic Rock Germany) In No SilenceNo Lambs,2002(12-pages)
DOOGIE WHITE & LA PAZ (Hard Rock UK) Shut Up And Rawk,2016(16-pages)
DOOM SIDE OF THE MOON (Stoner Rock / Progressive Rock US) Doom Side Of The Moon,2017(4-pages)
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) The Doors,1967/2007(20-pages)(+ 3 .RHINO
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) Strange Days,1967/2007(20-pages)(+ 2 .RHINO
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) Waiting For The Sun,1968/2007(20-pages)(+ 5 .RHINO
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) Morrison Hotel,1970/2007(20-pages)(+ 10 .RHINO
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) L.A. Woman,1971/2007(12-pages)(+ 2 .RHINO
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) Other Voices,1971(8-pages)
DOORS,THE (Proto-Prog US) Full Circle,1972(8-pages)
DOORS,THE (2 CD) Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine,1972/2014(4-pages)
(DOORS) (2 CD) V/A (feat. K.HENSLEY,L.GRAMM,E.WINTER,R.MANZAREK,I.GILLAN) The Many Faces Of The Doors-A Journey Through The Inner World Of The Doors:Now And Then / The Songs,2015(4-pages)
DORO Calling The Wild,2000(8-pages)
DORO (DVD+CD) 25 Years In Rock ... And Still Going Strong (Bonus Live CD),2010(DigiPak)
DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION (Crossover Prog UK) Suburban Ghosts,2015(8-pages)
Dr. DOPO JAM (Jazz Rock/Fusion Denmark) Entree,1973(4-pages)
DR.JOHN In A Sentimental Mood,1989/2011(4-pages)
DR.JOHN Creole Moon,2001/2011(4-pages)
DR. STRANGELY STRANGE (Prog Folk Ireland) Kip Of The Serenes,1969 (4-pages)
DRAGONFLY (Heavy Prog US) Dragonfly,1968/2012(12-pages)(+2
DRAGONFORCE (Power Metal UK) Maximum Overload,2014(16-pages)
DRAMA (Netherlands) Drama,1971/1972/1997(12-pages)(+ 5
DREAM,THE Get Dreamy,1967(4-pages)
DREAM THE ELECTRIC SLEEP (Crossover Prog United States) Heretics,2014(4-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) When Dream And Day Unite,1989/1992(12-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) Images & Words,1992(10-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) Awake,1994(10-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory,1999(12-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) Octavarium,2005(16-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) plays IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast,2008(8-page)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) plays METALLICA Master Of Puppets,2008(8-page)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) Black Clouds & Silver Linings,2009(20-pages)
DREAM THEATER (Progressive Metal US) A Dramatic Turn Of Events,2011(20-pages)
DREAM THEATER (2 CD) (Progressive Metal US) The Astonishing,2016(24-pages)
DRESDEN CHINA (Disco) Dresden China,1986(16-pages)(+ 9
DRIFTING SUN (Neo-Prog Multi-National) Twilight,2017(4-pages)
DRIVE SHE SAID (Melodic Rock / AOR US) Pedal To The Metal,2016(12-pages)
DRUID (Symphonic Prog UK)Toward The Sun,1975(6-pages)
DRUID (Symphonic Prog UK) Fluid Druid,1976(6-pages)
DRUID Toward The Sun,1973(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. TOCP-7751)
DR.Z (Heavy Prog UK) Three Parts To My Soul,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9044)
DSCHINGHIS KHAN Rom,1980(4-pages)
DSCHINGHIS KHAN Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot,1981(4-page)
DSCHINGHIS KHAN Helden, Schurken Und Der Dudelmoser,1982(4-page)
DSCHINGHIS KHAN Corrida,1983(4-pages)
DSCHINN (Krautrock Germany) Dschinn,1972(8-pages)[Rem.2004]
DUFFY Just In Case You're Interested,1972(4-pages)
DUKE,GEORGE DUKE,2005(12-page)
DUKES OF THE ORIENT (Neo-Prog US) Dukes Of The Orient,2018(12-pages) (John Payne (ex-ASIA, GPS) & Erik Norlander (LAST IN LINE, LANA LANE)
DUST (Hard Rock US) Dust,1971(4-pages)
DUVAL,FRANK My Star,2018(17)(4-pages)
DYLAN,BOB Street-Legal,1978(4-pages)
DYLAN,BOB Down In The Groove,1988(4-pages)
DYLAN,BOB Dylan & The Dead,1989(8-pages)
DYLAN,BOB Fallen Angels,2016(4-pages)
EAGLES Hotel California,1976(8-pages)
EARL,RONNIE & THE BROADCASTERS Father's Day,2015(4-pages)
EARL,RONNIE & THE BROADCASTERS Maxwell Street,2016(4-pages)
EARL,RONNIE & THE BROADCASTERS The Luckiest Man,2017(4-pages)
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Earth & Fire,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9462)
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Earth & Fire,1970/2009(16-pages)(+2
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Song Of The Marching Children,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9463)
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Song Of The Marching Children,1971/2009(16-pages)(+6
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Atlantis,1973/2010(8-pages)
EARTH & FIRE (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) To The World Of The Future,1975/2011(12-pages)(+5
EARTHLESS (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) From The Ages,2013(4-pages)
EARTHLESS (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) Black Heaven,2018(8-pages)
EAST OF EDEN Mercator Projected By East Of Eden,1969(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9036)
EAST OF EDEN (Eclectic Prog UK) Another Eden,1975(4-pages)(+ 11
ECHOES (An Acoustic Tribute to PINK FLOYD) Barefoot To The Moon,2015(8-pages)
ECHOLYN (Symphonic Prog US) When The Sweet Turns Sour,1996(16-pages)
ECHOLYN (Symphonic Prog US) I Heard You Listening,2015(4-pages)
EDDIE HARDIN & GUESTS Wizard's Convention,1976(12-pages)(+3 Roger Glover,Jon Lord,David Coverdale,Ronnie James Dio...)[Rem.2012]
EDDIE HIGGINS QUARTET (Feat.SCOTT HAMILTON) My Funny Valentine,2005(8-pages)
EDDY HUNTINGTON (Disco Italy) Bang Bang Baby,1988(4-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. 32B2-8)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Wasa Wasa,1969(4-pages)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Sing Brother Sing,1970(8-pages)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Edgar Broughton Band,1971(6-pages)(+ 4
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Edgar Broughton Band,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. TOCP-65781)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND In Side Out,1972(8-pages)(+4
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Oora,1973(8-pages)
EDISONS CHILDREN (Neo-Prog Multi-National) The Final Breath Before November,2013(8-pages)
EDWARDS HAND (Psychedelic Rock UK) Edwards Hand,1969(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1218)
EDWARDS HAND (Psychedelic Rock UK) Stranded,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1219)
EGG (Canterbury Scene UK) Egg,1970(4-page+Japan bookletI)(Jap.Ed. POCD-1843)
EGG (Canterbury Scene UK) The Polite Force,1970(4-page+Japan booklet)(Jap.Ed. POCD-1844)
EGONON (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Risveglio,2011(4-pages)
EIRE APPARENT,THE Sunrise,1969/1991(6-pages)(+1 Jimy Hendrix)
ELECTRIC FLAG,THE A Long Time Comin',1968(4-pages)(+4
ELECTRIC SANDWICH (Krautrock Germany) Electric Sandwich,1973/1997(8-pages)(+2
ELECTRIC SUN (Uli Jon Roth ex-SCORPIONS) Earthquake,1979(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2002]
ELECTRIC SUN (Uli Jon Roth ex-SCORPIONS) Fire Wind,198016-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2002]
ELECTRIC SUN / ULI JON ROTH Beyond The Astral Skies(ex-Scorpions),1985/2007(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.MICP-10645)
ELEMENTS (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Monument,2015(12-pages)
ELEPHANTS OF SCOTLAND (Neo-Prog US) Home Away From Home,2013(4-pages)
ELEPHANTS OF SCOTLAND (Neo-Prog US) Execute And Breathe,2014(4-pages)
ELEPHANTS OF SCOTLAND (Neo-Prog US) The Perfect Map,2016(4-pages)
ELF (RONNIE JAMES DIO) Elf,1972/2015(16-pages)
ELF (RONNIE JAMES DIO) Trying To Burn The Sun,1975(8-pages)
ELLESMERE (Symphonic Prog Italy) Les Chateaux De La Loire,2015(8-pages)(+ 2
ELIAS HULK (Heavy Prog UK) Unchained,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1234)
=200 ELLIS,TINSLEY Fire It Up,1997(6-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Alligator Records
ELLISON Ellison,1971(4-pages)
=240 ELO Electric Light Orchestra,1971(+3 pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. TOCP-71557)
=240 ELO Electric Light Orchestra II,1973(+5 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. TOCP-71558)
=240 ELO New World Record,1976(+6 pages+20 pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. SICP-30110)
=240 ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Out Of The Blue,1977(+3 pages Japan booklet+2 posters+Die cut Kit()+OBI)(Jap.Ed. SICP-30111)
=240 ELO Discovery,1979(+3 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. SICP-30112)
=240 ELO Time,1981(+3 pages+2 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. SICP-30113)
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) The Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer),1971(8-pages)(+6[Rem.2012]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) The Electric Light Orchestra II,1973(16-pages)(+4[Rem.2003]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) On Third Day,1973(12-pages)(+5[Rem.2006]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Eldorado,1974(12-pages)(+2[Rem.2001]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Face The Music,1975(12-pages)(+4[Rem.2006]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) A New World Record,1976(12-pages)(+6[Rem.2006]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Xanadu,1980(8-page)
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Time,1981(12-pages)(+3[Rem.2001]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Secret Messages,1983(12-pages)(+3[Rem.2001]
ELO (Crossover Prog UK) Zoom,2001(12-pages)
ELOY (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Ra,1988(4-pages)
ELOY (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Destination,1992(12-pages)
ELOY (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) The Tides Return Forever,1994(12-pages)
ELOY (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) The Vision, The Sword & The Pyre (Part I),2017(20-pages)
ELVES,THE(feat. Ronnie James Dio) And Before Elf... There Were Elves,2011(4-pages)
ELVIS COSTELLO National Ransom,2010(24-page)
ELYSIUM THEORY (Crossover Prog US) Event Horizon,2013(4-pages)
EMBRYO (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Steig Aus,1972(8-pages)
EMERSON,KEITH (Crossover Prog UK) The Christmas Album,1988(6-pages)[Rem.1999]
EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER (2 CD) Pictures At An Exhibition,1971(16-pages)(Deluxe Edition)
=240 EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Emerson, Lake & Palmer,1970(+2 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70148)
=240 EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Pictures At An Exhibition,1971(+1 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70150)
=240 EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Trilogy,1972(+3 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70151)
=240 EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Brain Salad Surgery,1973(+3 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70152)
(EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER) (2 CD) V/A (feat. THE NICE,J.SMITH,BOOKERT) The Many Faces Of Emerson,Lake & Palmer: A Journey Through The Inner World Of ELP:Before & After ELP / Manticore Records & Influences,2015(4-pages)
ENCHANT (Heavy Prog US) The Creat Divide,2014(20-pages)
END,THE (produced by BILL WYMAN) Introspection,1969/2003(4-pages)
EPICA (Progressive Metal Netherlands) The Holographic Principle,2016(16-pages)
EPITAPH (Heavy Prog / Hard Rock Germany) Outside The Law,1974(8-pages)
EPITAPH (Heavy Prog / Hard Rock Germany) Fire From The Soul,2016(8-pages)
EPSILON (Krautrock Germany) Move On,1972(4-pages)
EQUINOX (Thrash Metal Norway) Labyrinth,1994(12-pages)
ERIC GALES Good For Sumthin,2014(4-pages)
ERUPTION Eruption,1977(12-pages)[Rem.2016]
ERUPTION Leave A Light,1979(12-pages)[Rem.2016]
ESP (Symphonic Prog UK)(ex-Mike CAMEL) Invisible Din,2016(12-pages)
ESPERANTO (Eclectic Prog Multi-National) Last Tango,1975(4-pages+Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. PCCY-10178)
ESTUS Estus,1973(4-pages)
EUROPE The Final Countdown,1986(8-pages)
EUROPE Bag Of Bones,2012(12-pages)
EUROPE Walk The Earth,2017(20-pages)
EVERSHIP (Neo-Prog US) Evership,2016(8-pages)
EVERWOOD (Progressive Metal Hungary) Without Saving,2011(8-page)
EXCITER Unveiling The Wicked,1986(4-pages)
EXCITER Exciter (O.T.T.),1988(4-pages)
EXPERIENCE (Psychedelic Rock/Hard Rock France) Experience,1979(4-pages)
EXPLORERS CLUB (Heavy Prog US) Raising The Mammoth,2002(8-pages) Magna Carta
EXUMA (African Folk,Reggae,Calypso) Exuma,1970(4-pages)
EXUMA (African Folk,Reggae,Calypso) Exuma II,1970(8-pages)
EYES OF BLUE (Psychedelic/Symphonic Prog UK) In Fields Of Ardath,1969(4-pages)
EYES OF BLUE (Psychedelic/Symphonic Prog UK) Crossroads Of Time,1968(4-pages)
EYESBERG (Neo-Prog Germany) Blue,2014(8-pages)
EYESBERG (Neo-Prog Germany) Masquerade,2016(8-pages)
EZOO (DARIO MOLLO & GRAHAM BONNET) Feeding The Beast,2017(12-pages/poster)
FACES Long Player,1971/1993(4-pages)
FACTORY OF DREAMS (Neo-Prog Portugal) Melotronical,2011(12-pages)
FACTORY OF DREAMS (Neo-Prog Portugal) Some Kind Of Poetic Destruction,2013(4-pages)
FAIR WARNING Pimp Your Past,2016(16-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) What We Did On Our Holidays,1969(4-pages) (+ 3
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Unhalfbricking,1969(4-pages)(+ 2
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Angel Delight,1971(4-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Babbacombe Lee,1971(4-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Rosie,1973(12-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Nine,1973(4-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Rising For The Moon,1975(4-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) The Bonny Bunch Of Roses,1977(4-pages)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Prog Related UK) Tipplers Tales,1978(12-pages)
FAITH NO MORE Sol Invictus,2015(4-pages)
FAITHFUL BREATH (Heavy Metal Germany) Skol,1985(4-pages)
FALLUJAH (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal US) Dreamless,2016(16-pages)
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) Wrap Your Arms Around Me,1983/2005(12-pages)(+ 5
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) I Stand Alone,1985(12-pages)
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) Eyes Of A Woman,1987/2005(12-pages)(+ 5
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) Music In A Dolls House,1968(6-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) Family Entertainment,1969(6-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) A Song For Me,1970(4-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) Anyway,1970(4-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) Fearless,1971(8-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) Bandstand,1972(4-pages)
FAMILY (Eclectic Prog UK) It's Only A Movie,1973(8-pages)
FARLOWE,CHRIS (Member Of : Atomic Rooster,The Beazers,Colosseum, The Hill...) The Art Of Chris Farlowe,1966/1992(8-pages)(+ 11 Produced : MICK JAGGER
FARLOWE,CHRIS (Member Of : Atomic Rooster,The Beazers,Colosseum, The Hill...) 14 Things To Think About,1966/1992(8-pages)(+ 12
FARMER,MYLENE Point De Suture,2008(4-pages)
FARMER,MYLENE Monkey Me,2012(16-pages)
FARMER,MYLENE Interstellaires,2015(20-pages)
FARNER,MARK (Grand Funk Railroad) Mark Farner,1977/2008(4-pages)
FARNER,MARK (Grand Funk Railroad) No Frills,1979/2008(4-pages)
FASHION PINK (BRAINSTORM) (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) From Fashion Pink To Brainstorm (SWF-Sessions Volume 3,1970/1971)[Rem.2000]
FASHION PINK (Krautrock Germany) Encore (1969-1975),2005(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2005]
FAT MATTRESS (Psychedelic Rock UK) Fat Mattress,1969(8-pages)(+8[Rem.2004]
FAT MATTRESS (Psychedelic Rock UK) Fat Mattress II,1970(8-pages)(+6[Rem.2009]
FATBOY SLIM Palookaville,2004(8-pages)
FATES WARNING (Progressive Metal US) Darkness In A Different Light,2013(16-pages)
FATES WARNING (Progressive Metal US) Theories Of Flight,2016(12-pages)
FAUST (Krautrock Germany) Faust,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9259)
190 FAUSTO PAPETTI 34a Raccolta / 4a Raccolta,1982/1964(4-pages)
FAX IGNIS (Progressive Rock France) Eponymus,2016(12-pages)
FB1964 Stortebeker,2017(12-pages) (Feat. UDO,Ronnie ROMERO,Axel Rudi PELL)
FERRY,BRYAN Another Time, Another Place,1974(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Let's Stick Together,1976(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Boys And Girls,1985(8-pages) [Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Taxi,1993(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Mamouna,1994(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
FERRY,BRYAN Slave To Love: The Best Of The Ballads,2000(16-pages)
FEVER TREE (Psychedelic Rock US) San Francisco Girls,1970(4-pages)
FEVER TREE (Psychedelic Rock US) Creation / For Sale,1970(4-pages)
FIELDS (Heavy Psych US) Fields,1969(4-pages)
FINCHLEY BOYS,THE (Blues Rock,Psychedelic Rock,Heavy Psych US) Everlasting Tributes,1972(4-pages)
FIND ME Wings Of Love,2013(12-pages)
FIRE (Hard Psychedelic Rock Yugoslavia) Could You Understand,1973/2004(4-pages)
FIREBALLET (Symphonic Prog US) Night On Bald Mountain,1975(4-pages)
FIREBIRDS,THE (Psychedelic Rock UK) Light My Fire,1969(4-pages)
FIREFORCE (Heavy/Power Metal) Deathbringer,2014(12-pages)
FIREWIND Days Of Defiance,2010(16-pages)
FIRKINS,MICHAEL LEE Michael Lee Firkins,1990(8-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
FIRST + AID (Symphonic Prog UK) Nostradamus,1977(4-pages)
FISH (2 CD) (Neo-Prog UK) Sunsets On Empire,1997(12-pages)[Rem.2015]
FISH (Neo-Prog UK) Raingods With Zippos,1999(16-pages)
FISH (2 CD) Neo-Prog UK)Raingods With Zippos,1999(12-pages)[Rem.2015]
FISH (2 CD) (Neo-Prog UK)Fellini Days,2001(12-pages)[Rem.2015]
FISH ON FRIDAY (Crossover Prog Belgium) Quiet Life,2017(12-pages)
FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE,THE The Five Day Week Staw People,1968(12-pages)(+2
FJIERI (Neo-Prog Italy) Words Are All We Have,2015(12-pages)
FLAMBOROUGH HEAD (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Lost In Time,2013(6-pages)
FLAMING ROW (Progressive Metal Germany) Mirage - A Portrayal Of Figures,2014(6-pages)
FLAMING YOUTH (Proto-Prog UK) ARK-2,1969/2004(4-pages)(+2
FLASH (Eclectic Prog UK) Psychosyng(Live),1977(4-page)
FLASH (Eclectic Prog UK) Flash,2013(4-pages)
FLASKET BRINNER (Eclectic Prog Sweden) Flasket Brinner,1971(4-pages)
FLASKET BRINNER (Eclectic Prog Sweden) Flasket,1972(8-pages)
FLAUD LOGIC (Crossover Prog US) Flaud Logic,2012(6-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac,1968/2004(6-pages)(+ 7
FLEETWOOD MAC Mr. Wonderful,1968/2004(8-pages)(+ 4
FLEETWOOD MAC The Pious Bird Of Good Omen,1969(6-pages)(+ 5
FLEETWOOD MAC Mystery To Me,1973(4-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Rumours,1977(8-pages)(+ 5
FLEETWOOD MAC Tusk,1979(8-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Tango In The Night,1987(8-pages)(+ 4
FLEETWOOD MAC Behind The Mask,1990(12-pages)
FLESHCRAWL (Death Metal Germany) Descend Into The Absurd,1992(8-pages)
FLESHCRAWL (Death Metal Germany) Impurity,1994(6-pages) BLACK MARK!!
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE (Technical Death Metal Italy) King,2016(12-pages)
FLINT (Rock US)(ex. Grand Funk Railroad) Flint,1978(4-pages)(+Frank Zappa)
FLOATING BRIDGE (Psychedelic/Blues Rock US) Floating Bridge,1969(8-pages)
FLOOD THE ENGINE (ex CACTUS) Flood The Engine,2013(4-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Back In The World Of Adventures,1995(12-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Retropolis,1996/2010(12-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (2 CD) (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Flower Power,1999(20-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Space Revolver,2000(16-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) The Rainmaker,2001(16-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (2 CD) (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Unfold The Future,2002(20-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Adam & Eve,2004(16-pages)
FLOWER KINGS,THE (Symphonic Prog Sweden) The Sum Of No Evil,2007(16-pages)
FLUR,WOLFGANG (Ex - Kraftwerk) Eloquence: The Complete Works,2015(4-pages)(+ 6
FLYING CIRCUS Back,2009/2010(4-pages)
FLYING CIRCUS Forth,2009/2010(16-pages)
FM (Prog Related Canada) Black Noise,1977/2013(4-pages)
FM (Prog Related Canada) Direct To Disc,1978/2013(4-pages)
FM (Prog Related Canada) Surveillance,1979/2013(4-pages)
FM (Prog Related Canada) City Of Fear,1980/2013(4-pages)
FM (UK) Heroes And Villains,2015(12-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) In And Out Of Focus,1970/2001(4-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Moving Waves,1971/2001(4-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Focus 3,1972/2001(4-pages)
=240 FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Focus At The Rainbow, 1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70052)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Hamburger Concerto,1974/2001(4-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Mother Focus,1975/2001(4-pages)
=240 FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Mother Focus,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-70054)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) Ship Of Memories,1976/2001(4-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) X,2012(12-pages)
FOCUS (Symphonic Prog Netherlands) 8.5 Beyond The Horizon,2016(8-pages)
FOGERTY,JOHN The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again,2009(20-pages)
FOGERTY,JOHN ( ) Wrote A Song For Everyone,2013(16-pages)
FOGHAT Rock'n'Roll Outlaws,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-63894)
FOGHAT (2 CD) Road Cases,2001(4-pages)
FOOD (Psychedelic Rock US) Forever Is A Dream,1969(4-pages)
FORCEFIELD Forcefield I,1987(12-pages) (Cozy Powell,Neil Murray)
FORCEFIELD Forcefield II (The Talisman),1988(12-page)(+ 2 (Cozy Powell,Neil Murray,Tony Martin)
FORCEFIELD Forcefield III (To Oz And Back),1989(12-pages)(Cozy Powell,Graham Bonnet)
FORCEFIELD Forcefield IV(Let The Wild Run Free),1990(12-pages)(C. Powell,G. Bonnet,B.Marsden.D.Airey.M.Moody)
FORD,JOHN (Strawbs) A Better Day,2015(6-pages)
FOREIGNER Foreigner,1977(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2014]
FOREIGNER Double Vision,1978(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2014]
FOREIGNER Head Games,1979(8-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2014]
FOREIGNER 4,1981(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2014]
FOREIGNER Inside Information,1987(8-pages)
FOREIGNER Unusual Heat,1991(8-pages)
FOREIGNER Mr. Moonlight,1994(8-pages)
FOREIGNER (2 CD) 40,2017(16-pages)
FOREIGNER With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus,2018(8-pages)
FOREIGNER (CD+DVD) With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus,2018(8-pages)
FORMULA 1 (Hard Rock Russia) Queen Of Lie,1992(4-pages) , !!
