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*** —текло не‘ирменное + ***

є:  409366
 атегори€:  јудио
“ип:  ѕредложение
–азместил:  Aqualung
√ород:  ћосква
ƒата:  08.03.18 16:33:26
—тоимость:  присутствует
ѕросмотры:  152

 	 *** —текло не‘ирменное + ***


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Old & New (Borrowed And Blue) :

THERION (Progressive Metal Х Sweden) Beloved Antichrist Act I,2018(12-pages)
THERION (Progressive Metal Х Sweden) Beloved Antichrist Act II,2018(12-pages)
THERION (Progressive Metal Х Sweden) Beloved Antichrist Act III,2018(12-pages)
FRANZ FERDINAND Always Ascending,2018(16-pages)
ƒ»Ќјћ»  ¬озьми с собой,1983(4-pages) »зд.AVA Rec.
MORSE,NEAL (Symphonic Prog Х US) Life & Times,2018(12-pages)
DUVAL,FRANK My Star,2018(17)(4-pages)
ZZ TOP Eliminator,1983(8-pages)
ZZ TOP Mescalero,2003(8-pages)

CELENTANO,ADRIANO Il Re Degli Ignoranti,1991(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Arrivano Gli Uomini,1996(12-pages)
CELENTANO,ADRIANO Quel Punto,1994(12-pages)
BLUES BEATLES Blues Beatles,2018(4-pages) (ѕ≈—Ќ» BEATLES ¬ —“»Ћ≈ BLUES)
MAY,BRIAN With COZY POWELL Resurrection,1993(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 1,2018(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 2,2018(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 3,2018(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 4,2018(4-pages)
BURNING BLUES New Blues Collection Vol. 5,2018(4-pages)
DETECTIVE It Takes One To Know One,1978(8-pages)
DETECTIVE Detective,1977(16-pages) ѕ–ќƒё—≈– JIMMY PAGE
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Seas Of Change,2018(12-pages)
MCDONALD,IAN (Crossover Prog Х UK) Driver's Eyes,1999(12-pages)
VERITY,JOHN (Crossover Prog Х UK) Blue To My Soul,2017(4-pages)
RUDESS,JORDAN & STEVE HORELICK (Crossover Prog Х US) Intersonic,2018(8-pages) ( клавишник-виртуоз DREAM THEATER)
KITARO (Progressive Electronic Х Japan) Dream,1992(8-pages)(feat JON ANDERSON)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Soft Vengeance,1996(12-pages)
ROYAL HUNT (Progressive Metal Х Denmark) Cast In Stone,2018(16-pages)(JAPAN EDITION)
SMILE Ghost Of A Smile,1997(16-pages)(B.MAY,R.TAYLOR,F.MERCURY)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Genesis Revisited,1996(12-pages)
HACKETT,STEVE (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Darktown,1999(12-pages)
MORSE,STEVE (Eclectic Prog Х US) Sessions,2018?(4-pages) (Feat. Joe Lynn TURNER, B. SHERWOOD, J.RUDESS)
ROME PRO(G)JECT,THE (Symphonic Prog Х Italy) Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius,2018(8-pages) (Feat. S.HACKETT, D.CROSS etc)
WHITESNAKE The Purple Tour (Live),2018(8-pages)


ARMSTRONG,LOUIS Louis And The Good Book,1958/1980(4-pages)
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD On Time,1969(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Closer To Home,1970(12-pages)(+ 4[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Survival,1971(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Phoenix,1972(12-pages)(+ 1[Rem 2002]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Shinin' On,1974(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2003]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD All The Girls In The World Beware !!!,1974(16-pages)[Rem 2003]
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Born To Die,1976(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem 2002]
J.J. CALE Naturally,1972(4-pages)
LANDAU,MICHAEL (Blues-Rock) Rock Bottom,2018(8-pages)
MANDRILL (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х US) Mandrill,1970(4-pages)
MANDRILL (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х US) Mandrill Is,1972(4-pages)
MAY,BRIAN (Queen) Back To The Light,1992(12-pages)
MAY,BRIAN (Queen) Another World,1998(16-pages)
McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Wild Life,1971(8-pages)(+ 4[Rem 1993]
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х Ghana) Osibisa,1971(4-pages)
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х Ghana) Woyaya,1971(4-pages)
OSIBISA (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х Ghana) Heads,1972(4-pages)
UFO Phenomenon,1974(16-pages)(+6[Rem 2007]
UFO Force It,1975(16-pages)(+6[Rem 2007]
UFO Lights Out,1977(16-pages)(+4[Rem 2008]
UFO Obsession,1978(16-pages)(+3[Rem 2008]