FORMULA 3 (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Sognando E Risognando,1972(12- pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. KICP-2705)
FOX Blue Hotel,1977(12-pages)(+1
FRAGILE Fragile,1976(4-pages)
FRANK MARINO AND MANOGANY RUSH (2 CD) (Crossover Prog Canada) Mahogany Rush Live / Tales Of The Unexpected / What's Next,1978/1979/1980(12-pages)
FRANZ FERDINAND Franz Ferdinand,2004(4-pages)
FRANZ FERDINAND Always Ascending,2018(16-pages)
FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS The Very Best Of,1997(4-pages)
=240 FREE Highway,1970(+4 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20099)
=240 FREE Fire and Water,1970(+6 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20031)
=240 FREE Free At Last,1972(+6 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20101)
FREE Tons Of Sobs,1968(8-pages)(+8[Rem.2001]
FREE Free,1969(8-pages)(+ 10[Rem.2001]
FREE Fire And Water,1970(8-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2001]
FREE Highway,1970(8-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2002]
FREE Free At Last,1972(8-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2002]
FREEBORNE,THE (Psychedelic Rock US) Peak Impressions,1967(4-pages)
FREEDOM Black On White,1968(12-pages)(+7
FREEDOM CHILDREN (Heavy Prog South Africa) Battle Hymn Of The Broken Hearted Horde,1969(4-pages)
FREEDOM CHILDREN (Heavy Prog South Africa) Astra,1970(4-pages)
FREEDOM CHILDREN (Heavy Prog South Africa) Galactic Vibes,1971(4-pages)
FREHLEY,ACE (ex-KISS) Origins Vol.1,2016(18-pages)
FRENCH,PETER Ducks In Flight,1978(4-pages)
FREQUENCY DRIFT (Crossover Prog Germany) Laid To Rest,2012(4-pages)
FREQUENCY DRIFT (Crossover Prog Germany) Last,2016(12-pages)
FREQUENCY DRIFT (Crossover Prog Germany) Letters To Maro,2018(4-pages)
FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKE (Heavy Psychedelic Rock US) Heavy,1970(4-pages)
FRIEDMAN,MARTY (Progressive Metal US) Tokyo Jukebox 2,2011(12-pages)
FRIEDMAN,MARTY (Progressive Metal US) Wall Of Sound,2017(8-pages)(Japan Ed.13 tracks)
FRIJID PINK (Heavy Prog US) All Pink Inside,1974(4-pages)
FRIPP,ROBERT (2 CD) (Eclectic Prog UK) Exposure,1979(24-pages)(deluxe edition)
FRIPP,ROBERT & DAVID SYLVIAN The First Day,1993(12-pages)
FRIPP,ROBERT & DAVID SYLVIAN Darshan,1993(6-pages)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY (Electro-industrial Canada) Echogenetic,2013(12-pages)
FRUSCIANTE,JOHN (Red Hot Chili Peppers,Ataxia,The Mars Volta) Inside Of Emptiness,2004(8-pages)
FRUSCIANTE,JOHN (Red Hot Chili Peppers,Ataxia,The Mars Volta) Shadows Collide With People,2004(12-pages)
FRUMPY (Eclectic Prog Germany) Live Ninety Five,1995(8-pages)
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Ireland) Future Legends,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7070)
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Ireland) Seven Secrets,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7071)
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Ireland) Prince Of Heaven's Eyes,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7072)
FUSION SYNDICATE,THE (Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres) The Fusion Syndicate,2012(8-pages)
FUZZY DUCK (Heavy Prog UK) Fuzzy Duck,1971/1993(4-pages)(+4
GABRIEL,PETER (Crossover Prog UK) Up,2002(4-pages)
GABRIEL,PETER (Crossover Prog UK) Scratch My Back,2010(12-pages)
GABRIEL,PETER (Crossover Prog UK) And I'll Scrath Yours,2013(20-pages)
GALADRIEL (Prog Folk Australia) Galadriel,1971/2001(4-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Nothing Is Written,1991(8-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) In A Moment Of Complete Madness,1993(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2008]
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Sleepers,1995(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2015]
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Following Ghosts,1998(12-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Year Zero,2002(8-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Empires Never Last,2007(4-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2014]
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog UK) Quiet Storms,2017(12-pages)
GALLAGHER,RORY Irish Tour,1974/1998(6-pages)
GALLAGHER,RORY Calling Card,1976(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1997]
GALLAGHER,RORY Photo-Finish,1978(6-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1997]
GALLAGHER,RORY Top Priority,1979(6-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1999]
GALLAGHER'S,NOEL High Flying Birds,2014(12-pages)
GAMMA RAY (2 CD) Heading For Tomorrow,1989(20-pages)[Rem.2015](Anniversary Edition)
GAMMA RAY (2 CD) Sign No More,1991(20-pages)[Rem.2015](Anniversary Edition)
GAMMA RAY (2 CD) Insanity And Genius,1993(20-pages)[Rem.2016](Anniversary Edition)
GAMMA RAY (CD+DVD) To The Metal!,2010(18-pages) Dijipak
GANDALF (Psychedelic Rock US) Gandalf,1968(8-pages)
GARBAGE Not Your Kind Of People,2012(16-pages)
GARBAGE Strange Little Birds,2016(12-pages)
GAROU Au Milieu De Ma Vie,2013(16-pages)(+ 3
GASOLINE BAND,THE (Jazz Rock, Fusion UK) The Gasoline Band,1972(4-pages)(Rem.2014)
GASS feat. PETER GREEN (Prog. Rock / Jazz Rock UK) Gass,1970(4-pages)
GATHERING (Experimental/Post Metal Netherlands) Afterwords,2013(4-pages)
GAZEBO Telephone Mama,1984(4-pages)
GAZPACHO (Crossover Prog Norway) Soyuz,2018(4-pages)
GEE,PETER (Neo-Prog UK) (of PENDRAGON) Paris,2013(4-pages)
GELDOF,BOB Sex,Age & Death,2001(20-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
GENESIS Nursery Cryme,1971(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS Foxtrot,1972(8-pages)
GENESIS Foxtrot,1972(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS (2 CD) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,1974(12-pages)
GENESIS (2 CD) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,1974(20-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS A Trick Of The Tail,1976(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS Wind & Wuthering,1976(8-pages)
GENESIS Wind & Wuthering,1976(8-pages)[Rem.2006]
GENESIS ...And Then There Were Three,1978(12-pages) Definitive Edition Remaster
GENESIS Duke,1980(12-pages)Definitive Edition Remaster
GENESIS Duke,1980(20-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS Abacab,1981(12-pages)Definitive Edition Remaster
GENESIS Genesis,1983(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
GENESIS Invisible Touch,1986(12-pages)
GENESIS We Can't Dance,1991(16-pages)
GENESIS Calling All Stations,1997(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
350 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Trespass,1970 ( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
350 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Nursery Cryme,1971( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Foxtrot,1972( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) ...And Then There Were Three,1978( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Duke,1980( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Abacab,1981( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Genesis,1983( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Invisible Touch,1986( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) We Can't Dance,1992( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
=330 GENESIS (CD+DVD) Calling All Stations,1997( DJ-packe. Full UK replica) [5.1 Surround Mix][multimedia Track]
(GENESIS) (2 CD) V/A (feat. S.HACKETT,BRAND X,T.BANKS) The Many Faces Of Genesis: A Journey Through The Inner World Of Genesis,2015(4-pages)
GENIUS (Progressive Metal Italy) Episode 1: A Human Into Dreams` World,2002(24-pages) CD-Max
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Gentle Giant,1970(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Acquiring The Taste,1971(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Octopus,1972(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Octopus,1970/2015(16-pages)(+ 1 By Steve Wilson)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Three Friends,1972(8-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) In'terview,1976(6-pages)[Rem.2009]
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) The Missing Piese,1977(6-pages)[Rem.2009]
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog UK) Giant For A Day!,1978(6-pages)[Rem.2009]
GEORDIE Hope You Like It,1973/2007(8-pages)(+6
GEORDIE Don't Be Fooled By The Name,1974/2008(6-pages)(+2
GEORDIE Save The World,1976/2008(8-pages)
GEORDIE No Good Woman,1978/2000(12-pages)(+2
GEORDIE No Sweat,1983/2002(8-pages)(+4
GHOST,THE (Prog Folk UK) When Your'e Dead - One Second,1970(8-pages)
GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER,THE (SEAN LENNON) Acoustic Sessions,2010(20-pages)
GIBB,ANDY Flowing Rivers,1977(4-pages)
GIBB,BARRY (ex-BEE GEES) Now Voyager,1984(16-pages)
GIBB,BARRY (ex-BEE GEES) Hawks,1988(8-pages)
GIBB,ROBIN (BEE GEES) How Old Are You?,1982/1983(4-pages)
GIBB,ROBIN (BEE GEES) Walls Have Eyes,1985(8-pages)
GILA (Krautrock Germany) Night Works,1972(30-page)
GILGAMESH (Canterbury Scene UK) Gilgamesh,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJCP-2534)
GILLA (Euro-Disco) Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen Gehn?,1975(4-pages)(+1 Frank Farian)
GILLA (Euro-Disco) Zieh Mich Aus,1977(4-pages)(+1 Frank Farian)
GILLAN Gillan (Japanese Album),1978(12-pages)
GILLAN,IAN Gillan Tapes Vol 1,1997(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM
GILLAN,IAN (2 CD) Gillan Tapes Vol 3,2000(12-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM
GILLAN,IAN (2 CD) Live At The BBC-79/80,1999(16-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM
GILLAN,IAN Live At The Rainbow,1998(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM
GILLAN,IAN The Rockfield Mixes,2001(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM
=300 GILLAN / GLOVER Accidentally On Purpose,1988(12-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
GILLAN / GLOVER Accidentally On Purpose,1988(8-pages)
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) David Gilmour,1978(8-pages)[Rem.2006]
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) About Face,1984(12-pages)[Rem.2006]
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) On An Island,2006(24-pages)
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) Rattle That Lock,2015(20-pages)
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) (CD+DVD) Rattle That Lock,2015 Dijipak
GILMOUR,DAVID (Prog Related UK) (2 CD) Live At Pompeii,2017(16-pages)
GILTRAP,GORDON (Prog Related UK) The Peacock Party,1979/2014(16-pages)(+4
GILTRAP,GORDON & RICK WAKEMAN (Prog Related UK) From Brush & Stone,2009(8-pages)
GINGERPIG The Ways Of The Gingerpig,2011(8-pages) /hard rock,hammond for fans Deep Purple, Grand Funk/
GINHOUSE (Heavy Prog UK) Ginhouse,1971(4-pages)[Rem.2013]
GIORGIO MORODER Knights In White Satin,1976(6-pages)[Rem.2011](+4
GIORGIO MORODER From Here To Eternity,1977/1999(8-pages)
GIORGIO MORODER & CHRIS Love's In You, Love's In Me,
GIORGIO MORODER E=MC2,1979(8-pages)[Rem.2001](+2
GIORGIO MORODER & JOE ESPOSITO Solitary Men,1983(8-pages)[Rem.2001](+3
GIORGIO MORODER & PAUL ENGEMANN Shannon's Eyes,1985(6-pages)
GIORGIO MORODER Deja-Vu,2015(12-pages)
GIPSY LOVE (Kraut Rock Germany) Gipsy Love,1971(4-pages)
GIPSY LOVE (Kraut Rock Germany) Here We Come,1972(4-pages)
GIZMODROME (Eclectic Prog US) Gizmodrome,2017(8-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) If,2010(12-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) Cor Cordium,2011(12-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) Perilous,2012(4-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) The Breaking Of The World,2015(16-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) Valkyrie,2016(12-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog US) Untold Tales,2017(16-pages)
GLASS PRISM (Psychedelic Rock US) Poe Through The Glass Prism,1969(4-pages)
GLITTER,GARY Glitter/Touch Me,1973/1974(6-pages)
GLITTER,GARY Touch Me,1974(8-page)(+4
GLOVER,ROGER & FRIENDS The Batterfly Ball,1974(6-pages)[Rem.1999](25th Anniversary Collectors Edition
GLOVER,ROGER & FRIENDS (2 CD) The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast,1974(12-pages)[Rem.2018] (Feat. R.J. DIO, D.COVERDALE)
GLOVER,ROGER Elements,1978(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
GLOVER,ROGER Mask,1984/2005(12-pages)
GLOVER,ROGER Snapshot,2002(12-pages)
GNIDROLOG (Eclectic Prog UK) In Spite Of Harry's Toenail,1972(8-pages+12-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-35597)
GNIDROLOG (Eclectic Prog UK) In Spite Of Harry's Toenail,1972/2012(16-pages)(+1
GNIDROLOG (Eclectic Prog UK) Lady Like,1972/2012(12-pages)(+1
GODS,THE (Proto-Prog UK) Genesis,1968(6-pages)(+4
GODS,THE (Proto-Prog UK) To Samuel A Son,1969(6-pages)(+1
GOLD,ANDREW (ex-10CC,WAX) Andrew Gold,1975(8-pages)(+ 6[Rem 2005]
GOLD,ANDREW (ex-10CC,WAX) What's Wrong With This Picture?,1976(8-pages)(+ 5[Rem 2005]
GOLD,ANDREW (ex-10CC,WAX) All This And Heaven Too,1978(8-pages)(+ 5[Rem 2005]
GOLD,ANDREW (ex-10CC,WAX) Whirlwind,1980(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2005]
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Eight Miles High,1969(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Golden Earring (aka Wall Of Dolls),1970(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Seven Tears,1971(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Moontan,1973(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Switch,1975(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Contraband,1976(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Grab It For A Second,1978(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) No Promises, No Debts,1979(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Prisoner Of The Night,1980(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) Cut,1982(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) N.E.W.S.,1984(8-pages)
GOLDEN EARRING (Prog Related Netherlands) The Hole,1986(8-pages)
GOLIATH (Crossover Prog UK) Goliath,1970(4-pages)
GOMES,ANTHONY (Blues Rock Canada) Electric Field Holler,2015(4-pages)
GOMORRHA (Heavy Prog Germany) Trauma,1970(16-page)
GOMORRHA (Heavy Prog Germany) I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was,1972(8-page)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Magick Brother,1969/2004(12-pages)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2 - Angel's Egg,1973(16-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2004]
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Radio Gnome Invisible Part 3 - You,1974(12-pages)[Rem.2004]
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Shamal,1975/1989(8-pages)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Gazeuse!,1976(4-pages)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Gazeuse!,1976(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJD-5018)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Expresso II,1978(4-pages)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Expresso II,1978(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJD-5019)
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Downwind,1979(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Time Is The Key,1979(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
GONG (Canterbury Scene Multi-National) Leave It Open,1981(8-pages)[Rem.2011]
GORKY PARK Gorky Park,1989(8-pages)
GORKY PARK 2 / Moscow Calling,1992(8-pages)
GOSPEL OAK (Folk Rock/Blues UK) Gospel Oak,1970(4-pages)
GOTTHARD Silver,2017(24-pages)(+ 2
GOULDMAN,GRAHAM (10 CC) Animalympics,1980(8-pages)
GOULDMAN,GRAHAM (10 CC) Play Nicely And Share,2017(8-pages)(EP-6 tr.)
GOZU (Stoner/Southern Rock US) Revival,2016(4-pages)
GRACIOUS (Symphonic Prog United Kingdom) Gracious !,1970(8-pages)(+ 3
GRAEME EDGE BAND,THE Kick Off Your Muddy Boots,1975/2009(12-pages)
GRAEME EDGE BAND,THE Paradise Ballroom,1976/2009(12-pages)
GRAIL (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) Grail,1971(4-pages)[Rem.2013] (produced by Rod Stewart)
GRAILS (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) Deep Politics,2011(4-pages)
GRAMM,LOU Long Hard Look,1989(4-page)
GRAN TURISMO VELOCE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Di Carne,Di Anima,2011(4-pages)
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD On Time,1969(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Grand Funk (The Red Album),1969(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Closer To Home,1970(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK Survival,1971(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK Pluribus Funk,1971(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK Phoenix,1972(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK We're An American Band,1973(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK Shinin' On,1974(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2003]
GRAND FUNK All The Girls In The World Beware !!!,1974(16-pages)[Rem 2003]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Born To Die,1976(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2002]
GRAND TOUR (Neo-Prog UK) Heavy On The Beach,2015(8-pages)
GRAPEFRUIT (Psychedelic Pop UK) Deep Water,1969/1993(6-pages)(+ 2
GRAPEFRUIT (Psychedelic Pop UK) Around Grapefruit,1969/1993(6-pages)(+ 1
GRATEFUL DEAD (2 CD) The Grateful Dead,1967(16-pages) (50th Anniversary Deluxe Ed.)[Rem 2017]
GRAVE DIGGER Healed By Metal,2017(16-pages)(+ 3
GRAVESTONE (Krautrock Germany) Doomsday,1979/2004(4-pages)
GRAVESTONE (Krautrock Germany) War,1980/2008(4-pages)
GRAVY TRAIN (Heavy Prog UK) Gravy Train,1972(8-page)
GRAVY TRAIN (Heavy Prog UK) Second Birth,1973(4-pages+12 pages Japan booklet)(Japan rem.)
GREEN (Crossover Prog Italy) Life,2003(16-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License FRONTIERS RECORDS
GREEN BULLFROG,THE (Blackmore,Paice,A.Lee,Ashton) Sessions,1971(12-pages)
GREEN DAY Uno,2012(12-pages)
GRETA VAN FLEET From The Fires,2017(8-pages)
GRIM REAPER Walking In The Shadows,2016(8-pages)
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Grobschnitt,1972(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2015]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Ballermann,1974(16-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2015]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Jumbo,1975/1976(English & German Versions on 1 CD!!) (12-page)
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Jumbo,1975(16-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2015]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Rockpommel's Land,1977(12-page)(+ 1
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Rockpommel's Land,1977(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2015]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Merry-Go-Round,1979(16-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2015]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Volle Molle,1980/2015(16-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2013]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Illegal,1981/2015(16-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2013]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Razzia,1982/2015(16-pages)(+ 8[Rem.2013]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Kinder+Narren,1984/2015(16-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2013]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Sonnentanz-Live,1985/2015(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2013]
GROBSCHNITT (Symphonic Prog Germany) Fantasten,1987/2015(16-pages)(+ 8[Rem.2013]
GRODECK WHIPPERJENNY,THE (Psychedelic Rock US) The Grodeck Whipperjenny,1970(4-pages)
GROOVE ARMADA White Light,2010(8-pages)
GROUCUTT,KELLY (ELO) Kelly (rem, feat. Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy & Mik Kaminski),1982(8-pages)
GROUNDHOGS (Prog Related UK) Razor Edge Plus,1985/2012(4-pages)(+ 4
GROUNDHOGS (Prog Related UK) Back Against The Wall,1987/2008(4-pages)
GRUPA 220 (Prog Folk Yugoslavia) Slike,1975/2007(4-pages)
GRYPHON (Prog Folk UK) Gryphon,1973(4-pages0
GRYPHON (Prog Folk UK) Midnight Mushrumps,1974(4-pages)
GRYPHON (Prog Folk UK) Red Queen To Gryphon Tree,1974(4-pages)
GRYPHON (Prog Folk UK) Raindance,1975(4-pages)
GTR (Prog Related UK)(feat. S.Howe, S.Hackett) GTR,1986(4-pages)
GUESS WHO,THE Shakin' All Over / Hey Ho(What You D0 To Me) / It's Time,1965/1965/1966(4-pages)
GUESS WHO,THE Artificial Paradise / Wheatfield Soul,1968/1973(4-pages)
GUESS WHO,THE American Woman,1970(12-pages)(+1
GUESS WHO,THE So Long, Bannatyne / #10,1971/1973(4-pages)
GUESS WHO,THE Rockin' / Flavours,1972/1975(4-pages)
GUESS WHO,THE Road Food / Power In The Music,1974/1975(4-pages)
GULLIVER (Classic Rock US) Gulliver,2002(4-pages)
GUN Swagger,1994/2011(4-pages)( + 8
GUNHILL (JOHN LAWTON) One Over The Eight,1995(4-pages)(+1
GUNHILL (2 CD) (JOHN LAWTON) One Over The Eight / Nightheat,1995/1997(4-pages)(+3
GUNHILL (JOHN LAWTON) Nightheat,2006(4-pages)
GUNS & BUTTER (Eclectic Prog US) Guns & Butter,1972(4-pages)
GUNS N' ROSES Appetite For Destruction,1987(12-pages)
GUNS N' ROSES Use Your Illusion I,1991(16-pages)
GUNS N' ROSES Use Your Illusion II,1991(16-pages)
GUNS N' ROSES Chinese Democracy,2008 Dijipak
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) UFO,1970(4-pages)
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Hinten,1971(4-pages)
GURU GURU (2 CD) (Krautrock Germany) Don't Call Us We Call You,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2006]
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Dance Of The Flames,1974(16-pages)(+ 1
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Mani Und Seine Freunde,1975(16-pages)(+1[Rem.2005]
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Tango Fango,1976(8-pages)
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Hey Du,1979(16-pages)(+1[Rem.2006]
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Mani In Germani,1981(6-pages)
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Shake Well,1993(12-pages)(+1[Rem.2006]
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) Wah Wah,1995(4-pages)
GURU GURU (Krautrock Germany) 2000 Gurus,2000(4-pages)
GUY,BUDDY (2 CD) Rhythm & Blues,2013(12-pages)
GWAR Bloody Pit Of Horror,2010(12-pages)
GWYN ASHTON Prohibition,2006(6-pages)
GYPSY (Eclectic Prog US) Gypsy,1970(4-pages)
GYPSY (Eclectic Prog US) In The Garden,1971(4-pages)
GYPSY (Psychedelic Rock,Southern Rock UK) Gypsy,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(+ 8[24 Bit Rem.2009](Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1529)
H.P. LOVECRAFT (Proto-Prog United States) Lovecraft,1967(4-pages)
HACKENSACK Give It Some,1970(4-pages)[Rem.1996]
HACKETT,JOHN (Eclectic Prog UK)(feat S.HACKETT) Another Life,2015(12-pages)
HACKETT,JOHN (JOHN HACKETT BAND) (Eclectic Prog UK) We Are Not Alone,2017(8-pages) (feat.Steve Hackett)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Cured,1981(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2007]
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Bay Of Kings,1983/2003(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Till We Have Faces,1984(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Momentum,1988(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Guitar Noir,1993/2003(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Blues With A Feeling,1994/2003(4-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Genesis Revisited,1996(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Darktown,1999(12-pages)(+ 3
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Feedback'86,2000(6-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) To Watch The Storms,2003(8-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Wild Orchids,2006(16-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (2 CD) (Eclectic Prog UK) Genesis Revested II, 2012(32-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) Wolflight,2015(20-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog UK) The Night Siren,2017(16-pages)
HAIRY CHAPTER (Krautrock Germany) Can't Get Through / Eyes / ,1970/1971(4-pages)
HAKEN (Heavy Prog UK) Affinity,2016(12-pages)
HALFORD (ex-JUDAS PRIEST) Resurrection,2000(12-pages)
HALLOWS EVE (Thrash Metal US) Tales Of Terror,1985(6-pages) !!!!
HALLOWS EVE (Thrash Metal US) Death & Insanity,1986(4-pages) !!!!
HALLOWS EVE (Thrash Metal US) Monument,1987(6-pages) !!!!
HAMM,STUART (Blues/Jazz Fusion/Progressive Rock US) Kings Of Sleep,1998(4-pages)
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Fool's Mate,1971(16-pages)(+5[Rem.2005]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night,1973(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage,1974(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) In Camera,1974(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Nadir's Big Chance,1975(16-pages)[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Over,1977(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) The Future Now,1978(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Ph7,1979(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) A Black Box,1980(16-pages)[Rem.2006]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Sitting Targets,1981(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Skin,1986(16-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2007]
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) Consequences,2012(24-pages)
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog UK) From The Trees,2017(20-pages)
HANCOCK,HERBIE (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) The Imagine Project,2010(20-pages) Dijipak
HANNIBAL (Heave Psychedelic Rock UK) Hannibal,1970/2009(4-pages)
HANUMAN (LIED DES TEUFELS)(Krautrock Germany) Hanuman,1971(4-pages)
HAPPY THE MAN (Eclectic Prog US) Happy The Man,1977(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ERC-32005
HAPPY THE MAN (Eclectic Prog US) Grafty Hands,1978(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ERC-32006
HARD STUFF (Hard Rock UK) Bolex Dementia,1973(12-pages)(+ 2
HARMONIA (Progressive Electronic Germany) Musik Von,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCP-2387)
HARPER,ROY (Prog Folk UK) Man & Myth,2013(8-pages)
HARRIS,MICHAEL (Progressive Metal/Shred US) Ego Decimation Profile,1996(6-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.APCY-8329)
HARRISON,GAVIN (Eclectic Prog UK)(Porcupine Tree drummer) Cheating The Polygraph,2015(8-pages)
HARRISON,GEORGE Wonderwall Music,1968(12-pages)[Rem.1991]
HARRISON,GEORGE Wonderwall Music,1968(16-pages)[Rem.2014]
HARRISON,GEORGE Electronic Sound,1969(16-pages)[Rem.2014]
HARRISON,GEORGE (2 CD) All Things Must Pass,1970(20-pages)[Rem.2001] (30th Anniversary Edition)
HARRISON,GEORGE And FRIENDS (2 CD) The Concert For Bangladesh,1971(36-pages))[Rem.2005]
HARRISON,GEORGE Living In The Material World,1973(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2014]
HARRISON,GEORGE Dark Horse,1974(16-pages)(+2[Rem.2014]
HARRISON,GEORGE Extra Texture,1975(16-pages)(+1[Rem.2014]
HARRISON,GEORGE Extra Texture,1975/1991(8-pages)
HARRISON,GEORGE Gone Troppo,1982(12-pages)(+1[Rem.2004]
HARRISON,GEORGE (2 CD) Live In Japan,1992 [Rem.2004]
HARRISON,GEORGE Early Takes Volume 1,2012(4-pages)
HARSH REALITY (Heavy Progressive Rock UK) Heaven And Hell,1969(16-pages)
HART,BETH Better Than Home,2015(24-pages)
HART,BETH Fire On The Floor,2016(16-pages)
HART,BETH (CD+DVD) Live From New York - Front And Center,2018(4-pages)
HARVEST FLIGHT (Prog Folk/Psychedelic/Christian Rock US) One Way,1971(4-pages)
HATE (Progressive/Psychedelic Rock Scotland) Hate Kills,1970(4-pages)
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Hawkwind,1970(12-pages)(+4[Rem.1996]
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) X In Search Of Space,1971(24-pages)(+3[Rem.1996]
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Doremi Fasol Latido,1972(12-pages)(+4[Rem.1996]
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) (2 CD) Space Ritual,1973(24-pages)(+2[Rem.1996]
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Hall Of The Mountain Grill,1974(12-pages)(+5[Rem.1996]
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Spacehawks,2013(12-pages)
HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Into The Woods,2017(12-pages)
HAWTHORNE,MAYER Where Does This Door Go,2013(16-pages)
HAY,BARRY (Vocalist of GOLDEN EARRING) Flying V Formation,2016(4-pages)
HAYMARKET SQUARE (Garage/Psychedelic Rock US) Magic Lantern,1968(4-pages)
HAZE (Heavy Prog Germany) Hazecolor Dia,1971(4-pages)
HAZELL DEAN (Disco UK) Always,1988(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. CP32-5671)
HAZZARD Hazzard,1985(4-pages) (Herman Frank from ACCEPT)
HEAD MACHINE (Ken Hensley,ex-Uriah Heep ) Orgasm,1970/2006(4-pages)
HEADSTONE (Heavy Psych US) Still Looking,1974(2-pages)
HEAR N' ADE (Hard & Heavy US) Now Hear This,2016(4-pages)
HEART Jupiters Darling,2004(24-pages) (DijiBook) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
HEART Jupiters Darling,2004(24-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
HEAVEN & HELL (BLACK SABBATH) The Devil You Know,2009(16-pages)
HEAVEN BELOW (Hard Rock UK) Good Morning Apocalypse,2016(8-pages)
HEAVY CRUISER Lucky Dog,1973/2012(4-pages)
HEAVY LOAD Full Speed At High Level,1978(4-pages)
HEAVY LOAD Metal Conquest,1981(6-pages)[EP](+2 from EP Monsters Of The Night
HEAVY METAL KIDS Hit The Right Button,2003(4-pages)
HELL PREACHERS INC. (Psychedelic Rock Germany) Supreme Psychedelic Underground,1969(4-pages)
HELLDORADOS (Hard Rock Germany) Lessons In Decay,2014(12-pages)
HELLOWEEN Helloween/Judas,1985(8-pages)
HELLOWEEN Walls Of Jeriho,1985(8-pages)
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys I,1987(8-pages)
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys II,1988(8-pages)
HELLOWEEN (2 CD) Walls Of Jericho,1991/2006(12-pages)
HELLOWEEN (2 CD) Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy,2005(4-pages)
HELLOWEEN My God-Given Right,2015(24-page)(+ 4
HEMINA (Progressive Metal Australia) Synthetic,2012(12-pages)
HENLEY,DON (voc Eagles) I Can't Stand Still,1982(8-pages)
HENLEY,DON (voc Eagles) Building The Perfect Beast,1984(8-pages)
HENLEY,DON (voc Eagles) The End Of The Innocence,1989(4-pages)
HENRY FOOL (Crossover Prog UK) Men Singing,2013(4-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf,1973/1992(6-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN Eager To Please,1975/1993(6-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN From Time To Time,1994(12-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN Glimpse Of Glory,1999(12-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN The Anthology,2000(12-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN The Last Dance,2003(8-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN & LIVE FIRE Trouble,2013(16-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN(Prog Related UK) Rare And Timeless,2018(8-pages)
HERD OF INSTINCT (Eclectic Prog US) Conjure,2013(4-pages)
HIGH ON FIRE De Vermis Mysteriis,2012(6-pages)
HIGH TIDE (Heavy Prog UK) Sea Shanties,1969(8-page)(+ 5
HIGH TIDE (Heavy Prog UK) High Tide,1970(4-page)
HIGH TIDE (Heavy Prog UK) The Flood,1990(4-pages)
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) Fish Rising,1975(16-pages)(+2[Rem.2007]
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) L,1976(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2007]
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) Motivation Radio,1977(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2007]
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) Green,1978(16-pages)(+3[Rem.2007]
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) Rainbow Dome Musick,1979(16-pages)[Rem.2007]
HILLAGE,STEVE (Canterbury Scene UK) Open,1979(16-pages)(+2[Rem.2007]
HIM Screamworks: Love In Theo..2010(8-pages)
HIRO YANAGIDA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan) Nanasai No Rohjin Tengoku(Hiro Yanagida),1971(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCL-595)
HODGSON,ROGER (Prog Related UK) In The Eye Of The Storm,1984(6-pages)
HODGSON,ROGER (Prog Related UK) Open the Door,2000(12-pages)
HOFFMANN,WOLF (ex-ACCEPT) Classical,1997(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.VICP-60133)
HOFFMANN,WOLF (ex-ACCEPT) Headbangers Symphony,2016(4-pages)
HOGJAW (Southern Rock US) Way Down Yonder,2018(12-pages)
HOLGER CZUKAY & ROLF DAMMERS (Krautrock Germany) Canaxis,1969(4-pages)
HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES,THE (Super Group)(Alice Cooper,Paul McCartney,Joe Walsh,Slash,Robbie Krieger,Zak Starkey,Brian Johnson,Kip Winger etc) The Hollywood Vampires,2015
HOPKIN,MARY (produced PAUL McCARTNEY) Post Card,1969(12-pages)(+4[Rem.2010]
HOPKIN,MARY Earth Song / Ocean Song,1971(12-pages)(+3[Rem.2010]
HOPNEY (Psychedelic US) Cosmic Rockout,1977(4-pages)
HOT R.S. (Disco) Forbidden Fruit,1979(4-pages)
HOWE,GREG (Instrumental Guitar Rock/Fusion US) Wheelhouse,2017(4-pages) Feat. Richie KOTZEN
HOWE,STEVE (Crossover Prog UK) Portraits Of Bob Dylan,1999(8-pages) CD-Max Under The License From Eagle Records
HOWE,STEVE (Crossover Prog UK) Natural Timbre,2001(12-pages) CD-Max Under The License From Eagle Records
HOWE,STEVE (Crossover Prog UK) Time,2011(12-pages)
HOWE,STEVE (Crossover Prog UK) Homebrew 5,2013(16-pages)
HUGHES,GARY (Hard Rock UK) Strenght Of Heart,1992(8-pages)
HUGHES,GARY (Hard Rock UK) Gary Hughes,1992(4-pages)(+ 1
HUGHES,GLENN Play Me Out,1977(12-pages)
HUGHES/THRALL Hughes/Thrall,1982(8-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN Blues,1992(4-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN From Now On,1994(12-pages)(+ 2
HUGHES,GLENN Feel,1995(16-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN Addiction,1996(8-pages)(+ 3
HUGHES,GLENN Addiction,1996(16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.XRCN-1280)(ZERO Corporation Japan)
HUGHES,GLENN/GEOFF DOWNES The Work Tapes,1998(4-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN The Way It Is,1999(8-pages)(Jap.Ed.CRCL-4721)
HUGHES,GLENN The Way It Is,1999(16-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN (2 CD) Soulfully Live In The City Of Angles,2004(16-pages)
HUGHES,GLENN Soul Mover,2006(16-pages) IROND Frontiers Records
HUGHES,GLENN Music For The Divine,2006(16-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Frontiers Records
HUGHES,GLENN First Underground Nuclear Kitchen,2008 Dijipak
HUIS (Neo-Prog Canada) Neither In Heaven,2016(12-pages)
HUMAN INSTINCT (Psychedelic Rock New Zealand) Burning Up,19692011(12-pages)(+ 1
HUMAN INSTINCT (Psychedelic Rock New Zealand) Stoned Guitar,1970/2007(12-pages)(+ 4
HUMAN INSTINCT (Psychedelic Rock New Zealand) Pins In It,1971(12-pages)(+ 6
HUNGRY WOLF (Progressive Rock UK) Hungry Wolf,1970/2011(4-pages)
HUNTER Hunter,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1104)
I AND THOU (Neo-Prog US) Speak,2012(4-pages)
I DRIVE (2 D) I Drive,1972(20-pages)
=240 IBIS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Sun SupremeIbis,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+ label-card+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94501)
=240 IBIS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Ibis,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+ label-card+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94502)
ICECROSS (Hard Rock Iceland) Icecross,1973(12-pages)
IDLE RACE (Psychedelic Rock UK) Idle Race / Time Is,1969/1971(4-pages)[Rem.2006]
IDOL,BILLY Whiplash Smile,1986(6-pages)
IDOL,BILLY Cyber Punk,1993(12-pages)
IF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) If,1970(8-pages)
IF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) If 2,1970(12-pages/poster)
IF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Europa'72,1997(12-pages)
IF (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) 5,2016(12-pages)
IGNATIUS (Crossover Prog Spain) Lights From The Deep,2011(12-pages)
IGUANA (Brass Rock UK) Iguana,1972(4-pages)
IL BACIO DELLA MEDUSA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Deus Lo Vult,2012(4-pages)
IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Ys,1972(4-pages+4-pages+OBI)(Jap.Ed.ERC-32001)
=240 IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Ys,1972(8-pages+Japan booklet+ label-card+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94500)
IL CERCHIO D'ORO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Dedalo E Icaro,2013(4-pages)
IL MUCCHIO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) ll Muchio,1970(4-page)(+ 4
ILL NINO Dead New World,2010(8-pages)
ILUVATAR (Neo-Prog US) From The Silence,2014(8-pages)
IMMACULATE MARY Through The Eyes Of Youth,1989(4-pages)
IMAGINATION (Disco, Funk, Soul) Body Talk,1981(4-pages)
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC All Through The Night,2016(8-pages)
IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED (Krautrock Germany) The Final Foreword,2003(4-pages)
IN THE WOODS (Experimental/Post Metal Norway) Pure,2016(8-pages)
INCUBUS Serpent Temptation,1996(8-pages)
INDIAN SUMMER (Heavy Prog UK) Indian Summer,1971(6-pages)
INGRANAGGI DELLA VALLE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) In Hoc Signo,2013(6-pages)
INNERSPACE (Crossover Prog Canada) The Village,2013(4-pages)
INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT III (Melodic Rock International) Touching The Divine,2015(8-pages)
INTERGALACTIC TOURING BAND,THE (Crossover Prog Multi-National) The InterGalactic Touring Band,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1571)
INTERNAL DECAY ( Old School Death Metal Sweden) A Forgotten Dream,1993(8-pages) Eurorecords!!
INTROITUS (Neo-Prog Sweden) Anima,2014(4-pages)
INVERTIGO (Neo-Prog Germany) Veritas,2012(8-pages)
IOEARTH (Crossover Prog UK) Moments,2012(12-pages)
IOMMI,TONY (Black Sabbath) The 1996 Dep Sessions With GLENN HUGHES,2004(8-pages)
IOMMI,TONY (Black Sabbath) Fused,2005(12-pages) with GLENN HUGHES
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) Tales From The Lush Attic,1983(12-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) The Wake,1985(4-pages)(+ 3
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) Nomzamo,1987(8-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) Are You Sitting Comfortably,1989(6-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) Ever,1993(12-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) (2 CD) Subterranea,1997(20-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) The Seventh House,2000(12-pages)
IQ (Neo-Prog UK) Dark Matter,2004(16-pages)
IRON ANGEL (Power/Speed/Thrash Metal ,Germany) Hellish Crossfire,1985(6-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2004]
IRON ANGEL (Power/Speed/Thrash Metal Germany) Winds Of War,1986(6-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2004]
IRON BUTTERFLY (Proto-Prog US) Metamorphosis,1970(8-pages)
IRON BUTTERFLY (Proto-Prog US) Scopching Beauty,1975(8-pages)
IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden,1980(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN Killers,1981(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN Number Of The Beast,1982(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind,1983(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN Powerslave,1984(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN No Prayer For The Dying,1990(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN Fear Of The Dark,1992(24-pages)[Rem.1998]
IRON MAIDEN The X Factor,1995(24-pages)(Rem 2010)
IRON MAIDEN Virtual XI,1998(20-pages)Collector's Edition
IRON MAIDEN Brave New World,2000(16-pages)
IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) Rock In Rio,2002(24-pages)
IRON MAIDEN Dance Of Death,2003(20-pages)
IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) Death On The Road,2005(16-pages)
IRON MAIDEN A Matter Of Life And Deatth,2006(16-pages)
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere Back In Time,2008(20-pages)
IRON MAIDEN The Final Frontier,2010(16-pages)
IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) En Vivo ! 2012(24-pages)
IRON MAIDEN (CD+DVD) En Vivo ! 2012 (DigiPak)
IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) The Book Of Souls,2015(24-pages)
IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) The Book Of Souls : Live Chapter Book,2017(12-pages)
IRONBRIDGE Ironbridge,1973(4-pages)
ISOTOPE (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Isotope,1974/2011(12-pages)(+ 4
ISOTOPE (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Isotope,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1150)
ISOTOPE (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Deep End,1976/2011(12-pages)(Rem 2011)
ISOTOPE (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Deep End,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1152)
ISAAK (Stoner Metal Italy) Sermonize,2015(4-pages)
IT BITES (2 CD) (Crossover Prog UK) Map Of The Past,2012(28-pages)
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (Proto-Prog US) Beyond Dreams,2003(4-pages)
IVAR AVENUE REUNION Ivar Avenue Reunion,1970(4-pages)
J.J. CALE Naturally,1972(4-pages)
J.J. CALE Really,1972(6-pages)
J.J. CALE Okie,1974(6-pages)
J.J. CALE Troubadour,1976(4-pages)
J.J. CALE J.J.Cale 5,1979(6-pages)
J.J. CALE Shades,1980(8-pages)
J.J. CALE Grasshopper,1982(16-pages)
J.J. CALE J.J. Cale # 8,1983(4-pages)
J.J. CALE J.J. Cale Number 10,1992(6-pages)
J.R.BLACKMORE Still Holding On,1993(8-pages)
J.R.BLACKMORE Between Darkness & Light,2006(8-pages)
J. TEAL BAND (Hard/Funk/Southern Rock US) Cooks,1977(4-pages)
JACK STARR (Heavy Metal US)(ex-VIRGIN STEELE) Jack Starr's Burning Starr,1989(4-pages)
JACKAL (Heavy Prog Canada) Awake,1973(4-pages)
JACKIE DeSHANNON Breaking'it Up On The Beatles Tour,1963-1965/2000(12-pages
JACKSON,ANDY (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK)(PINK FLOYD engineer) Signal To Noise,2014(4-pages)
JACKSON,ANDY (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK)(PINK FLOYD engineer) 73 Days At Sea,2016(12-pages)
JACKSON,MICHAEL Thriller,1982/2008(16-pages)(+6 25th Anniversary Edition
JACKSON,MICHAEL Bad,1987/2014(16-pages)
JACKSON,MICHAEL Dangerous,1991/2014(24-pages)
JACKSON,MICHAEL This Is It,2009(8-page)
JACKSON,MICHAEL Xscape,2014(16-pages)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Last Autumn's Dream,1972(4-pages+8-pages/poster)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Floating World,1974(4-pages)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Waves,1975(4-pages)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Kites,1975(4-page)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Way Of The Sun,1978(4-page)
JADE WARRIOR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Now,2008(4-pages)
JAGGER,MICK Goddess In The Doorway,2001(2-pages)
JAG PANZER The Scourge Of Light,2011(12-page)
JAMIROQUAI Rock Dust Light Star,2010(16-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Together,1972(4-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Here We Are,1973(8-pages)(+ 2
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) III,1974(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Lady,1975(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Fire, Water, Earth & Air,1976(4-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Between Heaven And Hell,1977(4-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Age Of Madness,1978(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Sign No.9,1979(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Jane,1980(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Germania,1982(8-pages)
JANE (Heavy Prog Germany) Beautiful Lady,1986(4-pages)(+ 1
JANE (WERNER NADOLNY'S JANE) (Heavy Prog Germany) The Journey III - Arrival,2016(4-pages)
JANE (WERNER NADOLNY'S JANE) (Heavy Prog Germany) Eternity 2.0,2018(4-pages)(+ 2
JANE'S ADDICTION The Great Escape Artist,2011(8-pages)
JANUS (Crossover Prog UK) Gravedigger,1972(4-pages)(+ 5
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Adolescent Sex,1978/2006(8-pages)(+ 4 videos)
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Obscure Alternatives,1978/2006(8-pages)(+ 4 1 videos)
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Quiet Life,1979/2006(8-pages)(+ 4 1 videos)
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Gentlemen Take Polaroids,1980/2006(4-pages)(+ 1
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Tin Drum,1981/2006(4-pages)
JAPAN (Prog Related UK) Exorcising Ghosts,1984(8-pages)
JASPER Liberation,1969(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)[24 Bit Rem.2007](Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1348)
JAZZ And BEATLES The Coolest And Sexiest New Songbook Of The Beatles,2010(4-pages)
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Oxygene,1976/2014 [Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Equinoxe,1978/1997(8-pages) Digitally re-mastered 96 Khz - 24 bit technology
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Equinoxe,1978/2014(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Magnetic Fields (Les Chants Magnetiques),1981/2014(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) (2 CD) The Concerts In China (Les Concerts En Chine) 1982/2014(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Zoolook,1984/2015(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Rendez-Vous,1986/2015(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Revolutions,1988/2015(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Waiting For Cousteau (En Attendant Cousteau),1990/2015(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Chronologie,1993/2015(8-pages)[Rem.2014]
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Electronica 1 : The Time Machine,2015(12-pages)
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE (Prog Related France) Electronica 2 : The Heart Of Noise,2016(12-pages)
JEFF GREEN PROJECT (Neo-Prog Ireland) Elder Creek,2014(12-pages)
=300 JEFF SCOTT SOTO Love Parade,2002(16-pages) CD-Maximum Under The License From FRONTIERS Records
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (Proto-Prog US) Early Flight/Thirty Seconds Over Winterland,1974/1973(12-pages)
JENGHIZ KHAN (Heavy Prog Belgium) Well Cut,1971(4-pages)
JERICHO JONES Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys,1972(6-pages)(+ 5
JERONIMO (Krautrock Germany) Cosmic Blues,1970(4-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2002]
JERONIMO (Krautrock Germany) Jeronimo,1971(4-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2002]
JERONIMO (Krautrock Germany) Time Ride,1972(4-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2002]
JERUSALEM Jerusalem,1972/2004(8-pages) Produced By IAN GILLAN
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONE (Psychedelic Rock Finland) The Horse And Other Weird Tales,2017(8-pages)
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (2 CD),1970/2012(20-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) This Was,1968(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2001]
=240 JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Stand Up,1969(+4 Japan booklet+OBI)[Rem.2001](Jap.Ed. TOCP-54293)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Benefit,1970(4-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Benefit,1970/2015(8-pages)(+ 5 New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Aqualung,1971(20-pages) (25th Anniversary edition)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Aqualung,1971/2015(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
=240 JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Aqualung,1971(+6 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. TOCP-53845)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Thick As A Brick,1972/2015(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) A Passion Play,1973(8-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) A Passion Play,1973/2015(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
=240 JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) A Passion Play,1973(+1 pages+2 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.TOCP-54296)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) War Child,1974(4-pages)
=240 JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) War Child,1974(+7 pages+Japan booklet+OBI)[Rem.2002](Jap.Ed. TOCP-54297)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) War Child,1974/2014(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Minstrel In The Gallery,1975/2015(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Too Old To Rock & Roll: Too Young To Die,1976(8-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Too Old To Rock & Roll: Too Young To Die,1976/2015(8-pages)(A New Steven Wilson Stereo remix)
=240 JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) Songs From The Wood,1977(+2 pages+Japan booklet+OBI)[Rem.2003](Jap.Ed. TOCP-54300)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) The Broadsword And The Beast,1982(6-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) The Jethro Tull Christmas Album,2003(12-pages)
JETHRO TULL'S IAN ANDERSON TAAB2/Thick As A Brick 2,2012(8-pages)
JETHRO TULL (Prog Folk UK) The String Quartets,2017(12-pages)( KIVI)
JIM CREAN (Melodic Hard Rock US) Insatiable,2016(16-pages)(+ 2
JIM PETERIK's LIFEFORCE Forces At Play,2011(8-pages)
=200 JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Axis: Bold as Love,1967(4-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93141)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Are You Experienced? 1967(12-pages) Special Edition
JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Electric Ladyland,1968(12-pages) Special Edition
=200 JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Electric Ladyland,1968(24-pages+20-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93142)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Miami Pop Festival,1968/2013(24-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) Band Of Gypsys,1970(12-pages)
=200 JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Band Of Gypsys,1970(4-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93143)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) Isle Of Wight,1971(8-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) War Heroes,1972(8-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX And THE BAND OF GYPSYS (6 CD) 2 Nights At The Fillmore East (31.12.1969 - 1.01.1970),2007(16-pages) Limited Edition Box Set [Re-Up]
JIMI HENDRIX EXPIRIENCE (Proto-Prog US) Winterland,2011(16-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) South Saturn Delta,2011(12-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) People,Hell And Angels,2013(24-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (2 CD) (Proto-Prog US) Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival,1970/2015(8-pages)
JIMI,HENDRIX Machine Gun: Live At The Fillmore East 12/31/1969 (First Show),2016(8-pages)
JIMI HENDRIX (Proto-Prog US) Both Sides Of The Sky,2018(24-pages) (New Album,previously unreleased songs)
JODO (Blues Rock UK) Guts,1971(4-pages)
JOE LOUIS WALKER Everybody Wants A Piece,2015(8-pages)
JOEY GILMORE BAND,THE Respect The Blues,2016(4-pages)
JOHN,ELTON Elton John,1970/1995(12-pages)(+ 3
JOHN,ELTON Honky Chateau,1972/1995(12-pages)(+ 1
JOHN,ELTON Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player,1973/1995(12-pages)(+ 4
JOHN,ELTON Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2014]
JOHN,ELTON Rock Of The Westies,1975(20-pages)(+ 2
JOHN,ELTON Victim Of Love,1979(12-pages)(Jap.Ed.UICY- 94409)
JOHN,ELTON (2 CD) Rare Masters,1992(24-pages)
JOHN,ELTON Made In England,1996(8-pages)
JOHN,ELTON Peachtree Road,2004(12-pages)
JOHN,ELTON Red Piano (DVD-9),2008(16-pages)
JOHN,ELTON The Diving Board,2013(16-pages)
JOHN DU CANN AND STATUS QUO Nothing Better,1977(4-pages)
JOHN DU CANN (ATOMIC ROOSTER) The World's Not Big Enough,1978(4-pages)(+ 5
JOHN DU CANN The Many Sides Of 1967-1980(8-pages)
JOHN DUMMER BAND John Dummer Band,1969(4-pages)
JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND,THE - Featuring NICK PICKETT Blue,1972(4-pages)(+ 2
JOHN PAUL JONES (Heavy Prog UK) Scream For Help,1985(4-pages) (feat.Jon Anderson,Jimmy Page)
JOHN PAUL JONES (Heavy Prog UK) Zooma,1999(8-pages)
JON LORD CELEBRATING (2 CD) The Rock Legend,2014(32-pages)(feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Rick Wakeman)
JON LORD CELEBRATING The Composer,2014(16-pages)
JON & VANGELIS (Prog Related UK) Short Stories,1980(4-pages)
JON & VANGELIS (Prog Related UK) The Friends of Mr. Cairo,1981(4-pages)
JON & VANGELIS (Prog Related UK) Private Collection,1983(8-pages)
JON & VANGELIS (Prog Related UK) Page Of Life,1991(4-pages)
JONES,NORAH Day Breaks,2016(12-pages)(+ 4
JONES,PAUL (ex-MANFRED MANN)(Blues Rock UK) Suddenly I Like It,2015(6-pages)
JONES,TOM 24 Hours,2008(8-pages)
JONES,TOM Long Lost Suitcase,2015(16-pages)
JONO (Crossover Prog Sweden) Silence,2015(4-pages)
JONO (Crossover Prog Sweden) Life,2017(12-pages)(Japan Ed.)(+ 1
JOPLIN,JANIS / BIG BROTHER &THE HOLDING COMPANY Big Brother And The Holding Company,1967(8-pages)(+ 4
JOPLIN,JANIS I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama! 1969(4-pages)(+ 3
JOPLIN,JANIS Pearl,1971(8-pages)(+ 4
=300 JORN Out To Every Nation,2004(12-pages) CD-Maximum Under The License From AFM Records
=300 JORN The Duke,2006(16-pages) CD-Maximum Under The License From AFM Records
JOSEPH (Psychedelic Rock US) Stoned Age Man,1969(4-pages)
JOSHUA PERAHIA The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye,1983(8-page)
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Infinity,1978(12-pages)[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Evolution,1979(12-pages)[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Departure,1980(12-pages)(+2[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Escape,1981(12-pages)(+4[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Escape,1981(12-pages)(+7[Japan Rem.]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Frontiers,1983(12-pages)(+ 8[Japan Rem.]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Frontiers,1983(12-pages)(+4[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Raised On Radio,1986(12-pages)(+2[Rem.2006]
JOURNEY (Prog Related US) Trial By Fire,1996(12-pages)(+1[Rem.2006]
JOY (EuroDisco/EuroPop Austria) Best,1986(4-pages)
JOY 3rd,1989(8-pages)
JOY DIVISION (2 CD) Unknown Pleasures,1979(4-pages+20-pages Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCR12838/9)
JOY DIVISION (2 CD) Closer,1980(4-pages+36-pages Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCR12840/1)
JOY DIVISION (2 CD) Still,1980(4-pages+28-pages Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WPCR12842/3)
JT BLUES BAND,THE Blues From The Barn,2014(4-pages)
JUDAS PRIEST British Steele,1980/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Screaming For Vengeance,1982/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Defenders Of Faith,1984/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo,1986/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Ram It Dawn,1988/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller,1990/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
JUDAS PRIEST Firepower,2018(12-pages)
JUDGE,THE (Psychedelic/Stoner/Hard Rock US) The Judge,2016(2-pages)
JUICY LUCY Juicy Lucy,1969/2010(8-pages)(+ 1
JUICY LUCY Lie Back And Enjoy It,1970/2010(8-pages)(+ 1
JUICY LUCY Get A Whiff A This,1971/1993(6-pages)
JUICY LUCY Pieces,1972/1997(8-pages)
JUKIN' BONE (Hard Rock US) Way Down East,1972(4-pages)
JULIAN'S TREATMENT (Eclectic Prog UK) Julian Jay Savarin : Waiters On The Dance,1971(4-pages+Japan boklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1237)
JULIUS VICTOR (Hard Rock US) From The Nest,1970(4-pages)
JULY REIGN Here Comes The Flood,2016(12-pages)
JUMBO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Jumbo,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-94528)[Rem.2009]
JUMBO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Vietato Ai Minori Di 18 Anni?,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-94530)[Rem.2009]
JUNIOR'S EYES (Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Rock UK) Battersea Power Station,1969(4-pages)
JUNIPHER GREENE (Heavy Prog Norway) Friendship,1971(4-pages)
KADAVAR Rough Times,2017(12-pages)
KAIPA(Symphonic Prog Sweden) Children Of The Sounds,2017(16-pages)
KALEVALA (Prog Related Finland) People No Names / Boogie Jungle,1972/1975(4-pages)
KANO (Disco Italy ) New York Cake,1982(4-pages)( + 1
KANSAS (Symphonic Prog US) Masque,1975/2015(12-pages)(+ 2
=240 KANSAS /rem.2011/ Leftoverture,1976(BONUS tracks) 16-page Japan booklet, OBI, series inlay, series sticker
KANSAS (Symphonic Prog US) Leftoverture,1976/2001(8-pages)(+ 2
KANSAS (Symphonic Prog US) Point Of Know Return,1977/2002(12-pages)(+ 2
KANSAS (Symphonic Prog US) Monolith,1979/2016(4-pages)
KANSAS (Symphonic Prog US) The Prelude Implict,2016(16-page)
KAOMA World Beat,1989(8-pages)
KARFAGEN (Symphonic Prog Ukraine) Magician's Theater,2014(4-pages)
KARMAKANIC (Symphonic Prog Sweden) In A Perfect World,2011(12-pages)(+ 2
KARMAKANIC (Symphonic Prog Sweden) Dot,2016(12-pages)
KARTHAGO Rock'N' Roll Testament,1974(4-page)
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Netherlands) See See The Sun,1973(12-pages)(+2[Rem.1995]
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Netherlands) (2 in 1) Phantom Of The Night / Starlight Dancer,1977/1978(8-page)
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Eyewitness,1994(12-page)
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Close To The Fire,2000(16-page)
KAYAK (2 CD) (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Cleopatra - The Crown Of Isis,2014(28-pages)
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Seventeen,2018(8-pages)
KEATING,RONAN Winter Songs,2009(12-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND The Battle Of North West Six,1969(4-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND Halfbreed,1969(4-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND The Time Is Near.,1970(8-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND Little Big Band,1971(6-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND Overdog,1971(6-pages)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND Seventy Second Brave,1972(6-pages)
KEIFER,TOM (guitarist CINDERELLA) The Way Life Goes,2013(16-pages)
KEITH EMERSON BAND,THE (2 CD) (Crossover Prog UK) Live In Moscow (recorded live in 2008)(8-pages)
KEITH EMERSON BAND,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Three Fates Project,2012(8-pages)
KENNY G & RAHUL SHARMA Namaste,2012(8-pages)
KENT Tigerdrottningen,2014(16-pages)
KERRY LIVGREN (Crossover Prog US) Collector's Sedition-Directors Cut,2007(4-pages)
KERZNER,DAVE (Crossover Prog US) New World,2014(12-pages)
KERZNER,DAVE (Crossover Prog US) Static,2017(4-pages) Feat. S.Hackett,Nick D'Virgilio,Colin Edwin,,,
KETTLESPIDER (Heavy Prog Australia) Avadante,2012(4-pages)
KHAN (Canterbury Scene UK) Space Shanty,1972(8-pages) (+ 2
KIN PING MEH (Heavy Prog Germany) Kin Ping Meh,1971/1998(8-pages)(+5
KIN PING MEH (Heavy Prog Germany) Kin Ping Meh 2,1972.1998(8-pages)(+2
KINETIC ELEMENT (Neo-Prog US) Travelog,2015(4-pages)
KING CRIMSON (Eclectic Prog UK) In The Court Of The Crimson King,1969(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON In The Wake Of Poseidon,1970/2010 (new 2010 stereo mix)(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON Lizard,1970(12-page)
KING CRIMSON Lizard,1970/2009 (new 2009 stereo mix)(12-page)
KING CRIMSON Islands,1971(12-page)
KING CRIMSON Earthbound,1972(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON Larks' Tongues In Aspic,1973(12-pages)[Rem 2010]
KING CRIMSON Starless And Bible Black,1974/2011 (new 2011 stereo mix by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp!!!, + BONUS tracks)(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON Red,1974(12-page)
KING CRIMSON USA,1975(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON Discipline,1981/2011 (new 2011 stereo mix by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp!!!, + BONUS tracks)(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON Beat,1982(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON (Eclectic Prog UK) The ConstruKction Of Light,2000(12-pages)
KING CRIMSON (a King Crimson Projekct by Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins) A Scarcity Of Miracles,2011(8-page)
KING CRIMSON (CRIMSON PROJEkCT,THE) (Eclectic Prog UK) Live In Tokyo,2014(4-pages)
KING DIAMOND Fatal Portrait,1986(8-pages)
KING DIAMOND Abigail,1987(8-pages)
KING GIZZARD And The LIZARD WIZARD (Psychedelic/Garage Rock Australia) Flying Microtonal Banana,2017(4-pages)
KING OF HEARTS (AOR / Melodic Rock France)(F.R.DAVID) Close,But No Guitar,1978(4-pages)
KINGBATHMAT (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Overcoming The Monster,2013(8-pages)
KINGDOM Just A Soul,2013(4-pages)
KINGDOM COME Kingdom Come,1988(8-pages)
KINGDOM COME In Your Face,1989(8-pages)
KINGDOM COME Bad Image,1993(12-pages)
KINGDOM COME Twilight Cruiser,1995(16-pages)
KINGDOM COME Master Seven,1997(16-pages)
KINGSTON WALL (Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland) Kingston Wall I,1992(8-pages)
KINGSTON WALL (Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland) Kingston Wall II,1993(8-pages)
KINGSTON WALL (2 CD) (Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland) Kingston Wall III(Tri-Logy),1994(16-pages)
=240 KINKS,THE Kinda Kinks,1965(+11 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25081)
KINKS,THE Face To Face,1966(12-pages)(+7
KINKS,THE Something Else By The Kinks,1967(12-pages)(+8
=240 KINKS,THE Something Else By The Kinks,1967(+8 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25084)
KINKS,THE The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society,1968(12-pages)(+ the stereo12 track album)(+1
=240 KINKS,THE The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society,1968(+13 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20008)
KINKS,THE Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire,1969(12-pages)(+16
=240 KINKS,THE Muswell Hillbillies,1971(+2 Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-20082)
KINO (Prog Related UK) Radio Voltare,2018(8-pages)(+ 4
KISS Kiss,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93650)
KISS Hoter Than Hell,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93651)
KISS Dressed To Kill,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93652)
KISS Destroyer,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93655)
KISS Love Gun,1977(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93097)
KISS Dynasty,1979(8-pages) P33C...!!