HENSLEY,KEN Eager To Please,1975/1993(6-pages)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Pronounced 'Leh-'Nerd 'Skin-'Nerd,1973(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Second Helping,1974(16-pages)(+ 3[Rem.1997]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Nuthin' Fancy,1975(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1999]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Gimme Back My Bullets,1976(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.1999]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Street Survivors,1977(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
LYNYRD SKYNYRD The Last Rebel,1993(10-pages)
PETTY,TOM & HEARTBREAKERS You're Gonna Get It,1978/2002(16-pages)
SKID ROW Skid Row,1989(4-pages)
SKID ROW Slave To The Grind,1991(8-pages)
SKID ROW Subhuman Race,1995(18-pages)
SKID ROW Thickskin,2003(4-pages)

ARMAGGEDON (Heavy Prog Х Germany) Armaggedon,1970(4-pages)
BRAINTICKET (Krautrock Х Switzerland) Cottonwoodhill,1971/2013(8-pages)
BRAINTICKET (Krautrock Х Switzerland) Psychonaut,1972(4-pages)
COCKER,JOE Something To Say,1972(4-pages)
GRAIL (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х US) Grail,1971(4-pages)[Rem.2013] (produced by Rod Stewart)
HEAD OVER HEELS (Hard Rock Х US) Head Over Heels,1972(4-pages)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (Groove Metal Х US) Grimmest Hits,2018(16-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Mystery To Me,1973(4-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Tusk,1979(8-pages)
FLEETWOOD MAC Behind The Mask,1990(12-pages)
HELLOWEEN Helloween/Judas,1985(8-pages)
HELLOWEEN Walls Of Jeriho,1985(8-pages)
MERCURY,FREDDIE (2 CD) Original Version - Single Version - Rarities,2018(16-pages)
RONDINELLI Wardance,1996(8-pages) (Ex- Rainbow,Black Sabbath,Whitesnake.Ray Gillen-voc.)
RONDINELLI Our Cross Our Sins,2002(12-pages) (Ex- Rainbow,Black Sabbath,Doro.Neil Murray.,Tony Martin-voc.)