KISS Dynasty,1979(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93661)(SHMCD)
KISS Unmasked,1980(8-pages) P33C...!!
KISS Unmasked,1980(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93522)SHMCD
KISS Lick It Up,1983(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93525)
KISS Animalize,1984(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-93526)SHMCD
KISS Hot in The Shade,1989(12-pages)
KISS Psycho Circus,1998(8-pages)
KISS Sonic Boom,2009(20-pages)
KISS (2 CD + 1 DVD(5)) Sonic Boom,2009(20-pages) Dijipak
KISS (2 CD) 40 Years-Decades Of Decibels,2014(20-pages)
KITARO (Progressive Electronic Japan) Dream,1992(8-pages)(feat JON ANDERSON)
KIX Kix,1981 (Hard/Glam Rock US)(4-page)
KIX Cool Kids,1983(4-page)
KIX Midnite Dynamite,1985(4-page)
KNIGHT AREA (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Nine Paths,2011(12-pages)
KNIGHT AREA (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Heaven And Beyond,2017(8-pages)
KNOPFLER,MARK (2 CD) The Ragpicker's Dream,2002(8-pages)
KNOPFLER,MARK Shangri-La,2004(12-pages)
KNOPFLER,MARK & EVELYN GLENNIE Altamira,2016(8-pages)
KOLLEKTIV (Krautrock Germany) Kollektiv,1973(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2007]
KONCHORDAT (Neo-Prog UK) The New Crusade,2011(4-pages)
KOTEBEL (Symphonic Prog Spain) Concerto For Piano And Electric Ensemble,2011(4-pages)
KOPPERFIELD Tales Untold,1974(4-page)
KORNI GRUPA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Yugoslavia) Korni Grupa,1972(4-pages)(+ 8
KOSS (Paul Kossoff,ex-FREE) Koss,1977(4-pages)
KRAAN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Nachtfahrt,1982/2005(4-pages)
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) Autobahn,1974(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) Radio-Activity,1975(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) Trans Europe Express,1977(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) The Man Machine,1978(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) Computer World,1981(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRAFTWERK (Progressive Electronic Germany) Techno Pop,1986(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
KRALL,DIANA Stepping Out,1993(6-pages)(+ 1
KRALL,DIANA Love Scenes,1997(20-pages)
KRALL,DIANA When I Look In Your Eyes,1999(8-pages)
KRALL,DIANA The Look Of Love,2001(8-pages)
KRALL,DIANA Turn Up The Quiet,2017(6-pages)
KRAVITZ,LENNY It Is Time For A Love Revolut,2008(12-page)
KRAVITZ,LENNY Black And White America,2011(16-page)
KREATOR Endless Pain,1985(8-pages)
KREATOR Pleasure To Kill,1986(8-pages)
KREATOR Cause For Conflict,1995(12-pages)
KREATOR Endorama,1999(8-pages)
KREATOR Violent Revolution,2001(12-pages)
KREATOR Hordes Of Chaos,2009(20-pages)
KREATOR Phantom Antichrist,2012(16-pages)
KREATOR Gods Of Violence,2017(24-pages)(+5
KROKODIL (Krautrock Switzerland) Getting Up For The Morning,1972(4-pages)
KROKODIL (Krautrock Switzerland) Sweet And Swim,1973(4-pages)
KROKUS Krokus,1976(6-pages) CD !!!!!!!!!!
KROKUS To You All,1977(4-pages)
KROKUS Pay It In Metal,1978(4-page)
KROKUS Metal Rendez-Vous,1980(16-pages)
KROKUS One Vice At A Time,1982(4-pages)
KROKUS Headhunter,1983(4-pages)
KROKUS The Blitz,1984(4-pages)
KROKUS Heart Attack,1988(4-pages)
KROKUS Rock The Block,2003(4-pages)
KROKUS Hellraiser,2006(16-pages)
KROKUS Hoodoo,2010(12-pages)
KROKUS Big Rocks,2017(20-pages)
KUNI KAWACHI & FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND (Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan) Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travelling Band,1970(4-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
KYLIE MINOGUE The Abbey Road Sessions,2012(12-pages)
KYPCK (Doom Metal Finland) 3epo (Zero),2016(16-pages)
LA COSCIENZA DI ZENO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) La Coscienza Di Zeno,2011(4-pages)
LA COSCIENZA DI ZENO (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Sensitivita,2013(4-pages)
LA REVOLUCION DE EMILIANO ZAPATA (Psychedelic Rock Mexico) Tema De La Pelicula La Verdadera Vocacion De Magdalena,1972(4-pages)(+ 3
L.A. GUNS Hollywood Forever,2012(8-pages)
LABYRINTH (Progressive Metal Italy) Architecture Of A God,2017(12-pages)
LADY GAGA (2CD) The Fame Monster(DELUXE EDITION),2009(24-page)
LAGHONIA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Peru) Glue,1970(4-page)
LAID BACK Laid Back,1981(4-pages)(+ 4
LAID BACK (2 CD) Uptimistic Music vol. 1 & vol. 2,,2013(4-pages)
LAKE Lake ll,1978/2012(4-pages)
LAKE,GREG (2 CD) (Prog Related UK) Greg Lake / Manoeuvres,1981/1983(12-pages)(+4[Rem 2015]
LAKE,GREG & GEOFF DOWNES (Prog Related UK) Ride The Tiger,2015(4-pages)
LANA LANE (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Love Is An Illusion,1995/1998(16-pages)(Special Edition)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Curious Goods,1996/2002(16-pages)(Special Edition)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Garden Of The Moon,1998/2002(20-pages)(Special Edition)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (Prog Related US) Secrets Of Astrology,2000(16-pages)(+ 1 Limb Music Products)
LANA LANE (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Ballad Collection (special edition),2000(20-pages)(Special Edition)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (Prog Related US) Project Shangri-La,2002(20-pages)(+ 1 Limb Music Products)
LANA LANE (Prog Related US) Winter Sessions,2003(20-pages)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (Prog Related US) Covers Collection,2003(16-pages)(CD-MAX Think Tank Media,USA)
LANA LANE (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Return To Japan,2004(20-pages)(+ 2 FRONTIERS Records)
LANA LANE (DVD-9) (Prog Related US) Storybook: Tales From Japan,2004(4-pages + 8-pages)(CD-MAX FRONTIERS Records)
LANDAU,MICHAEL (Blues-Rock) Rock Bottom,2018(8-pages)
LANDSLIDE Two Sided Fantasy,1972(4-pages)
LANZON,PHIL (URIAH HEEP) If You Think I'm Crazy,2017(12-pages)
LAST IN LINE (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal US) Heavy Crown,2016(12-pages)(+ 1 Freeman,Vivian Campbell,Jimmy Bain(R.I.P.),Vinny Appice)
LATTE E MIELE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Passio Secundum Mattheum,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ERC-32002)
LATTE E MIELE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Passio Secundum Mattheum,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-94503)[Rem.2009]
LATTE E MIELE (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Papillon,1973(8-pages+Japan booklet+Label Card+OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-94504)[Rem.2009](+ 1
LAURENCE JONES (Blues Rock UK) What's It Gonna Be,2015(4-pages)
LAVA (Krautrock Germany) Tears Are Goin Home,1973(4-pages)
LAWTON,JOHN Heartbeat,1980(8-pages)(+4
LAWTON,JOHN (REBEL / ZAR) Stargazer / Zar,1982/1990(8-pages)11
LAWTON,JOHN & STEVE DUNNING Steppin It Up,2002(8-pages)11
=240 LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Collage,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94523)
=240 LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Uomo Di Pezza,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94524)
=240 LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Felona E Sorona,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94525)
=240 LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Contrappunti,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94526)
=240 LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Storia O Leggenda,1977(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-94527)
LE ORME (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Classic Orme,2017(12-pages)
LEA,JAMES WHILD (SLADE) (2 CD) Therapy,2009(12-pages) Dijipak
LEADING FIGURES,THE Sound & Movement,1967(4-pages) Feat. JON LORD ( )
LEAFBLADE (Prog Folk UK) The Kiss Of Spirit And Flesh,2013(12-pages)
LEAP DAY (Neo-Prog Netherlands) From The Days Of Deucalion-Chapter 2,2015(12-pages)
LEAR,AMANDA Let Me,2016(12-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) II,1969(16-pages) [Rem.2014] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) III,1970(16-pages) [Rem.2014] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) IV,1971(16-pages)[Rem.2014] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) Presence,1976(16-pages) [Rem.2015] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) In Through The Out Door,1979(16-pages) [Rem.2015] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) Coda,1982(16-pages) [Rem.2015] Deluxe Edition
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin II,1969/1993(8-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin III,1970/1993(8-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV,1971/1993(8-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV,1971(12-pages)[Rem.1994]
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door,1979/1993(8-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door,1979(6-pages)[Rem.1994]
LED ZEPPELIN Coda,1982(4-pages)[Rem.1994]
LED ZEPPELIN (2CD) Mothership,2007(24-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN (2 CD) Celebration Day (Live 10.11.2007, 02 Arena London),2012(16-pages)
LED ZEPPELIN (3 CD) How The West Was Won,2003 Dijipak
=550 LED ZEPPELIN (3 CD) The Complete BBC Sessions,2016(24-pages)(BOX SET)
LEE,ALVIN & Co (2 CD) In Flight,1974(8-pages))(+2[Rem.1998]
LEE,ALVIN Detroit Diesel,1996(8-pages)
LEE,ALVIN Let It Rock,1978(8-pages)(+ 2
LEE,ALVIN Rx 5,1981(8-pages)(+ 1
LEE,ALVIN & TEN YEARS AFTER Pure Blues,1995(8-pages)
LEE,ALVIN The Last Show,2013(12-pages)(May 28,2012 Raalte,Holland)
LEE ROCKER (Rockabilly US) Racin' The Devil,2006(6-pages)
LEGBA'S MOJO Legba's Mojo,2013(4-pages)
LEGEND (Neo-Prog UK) Spirit,2013(12-pages)
LENI STERN Kindness Of Strangers,2000(4-page)
LENNON,JOHN Imagine,1971(12-pages)[Rem.2010]
LENNON,JOHN Walls & Bridges,1974/2010(12-pages)(Rem 2010)
LENNON,JOHN Rock 'N' Roll,1975/2010(8-pages)(Rem 2010)
LENNON,JOHN Milk And Honey,1984(12-pages)[Rem.2010]
LENNOX,ANNIE Medusa,1995(6-pages)
LENNOX,ANNIE Nostalgia,2014(12-pages)
LEPROUS (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Norway) Coal,2013(12-pages)
LEPROUS (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Norway) Malina,2017(16-pages)
LES FLEUR DE LYS (Psychedelic Rock UK) Reflections (1965-1969),1997(8-pages)
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS We'll Fly You To The Promised Land,1971(4-pages)
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS We Are Going Down Jordan,1971(4-pages)
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS Old Man Moses,1972(4-pages)
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS Mama Loo,1973(4-pages)
LEVIATHAN (Crossover Prog US) Leviathan,1974(4-pages)(+ 2
LEVIN / MINNEMANN / RUDESS (Heavy Prog US) Levin/Minnemann/Rudess,2013(8-pages)
LEVIN MINNEMANN RUDESS (Heavy Prog US) From The Law Offices Of,2016(6-pages)(+ 3
LIED DES TEUFELS(HANUMAN)(Krautrock Germany) Lied Des Teufels,1973(4-pages)
LIFE (Krautrock Germany) Spring,1974(8-pages)(+3[Rem.2002]
LIFESIGNS (Neo-Prog UK)(feat. Steve Hackett) Lifesigns,2013(16-pages)
LIFESIGNS (Neo-Prog UK) Cardington,2017(8-pages)
LIGHT DAMAGE (Neo-Prog Luxembourg) Light Damage,2015(4-pages)
LIGHT FREEDOM REVIVAL (Progressive Rock Canada) Eterniverse Deja Vu,2017(8-pages)(Feat. Billy Sherwood, Oliver Wakeman & Eric Gillette)
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) Can You Feel It,1973(4-pages)[Rem.2008]
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) Good Day,1974(4-pages)[Rem.2016]
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) Lighthouse,1969(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) One Fine Morning,1971(8-pages)(+ 2
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) Peacing It All Together,1970(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
LIGHTHOUSE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada) Suite Feeling,1969(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
LIMELIGHT Limelight,1980(4-pages)(+ 4
LINCOLN DURHAM Theshovel,2012(4-pages)
LINDEMANN Skills In Pills,2015(24-pages)
LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA feat.RAGE (Symphonic Metal) Lingua Mortis Orchestra,2013(20-pages)
LINKIN PARK Living Things,2012(24-pages)
LION'S SHARE (Hard & Heavy Sweden) Lion's Share,1995(16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.XRCN-1170)
LISA STANSFIELD The Moment,2004(12-pages)
LITTER,THE (Garage Rock/ Psychedelic Rock US) Emerge,1968(4-pages)(+ 1
LITTLE BIG HORN Little Big Horn,1971(4-pages)(+ 1
LITTLE RIVER BAND Cuts Like A Diamond,2013(12-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Hells Session,1969/2010(4-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Wang Dang Doodle,1970/1990(6 -pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Bamboozle,1972/1993(6-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Rocking At The Tweed Mill,1972/2013(8-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Ram Jam Josey,1973/1997(12-pages)(+ 3
LIVIN' BLUES Blue Breeze,1976/1997(12-pages)(+ 6
LIVIN' BLUES Now,1987(4-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES The Early Blues Sessions,1993(8-pages)
LIVIN' BLUES Out Of The Blue,1995(6-pages)
LIVING DEATH (Thrash/Speed Metal) Vengeance Of Hell,1984(8-pages)
LIZZI NEAL BAND (Blues Rock) So Long Heartache,2013(4-pages)
LIZZY BORDEN Love You To Pieces,1985(8-pages)
LIZZY BORDEN Menace To Society,1986(6-pages)
LIZZY BORDEN Terror Rising + Give 'Em The Axe,1987(4-pages)
LIZZY BORDEN Visual Lies,1987(8-pages)
LIZZY BORDEN Master Of Disguise,1989(6-pages)
LONDON ORION ORCHESTRA,THE (Ft. Alice Cooper,Rick Wakeman) Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic,2016(8-pages)
LONELY BEARS,THE (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Lonely Bears,1990(4-pages)
LONELY ROBOT (Neo-Prog UK) Please Come Home,2015(12-pages)
LONELY ROBOT (Crossover Prog UK) The Big Dream,2017(12-pages)
LOONYPARK (Crossover Prog Poland) Unbroken Spirit Lives In Us,2014(8-pages)
LORD,JON (Prog Related UK) Gemini Suite,1972(6-pages)
LORD,JON (Prog Related UK) Windows,1974(8-pages)
LORD,JON (Prog Related UK) Sarabande,1976(4-pages)
LORD,JON (Prog Related UK) Pictured Within,1998(12-pages)
LORD,JON BLUES PROJECT Blues Project Live,2011(4-page)
LORD SUTH And Heavy Friends(Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding, Nicky Hopkins) Lord Sutch,1970(4-pages)
LORD SUTH And Heavy Friends Hands Of Jack The Ripper,1972(4-pages)
LORDI Babez For Breakfast,2010(20-pages)
LORDS,THE Smash...! Boom...! Bang...! Singles,Hits & Raritaten (1964-1966),2001(8-pages)
LORDS OF BLACK Icons Of The New Days,2018(16-pages)(+3 Romero- RAINBOW!)
LOST NATION (Heavy Prog US) Paradise Lost,1970(4-pages)
LOVECRAFT (Proto-Prog US) Valley Of The Moon,1070(4-pages)
LUCIFER WAS (Eclectic Prog Norway) Underground And Beyond,1997(4-pages)(+2
LUCIFER WAS (Eclectic Prog Norway) In Anadi's Bower,2000(12-pages)
LUCIFER WAS (Eclectic Prog Norway) Dies Grows,2014(8-pages)
LUCIFER WAS (Eclectic Prog Norway) Morning Star,2017(12-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) Lucifer's Friend,1970(6-pages)(+ 5
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) Where The Groupies Killed The Blues,1972/1991(12-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) I'm Just A Rock'n'Roll Singer,1974(8-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) Banquet,1974/1994(6-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) Good Time Warrior,1978(8-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (2 CD) (Heavy Prog Germany) Awakening,2015(8-pages)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Heavy Prog Germany) Too Late To Hate,2016(8-pages)
LULU Best Of,1999(4-pages)
LUNATIC SOUL (Crossover Prog Poland) Walking On A Flashlight Beam,2014(16-pages)
LUNATIC SOUL (Crossover Prog Poland) Under The Fragmented Sky,2018(6-pages)
LUV Lots Of Luv',1979(4-pages)(+ 4 [Rem.2006]
LUV True Luv',1979(4-pages)(+ 3 [Rem.2006]
LUV Forever Yours,1980(4-pages)(+ 4 [Rem.2006]
LUV MACHINE (Heavy Psych,Hard Rock UK) Luv Machine,1971(4-pages)
LYNCH,GEORGE Sacred Groove,1993(8-pages+8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.WMC5-635)
LYNN STOKES & THE SOL SURFERS (Crossover Prog US) Terra Nocturne,2008(4-pages)
LYNNE,JEFF (E.L.O.) Armchair Theatre,1990(8-pages)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Pronounced 'Leh-'Nerd 'Skin-'Nerd,1973(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Second Helping,1974(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1997]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Nuthin' Fancy,1975(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1999]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Gimme Back My Bullets,1976(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1999]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Street Survivors,1977(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD The Last Rebel,1993(10-pages)
MACALPINE,TONY (Progressive Metal US) Edge Of Insanity,1985(4-pages)
MACALPINE,TONY (Progressive Metal US) Maximum Security,1987(4-pages)
MACALPINE,TONY (Progressive Metal US) Eyes Of The World,1990(8-pages)
MACHIAVEL (Eclectic Prog Belgium) Machiavel,1976(4-pages)
MACHIAVEL (Eclectic Prog Belgium) Mechanical Moonbeams,1978(12-pages)(+ 2 [Rem.2010]
MACHINE (Psychedelic Rock Netherlands) Machine,1970(4-pages)
MACHINE HEAD Burn My Eyes,1994(8-pages)
MACHINE HEAD The More Things Change,1997(8-pages)
MACHINE HEAD Through The Ashes Of Empires,2003(12-pages)
MACHINE HEAD The Blackening,2007(12-pages)
MACHINE HEAD Unto The Locust,2011(12-pages)
MACHINE HEAD Bloodstone & Diamonds,2014(8-pages)
MACHINE HEAD Catharsis,2018(24-pages)
MAD CURRY (Progressive Rock Belgium) Mad Curry,1970(4-pages)(+ 2
MAD RIVER (Heavy Progressive Rock US) Mad River,1968(12-pages)
MADE IN GERMANY (Krautrock Germany) Made In Germany,1971(12-pages/poster)[Rem.2002](+ 7
MADE IN SWEDEN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden) Snakes In A Hole,1969(4-pages)
MADE IN SWEDEN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden) Live! At The Golden Circle,1969(8-pages)
MADE IN SWEDEN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden) Where Do We Begin,1976(4-pages)
MADONNA Hard Candy,2008(16-page)
MAGENTA (Neo-Prog UK) Chameleon,2011(12-pages)
MAGGIE BELL Queen Of The Night,1974/2012(8-pages)(Japan Ed.)
MAGGIE BELL (ex-vocal Stone The Crows,Rhythm & Blues Scotland) Queen Of The Night,1974(8-pages)
MAGGIE BELL (ex-vocal Stone The Crows,Rhythm & Blues Scotland) Suicide Sal (with Jimmy Page),1975(8-pages)
MAGIC BUS (Canterbury Scene UK) Phillip The Egg,2017(4-pages)
MAGIC PIE (Symphonic Prog Norway) The Suffering Joy,2011(8-pages)
MAGMA (2 CD) (Zeuhl France) Kobaia,1970(12-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) 1.001 Centigrades,1971(12-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Kohntarkosz,1974(12-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Wurdah Itah (Christian Vander),1974(12-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Attahk,1978(12-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Attahk,1978(6-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Felicite Thosz,2012(4-pages)
MAGMA (Zeuhl France) Slag Tanz.2015(12-pages)
MAGNA CARTA (Prog Related UK) Magna Carta,1969(8-page)(+ 1
MAGNA CARTA (Prog Related UK) Seasons,1970(8-page)
MAGNA CARTA (Prog Related UK) Lord Of The Ages,1973(8-page)
MAGNA CARTA (Prog Related UK) The Fields Of Eden,2015(8-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Chase The Dragon,1982(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7162)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Vigilante,1986(8-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Sleepwalking,1992(8-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Rock Art,1994(12-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Sacred Blood Divine Lies,2016(16-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) The Valley Of Tears: The Ballads,2017(4-pages)
MAGNUM (Prog Related UK) Lost On The Road To Eternity(16-pages)
MAHALIA BARNES & THE SOUL MATES (feat. JOE BONAMASSA) Ooh Yea! The Betty Davis Songbook,2015(12-pages)
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) The Inner Mounting Flame,1971(16-pages)[Rem.1998]
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Birds Of Fire,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2000]
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) The Lost Trident Sessions 1973,1999(12-pages)
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Between Nothingness & Eternity,1973(4-pages)
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Apocalypse,1974(12-pages)[Rem.1990]
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Visions Of The Emerald Beyond,1975(12-pages)[Rem.1991]
MAHOGANY FROG (Eclectic Prog Canada) Senna,2012(4-pages)
MAJESTY (Heavy/Power Metal Germany) Rebels,2017(8-pages)
=200 MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) Rising Force,1984(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93352)
=200 MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) Marching Out,1985(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93353)
MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) Eclipse,1990(8-page)
MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) Fire And Ice,1992(8-page)
MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) High Impact,2010(4-page)
MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) Relentless,2010(12-page)
MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE (Prog Related Sweden) World On Fire,2016(4-pages)
MAMAS & THE PAPAS The Deliver,1967(4-pages)
MAMAS & THE PAPAS The Papas & The Mamas,1968(4-pages)
MAMAS & THE PAPAS People Like Us,1971(16-pages)(+ 9 Deluxe Expanded Edition 2012
MAN (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Revelation,1969(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1095)
MAN (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Man,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1245)
MAN (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Do You Like It Here Now,Are You Settling In Alright?1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1246)
MAN (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) The Welsh Connection,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)[24 Bit Rem.2006](Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1247)
MAN MADE (Proto-Prog Canada) Man Made,1972(4-pages)
MAN ON FIRE (Eclectic Prog US) Chrysalis,2011(12-pages)
MANDRILL (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Mandrill,1970(4-pages)
MANDRILL (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Mandrill Is,1972(4-pages)
MANFRED MANN The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann,1964/2012(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN As Is,1966/2004(8-pages)
=200 MANFRED MANN As Is,1966(Mono & Stereo)(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9246)
MANFRED MANN Up The Junction,1968/1998(12-pages)(+ 1
=200 MANFRED MANN Up The Junction,1968(+ 9 +Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9248)
MANFRED MANN Mighty Garvey!,1968/2004(8-pages)
=200 MANFRED MANN Mighty Garvey!,1968(Mono & Stereo)(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9247)
MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE Volume I,1969/1999(8-pages)(+ 4
=200 MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE Volume I,1969(4-pages +Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1054)
MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE Volume II,1970.1999(8-pages)(+ 3
200 MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE Volume II,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1055)
=200 MANFRED MANN Mannerisms,1976(Singles+2 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-9249)
MANFRED MANN (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) The E.P. Collection,1989(6-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Glorified Mafnified,1972(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Messin',1973(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Solar Fire,1973(4-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Nightingales And Bombers,1975(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Angel Station,1979(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Chance,1980(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Chance,1980/1999(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.1999]
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Live In Budapest,1984(4-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Masque,1987(8-pages)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND (Eclectic Prog UK) Soft Vengeance,1996(12-pages)
MANILLA ROAD Gates Of Fire,2005(12-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Battle Cry Records
MANOWAR Kings Of Metal,1988(8-pages)
MANSON,MARILYN The High End Of Low,2009(16-page)
MANZAREK,RAY & ROY ROGERS (ex-DOORS) Twisted Tales,2013(8-pages)
MARILLION (2 CD) (Neo-Prog UK) (1CD Remix By Michael Hunter / 2CD Original Remix By Steuvart Every) Radiation 2013,2013(16-pages)( DeLuxe Edition )
MAROON 5 Overexposed,2012(4-pages)
MARRIOTT,STEVE (Hard Rock UK) Marriott,1976(4-pages)
MARSDEN,BERNIE And About Time Too,1979(16-pages)(+ 1[Rem 2013]
MARSDEN,BERNIE Look At Me New,1981(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem 2013]
MARSDEN,BERNIE Green And Blues,1995(4-pages)
MARSDEN,BERNIE Big Boy Blue,2017(4-pages)
MARSUPILAMI (Eclectic Prog UK) Marsupilami,1970(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
MARSUPILAMI (Eclectic Prog UK) Arena,1971(8-pages)[Rem.2007]
MARTIN L. GORE Risk Everything,2015(4-pages)
MARTIN,TONY (Black Sabbath) Back Where I Belong,1992(8-pages)
MARY BUTTERWORTH (Progressive Rock US) Mary Butterworth,1969(6-pages)
MASCHINE (VOCALIST PUHDYS) Maschine,2014(4-pages)
MASON,NICK (Prog Related UK) Nick Mason`s Fictitious Sports,1981(4-pages)
MASON,NICK & RICK FENN (Prog Related UK) Profiles,1985(6-pages)
MASSACRE (Death Metal US) The Second Coming,1990(4-pages)
MASSACRE (Death Metal US) From Beyond,1991(8-pages)
=300 MASTERPLAN (Prog Related Multi-National) Back For My Life (EP),2005(8-pages) CD-Maximum Under The License From AFM Records
MASTER'S APPRENTICES,THE (Proto-Prog Australia) Complete Recordings 1965-1968,1968(4-pages)
MASTER'S APPRENTICES,THE (Proto-Prog Australia) Masterpiece,1970(4-pages)
MATCHING MOLE (2 CD) (Canterbury Scene UK) Matching Mole,1972(16-pages)
MATCHING MOLE (Canterbury Scene UK) Little Red Record(feat Robert Wyatt),1972(4-pages)
MATCHING MOLE (Canterbury Scene UK) Little Red Record(feat Robert Wyatt),1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. MHCP-429)
MATIA BAZAR One 1 two 2 three 3 four 4,2007(6-page)
MATSUI,KEIKO Journey To The Heart,2016(4-pages)
MAY,BRIAN (Queen) Back To The Light,1992(12-pages)
MAY,BRIAN (Queen) Another World,1998(16-pages)
MAY,BRIAN With COZY POWELL Resurrection,1993(4-pages)
MAY,BRIAN & KERRY ELLIS Golden Days,2017(8-pages)
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MAYALL,JOHN (2 CD) The Diary Of A Band Vol.1 & Vol.2,1968/2012(8-pages)(Japan Ed.)
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MAYALL,JOHN Looking Back,1969(8-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN USA Union,1970(6-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN A Banquet In Blues,1976(4-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN (2 CD) A Hard Core Package / The Last of the British Blues,1977/1978(8-pages)
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MAYALL,JOHN (2 CD) London Blues 1964-1969,1992(24-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN (2 CD) Room To Move 1969-1974,1992(20-pages)
MAYALL,JOHN (CD + DVD) No Days Off / Cookin' Down Under,2003(8-pages)( )
MAYALL,JOHN Howlin' At The Moon,2011(8-page)
MAYALL,JOHN Talk About That,2017(4-pages)
McAULEY,JACKIE (Prog Folk UK) Jackie McAuley,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7057)
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Ram,1971(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1993]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Band On The Run,1973(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1993]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Wings At The Speed Of Sound,1976(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1993]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: McCartney II,1980(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1993]
McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Tug Of War,1982(16-pages)[Rem.1993]
McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Pipes Of Peace,1983(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1993]
McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Give My Regards To Broad Street,1984(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1993]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Flowers In The Dirt,1989(20-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1993]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL (2 CD) Paul McCartney Archive Collection: Wings At The Speed Of Sound,1976(20-pages)[Rem.2014]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL (2 CD) Paul McCartney Archive Collection: Pipes Of Peace,1983(20-pages)[Rem.2015]
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McCARTNEY,PAUL Flaming Pie.1997(16-pages)
McCARTNEY,PAUL The Fireman - Electric Arguments,2008(12-pages)
McCARTNEY,PAUL (2 CD+ DVD) Good Evening New York City,2009(16-pages) Dijipak
McCARTNEY,PAUL (CD+DVD) Kisses On The Bottom,2012(DigiPak)
McCARTNEY,PAUL New,2013(20-pages) (14 tracks Ltd Edition)
McCARTNEY,PAUL (2 CD) Pure McCartney,2016(16-pages)
(McCARTNEY) (2 CD) V/A (feat. B.Dylan,Alice Cooper,Jeff Lynne,HEART) The Art Of McCartney,2014(8-pages)
McCHURCH SOUNDROOM (Krautrock Switzerland) Delusion,1971(4-pages)
McCONNELL,MICK (ex-SMOKIE) Under My Skin,2017(12-pages)
McGEAR,MIKE(With Paul McCartney & The Wings) Mike McGear (McCartney brother),1974(4-pages)
McDONALD and GILES (Crossover Prog UK) McDonald and Giles,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)
McPHEE (Psychedelic Rock,Progressive Rock-Australia) McPhee,1970/2002(4-pages)
MEAT LOAF Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose,2006(12-pages)
MEAT LOAF (2 CD) Hang Cool Teddy Bear,2010(20-pages) Dijipak
MEAT LOAF Braver Than We Are,2016(16-pages)
MEGADETH Killing Is My Business...,1985(8-pages) .Music For Nation,
MEGADETH Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?,1986/2004(16-pages)(+ 4
MEGADETH So Far, So Good... So What!,1988/2004(12-pages)(+ 4
MEGADETH Rust In Peace,1990/2004(20-pages)(+ 4
MEGADETH Countdown To Extinction,1992/2004(20-pages)(+ 4
MEGADETH Cryptic Writings,1997/2004(20-pages)(+ 4
MEGADETH Risk,1999/2004(20-pages)(+ 3
MEGADETH Th1rt3en,2011(16-page)
MEGADETH Dystopia,2016(16-pages)
MEGATON (Hard Rock UK) Megaton,1971(8-pages)
MEKONG DELTA (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Germany) Intersections,2012(8-pages)
MELLOW CANDLE (Prog Folk Ireland) Swaddling Songs,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-93825)
MERCURY,FREDDIE Mr. Bad Guy,1985(8-pages/poster)
MERCURY,FREDDIE The Album,1992(12-pages)
MERCURY,FREDDIE (2 CD) Original Version - Single Version - Rarities,2018(16-pages)
MERRYWEATHER,NEIL Merryweather,1969(4-pages)
MERRYWEATHER,NEIL Kryptonite,1975/1998(4-pages)(+ 7
MERRYWEATHER,NEIL (Hard Rock Canada) Space Ranger,1995(4-pages)
MERRYWEATHER & CAREY Vacuum Cleaner,1971(4-pages)
MESSAGE (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) From Books And Dreams,1973(4-pages)
MESSENGER ((Prog Folk UK) Threnodies,2016(8-pages)(+ 1
METAL CHURCH A Light In The Dark,2006(16-pages)(+ 1
METALLICA Kill 'Em All,1983(8-pages)
METALLICA Ride The Lightning,1984(8-pages)
METALLICA Master Of Puppets,1986(8-pages)
METALLICA ..And Justice For All,1988(8-page)
METALLICA Metallica (The Black Album),1991(12-pages)
METALLICA Load,1996(4-pages)
METALLICA Reload,1997(4-pages)
METALLICA (2 CD) Garage Inc.,1998(32-pages)
METALLICA (2 DVD) S&M (Symphony And Metallica),1998 Dijipak
METALLICA St. Anger,2003(4-pages)
METALLICA Death Magnetic,2008(4-pages)
METALLICA Death Magnetic,2008(24-pages)
METALLICA (2 CD) Through The Never,2013(8-pages)
METALLICA HardwiredTo Self-Destruct,2016(28-pages)( CD,total time 77:54)
METALLICA (2 CD) HardwiredTo Self-Destruct,2016(32-pages)
METAMORFOSI (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Inferno,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BELLE 091602)
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MICAH (Heavy Prog US) I'm Only One Man,1971(12-pages)
MICHAEL BORMANN (ex-vocal Jadet Heart) D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t,2011(8-page)
MICHAEL GILES MAD BAND,THE (Canterbury Scene UK) The Adventures Of The Michael Giles Mad Band,2009(4-pages)
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP The Michael Schenker Group,1980(8-pages)(+ 3
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Assault Attack,1982(8-pages)
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Built To Destroy,1983(12-pages)(+ 4
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Be Aware Of Scorpions,2001(12-pages)
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Heavy Hitters,2005(4-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from THE STORE FOR MUSIC LTD
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Tales Of Rock'n'Roll - Twenty-Five Years Celebration,2006(20-pages) IRON Ltd. Under The License From Armageddon Music
MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST Resurrection,2018(20-pages)
MICHAEL SHINKEL'S ETERNAL FLAME Smoke On The Mountain,2018(12-pages)
MICHAELS,LEE Carnival Of Life,1968(4-pages)
MICK RALPHS ( gitar.-MOTT THE HOOPLE, BAD COMPANY ) It All Good,2002(8-page)
MICK RALPHS ( gitar.-MOTT THE HOOPLE, BAD COMPANY ) That's Life - Can Get Enogh,2003(4-page)
MICKEY CURTIS AND SAMURAI (Heavy Prog Japan) Samurai,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. PHCL-3014)
MIDDLE OF THE ROAD The Best Of,2002(4-pages)
MIDLAKE (Prog Folk US) The Courage Of Others,2010(8-pages)
MIDNIGHT SUN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Denmark) Walking Circles,1972(4-pages)
MIDWINTER (Prog Folk UK) The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow,1973(4-pages)(+2[Rem 2013]
MIGHTY BOSSCATS,THE (Blues Rock US) Bossman,2016(4-pages)
MIKE SHERIDAN & THE NIGHTRIDERS Birmingham Beat (1963-1965),2003(16-pages)
MIKE + THE MECHANICS (Prog Related UK) Mike & The Mechanics,1985(4-pages)
MIKE + THE MECHANICS (Prog Related UK) Living Years,1988(8-pages)
MIKE + THE MECHANICS (Prog Related UK) Word Of Mouth,1991(4-pages)
MIKE + THE MECHANICS (Prog Related UK) Beggar On A Beach Of Gold,1995(4-pages)
MIKE + THE MECHANICS Let Me Fly,2017(16-pages)
MILES,JOHN (Alan Parsons Project) Rebel,1976/2008(16-pages)(+2
MILES,JOHN (Alan Parsons Project) Stranger In The City,1977/2007(16-pages)(+4
MILES,JOHN (Alan Parsons Project) Zaragon,1978/2008(12-pages)(+1
MILES,JOHN (Alan Parsons Project) MMPH(More Miles Per Hour),1979/2008(16-pages)(+3
MILES, ROBERT Thirteen,2011(4-pages)
MILLENIUM (Neo-Prog Poland) In Search Of The Perfect Melody,2014(8-pages)
MILLENIUM (Neo-Prog Poland) 44 Minutes,2017(8-pages)(+ 1
MILLER,FRANKIE Double Trouble,1978(4-pages)
MILLER,FRANKIE Falling In Love,1979(4-pages)
MILLER,FRANKIE Easy Money.1980(4-pages)
MIND FUNK Dropped,1993(8-pages)
MINDGAMES (Neo-Prog Belgium) MMX,2010(6-pages)
MINDGAMES (Neo-Prog Belgium) Paradox of Choice,2015(4-pages)
MISS CRAZY (Hard Rock US) Inception,2014(4-pages)
MISSISSIPPI FEVER 300 Miles To Memphis,2015(4-pages)
MISSUS BEASTLY (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) SWF-Session 1974,2012(8-pages)[Rem.2012]
MOB,THE The Mob,2005(12-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Frontirs Records
MOBY Last Night,2008(16-pages)
MOBY Destroyed,2011(16-pages)
MOBY DICK Moby Dick,1970/2009(4-pages)(+ 3
MODERN TALKING (2 CD) Ready For The Mix: Mixes & Rarities (1984-2003),2017(8-pages)
MOLLY HATCHET Justice,2010(8-pages)
MONA LISA (Symphonic Prog France) L'Escapade,1974(+ 2 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.BELLE 091640)
MONA LISA (Symphonic Prog France) Grimaces,1975(+ 1 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.BELLE 091641)
MONA LISA (Symphonic Prog France) Le Petit Violon De Mr. Gregoire,1976(+ 2 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.BELLE 091642)
MONA LISA (Symphonic Prog France) Avant Qu Il Ne Soit Trop Tard,1978(+ 3 booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.BELLE 091643)
MONKEES,THE Monkees,1966/2011(4-pages)
MONKEES,THE Pisces,Aquarius,Capricorn & Jones Ltd,1967(4-pages)
MONKEES,THE Good Times,2016(16-pages)
MONKEY 3 (Psychedelic/Space Rock Switzerland) The 5th Sun,2013(4-pages)
MONOMAKH / KRASNAYA PLOSHCHAD (Rock/Hard Rock USSR) / ,1989/90(4-pages) .
MONTANAS,THE You've Got To Be Loved,1965-1968/1997(8-pages)
MONTES (Heavy Psychedelic Rock Argentina) Cuando Brille El Tiempo,1974(4-pages)
MONTROSE (Hard Rock US) Montrose,1973(8-pages)
MONTROSE (Hard Rock US) Paper Money,1974(8-pages)
MONTROSE,RONNIE 10x10,2017(20-pages) (feat.S.Hagar,S.Lukather,J.Bonamassa,G.Hughes,P.Collen etc.)
MONTY ALEXANDER TRIO Love Me Tender,2011(4-pages)
MONUMENT/ZIOR (Heavy Prog UK) The First Monument,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)[24 Bit Rem.2006](Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1279)
MOODY BLUES A Question Of Balance,1970(8-pages)[Rem.1997]
MOODY BLUES Every Good Boy Deserves Favour,1971(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2007]
MOODY BLUES Seventh Sojourn,1972(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2008]
MOODY BLUES Octave,1978(8-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2008]
MOODY BLUES Long Distance Voyager,1981(8-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2008]
MOODY BLUES The Present,1983(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2008]
MOODY BLUES Sur La Mer,1988(12-pages)
MOODY BLUES Keys Of The Kingdom,1991(12-pages)
MOODY BLUES Strange Times,1999(8-pages)
MOPS,THE (Psychedelic Rock Japan) Psychedelic SoundsIn Japan,1968/2010(8-pages)(+ 2
MORATTI,ROB (Hard Rock Canada) Rob Moratti's Tribute To Journey,2015(4-pages)
MORATTI,ROB (Crossover Prog Canada) Transcendent,2016(8-pages)
MORGAN (Symphonic Prog UK) Nova Solis,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1098)
MORGAN,JOHN (Psychedelic Blues Rock UK) Kaleidoscope,1971(4-pages)
MORILD (Symphonic Prog Norway) Aves,2013(6-pages)
MORLY GREY (Heavy Psychedelic/Hard Rock US) The Only Truth,1972(4-pages)
MORPHELIA (Neo-Prog Germany) Prognocircus,2003(4-pages)
MORPHELIA (Neo-Prog Germany) (2 CD) Waken The Nightmare,2009(20-pages)
MORRISON,VAN Versatile,2017(8-pages)
MORSE,NEAL (Symphonic Prog US) (feat.PAUL GILBERT.) Momentum,2012(16-page)
MORSE,NEAL (Symphonic Prog US) Songs From November,2014(8-pages)
MORSE,NEAL (Symphonic Prog US) Life & Times,2018(12-pages)
MORSE,STEVE (Eclectic Prog US) Sessions,2018?(4-pages) (Feat. Joe Lynn TURNER, B. SHERWOOD, J.RUDESS)
MORTAL SIN (Thrash Metal Australia) Mayhemic Destruction,1986(6-pages)
MORTAL SIN (Thrash Metal Australia) Face Of Despair,1989(12-pages)
MOSES Changes,1971(4-page)
MOSES,CHINA & RAPHAEL LEMONNIER Crazy Blues,2012(4-pages)
MOSTLY AUTUMN (Prog Folk UK) The Ghost Moon Orchestra,2012(16-pages)
MOSTLY AUTUMN (Prog Folk UK) Dressed In Voices,2014(16-pages)
MOSTLY AUTUMN (Prog Folk UK) Sight Of Day,2017(12-pages)
MOTHERSHIP II,2015(4-pages)
MOTLEY CRUE Too Fast For Love,1982(8-pages)[Rem.1999](+ 5
MOTLEY CRUE Theatre Of Pain,1985(8-pages)[Rem.1999](+ 6
MOTLEY CRUE (2 CD) Live: Entertainment Or Death,1999(8-pages) CD-MAXIMUM
MOTORHEAD Overkill,1979(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Bomber,1979(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Ace Of Spades,1980(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Iron Fist,1982(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.1996]
MOTORHEAD Another Perfect Day,1983/2001(12-pages)(+3
MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron,1986(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2004]
MOTORHEAD Rock'n'Roll,1987(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD 1916,1991(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD March Or Die,1992(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD Bastards,1993/2007(8-pages)
MOTORHEAD Sacrifice,1995(16-pages)
MOTORHEAD Overnight Sensation,1996(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD On Parole,1997(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD Snake Bite Love,1998(16-pages)
MOTORHEAD We Are MOTORHEAD,2000(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD Another Perfect Day,2001(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD Hammered,2002(8-pages)
MOTORHEAD Inferno,2004(12-pages)
MOTORHEAD Kiss Of Death,2006(24-pages)
MOTORHEAD Motorizer,2008(20-pages)
MOTORHEAD Aftershock,2013(24-pages)
MOTORHEAD Under Cover,2017(16-pages)
MOTORPSYCHO (Eclectic Prog Norway) Still Life With Eggplant,2013(4-page)
MOTORPSYCHO (Eclectic Prog Norway) Behind The Sun,2014(4-pages)
MOTT THE HOOPLE All The Young Dudes,1972(8-page)(+ 7
MOTT THE HOOPLE Mott,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. MHCP-1063)(+4
M.O.T.U.S. (Progressive Rock France) Machine Of The Universal Space,1972(4-pages)
MOUNTAIN BUS Sundance,1971(4-pages)
MOUSE Lady Killer,1973(12-pages)(+ 4
MOZZART (Disco) Money,1985-1988(4-pages) Digital Mastering From Vinil 2007
MR. ALBERT SHOW (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Mr. Albert Show,1970(12-pages)
MR. ALBERT SHOW (Crossover Prog Netherlands) Warm Motor,1971(8-pages)
MR.ZIVAGO (Disco) Russian Paradise,1986(4-pages)
MUDRUTCH (feat. Tom Petty) 2,2016(4-pages)
MUGGS,THE Straight Up Boogalo,2015(4-pages)
MULTI STORY (Neo-Prog UK) Crimson Stone,2016(12-pages)
MUNGO JERRY You Don't Have To Be In The Army,1971(12-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
MUNGO JERRY Boot Power,1972(12-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
MUNGO JERRY Impala Saga,1975(4-pages)(+ 4
MURDERER'S ROW (ex-Hurricane, Unruly Child, Giuffria, House of Lords,Jap.Ed) Murderers Row,1996(8-pages)
MURPHY BLEND (Heavy Prog Germany) First Loss,1971(4-page)
MUSE (Prog Related UK) Showbiz,1999/2003(8-pages)
MUSE (Prog Related UK) Origin Of Symmetry,2001/2003(16-pages)
MUSE (Prog Related UK) Absolution,2003(16-pages)
MUSE (Prog Related UK) Black Holes And Revelations,2006(16-pages)
MUSE (Prog Related UK) Undisclosed Desire,2010(, )
MUSE (Prog Related UK) The 2nd Law,2012(8-page)
MUSEO ROSENBACH (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Zarathustra,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.BVCM--37425)
MUTE GODS,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me,2016(12-pages)
MUTE GODS,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth,2017(12-pages)
MY BROTHER THE WIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden) I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity,2011(4-pages) feat. Niclas Barker (ANEKDOTEN)