ABRAHAM,LEE (Crossover Prog Х UK) Colours,2018(12-pages)
AQUILA (Crossover Prog Х UK) Aquila,1970(4-pages)
BADFINGER Badfinger,1974(8-pages)
BADFINGER Wish You Were Here,1974(8-pages)
BADFINGER Airwaves,1979(8-pages)(+ 5
BADFINGER Say No More,1981(4-pages)
BEE GEES Main Course,1975(8-pages)
BEE GEES Odessa,1969(8-pages)
BEE GEES Cucumber Castle,1970(8-pages)
BEE GEES Trafalgar,1971(8-pages)
BLACK SABBATH (2 CD) The End. Live,2017(20-pages)
BLACK SABBATH The End.Studio Sessions,2017(8-pages)
BONAMASSA,JOE & BETH HART Black Coffee,2018(16-pages)
BURZUM (Black Metal Х Norway) Hvis Lyset Tar Oss,1993(4-pages)
CHICK COREA & STEVE GADD BAND (2 CD) (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х US) Chinese Butterfly,2018(8-pages)
CZAR (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Czar,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. BELLE-101679)
DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN The Cage,1999( 8-pages)
DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN The Cage 2,2002(12-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Nothing Is Written,1991(8-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) In A Moment Of Complete Madness,1993(8-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2008]
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Sleepers,1995(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2015]
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Following Ghosts,1998(12-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Year Zero,2002(8-pages)
GALAHAD (Neo-Prog Х UK) Empires Never Last,2007(4-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2014]
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Gentle Giant,1970(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Acquiring The Taste,1971(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Three Friends,1972(8-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog Х UK) Octopus,1972(4-pages)
GENTLE GIANT (Eclectic Prog Х UK) The Missing Piese,1977(6-pages)[Rem.2009]
GIUNTINI PROJECT Giuntini Project,1993(8-pages)
GLASS HAMMER (Symphonic Prog Х US) Untold Tales,2017(16-pages)
JANE (WERNER NADOLNY'S JANE) (Heavy Prog Х Germany) Eternity 2.0,2018(4-pages)(+ 2
KAYAK (Crossover Prog Х Netherlands) Seventeen,2018(8-pages)
KERZNER,DAVE (Crossover Prog Х US) Static,2017(4-pages) Feat. S.Hackett,Nick D'Virgilio,Colin Edwin,,,
LEADING FIGURES,THE Sound & Movement,1967(4-pages) Feat. JON LORD (–≈ƒ„ј…Ў»… јЋ№Ѕќћ)
MAGNUM (Prog Related Х UK) Lost On The Road To Eternity(16-pages)
MIDNIGHT SUN (Jazz Rock/Fusion Х Denmark) Walking Circles,1972(4-pages)
MORRISON,VAN Versatile,2017(8-pages)
N.S.U. (Psychedelic Rock Х UK) Turn On,Or Turn Me Down,1969/2012(4-pages)
NAZARETH No Mean City,1970(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1209)(+ 5[Rem.2006]
OMEGA (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х Hungary) Volt Egyszer Egy Vadkelet,2017(16-pages)
PERFECT BEINGS (Crossover Prog Х US) Vier,2018(8-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Х Italia) Desires And Vampires,1986(4-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Х Italia) The Second,1987(4-pages)
RADIORAMA (Disco Х Italia) Swedish Remixes,1986-1989/2006(4-pages)
RAINBOW Boston (May 7 1981) Live,2016(8-pages)(Vocal - JOE LYNN TURNER)
RAKINTZIS,MICHALIS & IAN GILLAN Etsi M' Aresei,1992(4-pages) (–≈ƒ„ј…Ў»… јЋ№Ѕќћ)
RED 7 Red 7,1985/2009(4-pages) (Mike Rutherford - Genesis, Mike + the Mechanics).
SANDY COAST (Psychedelic Rock Х Netherlands) Shipwreck,1969/2012(4-pages)(+ 4
SATRIANI,JOE (Glenn Hughes on bass guitar) What Happenes Next,2018(6-pages)
SPOKE OF SHADOWS (Heavy Prog Х US) Spoke Of Shadows II,2017(4-pages)
T.O.Y. (Synthpop Х Germany) Pain Is Love,2017( 8-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Exit,1981(4-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) White Eagle,1982(4-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Hyperborea,1983(4-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Le Parc,1985(8-pages)(+ 1[Rem.2012]
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Underwater Sunlight,1986(4-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Tyger,1987(8-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2012]
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Optical Race,1988(4-pages)
TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic Х Germany) Melrose,1990(8-pages)
WRIGHT,RICK (Crossover Prog Х UK) Broken China,1996(12-pages)
YARDBIRDS (2 CD) Yardbirds,1968/2017 (12-pages) ( Produced By JIMMY PAGE)


BLUE GATORS,THE Amazing Blue,2015(4-pages)
BLUES REBELS,THE Open Road,2015(16-pages)
BLUR The Magic Whip,2015(12-pages)
BONAFIDE Denim Devils,2015(4-pages)
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP (DSG) Still A Warrior,2015(12-pages)
FAITH NO MORE Sol Invictus,2015(4-pages)
GIORGIO MORODER Deja-Vu,2015(12-pages)
LINDEMANN Skills In Pills,2015(24-pages)
MARTIN L. GORE Risk Everything,2015(4-pages)
MISSISSIPPI FEVER 300 Miles To Memphis,2015(4-pages)
MUGGS,THE Straight Up Boogalo,2015(4-pages)
NIGHTWISH Endless Forms Most Beautiful,2015(28-pages)
PRODIGY The Day Is My Enemy,2015(8-pages)
REACH Reach Out To Rock,2015(8-pages)
RIVAL SONS Before The Fire,2009(8-pages)
STATETROOPER Statetrooper,1986(8-pages)
STONEFIELD Light Of Lies,1990(8-pages)
TAPE FIVES Circus Maximus,2015(4-pages)
UNHEILIG Gipfelsturmer,2014(12-pages)
VNV NATION Resonanse,2015(12-pages)