MY DYING BRIDE (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal UK) Songs Of Darknes Words Of Ligh,2004(12-page)
MY SLEEPING KARMA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Moksha,2015(4-pages)
MY SOLID GROUND (Krautrock Germany) SWF-Session,1971+Bonus Album 2001,2002(12-pages)[Rem.2002]
MYRATH (Progressive Metal Tunisia) Desert Call,2010(12-page)
MYRATH (Progressive Metal Tunisia) Tales Of The Sands,2011(12-pages)
MYSTIC SIVA (Psychedelic Rock US) Mystic Siva,1970(16-pages)[Rem.2013]
MYTHOS (Canada) Reality Of A Dreamer,2000(4-pages)
N.S.U. (Psychedelic Rock UK) Turn On,Or Turn Me Down,1969/2012(4-pages)
NAD SYLVAN (Neo-Prog Sweden)(feat.Steve Hackett) Courting The Widow,2015(12-pages)
NAHUATL (Heavy Psychedelic Rock,Hard Rock Mexico) Vol.1,1974(6-pages)(+1
NAHUATL (Heavy Psychedelic Rock,Hard Rock Mexico) Vol.2,1975(6-pages)(+1
NASH,GRAHAM (Ex-CROSBY,STILLS,NASH & YOUNG) This Path Tonight,2016(12-pages)
NATIONAL HEAD BAND Albert 1,1971(4-pages)[Rem.2008]
NAVIGATOR (Neo-Prog US) Phantom Ships,2014(4-pages)
NAZARETH Nazareth,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC 1200)(+ 6
NAZARETH Loud 'N' Proud,1973/2010(16-page)(+ 4[Rem.2010 SALVO]
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.VICP-61833)(+ 6[Rem.2002]20bitK2
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog,1975(8-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2001] EAGLE Records
NAZARETH Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll,1976/2002(8-pages)(+ 7
NAZARETH Play'n'The Game,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1207)(+ 5
NAZARETH Play 'N' The Game,1976(8-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001] EAGLE Records
NAZARETH Expect No Mercy,1977(8-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2001] EAGLE Records
NAZARETH No Mean City,1979(16-page)(+ 2[Rem.2010 SALVO]
NAZARETH No Mean City,1979(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1209)(+ 5[Rem.2006]
NAZARETH Malice In Wonderland,1980/2010(16-page)(+ 7[SALVO]
NAZARETH 2 x S,1983(4-pages+8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1276)(+ 8
NAZARETH Sound Elixir,1983(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1277)(+ 5
NAZARETH The Catch,1984(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2001] EAGLE Records
NAZARETH Cinema,1986(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2001] EAGLE Records
NAZARETH Snakes'n'Ladders,1989(12-pages)
NAZARETH No Jive,1991(6-pages)(+1
NAZARETH Boogaloo,1998(12-pages)
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog (Live),2007(4-pages)
NAZARETH Big Dogz,2011(16-page)
NAZARETH Rock'n'Roll Telephone,2014(16-pages)
NEAL MORSE BAND,THE (Symphonic Prog US)( - Mike PORTNOY) The Grand Experiment,2015(12-pages)
NEGATIVE SPACE The Living Dead Years,1970(6-pages)(+ 10[Rem.2000]
NEGATIVE SPACE (Heavy Psych,Hard Rock US) Hard,Heavy,Mean & Evil,1970/2009(12-pages)(+ 10[Rem.2000]
NEIL YOUNG with CRAZY HORSE Americana,2012(16-pages)
NEIL YOUNG with CRAZY HORSE (2 CD) Psychedelic Pill,2012(12-pages)
NEKTAR (2 CD) (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Sounds Like This,1973(12-pages)
NEKTAR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Magic Is A Child,1977(4-pages)
NEKTAR (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) The Prodigal Son,2001(18-pages)
NEMO (2 CD) (Eclectic Prog France) Le Ver Dans Le Fruit,2013(8-pages)
NEMO (Eclectic Prog France) Coma,2015(8-pages)
NEMRUD (Psychedelic/Space Rock Turkey) Nemrud,2016(6-pages)
NEOTON FAMILIA Napraforgo,1979(4-page)
NEOTON FAMILIA Marathon,1980(6-page)
NETREBKO,ANNA Verisimo,2016(12-pages)
NEU! (Krautrock Germany) Neu! ,1970(16-pages/poster+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. PCD-22279)
NEU! (Krautrock Germany) Neu! 2,1972(16-pages/poster+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. PCD-22280)
NEW SYNDICATE 1980-1989 Part IV,(4-pages)
NEW TROLLS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Concerto Grosso Per I New Trolls,1971(4-pages)
NEW TROLLS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Searching For A Lands,1972(12-pages)
NEW TROLLS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Senza Orario,Senza Baniera / New Trolls,1968/1970(4-pages)
NEWTON FAMILY I Love You,1986(12-pages)
NICE,THE (Symphonic Prog UK) The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack,1967/2007(8-pages)(+ 2
NICE,THE (Symphonic Prog UK) Ars Longa Vita Brevis,1968/2003(8-pages)(+ 4
NICE,THE (Symphonic Prog UK) Five Bridges,1970/2009(8-pages)(+ 3
NICE,THE (Symphonic Prog UK) Elegy,1971/1990(4-pages)
NICE BEAVER (Eclectic Prog Netherlands) The Time It Takes,2015(12-pages)
NICKELBACK Feed The Machine,2017(20-pages)
NICKI PARROTT Fly Me To The Moon,2009(12-pages)
NICOLE HENRY With EDDIE HUGGINS TRIO Teach Me Tonight,2005(4-pages)
NIEMEN,CZESLAW & AKWARELE (Eclectic Prog Poland) Dziwny Jest Ten Swiat,1967/1996(8-pages)
NIEMEN,CZESLAW & AKWARELE (Eclectic Prog Poland) Sukces,1968/1996(8-pages)
NIEMEN,CZESLAW (Eclectic Prog Poland) Sen O Warszawie,1995(12-pages)
NIGHT (feat. CHRIS THOMPSON,ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band) Night,1979(4-pages)(+2
NIGHT (feat. CHRIS THOMPSON,ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band) Long Distance,1980(8-pages)
NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA (Classic Hard Rock Sweden) Internal Affairs,2012(8-pages)(+1
NIGHTSTALKER ( Hard/Stoner Rock Greece) As Above,So Below,2016(8-pages)
NIGHTWISH Endless Forms Most Beautiful,2015(28-pages)
NILS LOFGREN Old School,2011(4-pages)
NINE STONES CLOSE (Neo-Prog UK) One EyesThe Sunrise,2012(6-pages)
NINE STONE CLOSES (Neo-Prog UK) Leaves,2016(8-pages)
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) The Story Of Simon Simopath,1967(8-pages)
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) All Of Us,1968(16-pages) (+ 4
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) To Markos III (aka Black Flower),1969(8-pages)
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) Local Anaesthetic,1971(8-pages)
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) Songs Of Love And Praise,1972(4-pages)
NIRVANA (Proto-Prog UK) Me And My Friend,1973(8-pages)
NIRVANA (Alternative Rock/Grunge US) Bleach,1989/2009(4-pages)(+ 12
NIRVANA (Alternative Rock/Grunge US) Nevermind,1991/2011(8-pages)
NO MORE PAIN (Heavy Prog US) The Post Human Condition,2015(4-pages)
NOIR We Had To Let You Have It,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7076)
NORLANDER,ERIK (Neo-Prog US) Surreal,2016(8-pages)
NORMAN,CHRIS Hits From The Heart,1988(4-pages)
NORMAN,CHRIS There And Back,2013(16-pages)
NORMAN,CHRIS Crossover,2015(16-pages)
NORMAN,CHRIS Don't Knock The Rock,2017(16-pages)
NORMAN HAINES BAND,THE (Proto-Prog UK) Den Of Iniquity,1971(12-pages)(+ 6
NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION (Crossover Prog UK) Foc Electric,2012(12-pages)
NORTHWIND (Heavy Prog US) Sister,Brother,Lover,1971(4-page)(+ 2
NOSFERATU (Krautrock Germany) Nosferatu,1970(4-pages)
NOVA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy) Blink,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37771)
NOVA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy) Vimana,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37615)
NOVA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy) Wings Of Love,1977(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37772)
NOVALIS (Symphonic Prog Germany) Bumerang,1984/2012(4-pages)
NOVEMBER (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock Sweden) En Ny Tid Ar Har...,1970/1993(4-pages)
NOVEMBER (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock Sweden) 2:A November,1971/1995(4-pages)
NOVEMBER (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock Sweden) 6:e November,1972(16-pages)(+ 6[Rem.1999]
NTH ASCENSION (Neo-Prog UK) Ascension Of Kings,2015(12-pages)
NUMAN,GARY (Industrial Rock UK) Pure,2000(12-pages) CD-MAXIMUM
NUMAN,GARY (Synthpop,New Wave,Industrial Rock UK) Savage (Songs From A Broken World),2017(4-pages)
NUOVA IDEA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Clowns,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM -37956)
OBLIVION SUN (Eclectic Prog US) The High Places,2012(12-pages)
OBSCURA (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Germany) Omnivium,2011(24-page)
OBSCURED BY CLOUDS Psycheclectic,2016(8-pages)
OBSCURED BY PINK Confessions,2016(12-pages)
OCTOPUS (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Restless Night,1970(4-pages+6-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1042)
ODIN (Heavy Prog UK) Odin,1972/1991(12-pages)
ODMENN (Hard Rock Iceland) Odmen,1970(12-pages)
OHIO EXPRESS Ohio Express / Chewy Chewy,1968/1969(4-pages)
OLD MAN & THE SEA,THE (Crossover Prog Denmark) The Old Man &The Sea,1972(12-pages)(+ 1
OLDFIELD,MIKE (2 CD + DVD(5)) (Crossover Prog UK) Hergest Ridge,1974/2010(20-pages)(DVD - 5.1 Surround Mixes by Mike Oldfield,2010)(Dijipak)
OLDFIELD,MIKE (2 CD + DVD(5)) (Crossover Prog UK) Ommadawn,1975/2010(20-pages)(DVD - 5.1 Surround Mixes by Mike Oldfield,2010)(Dijipak)
OLDFIELD,MIKE (Crossover Prog UK) Five Miles Out,1982(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJCP-68837)
OLDFIELD,MIKE (Crossover Prog UK) Five Miles Out,1982/2013(4-pages)(+2
OLDFIELD,MIKE (Crossover Prog UK) Islands,1987(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VJCP-68841)
OLDFIELD,MIKE (Crossover Prog UK) Return To Ommadawb,2017(12-pages)
OLIVER MAGNUM (Power/Speed Metal US) Oliver Magnum,1989(6-pages)( Restless Records)
OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) The Punishment Of Luxury,2017(8-pages)
OMEGA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Hungary) (I) Trombitas Fredi Es A Rettenetes Emberek,1968(12-pages)(+ 7
OMEGA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Hungary) (IV) 200 Evvel Az Utolso Haboru Utan,1972(12-pages)
OMEGA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Hungary) Volt Egyszer Egy Vadkelet,2017(16-pages)
OMEN Hammer Damage,2016(12-pages)
OMNIBUS (Psychedelic Hard Rock US) Omnibus,1970(4-pages)
OOMPH Des Wahnsinns Fette Buete,2012(12-pages)
OPEN MIND,THE (Progressive Rock United Kingdom) The Open Mind,1969(4-pages)(+ 1
OPETH (Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Sweden) Sorceress,2016(12-pages) /Nuclear Blast/
ORA (2 CD) (Psychedelic Rock UK) Ora,1969(8-pages)
ORANGE WEDGE Wedge,1972(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
ORANGE WEDGE No One Left But Me,1975(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2008]
ORDEN OGAN ( Running Wild,.Blind Guardian) Eston Hope,2010(16-page)
ORION (Symphonic Prog France) Memories Du Temps,2013(4-pages)
O.R.K (Progressive Rock International) Soul Of An Octopus,2017(4-pages)
ORNITHOS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) La Trasfigurazione,2012(4-pages)
OSANNA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) L'uomo,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.ARC-8010(WQCP-755))
OSANNA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Milano Calibro 9,1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.ARC-8011(WQCP-756))
OSANNA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Landscape Of Life,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.ARC-8013(WQCP-758))
OSCAR Cobblestone Heroes,1977(4-page)
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Ghana) Osibisa,1971(4-pages)
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Ghana) Woyaya,1971(4-pages)
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Ghana) Heads,1972(4-pages)
OSIRIS (Neo-Prog Bahrain) Osiris,1981(8-pages)[Rem 2017]
OSMONDS Osmonds/Homemade,1971/1971(12-pages)
OSMONDS Phase-III/The Osmonds Live,1971/1972(12-pages)
OSMONDS Crazy Horses/Plan,1972/1973,(12-pages)
OSMONDS Love Me For A Reason/I'm Still Gonna Need You,1974/1975(12-pages)
OSMONDS Brainstorm/Steppin' Out,1976/1979(16-pages)
OSMOSIS (Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock/Psychedelic Rock US) Osmosis,1970(4-pages)
OTTAWAN D.I.S.C.O.,1980(4-pages)
OTTAWAN Ottawan 2,1981(4-pages)
OTTMAR LIEBERT & LUNA NEGRA Dune,2012(4-pages)
OUT OF FOCUS (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Wake Up,1970(4-pages)
OUT OF FOCUS (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Out Of Focus,1971(4-pages)
OUTLAWS Outlaws,1976(8-page)
OUTLAWS Hurry Sundown,1977(8-page)
OUTLAWS Diablo Canyon,1994(4-page)
OUTLAWS It's About Pride,2012(4-pages)
OVERKILL Feel The Fire,1985(4-pages)
OVERKILL Taking Over,1987(8-pages)
OVERKILL The Years Of Decay,1989(12-pages)
OVERKILL Horrorscope,1991(16-pages)
OVERKILL The Killing Kind,1996(12-pages)
OVERKILL Ironbound,2010(12-pages)
OVERKILL The Electric Age,2012(16-pages)
OVERKILL The Grinding Wheel,2017(16-pages)(+ 1
OVERLAND Epic,2014(12-pages)
OVERLAND (Melodic Hard Rock UK) Contagious,2016(8-pages)(+ 1
OXYGEN (Melodic Hard Rock) Final Warning,2012(8-pages)
OZ KNOZZ (Eclectic Prog US) True Believer,2012(4-pages)
OZ NOY Who Gives A Funk,2016(4-pages)(Feat.: JOE BONAMASA, ROBBEN FORD...)
OZRIC TENTACLES (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) The Floor's Too Far Away,2006(4-pages) Magna Carta
OZRIC TENTACLES (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Paper Monkeys,2011(4-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE Blizzard Of Ozz,1980(8-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE Blizzard Of Ozz,1980(12-pages)(+3[Rem 2011]
OZZY OSBOURNE Diary Of A Madman,1981(8-page)
OZZY OSBOURNE (2 CD) Diary Of A Madman,1981(24-pages)[Rem 2011](Deluxe Ed.)
OZZY OSBOURNE Bark At The Moon,1983(8-pages) UK-version
OZZY OSBOURNE The Ultimate Sin,1986(12-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE No More Tears,1991(16-pages)(+2[Rem 2002]
OZZY OSBOURNE Ozzmosis,1995(12-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE Down to Earth,2001(12-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE Under Cover,2005(8-page)
OZZY OSBOURNE Black Rain,2007(8-pages)
OZZY OSBOURNE Scream,2010(8-page)
OZZY OSBOURNE (2 CD) Scream,2010(8-pages)(Tour Edition)
P4F (Italo-Disco) Hustle & Bustle,1987(4-page)
PAATOS(Crossover Prog Sweden) V,2012(4-pages)
PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Get It On,1968(16-pages)( + 9
PACIFIC SOUND (Krautrock Switzerland) Forget Your Dream! 1972(12-page)(+ 3
PACO VENTURA (feat.Joe Lynn Turner,Goran Edman,John Norum) Black Moon,2015(8-pages)
PAGE,JIMMY Death Wish II (Soundtrack),1982(4-pages)
PAGE,JIMMY & ROBERT PLANT Walking Into Clarksdale,1998(6-pages)
PALADIN (Crossover Prog UK) Paladin,1971(8-pages)[Rem.2007]
PALADIN (Crossover Prog UK) Charge !, 1972(8-pages)(+ 7[Rem.2007]
PALLAS (Neo-Prog UK) Wearewhoweare,2014(12-pages)
PANDORA (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno,2011(6-pages)
PANTHEON (Canterbury Scene Netherlands) Orion,1972(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2001]
=190 PAPETTI,FAUSTO 29a Raccolta / 16a Raccolta,1979/1973(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.1,1971(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.2,1972(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.3,1973(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.4,1973(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.5 Triangulo,1974(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.6,1975(4-pages)
PAPPO'S BLUES (Hard Rock/Heavy Blues Argentina) vol.7,1978(4-pages)
PARADIGM SHIFT (Progressive Metal UK) Becoming Aware,2016(8-pages)
PARADISE LOST Tragic Illusion 25,2013(20-pages)
PARADISE LOST Medusa,2017(16-pages)(+ 2
PARFITT,RICK (STATUS QUO) Over And Out,2018(12-pages)(feat.Brian May ex-Queen)
PARLOUR BAND,THE (Prog Related UK) Is A Friend,1972/2010(16-pages)(+1
PARZIVAL (Prog Folk Germany) Legend,1971(8-page)
PASSPORT (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Earthborn,1975/2001(4-pages)
PASSPORT (Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany) Talk Back,1988(4-pages)
PATLANSKY,DAN Intro Vertigo,2016(4-pages)
PATRICK WOOLAM Long Time Coming,2014(4-pages)
PATTERSON,TONY & BRENDAN EYRE (Symphonic Prog UK)(Feat. Steve Hackett) Northlands,2014(8-pages)
PATTERSON,TONY (Symphonic Prog UK)(Feat. Nick Magnus) Equations Of Meaning,2016(8-pages)
PATTO (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Roll'em Smoke'em Put Another Line Out,1972(4-pages)(+ 7
PATTO (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Monkey's Bum,1973/2002(4-pages)
PAUL WELLER Sonik Kicks,2012(12-pages)
PAVLOV'S DOG (Crossover Prog US) Pampered Menial,1974/2007(12-pages)
PAVLOV'S DOG (Crossover Prog US) Lost In America,1990/2007(4-pages)(+ 8
PAVLOV'S DOG (Crossover Prog US) Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried? 2007(4-pages)(+ 10
PEACE & QUIET (Heavy Psychedelic Rock US) Peace & Quiet,1971(4-pages)
PELL MELL (Symphonic Prog Germany) Marburg,1972(4-pages)
PENDRAGON (Neo-Prog UK) The Jewel,2005(8-pages)(+4
PENDRAGON (Neo-Prog UK) Men Who Climb Mountains,2014(20-pages)
PERFECT BEINGS(Crossover Prog US) Perfect Beings,2014(4-pages)
PERRY LEOPOLD (Prog Folk US) Christian Lucifer,1973(8-pages)
PESTILENCE (Death Metal Netherlands) Malleus Maleficarum,1988(4-pages)
PESTILENCE (Death Metal Netherlands) Consuming Impulse,1989(8-pages)
PESTILENCE (Death Metal Netherlands) Testimony Of The Ancients,1991(6-pages)
PET SHOP BOYS Elysium,2012(12-pages)
PETE BROWN & HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS A Meal You Can Shake Hands With In The Dark,1969(6-pages)(+ 2
PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO Things May Come And Things May Go,But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever,1970(8-pages)
PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO Thousands On A Raft,1970(8-pages)(+ 2
PETTY,TOM Wildflowers,1994(16-page)
PETTY,TOM Hifhway Companion,2006(4-page)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS Tom Petty & Heartbreakers,1976/2002(16-pages)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS You're Gonna Get It,1978/2002(16-pages)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS Hard Promises,1981/2001(12-pages)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS Let Me Up (Ive Had Enough),1987(12-pages)
PHANTASMA The Deviant Hearts,2015(4-pages)
PHANTOM 5 Play To Win,2017(12-pages)
PHENOMENA Psycho Fantasy,2006(8-page)
PHENOMENA Awakening,2012(12-pages)
PHISH (2 CD) (Prog Related US) Junta,1988/1992(8-pages)
PHISH (Prog Related US) Billy Breathes,1996(8-pages)
PHISH (Prog Related US) Undermind,2004(12-pages)
PHISH (Prog Related US) Fuego,2014(8-pages)
PHOENIX FOUNDATION,THE (2 CD) (Progressive / Indie Rock New Zealand) Fandango,2013(4-pages)
PIA ZADORA (Pop US) Let's Dance Tonight,1984(4-pages)
PICADILLY LINE ( >> EDWARDS HAND) The Huge World Of Emily Small,1967/2009(8-pages)(+102
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) 137 (One Three Seven),2001(8-pages)[Rem.2013]
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Variations On A Dream,2003(16-pages)[Rem.2013]
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) 10 Stories Down,2005(16-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Little Man,2006(8-pages)[Rem.2010]
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) What We Have Sown,2007(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2012]
PINEAPPLE THIEF,THE (Crossover Prog UK) Tightly Unwound,2008(8-pages)
PINGUIN (Krautrock Germany) Der Grosse Rote Vogel,1972(4-page)
PINK The Truth About Love,2012(20-pages)
PINK Beautiful Trauma,2017(4-pages)
PINK CREAM 69 Headstrong,2017(8-pages)
PINK FLOYD The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn,1967(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. CP32-5269)
PINK FLOYD The Piper At The Gates Dawn,1967(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD A Saucreful Of Secrets,1968(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD More,1969(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) Ummagumma/Studio Album And Live Album,1969[Rem.2011] Dijipak
PINK FLOYD Atom Heart Of Mother,1970(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD Meddle,1971(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD Obscured By Clouds,1972(8-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here,1975(16-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD Animals,1977(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) The Wall,1979(24-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD The Final Cut,1983(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD A Momentary Lapse Of Reason,1987(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD The Division Bell,1993(16-pages)[Rem.2011]
PINK FLOYD Atom Heart Mother,1970(16-pages)[Rem.1994]
PINK FLOYD Relics,1971(16-pages)[Rem.1995]
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon,1973(20-pages)[Rem.2003]
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here,1975/2000(8-pages) + bonus album "Early Singles"
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here,1975(16-pages)[Rem.1992]
PINK FLOYD Animals,1977(8-pages)[Rem.1992]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) The Wall,1978(24-pages)[Rem.1994]
PINK FLOYD (2 CD) The Wall,1979(8-pages)[Remastered KronStudioLab,2015]
PINK FLOYD A Momentary Lapse Of Reason,1987(16-pages)
PINK FLOYD The Division Bell,1994(16-pages)
PINK FLOYD The Endless River,2014(24-pages)
PINK FLOYD (2 CD)The Early Years 1965-1972 Cre/ation,2016(20-pages)
PINK MARTINI Joy To The World,2010(20-pages)
PINK MARTINI Get Happy,2013(4-pages)
PINNACLE Cyborg Assassin,1974/1994(4-pages)
PIRANA (Crossover Prog Australia) Pirana / Pirana II.1971/1972(4-pages)
PJ HARVEY Uh Huh Her,2004(10-pages)
PLACEBO Live At La Cigale,2009(4-pages)
PLACEBO Loud Like Love,2013(12-pages)
PLANET P PROJECT (Crossover Prog US) Planet P,1983(4-pages)
PLANET P PROJECT (Crossover Prog US) Pink World,1984(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
PLANET P PROJECT (Crossover Prog US) 1931 : Go Out Dancing - Part 1,2004(8-pages)[Rem.2008]
PLANET P PROJECT (Crossover Prog US) Levittown : Go Out Dancing - Part II,2009(8-pages)
PLANT,ROBERT Pictures At Eleven,1982(12-pages)( + 2
PLANT,ROBERT Shaken 'n Stirred,1985(12-pages)( + 1
PLANT,ROBERT Now And Zen,1988(12-pages)( + 3
PLANT,ROBERT Manic Nirvana,1990(12-pages)( + 3
PLANT,ROBERT Fate Of Nations,1993(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2007]
PLANT,ROBERT Dreamland,2002(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2007]
PLANT,ROBERT Band Of Joy,2010(12-pages)
PLANT,ROBERT and THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS Lullaby And...The Ceaseless Roar,2014(12-pages)
PLANT,ROBERT Carry Fire,2017(12-pages)
PLASTIC PENNY Currency,1969(6-pages)( + 2
PLUHAR,CHRISTINA Los Impossibles (L'Arpegiata),2006(36-pages)
POLAND,CHRIS (Progressive Metal US) Return To Metapolis,1990(4-page)
POLICE Outlandos d'Amour,1978(4-pages)[Rem.2002]
POLICE Reggatta De Blanc,1979(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
POLICE Zenyatta Mondatta,1980(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
POLICE Ghost In The Machine,1981(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
POLICE Synchronicity,1983(12-pages)[Rem.2002]
POOR GENETIC MATERIAL (Crossover Prog Germany) (ex.BEGGARS OPERA) A Day in June,2013(12-pages)
POOR GENETIC MATERIAL (Crossover Prog Germany) Absence,2016(12-pages)
POP MASINA (Heavy Prog Yugoslavia) Kiselina,1973(4-pages)
POP MASINA (Heavy Prog Yugoslavia) Na Izvoru Svetlosti,1975(4-pages)
POPOVIC,ANA (2 CD)(feat. JOE BONAMASSA) Trilogy,2016(12-pages)
POTLIQUOR (Southern Rock US) First Taste,1971(4-page)
POWELL,COZY (ELP,Whitesnake,Black Sabbath,Rainbow) Tilt,1981/2009(12-pages)
POWELL,COZY (ELP,Whitesnake,Black Sabbath,Rainbow) Octopuss,1983/2009(8-pages)
POWER OF ZEUS (Hard Rock,Psychedelic Rock,Heavy Psych US) The Gospel According To Zeus,1970(4-pages)
POWER QUEST Blood Alliance,2011(12-pages)
PREACHER (Crossover Prog UK) Signals,2015(8-pages)
PREACHER (Crossover Prog UK) Aftermath,2016(8-pages)
PRECIOUS WILSON (EX-ERUPTION) All Coloured In Love,1982/2005(4-pages)( + 5
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) L'isola Di Niente,1974(8-pages)
=240 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Passpartu,1978(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37697)
=240 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Suonare Suonare,1980(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37698)
=240 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Come Ti Va in Riva alla Citta,1981(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37699)
=240 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) PFM? PFM!,1984(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37701)
=240 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Miss Baker,1987(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BVCM-37702)
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (2 CD) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) PFM In Classic: Da Mozart A Celebration,2013(16-pages)
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Emotional Tattoos,2017(12-pages)
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (2 CD) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Emotional Tattoos,2017(24-pages)
PRESLEY,ELVIS The Wonder Of You - With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,2016(12-pages)(+ 1
PRESTO BALLET (Crossover Prog US) Invisible Places,2011(12-pages)
PRETTY THINGS,THE (Proto-Prog UK) The EP,1964/1997(8-pages)
PRICE,ALAN The Price To Play,1965/1996(12-pages)(+ 12
PRICE,ALAN A Price On His Head,1967/1996(10-pages)(+ 11
PRICE,ALAN O Lucke Man!,1973(8-pages)
PRIMITIVES,THE Maladjusted,1964-1967/2001(12-pages)
PRIVILEGE (Psychedelic Rock US) Privilege,1969(4-pages)
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Procol Harum,1967(24-pages)(+11[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Shine On Brightly,1968(20-pages)(+11[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) A Salty Dog,1969(20-pages)(+6[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Home,1970(20-pages)(+2[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Broken Barricades,1971(20-pages)(+4[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra,1972(20-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2009 SALVO]
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Prodigal Stranger,1991(12-pages)
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) The Well's On Fire,2003(8-pages)
PROCOL HARUM (Crossover Prog UK) Novum,2017(12-pages)
PRODIGY The Day Is My Enemy,2015(8-pages)
PROFUNA OCEAN (Neo-Prog Netherlands) In Vacuum,2016(8-pages)
PROFUSION (Eclectic Prog Italy) Rewotower,2012(8-pages)
PROG COLLECTIVE,THE (Feat. Rick Wakeman,Peter Banks, Alan Parson,Geoff Downes....) Epilogue,2013(12-pages)
PROSPEKT (Progressive Metal UK) The Illuminated Sky,2017(8-pages)
PROTECTOR Leviathan Desire,1990(8-page)
PROTECTOR Reanimated Homunculus,2013(16-pages)
PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE,THE (Neo-Prog US) The Dream Of The Magic Jongleur,2011(4-pages)
PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE,THE (Neo-Prog US) The Tale Of The Golden King,2013(4-pages)
PSYCHOTIC REACTION The Fire Escape,1968(4-page)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (Progressive Metal US) A Social Grace,1990(6-pages)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (Progressive Metal US) Into The Everflow,1992(8-pages)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (Progressive Metal US) Mosquito,1994(8-pages)
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (Progressive Metal US) Bleeding,1996(12-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Puhdys 1,1973(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Puhdys 2,1974(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Sturmvogel,1976 (8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Perlenfischer,1977(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) 10 Wilde Jahre,1979(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Heiss Wie Schnee,1980(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Far From Home,1980(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Schattenreiter,1981(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Das Buch,1984(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Ohne Schminke,1985(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Neue Helden,1988(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Jubilaumsalbum,1989(8-pages)
PUHDYS (Rock DDR) Heilige Nachte,2013(4-pages)
PURPENDICULAR (guest.Ian Paice,Roger Glover) tHis is the tHing #1,2015(8-pages)
PURPENDICULAR Venus To Volcanus,2017(16-pages)(feat,Ian Paice & Tony Carey)
PURSON (Crossover Prog UK) Desire's Magic Theatre,2016(16-pages)
PUSSYCAT Souvenirs,1977/2001(4-pages)( + 4
PUSSYCAT Wet Day In September,1978/2001(4-pages)( + 3
PUSSYCAT Simply To Be With You,1979/2001(4-pages)( + 2
PUSSYCAT After All,1983/2001(4-pages)( + 3
Q65 (Garage Rock,Neder Beat,Psychedelic Rock Netherlands) Revolution,1966/2010(8-pages)
Q65 (Garage Rock,Neder Beat,Psychedelic Rock Netherlands) Revival,1969/2013(4-pages)
Q65 (Garage Rock,Neder Beat,Psychedelic Rock Netherlands) Afghanistan (Negram Years 1970-1971),1992(12-pages)[Rem.1992]
QSP (Suzi Quatro/Andy Scott/Don Powell) QSP,2017(4-pages)(+ 1
QUARTZ Resurrection,1996(4-pages)
QUATERMASS (Heavy Prog United Kingdom) Quatermass,1970 ("Akarma" remaster + BONUS tracks)(6-pages + 8-pages)
QUATRO,SUZI Your Mama Won't Like Me,1975/2012(8-pages)(+ 4
QUATRO,SUZI Aggro-Phobia,1976(8-pages)(+ 8[Rem.2012]
QUATRO,SUZI If You Knew Suzi,1978(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2014]
QUATRO,SUZI SuziAnd Other Four Letter Words,1979(12-pages)[Rem.2014]
QUATRO,SUZI Rock Hard,1980/2012(8-pages)
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Queen,1973(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Queen II,1974(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Sheer Heart Attack,1974(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) A Night At The Opera,1975(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) A Day At The Races,1976(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) News Of The World,1977(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Jazz,1978(16-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) The Game,1980(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Hot Space,1982(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) The Works,1984(8-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) A Kind Of Magic,1986(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) The Miracle,1989(8-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Innuendo,1991(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) (2 CD) Greatest Hits I & II,1992(24-pages)
QUEEN (Prog Related UK) Made In Heaven,1995(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN (2 CD)(Prog Related UK) Made In Heaven,1995(16-page)(+ 6 EP)[Rem.2011]
QUEEN+Paul Rodgers (Prog Related UK) The Cosmos Rocks,2008(8-page)
QUEEN (2 CD) On Air (BBC Sessions),2016(16-pages)
QUICKSAND (Prog Folk UK) Home Is Where I Belong,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VICP-62168)
QUIET FIVE,THE When The Morning Sun Dries The Dew,1965-1967/2006(12-pages)
QUIET RIOT Quiet Riot II,1979(8-pages)
QUIET RIOT Road Rage,2017(12-pages)
QUILL ( Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Quill,1970(4-pages)
QUINTESSENCE (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock UK) Self,1971(6-pages)(+2[Rem.2008]
QUINTESSENCE (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock UK) Indweller,1972(4-pages)[Rem.2008]
QUINTESSENCE (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock UK) Rebirth: Live At Glastonbury 2010,2011(8-pages)
QUINTESSENCE (SHIVA'S QUINTESSENCE) (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock UK) Only Love Can Save Us,2011(8-pages)
QUIRARTE,CHRIS (Progressive Metal US) Mending Broken Bridges,2016(8-pages)
QUOTA (Melodic Hard Rock) Stick To Yuor Guns,1992(4-pages)
R.E.O. SPEEDWAGON Wheels Are Turnin',1984(8-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Italia) Desires And Vampires,1986(4-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Italia) The Second,1987(4-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Italia) Swedish Remixes,1986-1989/2006(4-pages)
RAG'N'BONE MAN Human,2017(12-pages)
RAGE (Power Metal Germany) (2 CD) The Devil Strikes Again,2016(16-pages)
RAGE Seasons Of The Black,2017(12-pages) (Ltd Ed. 17 tracks, D )
RAGE OF ROMANCE (Power Metal Greece) Rage Of Romance,2014(12-pages)
RAINBOW Ritchie Blackmore,s Rainbow,1975(4-pages)
RAINBOW Rising,1976(4-pages)
RAINBOW On Stage,1977(8-pages)(+ 1
RAINBOW Long Live Rock 'n' Roll,1978(6-pages)
RAINBOW Down To Earth,1979(4-pages)
RAINBOW Straight Between The Eyes,1982(8-pages)
RAINBOW Bent Out Of Shape,1983(4-pages)
RAINBOW Bent Out Of Shape,1983(8-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
RAINBOW (2 CD) Finyl Vinyl,1986(6-pages+24-pages Japan booklet + OBI)(Jap.Ed.UICY-25172/3)SHMCD
RAINBOW Stranger In Us All,1995(12-pages)
500= RAINBOW (2 CD) Live In Munich 1977/2006(12-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License EAGLE RECORDS
RAINBOW (2 CD) On Stage,1977/2012(20-pages) (Deluxe Edition)
RAINBOW (CD + DVD) Monsters Of Rock: Live At Donington 1980,1980(12-pages)
RAINBOW Boston (May 7 1981) Live,2016(8-pages)(Vocal - JOE LYNN TURNER)
RAINBOW (2 CD) Live In Birmingham 2016/2017(8-pages)
RAINBOW (Psychedelic Rock US) After The Storm,1968(4-pages)
RAINBOW PRESS,THE (Psychedelic Pop Rock US) There's A War On,1968(4-pages)
RAINBOW THEATRE (Symphonic Prog Australia) Fantasy Of Horses,1976/2001(4-pages)
RAKINTZIS,MICHALIS & IAN GILLAN Etsi M' Aresei,1992(4-pages) ( )
RAMMSTEIN Reise,Reise,2004(16-pages)
RAMMSTEIN Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da,2009(16-pages)
RANDY PIE Randy Pie / Kitch,1973/1975//2005(6-pages)(+ 2
RANDY PIE Higway Driver / Fast/ Forward,1974/1977(6-pages)
RARE BIRD (Crossover Prog UK) Somebody's Watching,1973(8-pages)(+ 2
RARE BIRD (Crossover Prog UK) Born Again,1974(8-pages)(+ 2
RARE EARTH Get Ready,1969/2012(4-pages)
RARE EARTH Ecology,1970/2012(4-pages)
RARE EARTH One World,1971(4-pages)[Rem.2015]
RARE EARTH MA,1973(4-pages)
RARE EARTH Back To Earth / Rare Earth,1975 / 1977(4-pages)
190= RARE EARTH Band Together / Grand Slam,1978(4-pages)
RATTLESNAKE GUITAR (2 CD) (Snowy White,R.Gallagher,Savoy Brown...) The Music Of Peter Green,1997(16-pages/post)
RAVENSIRE (Heavy Metal Portugal) The Cycle Never Ends,2016(12-pages)
RAW MATERIAL (Eclectic Prog UK) Raw Material,1970(8-page)
RAW MATERIAL (Eclectic Prog UK) Time Is,1971(6-page)
RAYNE Rayne,1979(4-pages)
REA,CHRIS Espresso Logic,1993(8-pages)
REA,CHRIS (BEST) Fool If You Think It's Over,2008(16-pages)
REA,CHRIS Road Songs For Lovers,2017(16-pages)
REAPER (Heavy Metal Germany) An Atheist Monument,2014(12-pages)
RED 7 Red 7,1985/2009(4-pages) (Mike Rutherford - Genesis, Mike + The Mechanics).
RED DIRT Red Dirt Plus ,1970(4-page)(+4
REDBONE Potlatch,1970/2004(4-pages)(+2
REECE,DAVID (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock,ACCEPT ex-vocal) Compromise,2013(24-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) A Song For All Seasons,1978(8-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) Azure D'Or,1979(12-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) Camera Camera,1982(8-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) The Other Woman,1995(12-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) Ocean Gypsy,1997(8-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) Tuscany,2001(8-pages)
RENAISSANCE (2 CD) (Symphonic Prog UK) In The Land Of The Rising Sun,2002(4-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) Grandine Il Vento,2013(8-pages)
RENAISSANCE (Symphonic Prog UK) (feat IAN ANDERSON) Symphony Of Light,2014(8-pages)
RESISTOR (Crossover Prog US) To The Stars,2014(4-pages)
RETURN (Melodic Hard Rock Norway) Attitudes,1988(4-pages)
240= RETURN TO FOREVER (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy,1973(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UCCU-9720)
240= RETURN TO FOREVER (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Romantic Warrior,1976(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. SICP-20303)
REUBEN ARCHER'S (Feat.D.Meniketti, N.Murray, L.Morley,P.Quinn) Personal Sin,2013(16-pages)
REWIRING GENESIS by NICK D'VIRGILIO (SPOCK's BEARD) (2 CD) A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,2008(8-pages)
RICHARD,CLIFF Just... Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll,2016(6-pages)
RICHARDS,KEITH Crosseyed Heart,2015(20-pages)
RICHARDSON,GEOFFREY (Progressive Rock UK)((ex-CARAVAN) The Garden Of Love,2016(4-pages)
RICHIE BEIRACH TRIO Romantic Rhapsody,2001(4-pages)
RICHIE BEIRACH TRIO Summer Night,2008(4-pages)
RIGHEIRA Vamos A La Playa E Gli Altri Successi,1983/1986(4-pages)
RIIS,BJORN (Crossover Prog Norway) Forever Comes To An End,2017(12-pages)
RIKARD SJOBLOM'S GUNGFLY (Crossover Prog Sweden) On Her Journey To The Sun,2017(8-pages)
RINGO Sentimental Journey,1970(8-pages)
RINGO Beaucoups Of Blues,1970(12-pages)
RINGO Ringo,1973(12-pages)
RINGO Goodnight Vienna,1974(8-pages)
RINGO The 4TH,1977(6-pages)
RINGO Stop And Smell The Roses,1981(20-pages)(+6
RINGO Time Takes Time,1992(12-pages)
RINGO Vertical Man,1998(8-pages)
RINGO I Wanna Be Santa Claus,1999(4-pages)
RINGO Ringo Rama,2003(8-pages)
RINGO Choose Love,2005(8-pages)
RINGO STAR LIVE 2006,2008(dvd 9)(digipack)
RINGO Liverpool 8,2008(8-page)
RINGO Liverpool 8,2008 Dijipak
RINGO Y Not,2010(4-page)
RINGO 2012,2012(6-pages)
RINGO STARR And His All Starr Band (3 CD) The Anthology... So Far(CD-MAX)
RINGO Give More Love,2017(4-pages)
RIVAL SONS Before The Fire,2009(8-pages)
RIVAL SONS (Hard Rock/Blues Rock US) Head Down,2012(12-pages)
RIVAL SONS (Hard Rock/Blues Rock US) Great Western Valkyrie,2014(4-pages)
RIVAL SONGS Hollow Bones,2016(4-pages)
RIVERSIDE (Progressive Metal Poland) (2 CD) Eye Of The Soundscape,2016(12-pages)
ROBERT CRAY BAND Nothin But Love,2012(16-pages)
200= ROBILLARD,DUKE Living With The Blues,2002(12-pages/poster) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Stony Plain Records
200= ROBILLARD,DUKE Exalted Lover,2003(8-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Stony Plain Records
200= ROBILLARD,DUKE Guitar Groove-A-Rama,2006(8-pages) Irond Ltd. Under The License From Stony Plain Records
ROCK CANDY FUNK PARTY Groove Is King,2015(16-pages)(feat. JOE BONAMASSA)
ROCK CANDY FUNK PARTY The Groove 3,2017(12-pages)(feat. JOE BONAMASSA)
ROCKETS Galaxy,1980(8-pages)(+ 2
ROCKETS Visitors,1981(8-pages)
ROCKETS(ROKETZ) One Way,1986(4-pages)
ROCKIN FOO (Southern Rock US) Rockin Foo,1969/2007(4-pages)
RODGERS,PAUL (Voice Of FREE,BAD COMPANY,THE FIRM,THE LAW) Cut Loose,1983(6-pages)[Rem.2008] 25th Silver Anniversary-Limited Edition
RODGERS,PAUL (Voice Of FREE,BAD COMPANY,THE FIRM,THE LAW) Muddy Water Blues : A Tribute To Muddy Waters,1993(6-pages)(Feat JEFF BECK,DAVID GILMOUR,GARY MOORE...)
ROLLING STONES Between The Buttons,1967(8-pages) POCD-1920
ROLLING STONES Their Satanic Majesties Request,1967(8-page)80022
ROLLING STONES Their Satanic Majesties Request,1967(8-page)882 329-2
ROLLING STONES Sticky Fingers,1971(8-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Exile On Main Street,1972(12-pages)
ROLLING STONES Goats Head Soup,1973/2009(8-pages)
ROLLING STONES It's Only Rock 'N Roll,1974(4-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1,2,3,4 tracks Chicago1981,5,6,7,8 tracks Detroit 1978,9,10,11 tracks Brussels 1975(4-pages)
ROLLING STONES Black And Blue,1976(8-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Some Girls,1978(12-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Emotional Rescue,1980(12-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Tattoo You,1981(4-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Still Life (American Concert 1981),1982(8-pages)
ROLLING STONES Undercover,1983(8-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Dirty Work,1986(12-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Steel Wheels,1989(8-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Voodoo Lounge,1994(16-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES Bridges To Babylon,1997(12-pages)[Rem.2009]
ROLLING STONES (2 CD) Forty Licks,2002(24-pages)
ROLLING STONES (2 CD) Live Licks,2004(16-page)
ROLLING STONES,THE Blue & Lonesome,2016(16-pages)
ROLLING STONES,THE On Air,2017(12-pages)
ROMEO'S DAUGHTER(Femme Voc.Hair Metal,Japan Ed.) Romeo's Daughter,1988(6-page)
RONDINELLI Wardance,1996(8-pages) (Ex- Rainbow,Black Sabbath,Whitesnake.Ray Gillen-voc.)
RONDINI,TONY (Blues Rock US) No Use For The Blues,2015(4-pages)
ROOLAART,ANTON (Symphonic Prog US) The Plight Of Lady Oona,2014(4-pages)
ROOM (Heavy Prog UK) Pre-Flight,1970 (8-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BRC-29201)
ROSE TATTOO Assault & Battery,1981(16-pages)
ROSE TATTOO Pain,2002(12-pages)
ROSE TATTOO Blood Brothers,2008(4-pages)
ROUGE (ex-ARABESQUE) Rouge,1988(12-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. 32FD-7038)
ROUGH DIAMOND (David Byron from URIAH HEEP) Rough Diamond,1977(8-pages)
190= ROUSSOS,DEMIS My Only Fascination,1974(4-pages)
190= ROUSSOS,DEMIS Souvenirs,1975(4-pages)
190= ROUSSOS,DEMIS Happy To Be,1976(4-pages)
ROXETTE Good Karma,2016(16-pages)
ROXX GANG Drinkin' T.N.T. & Smokin' Dynamite,2000(8-pages)
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Roxy Music,1972(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) For You Pleasure,1973(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Stranded,1973(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Country Life,1974(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Siren,1975(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Manifesto,1979(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Flesh + Blood,1980(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (Crossover Prog UK) Avalon,1982(8-pages)[Rem.1999]
ROXY MUSIC (2 CD) Roxy Music Live,2003(16-pages) CD-MAXIMUM
ROYAL HUNT (Progressive Metal Denmark) Show Me How To Live,2011(12-pages)
ROYAL HUNT (Progressive Metal Denmark) (2 CD) Cargo,2016(16-pages)(Jap.Ed.)
ROYAL HUNT (Progressive Metal Denmark) Cast In Stone,2018(16-pages)(+ 1
ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD Heart Soul Blood,2014(4-pages)
ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD Don't Look Back,2015(4-pages)
RPWL (Neo-Prog Germany) RPWL plays Pink Floyd "The Man And The Journey",2016(4-pages)
RUBICON Rubicon,1978(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1612)
RUBICON America Dreams,1979(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1613)
RUDESS,JORDAN & STEVE HORELICK (Crossover Prog US) Intersonic,2018(4-pages)(- DREAM THEATER)
RUFUS ZUPHALL (Krautrock Germany) Phallobst,1971(12-pages)(+8[Rem.2004]
RUFUS ZUPHALL (Krautrock Germany) Wei? Der Teufel,1972(12-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2004]
RUMPF,INGA (Eclectic Prog Germany) In The Beginning,1969(6-pages)
RUNDGREN,TODD (Crossover Prog US) Global,2015(16-pages)
RUNNING MAN,THE (Eclectic Prog UK) Running Man,1972(4-page+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.AIRAC-1114)[24 Bit Rem.2005]
RUNNING WILD Death Or Glory,1989(24-pages)(+ 3
RUNNING WILD Black Hand Inn,1994(12-pages)
RUNNING WILD The Rivalry,1998(12-pages)
RUNNING WILD Victory,1999(12-pages)
RUNNING WILD (2 CD) Final Jolly Roger,2009(12-pages)
RUNNING WILD Resilient,2013(12-pages)(+ 2
RUNNING WILD Rapid Foray,2016(20-pages)
RUSH 2112,1976(6-pages)
RUSH Grace Under Pressure,1984(8-pages)
RUSH Hold Your Fire,1987(8-pages)
RUSH Test For Echo,1996(24-pages)
SABRINA (Disco Italy) Sabrina,1987(4-pages)
SABRINA (Disco Italy) Super Sabrina,1988(4-pages)
SABRINA (2 CD) (Disco Italy) Erase / Rewind,2008(6-pages)
SABU,PAUL (Hard Rock US) Heartbreak,1985(8-pages)(+ 3
SABU,PAUL (Hard Rock US) In Dreams,1995(8-pages)
SABU,PAUL (Hard Rock US) Strange Messiah,2007(12-pages)
SACRI MONTI (Psychedelic/Hard Rock US) Sacri Monti,2015(4-pages)
SACRIFICE Torment In Fire,1986(6-pages)
SACRIFICIAL (Death/Thrash Metal Denmark) Forever Entangled,1993(8-pages) TRECHOMA!!
SACRIFICIAL (Death/Thrash Metal Denmark) Forever Entangled,1993(8-pages) TRECHOMA!!
SAGA (ex-NOVEMBER) (Heavy Prog Sweden) Saga,1974(4-pages)
SAGA (Crossover Prog Canada) Saga,1978(4-pages)
SAGA Images At Twilight,1979(4-pages)
SAGA Silen Knight,1980(4-pages)
SAGA Heads Or Tales,1983(4-pages)
SAGA (Crossover Prog Canada) Behaviour,1985(4-pages)
SAGA Wildest Dreams,1987(4-pages)
SAGA (Crossover Prog Canada) Worlds Apart,1987(8-pages)
SAGA Steel Umbrellas,1994(4-pages)
SAINT STEVEN St. Steven,1994(4-pages)
SALEM HILL (Neo-Prog US) The Unseen Cord / Thicker Than Water,2014(8-pages)
SALEM MASS (Heavy Psych Rock US) Witch Burning,1971(4-pages)[Rem 1998]
SALLY OLDFIELD (Crossover Prog Ireland) (2 on 1) Easy + Celebration,1979+1980(4-page)
SALVA (Crossover Prog Sweden) Thirst,2011(8-pages)
SAM APPLE PIE Sam Apple Pie,1969/2012(8-pages)
SAM GOPAL Escalator,1969(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2010]
SAMMY HAGAR Voa,1984/2007(4-pages)
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) One With The Universe,2017(6-pages)
SAMSON (Progressive Rock UK) Are You Samson,1969(4-pages)(+2
SAMSON Before The Storm,1982/1997(16-pages)(+7
SAMSON Don't Get Mad - Get Even,1984/1997(16-pages)(+6
SAMURAI OF PROG(Crossover Prog Multi-National) On We Sail,2017(16-pages)
SAMURAI OF PROG (Crossover Prog Multi-National) Archiviarum,2018(12-pages)(+ 1
SANCTUARY (Power Thrash Metal US) Into The Mirror,1990(8-pages)
SANCTUARY (Power Thrash Metal US) Inception,2017(8-pages)
SANDY COAST (Psychedelic Rock Netherlands) Shipwreck,1969/2012(4-pages)(+ 4
SANTA ESMERALDA (Disco) Beauty,1978(4-pages)
SANTA ESMERALDA (Disco) Don't Be Shy Tonight,1980(4-pages)
SANTANA (2 CD)(3on2) Habana Moon+Blues For Salvador+Freedom+3 bonus tracks,1983,1987,1987(24-page)
SANTANA (2on1) Beyond Appearances + Illuminations(With Turiya Alice Coltrane),85-74(12-page)
SANTANA (Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane) Illuminations,1974(4-pages)
SANTANA Milagro,1992(8-pages)
SANTANA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Corazon,2014(12-pages)
SANTANA (CD+DVD)(Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Corazon,2014(12-pages)(Deluxe Edition)
SANTANA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) IV,2016(8-pages)
SANTANA & THE ISLEY BROTHERS (Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National) Power Of Peace,2017(12-pages)
SAPHIR (Disco) Perfect Combination,1986(4-pages)+ 6 Digital Mastering From Vinil 2006
=220 SATELLITE (Neo-Prog Poland) Evening Games,2004(8-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
=220 SATELLITE (Neo-Prog Poland) Into The Night,2007(8-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
=220 SATELLITE (DVD) (Neo-Prog Poland) Evening Dreams,2005(4-pages+4-pages) CD-MAXIMUM Under The License METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS
SATISFACTION Satisfaction,1971(4-page)(+ 3
SATRIANI,JOE (2 CD) Satchurated: Live In Montreal,2012(8-page)
SATRIANI,JOE (Glenn Hughes on bass guitar) What Happenes Next,2018(6-pages)
SAVAGE Tonight,1984/2009(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2009]
SAVATAGE (Progressive Metal US) Streets - A Rock Opera,1991(12-pages)(+ 2
SAVATAGE (Progressive Metal US) Dead Winter Dead,1995(12-pages)(+ 2
SAVATAGE (Progressive Metal US) The Wake of Magellan,1998(12-pages)(+ 2
SAVOY BROWN Shake Dawn,1967/1990(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Getting To The Point,1968/1994(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Blue Matter,1969/1990(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN A Step Further,1969/1990(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Looking In,1970/1990(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Street Corner Talking,1971(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Lion's Share,1972(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Hellbound Train,1972(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Boogie Brothers,1974(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Wire Fire,1975(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Ski'n'Bone,1976(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Savage Return,1978(4-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Bring It Home,1994(12-pages)
SAVOY BROWN Voodoo Moon,2011(4-pages)
SAXON Saxon,1979(8-pages)(+14[Rem.2009]
SAXON Wheels Of Steel,1980(8-pages) (+5[Rem.2009]
SBB (Eclectic Prog Poland) Za Linia Horyzontu,2016(12-pages)
SCHERPENZEEL,TON (Crossover Prog Netherlands,ex-Kayak,Camel,feat.Chris Rainbow) Heart Of The Universe,1984(12-pages)
SCHICKE, FUHRS & FROHLING (Symphonic Prog Germany) Symphonic Pictures,1976(12-pages)(+ 5 [Rem.2010]
SCHICKE, FUHRS & FROHLING (Symphonic Prog Germany) Sunburs,1977(8-pages)(+ 2 [Rem.2010]
SCHICKE, FUHRS & FROHLING (Symphonic Prog Germany) Ticket To Everywhere,1978(8-pages)
SCHNAUSER (Crossover Prog United Kingdom) Protein Fo Everyone,2014(6-pages)
SCHUBERT (T.Martin, J.L.Turner, D.White, M.Storace, B.Marsden, N.Murray, D.Airey, B.Buford) In Rock,2013(16-pages)
SCORPIONS (3 CD) Box Set: In Trance 1975, Virgin Killer 1976,Taken By Force 1978
SCORPIONS Lovedrive,1979(6-pages)
SCORPIONS Animal Magnetism,1980(8-pages)
SCORPIONS Black Out,1982(8-pages)
SCORPIONS Love At First Sting,1984(8-pages) ( !! .)
SCORPIONS Love At First Sting,1984(8-pages)
SCORPIONS Savage Amusement,1988(8-pages)( !! .)