BLACK NOODLE PROJECT,THE (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х France) Divided We Fall,2017(4-pages)
BONEY M Take The Heat Of Me,1976(8-pages)(+ 6[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Love For Sale,1977(8-pages)(+ 8[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Nightflight To Venus,1978(12-pages)[Collector's Edition]
BONEY M Oceans Of Fantasy,1979(12-pages)(+ 3[Collector's Edition]
CERRONE Cerrone 3 - Supernature,1977(12-pages)[BBR Remaster 2011]
D.D.SOUND (Disco) Disco Dilivery,1977(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) 1-2-3-4Е Gimme Some More!,1977(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) Cafe,1979(4-pages)
D.D.SOUND (Disco) The Hootchie Cootchie,1980(4-pages)
DOOM SIDE OF THE MOON (Stoner Rock / Progressive Rock Х US) Doom Side Of The Moon,2017(4-pages)
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) Wrap Your Arms Around Me,1983/2005(12-pages)(+ 5
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) I Stand Alone,1985(12-pages)
FALTSKOG,AGNETHA (ABBA) Eyes Of A Woman,1987/2005(12-pages)(+ 5
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Х Ireland) Future Legends,1973(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7070)
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Х Ireland) Seven Secrets,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7071)
FRUUPP (Symphonic Prog Х Ireland) Prince Of Heaven's Eyes,1974(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. ARC-7072)
GOULDMAN,GRAHAM (10 CC) Play Nicely And Share,2017(8-pages)(EP-6 tr.)
HENSLEY,KEN Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf,1973/1992(6-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN From Time To Time,1994(12-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN The Anthology,2000(12-pages)
HENSLEY,KEN The Last Dance,2003(8-pages)
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONE (Psychedelic Rock Х Finland) The Horse And Other Weird Tales,2017(8-pages)
MOTORHEAD Overkill,1979(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Bomber,1979(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Ace Of Spades,1980(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2001]
MOTORHEAD Iron Fist,1982(12-pages)(+ 5[Rem.1996]
MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron,1986(12-pages)(+ 3[Rem.2004]
MOTORHEAD Rock'n'Roll,1987(12-pages)(+ 2[Rem.2001]
NAZARETH Sound Elixir,1983(4-pages+Japan booklet+OBI)(Jap.Ed. AIRAC-1277)(+ 5
OTTAWAN D.I.S.C.O.,1980(4-pages)
OTTAWAN Ottawan 2,1981(4-pages)
PINK CREAM 69 Headstrong,2017(8-pages)
SCORPIONS Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of Rock Ballads,2017(12-pages)
STEPPENWOLF The Second,1968(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Steppenwolf,1968(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Monster,1969(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF At Your Birthday Party,1969(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF Steppenwolf 7,1970(8-pages)
STEPPENWOLF For Ladies Only,1971(12-pages)
TEACH IN (2 —D) (Europop / Euro-Disco Х Netherlands) Festival / Get On Board,1974/1980(4-pages)(+ 6
TEACH IN (Europop / Euro-Disco Х Netherlands) See The Sun,1977(4-pages)
TEACH IN (Europop / Euro-Disco Х Netherlands) Teach In,1979(4-pages)
TEN YEARS AFTER Ten Years After,1967/2002(12-pages)(+ 6
TEN YEARS AFTER Stonehenge,1969/2002(12-pages)(+ 4
TEN YEARS AFTER Watt,1970(4-pages)
TEN YEARS AFTER About Time,1989/2012(8-pages)
VERHEYEN,CARL (SUPERTRAMP) Essential Blues,2017(4-pages)
WETTON DOWNES ICON (Prog Related Х UK) Icon-Zero,2017(12-pages)(+ 3
YUSUF / CAT STEVENS The Laughing Apple,2017(8-pages)


APRIL WINE First Glance,1978(4-pages)
ASGARD (Crossover Prog Х UK) The Realm Of Asgaerd,1972(4-pages)
B-52's Funplex,2008(12-pages)
BOWIE,DAVID Iselect.2008(8-pages)(+ 2
DIAMOND,NEIL Home Before Dark,2008(6-pages)(+ 2
JONES,TOM 24 Hours,2008(8-pages)
MICHAEL GILES MAD BAND,THE (Canterbury Scene Х UK) The Adventures Of The Michael Giles Mad Band,2009(4-pages)
SABRINA (2 CD) Erase / Rewind,2008(6-pages)