SCORPIONS Crazy World,1990(12-pages)
SCORPIONS (CD+DVD) Crazy World,1991(16-pages)(DeLuxe Edition)
SCORPIONS Face The Heat,1993(8-pages)
SCORPIONS Pure Instinct,1996(6-pages)
SCORPIONS Return To Forever,2015(24-pages)(+ 4 Deluxe Edition
SCORPIONS Return To Forever Tour Edition,2016(12-pages)(+ 7 unreleased material)
SCORPIONS Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads,2017(12-pages)
SCOTCH Pictures Of Old Days,1987(4-pages)
SCOTCH (Italo-Disco Italy) Best Of Scoth,1995/2001(4-pages)
SCOTT WALKER Bish Bosch,2012(12-pages)
SCREAMING LORD SUTCH Rock And Horror,1981(4-pages)
SCREAMING LORD SUTCH And The Undertakers Murder In The Graveyard,1990(8-pages)
SCREECHING WEASEL (Punk Rock US) First World Manifesto,2011(12-pages)
SEAN CHAMBERS ( Blues Rock US) Strong Temptation,1998(4-pages)
SECOND HAND (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Reality,1968/1999(8-page)
SECRET SERVICE Oh Susie,1979(4-pages)
SECRET SERVICE Yupiter Sign,1984(4-pages)
SECRET SERVICE Ye Si Ca,1991(4-pages)(+ 1
SECRET SERVICE When The Night Closes In,1985(4-pages)
SECRET SERVICE Aux Deux Magots,1987(8-pages)
SECRET SERVICE The Lost Box,2012(8-pages)
SEGER, BOB Beautiful Loser,1975(4-pages)
SEGER, BOB Night Moves,1976(8-pages)
SEGER, BOB Stranger In Town,1978(8-pages)
SEGER, BOB The Distance,1982(8-pages)
SEMIRAMIS (Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy) Dedicato A Frazz,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BELLE 111818)
SEPULTURA (Groove Thrash Metal Brazil) Machine Messiah,2017(12-pages)
SEVENTH WAVE (Crossover Prog UK) Things To Come,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1149)
SEVENTH WAVE (Crossover Prog UK) Psi-Fi,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1148)
SHAKIN' STEVENS Let's Boogie,1987/2009(4-pages)( + 2
SHAKIN' STEVENS Epic Years (The 12''CD Expanded & Remastered Edition),2009(4-page)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) Journey To A Nightmare,1989/2000(4-pages)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) Moments Of Illusion,1990/2000(4-pages)(+ 3
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) Mirror To Eternity,1993/2000(4-pages)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) In Search Of Precision,1994/2000(4-pages)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) This Island Earth,1997/2000(4-pages)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) (2 CD) The Book Genesis,2001/2008(4-pages)
SHAMALL (Neo-Prog Germany) (2 CD) Who Do They Think They Are,2003(8-pages)
SHEERAN,ED Divide,2017(16-pages)(+4 Version)
SHEPHERD,KENNY WAYNE Lay It On Down,2017(16-pages)
SHERINIAN,DEREK (Jazz Rock/Fusion US) Molecular Heinosity,2009(8-pages)
SHERWOOD,BILLY (Crossover Prog US)(ex-Yes, with.S.Hackett,C.Squire,S.Morse,R.Wakeman,A.Parsons, G. Downess, J.Rudess,J.Wesley) Citizen,2015(12-pages)
SHOCKING BLUE At Home,1969(8-pages)(+ 4
SHOCKING BLUE Scorpio's Dance,1970(8-pages)(+ 4
SHOCKING BLUE (CD+DVD) At Home+Scorpio's Dance,1969/1970 + Greatest Hits Around The World (20-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VISP-61639)
SHOCKING BLUE 3rd Album,1971(8-pages)(+ 6
SHOCKING BLUE Inkpot / Attila,1972 / 1972(8-pages)(+ 7
SHOCKING BLUE Attila,1972(4-pages)
SHOCKING BLUE Dream On Dreamer / Good Times,1973 / 1974(8-pages)(+ 3
SHOCKING BLUE (2 CD) Singles A's & B's,1997(16-pages)
SHUTTAH (2 CD) ( Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) The Image Maker vol. 1 & 2,1971(4-pages)
SIEGEL,DAN Origins,2018(4-pages) (Feat. B.BROMBERG, V.COLAIUTA, A.HINDS)
SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIC (Disco) Flaunt It,1986(12-pages)
SILBERBART (Krautrock Germany) 4 Times Sound Razing,1971(4-pages)
SILHOUETTE (Neo-Prog Netherlands) Moods,2009(16-pages)
SILVER SHINE,THE (Rockabilly/Psychobilly Hungary) Hold Fast,2016(6-pages)
SILVERHEAD (Hard Rock UK) Silverhead,1972(10-pages)(+ 2
SILVERHEAD 16 And Savaged,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1514)
SIMON,PAUL Stranger To Stranger,2016(8-pages)
SIMONE,AFRIC Ramaya,1975(4-pages)
SIMONE,AFRIC Afro-Lambada,1990(4-pages)
SIMPLE MINDS Cry,2002(24-pages) CD-MAXIMUM
SINATRA,FRANK Strangers In The Night,2010(12-page) (+3
SINDELFINGEN (Prog Folk UK) Odgipig,1973(4-pages)
SINEAD O'CONNOR How About I Be Me,2012(8-page)
SINNER Crash & Burn,2008(16-pages) IROND AFM Records
SIR LORD BALTIMORE 2 in1 (Hard Rock US ) Kingdom Come / Sir Lord Baltimore,1970/1972(4-pages)
SISTER SIN (Heavy Metal Sweden) Black Lotus,2014(8-pages)
SITTING BULL (Krautrock Germany) Trip Away,1971(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2002]
SIXX A.M.(Hard Rock,ex-MOTLEY CRUE) Modern Vintage,2014(12-pages)
SKID ROW Skid Row,1989(4-pages)
SKID ROW Slave To The Grind,1991(8-pages)
SKID ROW Subhuman Race,1995(18-pages)
SKID ROW Thickskin,2003(4-pages)
SKIN ALEY (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) To Pagham And Beyond,1970(4-pages)
SKIN ALLEY (Jazz Rock/Fusion UK) Two Quid Deal?1972(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WAS-1029)
SKY (Eclectic Prog UK) SKY I,1979/2005(8-pages)
SKY (Eclectic Prog UK) SkY I,1979(8-pages)(+3[Rem.2014]
SKY (Eclectic Prog UK) Sky 2,1980(12-pages)[Rem.2014]
SKY ARCHITECT (Heavy Prog Netherlands) A Billion Years Of Solitude,2013(4-pages)
SLADE Beginning / Play It Loud,1969(12-page)(+2[Rem.2006 SALVO]
SLADE Slayed,1972(12-pages)(+5[Rem.2006 SALVO]
SLADE Slade Alive! / Slade Alive Vol 2,1972/1978(4-pages) CD-Max
SLADE Sladest,1973(8-pages)(+4[Rem.2011 SALVO]
SLADE Old,New,Borrowed And Blue,1974(12-page)(+5[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE Slade In Flame,1974(12-page)[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE Nobody's Fools,1976(12-pages)(+4[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE Whatever Happened To Slade,1977(12-pages)(+9[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE We'll Bring The House Down,1981(12-pages)(+8[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE Slade On Stage / Keep On Rockin! ,1982/1994 (4-pages) CD-Max
SLADE Rogues Gallery,1985(12-pages)+ 9[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE You Boyz Make Big Noize,1987(12-pages)[Rem.2007 SALVO]
SLADE The Christmas Party Album From Tinaev Timur And Friends,2005(4-pages)
(SLADE) A Tribute To The Slade - Slade Remade(Rick Wakeman,Doogie White,Chris Thompson,Steve Overland,Chris Farlowe,Terry Brock,Bart Foley,Mick White),2001(4-pages) CD-Max
SLAPP HAPPY & HENRY COW (RIO/Avant-Prog Multi-National) Desperate Straights,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. WAS-1066)
SLASH Apocalyptic Love,2012(8-pages)
SLAYER Show No Mercy,1983(6-pages)
SLAYER Divine Intervention,1994(18-paqes)
SLAYER Undisputed Attitude,1996(8-pages)
SLAYER God Hates Us All,2001(16+2-pages)
SLAYER Christ Illusion,2006(16-pages)
SMALL FACES Small Faces,1966(8-pages)(+6
SMALL FACES (2 CD) Small Faces (1st album,Decca),1966(24-pages)(de-luxe edition 2012)
SMALL FACES Small Faces,1967(20-pages)(+ 11
SMALL FACES From The Beginning,1967(8-pages)(+5
SMALL FACES (2 CD) From The Beginning,1967(24-pages)(de-luxe edition 2012)
SMALL FACES Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake,1968(12-pages)(+14
SMILE Ghost Of A Smile,1969(16-pages)(B.MAY,R.TAYLOR,F.MERCURY)(+ 2
SMITH,BOB (Psychedelic Rock US) The Visit,1970(4-pages)
SMOKE,THE It's Smoke Time,1965-1972/1993(8-pages)(+ 14
SMOKE,THE Blood Orange,2009 Dijipak
SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN Off The Wall,1969(4-pages)
SMOKIE Pass It Around,1975(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE Changing All The Time,1975(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE Midnight Cafe,1976(12-pages)(+ 6[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE Bright Lights & Back Alleys,1977(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE The Montreux Album,1978(16-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE The Other Side Of The Road,1979(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem.2007]
SMOKIE The Other Side Of The Road,1979/2016(8-pages)(+ 5 New Extended Version
SMOKIE Solid Ground,1981(12-pages)[Rem.2008]
SMOKIE Solid Ground,1981/2016(8-pages)(+6 New Extended Version
SMOKIE Strangers In Paradise,1982/2016(8-pages)(+1 New Extended Version
SMOKIE Midnight Delight,1982/2016(8-pages)(+2 New Extended Version
SMOKIE (CHRIS NORMAN) Rock Away Your Teardrops,1996/2016(8-pages)(+6 New Extended Version
SMOKIE Greatest Hits,2017(6-pages)(+12
SMOKIE Greatest Hits 2,2017(6-pages)(+10
SNAFU (Hard Rock UK) Situation Normal,1974(6-pages)
SNAKECHARMER Second Skin,2017(16-pages)
SOCRATES (w/ Vangelis) Phos,1976(12-pages)[Rem.2011]
SOLAR PROJECT (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Here I Am,2015(12-pages)
SOLARIS (Symphonic Prog Hungary) Marsbeli Kronikak II (The Martian Chronicles II),2014(4-pages)
SOLID STRANGER (Italo Disco) My Delight,1985-87(4-pages)
SON OF MAN Son Of Man,2016(16-pages)
SONATA ARCTICA Stones Grow Her Name,2012(16-pages)
SONATA ARCTICA The Ninth Hour,2016(16-pages)
SONIQ CIRCUS (Heavy Prog Sweden) Reflections In The Hourglass,2011(12-pages)
SONUS UMBRA (Crossover Prog Mexico) Beyond The Panopticon,2016(4-pages)
SOPHIE (Disco Italy) My World,1989(12-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. VDP-1458)
SOPHIE (Disco Italy) The Only Reason,1991(8-pages Japan booklet+OBI) (Jap.Ed.VICP-130)
SOPHIE ELLIS - BEXTOR Wanderlust,2014(12-pages)
SOPHIE ELLIS - BEXTOR Familia,2016(12-pages)
SORCERY (Heavy Metal,Hard Rock US) Sinister Soldiers,1978(4-pages)
SORROWS,THE (2 CD) The Singles / Take A Heart ,2000(4-pages)
SOUTHERN EMPIRE (Crossover Prog Australia) Southern Empire,2016(8-pages)
SPACE DEBRIS (2 CD) (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Behind The Gate,2017(4-pages)
SPACELORDS,THE (Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany) Water Planet,2017(4-pages)
SPARKS (Crossover Prog US) Exotic Creatures Of The Deep,2008(16-pages)
SPARKS (Crossover Prog US) Hippopotamus,2017(16-pages)
SPECTRUM (Crossover Prog Australia) Part One,1971(4-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2002]
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP,THE Their First LP,1965(8-pages)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP,THE (with S.Winwood) The Second Album,1966(8 -pages)(Jap.Ed.)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP,THE With Their New Face On,1968(8-pages)(+ 8
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP,THE Gluggo,1973/1997(10-pages)(+ 6
SPIRIT (Proto-Prog US) Spirit,1968(12-pages)(+ 4
SPIRIT (Proto-Prog US) Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus,1970(12-pages)(+ 4
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS Return to Zero,2010(16-pages)(+ 1
SPIROGYRA (Prog Folk UK) St. Radiguns,1971(6-pages)
SPIROGYRA (Prog Folk UK) Old Boot Wine,1972(6-pages)
SPIROGYRA (Prog Folk UK) Bells,Boots and Shambles,1973(6-pages)
SPIROGYRA (Prog Folk UK) Burn The Bridges: The Demo Tapes 1970-1971,2000(6-pages)
SPOCK'S BEARD (Symphonic Prog US) The Oblivion Particle,2015(12-pages)(+ 1
SPOCK'S BEARD (Symphonic Prog US) Noise Floor,2018(16-pages)(+4
SPOKE OF SHADOWS (Heavy Prog US) Spoke Of Shadows II,2017(4-pages)
SPOOKY TOOTH (Proto-Prog UK) Ceremony,1970(4-pages)
SPRING (Eclectic Prog UK) Spring,1970(4-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2012]
SPRING (Eclectic Prog UK) Spring 2,1971(4-pages)(+ 1
SQUACKETT (Crossover Prog UK)(Chris Squire & Steve Hackett Project) A Life Within A Day,2012(16-pages)
SQUEALER D.F.R.,1987(8-page)
SQUEALER Squealer's Mark,1989(8-page)
SQUIRE,CHRIS (Symphonic Prog UK) Fish Out Of Water,1975(4-pages)
STACK WADDY (Heavy Blues Rock UK) Stack Waddy,1971/2007(18-pages/poster)(+ 9
STACK WADDY (Heavy Blues Rock UK) Bugger Off !,1972/2007(18-pages/poster)(+ 5
STAIND The Illusion Of Progress,2008(12-pages)(DigiPak)
STAIND Staind,2011(8-pages)
STANSFIELD,LISA (Blue-Eyed Soul UK) Deeper,2018(4-pages)
STARDUST REVERIE (Heavy Metal International) Ancient Rites Of The Moon,2014(8-pages)(Z.Stevens ,Graham Bonnet)
STARDUST REVERIE (Heavy Metal International) Proclamation Of Shadows,2015(8-pages)(D. White,Graham Bonnet, Zak Stevens)
STARS ON 45 Vol # 1,1996(4-pages)
STARS ON 45 Vol # 2,1996(4-pages)
STATETROOPER Statetrooper,1986(8-pages)
STATUS QUO (2 CD) Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo,1968/2003(8-pages)
STATUS QUO Spare Parts,1969/1998(8-pages)(+ 5
STATUS QUO Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon,1970/2003(8-pages)(+ 10
STATUS QUO Dog Of Two Head,1971/1998 (8-pages)(+5
STATUS QUO Hello! 1973/2005(8-pages)(+1
STATUS QUO Blue For You,1976/2005(8-pages)(+5
STATUS QUO Rockin' All Over The World,1977/2005(8-pages)(+1
STATUS QUO If You Can't Stand The Heat,1978/2005(8-pages)(+1
STATUS QUO Whatever You Want,1979/2005(8-pages)(+6
STATUS QUO Just Supposin,1980/2005(8-pages)(+1
STATUS QUO Never Too Late,1981/2005(8-pages)(+1
STATUS QUO '1982'' ,1982/2005(8-page)(+3
STATUS QUO Back To Back,1983/2006(8-pages)(+8
STATUS QUO In The Army Now,1986/2006(8-pages)(+ 6
STATUS QUO Ain't Complaining,1988/2006(8-pages)(+6
STATUS QUO Perfect Remedy,1989/2006(8-pages)(+6
STATUS QUO Rock 'Til You Drop,1991(8-pages)(+6
STATUS QUO Thirsty Work,1994(8-page)(2)
=200 STATUS QUO Under The Influence,1999(8-pages) DijiBook (4 + ) CD-MAX under The License From Eagle Records
STATUS QUO Bula Quo!,2013(16-pages)
STATUS QUO Aquostic II - Thats A Fact!,2016(12-pages) Deluxe Ed. 19 tracks
STEAM Na,Na,Hey,Hey,Kiss Him Goodbye,1969/2011(4-pages)(+7
STEAMHAMMER (Crossover Prog UK) Reflection,1969(6-page)
STEAMHAMMER (Crossover Prog UK) Speech,1972(8-page)
STEAMHAMMER (Crossover Prog UK) Junior's Wailing,1999(8-page)
STEEL MILL (Heavy Prog UK) Green Eved God,1971(4-pages)(+ 2
=240 STEELY DAN Countdown To Ecstasy,1973/2011(12-pages+16-pages Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. UICY-25036)
STEEPLECHASE Lady Bright,1970/2006(4-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Steppenwolf,1968(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF The Second,1968(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Monster,1969(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF At Your Birthday Party,1969(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Steppenwolf 7,1970(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF For Ladies Only,1971(12-pages)
STEPPENWOLF (2 CD) Slow Flux / Hour Of The Wolf / Skullduggery,1974/1975/1976(8-pages)
STEVE HARRIS British Lion,2012(16-pages)
STEVE KUHN TRIO Pavane For A Dead Princess,2006(4-pages)
STEVE KUHN TRIO Plays Standards,2008(4-pages)
=190 STEWART,AMII Knock On Wood,1979(4-pages)
=190 STEWART,AMII Paradise Bird,1979(4-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Girls,1980(8-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Frooty Rooties,1982(8-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Viva La Difference,2009(12-pages)
STEWART,ROD The Rod Stewart Album,1969/1989(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD Smiler,1974/2004(6-pages)
STEWART,ROD Tonight I'm Yours,1981/2012(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD Camouflage,1984/2012(4-pages)
STEWART,ROD The Great American Songbook Vol. V: Fly Me To The Moon...,2010(12-page)
STEWART,ROD The Best Of... The Great American Songbook,2011(12-page)
STEWART,ROD (2 CD) Rarities,2012(12-pages)
STEWART,ROD Time,2013 (16-pages)
STEWART,ROD Another Country,2015(12-page)
STICK MEN (Eclectic Prog US) (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter) Power Play,2014(4-pages)
STICK MEN (Eclectic Prog US) Prog Noir,2016(8-pages)
STING The Dream Of The Blue Turtles,1985/1998(12-pages)
STING ...Nothing Like The Sun,1987/1998(16-pages)
STING The Soul Cages,1991(12-page)
STING Ten Summoner's Tales,1993/1998(16-pages)
STING Brand New Day,1999(12-pages)
STING Symphonicities,2010(20-page)
STING The Last Ship,2013(16-pages)
STING & SHAGGY 44/876,2018(8-pages)
STONE GARDEN (Heavy Psych Rock US) Stone Garden,1969/2002(4-pages)
STONE HARBOUR (Psychedelic Rock US) Emerges,1974/2008(16-pages)(+ 4
STONE THE CROWS (Blues-Rock Scotland) Live Crows (Live Montreux 1972),1972(6-pages)
STONEFIELD Light Of Lies,1990(8-pages)
STONEHOUSE (Hard Rock US) Stonehouse Greek,1971(4-pages)
STONEY CURTIS BAND Halo Of Dark Matter,2013(4-pages)
STORIES Stories /About Us,1972/1973(8-pages)(+ 1
STORIES Traveling Underground,1973/1992(4-pages)
STORM AT SUNRISE (Heavy Prog United States) The Suffering,2001(4-pages)
STORMWARRIOR (Power/Speed Metal Germany) Heathen Warrior,2011(20-pages)
STRANGE DAYS (Prog Folk UK) 9 Parts To The Wind,1975(4-pages)
STRANGER (Germany) Pretty Angels,1990(4-pages)
STRANGLERS,THE Coup De Grace,1998(8-pages) Licensed by CD-MAXIMUM from EAGLE RECORDS
STRAWBS(Prog Folk UK) The Ferryman's Curse,2017(12-pages)
STRAY Stray,1970(4-page)
STRAY Suicide,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1065)
STRAY Saturday Morning Pictures,1971(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1066)
STRAY Mudanzas,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1067)
STRAY Move It,1974(4-page)(+ 4
STRAY Stand Up And Be Counted,1975(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1125)
STRAY Houdini,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1126)
STRAY Hearts Of Fire,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. POCE-1127)
STRAY DOG While You're Down There,1974(8-pages)(+ 7
STREETWALKERS Downtown Flyers,1975/2002(12-pages)
STREISAND,BARBARA Release Me,2012(12-pages)
STRIFE Back To Thunder,1978(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1153)
STRING DRIVEN THING (Prog Folk UK) String Driven Thing,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1497)
STRING DRIVEN THING (Prog Folk UK) The Machine That Cried,1973(6-pages)
STRUT (Hard Rock US) Unlimited Access,1988(2-pages)
STRYPER Second Coming,2013(16-pages)
STUMP,JOE (Heavy Metal/Shred US) Supersonic Shred Machine,1996(6-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.APCY-8337)
STUMP,JOE (Heavy Metal/Shred US) Rapid Fire Rondo,1998(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed.APCY-8424)
STYX (Prog Related US) Grand Illusion,1977(8-pages)
STYX (Prog Related US) Pieces Of Eight,1978(8-pages)
STYX The Mission,2017(20-pages)
SUBSIGNAL (2 CD)(Neo-Prog Germany) Paraiso,2013(8-pages)
SUCK Time To Suck,1971(4-pages)(+1
SUMMER,DONNA Lady Of The Night,1974(6-pages)
SUMMER,DONNA A Love Trilogy,1976(6-pages)
SUMMER,DONNA I Remember Esterday,1977(6-pages)
SUMMER,DONNA I'm A Rainbow,1981(6-pages)
SUMMER,DONNA She Works Hard For The Money,1983(8-pages)
SUMMERS,ANDY (Ex THE POLICE,THE ANIMALS) Triboluminescence,2017(4-pages)
SUN DOMINGO Songs For End Times,2011(8-pages)
SUNDAY FUNNIES Sunday Funnies,1971(4-pages)
SUNDOME AND THE NIGHT (Alternative Rock/Krautrock Germany) In Lean Hours,1993(4-pages)
SUNFOREST (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Sound Of Sunforest,1969(4-pages)
SUNGHA JUNG Perfect Blue,2010(8-pages)
SUPER ROCK SUMMIT (Tribute To RAINBOW) Rainbow Eyes,1999(8-pages)
SUPERDRAMA (Symphonic Prog/Progressive Rock Germany) The Promise,2014(8-pages)
SUPERMAX World Of Today,1977(4-pages)
SUPERMAX Don't Stop The Music1977(4-pages)
SUPERMAX Fly With Me,1979(4-pages)
SUPERMAX Types Of Skin,1980(4-pages)
SUPERMAX Meets The Almighty,1981(4-pages)
SUPERMAX World Of Tomorrow,1990(6-pages)
SUPERSISTER (Canterbury Scene Netherlands) Present From Nancy / To The Highest Bidder,1970/1971(4-page)
SUPERSISTER (Canterbury Scene Netherlands) Iscander/To The Highest Bidder,1970/1974(4-pages)
SUPERSISTER (Canterbury Scene Netherlands) Pudding En Gisteren / Superstarshine,1971/1972(4-page)
SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE Californisoul,2017(12-pages)(feat.Eric Gales,Steve Lukather,Robben Ford,Billy Gibbons)
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Supertramp,1970(8-pages)
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Indelibly Stamped,1971(6-pages)
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Crime Of The Century,1974(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Crisis? What Crisis?,1975(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Even In The Quietest Moments,,,,1977(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Breakfast In America,1979(8-pages)
SUPERTRAMP (2 CD) (Crossover Prog UK) Paris,1980(8-pages)
SUPERTRAMP (Crossover Prog UK) Famous Last Words,1982(8-pages)[Rem.2002]
SWEATHOG Sweathog,1971(4-pages)
SWEATHOG Hallelujah,1972(4-pages)
SWEET Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be,1971(8-pages)(+ 10[Rem.2005]
SWEET Desolation Boulevard,1974(8-page)(+ 8[Rem.2005]
SWEET Strung Up,1975(8-pages)
SWEET (2 CD) Strung Up (New Extended Version),2016(8-pages)(+8
SWEET Give Us A Wink,1976(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2005]
SWEET Off The Record,1977(8-pages)(+ 8[Rem.2005]
SWEET Level Headed,1978/2005(8-pages)(+1
SWEET Cut Above The Rest,1979/2010(12-pages)(+3
SWEET Water Edge,1980/2010(8-pages)(+4
SWEET Identity Crisis,1982/2010(8-pages)
SWEET Live At The Marquee,1989(4-pages)
SWEET New York Groove Plus,2015(8-pages)(+3
(SWEET) ANDY SCOTT The Solo Singles,2013(12-pages)
SWEET SLAG (Psychedelic Rock UK) Tracking With Close-Ups,1971/2004(4-pages)
SWEET SMOKE (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) Just A Poke,1970(4-pages)
SWEET SMOKE (Psychedelic/Space Rock US) Darkness To Light,1972(8-pages)
SWORD,THE Apocryphon,2012(4-page)
SYLVAN,NAD (Crossover Prog Sweden) The Bride Said No,2017(16-pages) feat.: Steve Hackett,Tony Levin,Roine Stolt,Nick D'Virgilio
SYMPHONY X (Progressive Metal US) The Damnation Game,1995(8-page)
SYN,THE (Psychedelic/Space Rock UK) Trustworks,2016(8-pages)
SYNANTHESIA (Prog Folk UK) Synanthesia,1969(4-pages)
SYNDICATE (V/A) The Best Of Disco'80,1980 (4-pages)
SYNERGY (Prog Related US) Sequencer,1976(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1573)
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