ARGUS (Heavy Metal with Doom Influences Х US) From Fields Of Fire,2017(12-pages)
BAD COMPANY Live At Red Rocks,2017(4-pages)
BJORK (Crossover Prog Х Iceland) Volta,2017(4-pages)
BJORK (Crossover Prog Х Iceland) Utopia,2017(12-pages)
BODKIN (Heavy Prog Х UK) Bodkin,1972/1991(4-pages)
BONEY M Worldmusic For Christmas,2017(8-pages)(+ 2 Feat.LIZ MITCHELL
CAUSA SUI (Psychedelic/Space Rock Х Denmark) Vibraciones Doradas,2017(2-pages)
CHILLY For Your Love,1978(4-pages)(+ 2
CHILLY Come To L.A.,1979(4-pages)(+ 1
CHILLY Showbiz,1980(4-pages)
CHILLY Secret Lies,1982(4-pages)
COSMIC DEALER (2 CD) (Progressive Rock Х Holland) Crystallization,1972(16-pages)[Rem.2013]
GOULDMAN,GRAHAM (10 CC) Animalympics,1980(8-pages)
COUPLA PROG (Krautrock Х Germany) Sprite /SWF-Sessions vol.2/1970,(12-pages)[Rem.2000]
COUPLA PROG (Krautrock Х Germany) Edmundo Lopez /SWF-Sessions vol.4/,1970(12-pages)[Rem.2000]
COUPLA PROG (Krautrock Х Germany) Death Is A Great Gambler/ SWF-Sessions/,1972(12-pages)[Rem.2002]
DBA (DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION)(Crossover Prog Х UK) Skyscraper Souls DBA,2017(12-pages) Feat. Guest Appearances By Andy Partridge (XTC), Marc Almond and Kate Pierson (B52s)!
DEVOID (Progressive Metal Х France) Cup Of Tears,2017(12-pages) (Vocal - CARSTEN "LIZARD" SCHULZ)
DEMIAN (Heavy Psych/Hard Rock Х US) Demian,1971/1994(4-pages)
DRIFTING SUN (Neo-Prog Х Multi-National) Twilight,2017(4-pages)
EARL,RONNIE & THE BROADCASTERS The Luckiest Man,2017(4-pages)
HAMMILL,PETER (Eclectic Prog Х UK) From The Trees,2017(20-pages)
HEADSTONE (Heavy Psych Х US) Still Looking,1974(2-pages)
HOWE,GREG (Instrumental Guitar Rock/Fusion Х US) Wheelhouse,2017(4-pages) Feat. Richie KOTZEN
JAZZ And BEATLES The Coolest And Sexiest New Songbook Of The Beatles,2010(4-pages)
JONO (Crossover Prog Х Sweden) Life,2017(12-pages)(Japan Ed.)(+ 1
KRALL,DIANA Wallflower (The Complete Sessions),2015(6-pages)(+ 8
LANZON,PHIL (URIAH HEEP) If You Think I'm Crazy,2017(12-pages)
MEAT LOAF Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose,2006(12-pages)
METHUSELAH (Heavy Psych Х UK) Methuselah,1969/2002(4-pages)
MILLENIUM (Neo-Prog Х Poland) 44 Minutes,2017(8-pages)(+ 1
NIEMEN,CZESLAW & AKWARELE (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Dziwny Jest Ten Swiat,1967/1996(8-pages)
NIEMEN,CZESLAW & AKWARELE (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Sukces,1968/1996(8-pages)
NIEMEN,CZESLAW (Eclectic Prog Х Poland) Sen O Warszawie,1995(12-pages)
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) (2 CD) (Rock Progressivo Italiano Х Italy) Emotional Tattoos,2017(24-pages)
ROLLING STONES The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1,2,3,4 tracks Chicago1981,5,6,7,8 tracks Detroit 1978,9,10,11 tracks Brussels 1975(4-pages)
ROLLING STONES,THE On Air,2017(12-pages)
SCOTCH (Italo-Disco Х Italy) Best Of Scoth,1995/2001(4-pages)
SHOCKING BLUE (2 CD) Singles A's & B's,1997(16-pages)
SIMON,ALAN (Rock Opera/Prog Folk/Celtic Rock Х France) Excalibur IV : The Dark Age Of The Dragon,2017(8-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Girls,1980(8-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Frooty Rooties,1982(8-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Do Not Bend,2003(12-pages)
STEWART,ERIC (10 CC) Viva La Difference,2009(12-pages)
STRAWBS†(Prog Folk Х UK) The Ferryman's Curse,2017(12-pages)
TNNE (NO NAME / THE NO NAME EXPERIENCE) (Neo-Prog Х Luxembourg) Wonderland,2017(8-pages)(+ 1
U2 Songs Of Experience,2017(20-pages) (Deluxe Version 17 tracks)
WHITESNAKE Slide It In,1984(8-pages)
WHITESNAKE "1987'',1987(8-pages)
WICKED LADY (Heavy Psych/Hard Rock Х UK) The Axeman Cometh,1969-1972/2012(12-pages)
WICKED LADY (Heavy Psych/Hard Rock Х UK) Psychotic Overkill,1972/2012(12-pages)
XHOL (Krautrock Х Germany) Motherfuckers GmbH & Co. KG,1972/1999(4-pages)
YES (Symphonic Prog Х UK) Heaven & Earth,2014(4-pages)
YU GRUPA (Hard Rock Х Yugoslavia) Kako To Da Svaki Dan?,1974(4-pages)(+ 1

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